The Most Iconic Year Book Quotes We Found Across The Internet

By: Kate Row | Published: Nov 17, 2022

The Most Iconic Year Book Quotes We Found Across The Internet

When high school ends, it is the close of a significant chapter in our lives. We are sent off into the world to tackle new challenges with the knowledge we gained in those four years.

Your senior quote is your last opportunity to make your mark and sum up your high school experience before embarking on your new journey. These clever seniors had some of the funniest senior quotes we’ve seen.

I got a haircut and no one noticed

We love a humorous senior quote. It’s always entertaining flipping through your own yearbook and laughing at the cleverness of other people’s quotes. Ghufran clearly has an excellent sense of humor.


Source: Ghufabulous/ Twitter

Naturally, no one could notice a haircut since she wears a hijab. We’re sure she has had more than one person question her headpiece so making a comment like this is so very bright.

Best 3 ½ minutes of my life

Some of the best senior quotes we’ve seen come from twins. Obviously, since yearbook photos are in order of last name, the twins wind up next to each other.


Source: Reddit

This gives them some creative license when coming up with their senior quote. The Rowell twins had the right idea by poking fun at each other and the few moments Lauren was alive before Allison arrived.

I hear everything

Mr. Mendoza kept it short and sweet with his senior quote. He made a comment about the feature that sticks out (literally). With those ears, he probably can hear everything!


Source: Reddit

We hope he took those ears straight to college to gain a whole new wealth of knowledge. We love when people can poke fun at themselves.

Voldemort is living on the back of my head

Harry Potter references will always be welcome in our book. Fatima had the perfect response to anyone who had questions about her hijab.


Source: Reddit

Like the professor in the Harry Potter books, Fatima is hiding a version of Voldemort behind her head. I wonder if he helped her one her exams throughout the years.

It’s not called garbage cannot

Yunosuke brings some positivity and encouragement to his senior quote. If you think you’re trash, never fear! You can still achieve greatness.

Source: Hash is Brown/ Reddit

It is called a garbage can, not a garbage cannot. This might just be the little push fo confidence we all need when we’re feeling like trash.


Old McDonald had a farm

We wonder how many times someone asked Joe if he had a farm for him to feel like he needed to mention it in his senior quote. We’re assuming it was a lot of times throughout the year. It’s a fair question.

Source: Reddit

If he doesn’t have a farm, does he make delicious burgers and fries alongside Rondald McDonald? Sorry for all the “McDonald” jokes, Joe.


Don’t use the lumberjack photo

It looks like Griffin isn’t one to take his mom’s advice. So, now we get to enjoy this lovely photo and senior quote from the graduate. We can only imagine how disappointed she was to see her son in this photo for everyone to see.

Source: Davetay1021/ Reddit

Also, what high school lets kids choose their own photos for the yearbook? We’re jealous! This is much more fun than the usual black shirt they make everyone wear.


Megan is free

This is another Harry Potter reference that made us laugh. The scene where Harry tricks Malfoy’s dad into giving Dobby the elf a sock and freeing him is a fan favorite.

Source: Scrapeandclean/ Reddit

In a similar way, Megan is now free from the confines of high school! She can go off to do as she pleases, just like Dobby the elf.


I was planned. I was not.

The Henderson sisters have another example of a clever joint senior quote. It looks like their parents weren’t quite expecting twins but here they are!

Source: You Had One Job/ Reddit

And now both girls are high school graduates and moving on to bigger and better things. Planned or not, they survived 4 years that many people consider the most difficult in life.


I look better in person

Some of the best senior quotes are just short and sweet. Let’s get right to the point! We can certainly relate to this one. Most of us can relate to feeling pretty unphotogenic at times.

Source: Reddit

And there’s something about yearbook photos that make us look much worse than we do in person. But we think he looks great here anyways.


I Pretend I’m A Carrot

This is a senior quote that we could have never expected. I guess this guy took this opportunity to get some things off his chest to his classmates that he’s always wanted to say. Or maybe this is his confession to his neighbor.

Source: Reddit

We wonder if she knows that he uses her garden to pretend to be a carrot when she isn’t around. Would she mind? Or would she join him?


Copy and paste

These twins had a very clever way of commenting on their identical looks. The two boys sport the same color shirt, same style of hair, and obviously the same genes. 

Source: zyzzz/ Imgur

They’re not wrong in that they appear to be almost an exact copy and paste of each other. Isn’t that true of all identical twins? The only way we can tell a difference is that Dollar is smiling and Darwin is not.


Where is my SUPER SUIT?!

As far as movie quotes go, this is a pretty iconic one to have as your senior quote. The Incredibles is a fan favorite and we have to laugh at how similar this Jason Distant looks to Frozone in the movie.

Source: Harrisonator/ Imgur

We love that he recognizes this similarly and can laugh at himself as well! Can someone please get the man his super suit? This has got to be his Halloween costume next year.


This wasn’t like High School Musical at all

Anyone who grew up on the High School Musical movies might have expected people to break out in song all across a beautiful campus. And the reality was not quite as musical or fun. There was more homework than songs.

Source: Seth Egan/ Tumblr

It looks like Seth Egan’s expectations were crushed by the realities of high school. We can relate! While we’d all like for life to be musical, it is necessary to learn basic math, history, and language as well.


Thank you, Google

Stephanie had the right idea with her quote. We really all should be giving a shoutout to Google because there isn’t one of us who survived school without the help of a little Google search.

Source: Reddit

The “copy and paste” comment does concern us slightly. We hope she was actually writing her own work and not just taking what she saw on Wikipedia. Regardless, it got her through those 4 years!


Put a quote in for me

Connor must have been fairly unbothered about the whole senior quote initiative because he didn’t even take the time to come up with something himself.

Source: Imgur

However, instead of leaving that space blank, they did put a quote in from Connor himself. It might not be the most inspiring but it might teach the boy to just put in a little time to do these things.


Brandon is a liar

In this case, you have to decide for yourself if you believe Tasha or Brandon. If you believe Tasha then Brandon is a liar, but if not then Brandon might just be the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

Source: Hipsterbanana/ Imgur

We imagine the two are friends and they planned the whole thing to make their classmates laugh. We’ll never know who was really telling the truth at the end of the day.


I’ll never be Beyonce

We hate to say it but none of us will ever have the pleasure of being Beyonce. That’s a sad reality we all have to come to terms with at some point in our lives. This girl felt like educating herself was the next best thing.

Source: A Wild Jenna Appears/ Tumblr

If you can’t be Beyonce you better figure out what you’re going to do with the rest of your life, right? It’s reason enough to go to school in our opinion.


Wow, they are great

Now they’re letting people use props in their senior yearbook photos? That certainly wasn’t the case when we were in school. This photo and quote should be used as an advertisement for Frosted Flakes.

Source: Spacecadet19/ Tumblr

This guy couldn’t take Toy the Tiger’s word for it. He needed to try the cereal out for himself. The consensus, they really are great and he just needed to share that parting wisdom with his peers before graduating.


Put something inspirational

The purpose of senior quotes is to be inspirational and say something that will stick with you or your classmates to propel you into the real world. It’s also an opportunity t congratulate yourself on all your hard work.

Source: you Had One Job/ Twitter

It looks like Beau thought the most inspirational quote would come from his mom and he might have the right idea. Moms do know best and they are some of the most inspirational role models out there.


I love me a good pancake

Sandwiched in between a bunch of very inspirational quotes comes Joseph’s comment about pancakes. Now, we all love pancakes, but how much do you have to like the food to mention it in your senior quote?

Source: Realphilthy / Reddit

You can see the classmates around him went for the more inspirational and motivational quotes. If pancakes are what motivate you, then so be it!


Grab some breakfast and make it worth it

Marisa took it upon herself to quote herself which is quite a power move and we have to say we’re on board with her philosophy about being late as well. If you’re going to be late you might as well make it worth it.

Source: Reddit

That saying “You can’t be late twice” really applies here. We’re not sure Marisa’s teachers were as supportive of this philosophy if she was often tardy to class. But hey, she graduated so she made it work.


Follow me

This is a pretty creative way to get some more followers from your high school classmates before heading off to college. Maybe this is the new way to sign yearbooks virtually. 

Source: Jordan Nero/ Twitter

The only thing we have to disagree with is his advice to not follow your dreams. You should definitely follow your dreams… and follow Jordan as well. If his senior quote is this clever his tweets are probably funny as well.


I want my sweatshirt back

Now people are using their senior quotes to communicate with their exes. We wonder if he’ll regret that when he’s older. We also wonder if Bri ever gave him his sweatshirt back.

Source: Reddit

I guess this is one way of letting your ex know you’re still a little bitter without having to actually talk to them face to face. It brings the whole school in on the drama, though. This is definitely not what was intended when senior quotes became the norm!


Hey There Deliliah

If you have a name that is used in a popular song you’re going to be asked about it all the time. It comes with the territory. Delilah’s parents couldn’t have known that the Plain White T’s would drop a song using that name.

Source: College Probs/ Twitter

“Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City?” is a famous lyric from the song that most of us are probably familiar with. Most likely she’ll be answering that question for the rest of her life.


Make up a senior quote for me

This gentleman was another one who was too lazy to write his own quote. It looks like he might have asked his friends to put one in for him and they played a joke on him. 

Source: Imgur

“Yooo make up a senior quote for me” is probably not what he had anticipated would be printed below his photo to be memorialized forever.



Even celebrities were seniors in high school once and some of them have clever quotes in their yearbooks. Darren Criss is one such actor that quoted the mighty Chewbacca before leaving high school forever.

Source: Reddit

We can’t be sure what the exact translation of “AAAHRGH” is but we will assume it means something extremely motivational and kind-hearted. 


Donuts are always the answer

When in doubt, turn to donuts. We can’t argue with that logic; however, if she was answering every answer on her test with “donuts” we are surprised she even made it to senior year. 

Source: Yearbook Quotes/ Tumblr

More likely, she used donuts to fuel her early morning classes and passed her tests with ease. Now she embarks on a new journey in college, which will also require some donut fuel every now and again.



Chloe decided to take her senior quote as an opportunity to comment on the often ridiculous rules of the school dress code. The common question around dress codes is why are midriffs or shoulders so very distracting?

Source: Chloe Cross/ Instagram

We understand that there might need to be some regulation but many schools are far too strict with this rule and it sounds like this was the case at Chloe’s school.