The Naughty Corner: Pets Shamed By Their Owners For Bad Behavior

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Aug 01, 2022

If you’ve ever owned a pet—or know someone who owns a pet—you’ll know that some people, maybe you, treat animals like kids. These small creatures need adults to take care of them, after all. But like all kids, animals have something of a mischievous side to them. When our backs are turned, and they think there will be no way for us to find out, you know they’ll get up to no good.

Just because they’re cute, it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to push our buttons, and you shouldn’t always trust their cute little faces. Our fuzzy chums could tear the house down if they really wanted to. Don’t believe us? Here are 15 examples of “bad boys” who got caught. …But we’re sure they didn’t mean to! Ooh, You’re good boys, really, aren’t you? Aren’t you! Ehem. Let’s begin.

A Slice Of The Action

No matter how well trained some dogs are, they’ll never truly be able to shake their unbreakable instinct to devour nearby food as soon as their human is out of sight. You can’t blame them for gorging when they can—they don’t have the opposable thumbs necessary to operate a can opener, after all.


However, eating a whole large-size pizza is so greedy that it’s impressive. We’re not sure what all that cheese would do to a dog, but we’re sure glad we didn’t have to be around to find out. We know it was you. We can see the destruction on the lid of the box!


No Free Pass 

It’s hard to judge the intelligence of pets. On the one hand, they evolved alongside us to garner as much sympathy as possible. On the other hand, they do show signs of devious intelligence in their behavior. Mix that with separation anxiety, and you’ve got a real problem child on your hands.


The “my dog ate my homework” never flies, but trying to blame your dog for your missing passport at the airport will definitely ground you from travel—just as the dog planned. More time for cuddles, walkies, and treats!

Yin And Yang

Ferrets can be wry little creatures. They seem to be slightly more dexterous than cats or dogs, but we didn’t realize that they were able to operate smartphones, computers, or internet modems! According to this poster, we’re dealing with one naughty kid and one nice.


One ferret (accidentally) ordered an expensive item on the internet using the convenient but dangerous one-click purchase feature, and the other (accidentally) tried to stop this dastardly plan. We can only assume the first wanted a phone to log into their owner’s bank account.

A Cocky Attitude

If you thought the worst thing about living next door to a rooster owner was the noise, then you clearly have a tall enough fence! These boys can be aggressive when provoked, or when looked at funny, or whenever they feel like it for no reason at all!


This rooster seems to pick on people his own size, by which we mean toddlers, but he isn’t afraid to swing above his weight! Watch those chicken feet—they look like they could cut a person in half.

It Was Like That When I Got Here

Can you really blame this cat? It seems that it was just tending to two of a cat’s most natural instincts—knocking fragile things over and eating fish. Well, that fish was supposed to be its owners’ other pet, so it crosses a line.

It’s not nice to eat your family members—although we’re sure this cat disagrees, having just supped on a fresh meal straight out of the water. It beats eating the same out-of-the-tin cat food every day, we guess. Bad kitty!


Oh Yeah!

We can hardly blame this big boy for getting excited and running through a screen door—he was probably just happy to see his dad! Dogs tend to sense more with their noses, too. So maybe this pup just smelt something cooking and wanted to come rushing in.

Still, if this boy could speak, we know he’d be sorry. He didn’t do it on purpose, we’re sure. He probably doesn’t even know how big and strong he is. Hopefully, his dad managed to fix the screen door back on without an issue.


The Look Of Love

Have you ever looked a dog in the eyes while it’s doing its business? They look very embarrassed, as though you’re judging them. Cats, on the other hand, get very funny about letting you see them go to the bathroom—at least, usually, they do.

Sometimes if an animal is looking you in the eye, it’s a challenge. This cat seemed to have malicious intent when it looked its owner in the eye and “marked its territory.” Who knows what this owner did in the eyes of this mean kitty!


You’re Welcome

When cats hunt and bring a prize home, they’re doing one of two things. Either they’re leaving you a gift, which they expect you’ll be ecstatic about—or they’re telling you that you need to learn how to get better at hunting.

Maybe this cat thought it was doing its human companion a double-solid. Freshly-caught game and the chance to sharpen your skills and claws! What better friend could you ask for? Well, this particular human didn’t see it this way.


Glitter And Glam

Dogs have been known to eat just about anything—lego, chicken wing bones, stones… and now Christmas ornaments can be added to that list. Sometimes dogs just like the feeling of things between their teeth—and they can accidentally bite down and swallow.

At least now, this dog’s refuse will be easy to spot—even in the dark—making it easier than ever to pick up. Maybe this doggo is just getting in the holiday mood the only way it knows how. We wouldn’t advise taking it to the disco, though—it might start eying up the big sparkly ball.


Woof, Woof, Moo?

Who said only humans knew how to troll? This dog seems to be trying to convince its human companion’s business partners that they’re on some kind of farm. It’s very funny that they are being shamed for mooing on “business calls” specifically.

As if there’s no mooing involved for personal calls or when a cold call comes in. What on earth is this dog trying to achieve by imitating a cow this way? Are they trying to imply something? Well, just come out and say it, canine!


Don’t Be A Stranger!

One of the nice things about dogs is their ability to befriend total strangers. The only problem comes when they do it compulsively. It’s a little much just to break into someone’s vehicle just to get to know someone. We hope they weren’t too traumatized.

At least now we know why dogs like to chase cars—they want to make friends with the people inside them! Of course, if they could, dogs would make friends with every single person in the world—as long as each person would give them a few nibbles from time to time.


Say It, Don’t Spray It

All because this poor boy wanted to make friends with (or tussle with) what he thought was a harmless little friend, the whole household has to suffer. A quick spray from a skunk is enough to leave a stench even a human can smell from miles away (literally).

Hence his fancy new air-freshener earring. You have to cover the odor somehow. Maybe next time, he won’t be so inclined to chase anything that moves—or at least back off before the next skunk comes along.



The expression “dogged determination” isn’t just a turn of phrase. Once they’re locked on, dogs will pursue their target to the ends of the earth—sometimes to the bottom of the earth, as was the case for this persistent puppy.

Getting stuck so far down a hole must have been frightening—but getting stuck twice? That’s what we call persistence. Maybe rather than learning to avoid chasing groundhogs down strange holes, Beau here just learned that someone will always come to the rescue.


Good Pup, Bad Pup

Hugo seems like such a delightful friend to have around. It probably helps that he has such a simple name. In contrast, “Huxley, Get Down, Drop It, I’m Serious Stop It, Be Gently, Huxxlleeyyyy” sounds like a real mouthful to remember, especially for a dog.

Jokes aside, we know how it feels to have a better-behaved sibling around the house. It can’t be easy, especially if you just want to explore, get into scapes and collect all the interesting stuff that somebody just left on the ground.


Like Candy From A Baby

To dogs, humans must seem like walking snack vending machines. Just do a little trick or sit when prompted and get a treat. Some humans are more careless with their dog snacks than others; at least, that’s what this little guy seems to think.

It’s a hard world out there for dogs—between breakfast and dinner, you never know when your next meal will come around. And if that cookie isn’t in someone’s mouth already, then maybe that little human didn’t want it enough anyway.