The Most Daring and Jaw-dropping Things People Have Done on Saint Patrick’s Day

By: Michael Legg | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day is known for its wild and outrageous celebrations, where people go to great lengths to mark the occasion in unique ways. From daring plunges into freezing waters to bizarre encounters and unexpected transformations, the day is filled with stories that push the boundaries of normalcy.

These stories capture the essence of St. Patrick’s Day as a time when people let loose, embrace the unexpected, and create memories that are both outrageous and unforgettable.

It Takes Two

The first story on this list was quite a twist for a once-happy couple. One man was dating a girl who had a fraternal twin sister for roughly two months. While they looked alike, they were not exactly as similar as the Olsen twins. Surprisingly, the man began to develop feelings for the girlfriend’s sister, even getting vibes that she felt the same way as well!


Source: sfagenttheresa/ Facebook

While at a party on St. Patty’s day, the three went out to a party together and I’m sure you can see where this story goes. Throughout the night, the girlfriend would eventually go home early, leaving the sister and boyfriend to party the night away together. After spending the night together, he wound up calling his girlfriend to confess. He tried to pass it off as a mistake, saying he believed it was the girlfriend that night – needless to say, he didn’t have a girlfriend after that phone call.

Interesting Way to Go Home

After getting kicked out of a bar from throwing up all over a table, this man had to figure out a way home prior to Uber. While sitting outside dry heaving on the sidewalk, he finally saw a taxi driving by with its light on. After hurrying to catch it, he hopped in quickly and gave the address.


Source: DAPA Images / Canva Pro

This took quite the turn when he realized he was sitting in the back of a cop car. Surprisingly, the officers joked around and made fun of him for a bit, eventually taking him home.

St. Patty’s Blow Out

This story is a surprising way to turn a bully into a friend. While hosting a huge St. Patty’s day blowout, this girl found the urge to change his views of her.


Source: Jacob Lund / Canva Pro

She decided to give him a blowjob in an effort to change his feelings. Surprisingly, this worked, changing him to a polite and genuinely interested man.

Not My Senate President

While interning for John Cullerton, Illinois Senate president, a group of friends was invited to ride in his trolley during the Chicago St. Patty’s Day parade. Free beer coupled with the celebrations leads to some interesting stories. After returning from the bars to the trolley, the group was surprised to see a new group of kids in the trolley.


Source: levers2007 from Getty Images Signature / Canva Pro

It became an issue when the one person was blowing a loud whistle, and another told her not so politely to be quiet. This eventually led to an altercation, forcing the original group to run from the trolley in the middle of the street.

Whiskey Lies

After taking an astounding 11 shots of whiskey while attending a St. Patty’s day fraternity party, the stories to come out are bound to be astounding. One individual even started telling the story of when he was molested by a priest when he was a child.

Source: TyTheFisch/ Facebook

This story was even crazier given the fact that it was not even true. He was Jewish, and enjoyed the fact that people were buying shots to take his pain away.


Robbery by Leprechaun

Back in 2010, the First State Bank in Gallatin, Tennessee was robbed. While getting robbed is no joke, it is a little surprising to get held up by a leprechaun. Police reported a leprechaun with a gun took away an undisclosed amount of money after leaving the bank.


Police pursued the suspect, which led to a gun fight between the two groups. A police cruiser was hit by a few bullets, leading it to be disabled. Police were eventually able to track down the criminals and recover the money.


Art Heist

During a Boston St. Patty’s day parade in 1990, criminals targeted the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The criminals dressed as police officers, and proceeded to tie up the guards of the museum and took 13 artworks from various artists.

Source: Wikimedia

Surprisingly, the works were never returned, and the suspects were never arrested as well.


Brutal Robbery By Crowd

One St. Patty’s day celebration turned catastrophic for this individual, almost guaranteeing he will be staying home in the future. While at a celebration in downtown Baltimore, one man was beaten, robbed, and stripped of his clothes.


The man was intoxicated at the time, heading back to his hotel when he was attacked. He even lost the keys to his Audi, his iPhone, and his TAG Heuer watch. The video of the attack appeared online, helping the police track down the suspects, four were arrested and each served one to three years in prison.


Fireman Down!

One woman came home to quite the surprise on St. Patty’s day back in 2011. Lauren Hill, a resident of Windsor Terrace, found a FDNY man blocking her door.


Hill decided to call 911 for some help removing the man from her doorstep. The identify of the man was not released to the public, and Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano did admit it was not something he expected of a firefighter in uniform.


Cabbie Car Chase

Brian Irvin began drinking in the morning of St. Patty’s day, and would continue to do so right up to when he got in his car to drive. Unfortunately, he hit a woman crossing an intersection and took off.

Source: Pexels

Thankfully, Mike Travis, a cab driver, was able to tail Irvin – even drove at speeds up to 80 mph before losing him. He did however give the police the license plate number, helping the police arrest Irvin.


St. Patty’s Roof Collapse

While at a party in Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, the roof of a garage collapsed, bringing 30 students down. The incident injured 8 of the students.

Source: Alamy

The students were “brewing”, the act of sitting on top of a roof while drinking beer.


Sucker Punch

One teen had reportedly gotten so intoxicated and out of control that he was accused of punching a police officer during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. His attorney reported he was barely beaten in the face and body while in the care of the police.


Nicholas McGowan reportedly not only punched the cop, but also crushed the officer’s $400 prescription glasses. He was charged with second-and third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal mischief, resisting arrest and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to information from the District Attorney’s office.


Blazing Pub Crawl

Shockingly, a homeless man reportedly set himself on fire in Hoboken, New Jersey at a pub call celebrating the holiday.

Source: Jacob Lund / Canva Pro

Once police arrived, they were able to put out the fire relatively quickly. He was not seriously injured, but was taken to Hoboken University Medical Center.


St. Patty’s Day Chaos

A 2014 Blarney Blowout near the University of Massachusetts spiraled out of control entirely. Police showed up in riot gear, pitting police and drunken citizens against one another.

Source: LPETTET from Getty Images Signature (Canva Pro) / Erik Mclean from Pexels (Canva Pro)

There were an astounding 52 arrests, along with four officers injured during the incident.


Leprechaun Prank

A parent volunteer played a leprechaun in a classroom, but things took a wild turn when a real snake ended up in the trap, causing chaos and confusion.


According to the family, a leprechaun could turn into a snake, which is exactly what the young boy caught in a trap!


Parade Mishap

During a St. Patrick’s Day parade, a group of dancers accidentally tripped over each other.

Source: Geraldine Clark/ YouTube

This surprisingly caused a domino effect that led to a hilarious yet chaotic scene with costumes flying and laughter echoing through the streets.


Pub Crawl Prank

A group of friends organized a pub crawl where they convinced one of their friends that they had to wear a ridiculous leprechaun costume as a dare.


The friend ended up attracting attention from strangers and even got free drinks for being such a good sport.


Green Beer Incident

At a crowded bar on St. Patrick’s Day, a bartender accidentally mixed up orders and served green beer to unsuspecting customers who were initially shocked.

Source: yuganov konstantin (Canva Pro)

After getting over the initial shock, the group embraced the festive mix-up, leading to a night of laughter and camaraderie.


Lucky Charms Challenge

In a St. Patrick’s Day party game, participants engaged in a Lucky Charms challenge where they competed to eat bowls of Lucky Charms cereal without using their hands.

Source: KingCorphish/ YouTube

This resulted in colorful faces, messy tables, and uncontrollable laughter as marshmallows flew everywhere.


Shortest St. Patty’s Day Parade - Hot Springs, Arkansas

Arkansas has an interesting way of celebrating St. Patty’s Day in Hot Springs. They have a unique and fun event held on Bridge Street, the world’s shortest street in everyday operational use.

Source: arkansasonline/ YouTube

This parade, which may only be 98 feet long, is filled with Irish spirit and excitement. The First Ever 21st Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place on March 17, 2024, featuring live performances, special guests, and a festive atmosphere.


Changing of Highway Signs

The changing of highway signs for St. Patrick’s Day parades involve specific rules and guidelines to ensure the safety and festive spirit of the event.

Source: Tumblr

In Pittsburgh, for example, all banners and signs in the parade must align with the parade’s theme and meet the approval of the Parade Chief Marshal


The Green River - Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago River turning green for St. Patrick’s Day, head to the Chicago Riverwalk for a spectacular view of the river dying on March 16. The river is dyed a few hours before the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which will take place on Saturday, March 16, 2024.


The tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green dates back over 60 years and is a unique way for Irish Chicagoans and residents to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


The Giant Shamrock, O’Neill, Nebraska

It may be unsurprising to learn that O’Neill, Nebraska is known as the Irish Capital of Nebraska. Tourists are able to find the world’s largest shamrock right at the town’s main road intersection.

Source: NebraskaTourism/ Twitter

This giant, permanent green cement shamrock is a symbol of the town’s Irish heritage and is a prominent feature in O’Neill, especially during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Paddy’s Day Plunge - Portland, Maine

A group of people in Portland, Maine, take a daring plunge into the ice-cold waters of East End beach. This plunge is to raise funds for the Portland Firefighters Children’s Burn Foundation. This Polar Plunge tradition sparks the St. Patty’s day celebrations throughout Portland.


The plunge not only symbolizes bravery and camaraderie but also serves as a fundraiser for a charitable cause that benefits children affected by burns.


Screaming Shots

One bartender remembers a man who would simply scream every time he took a shot while at the bar. The man would then go on to fight with his girlfriend, make her cry, and another screaming match with his friends.

Source: Kev DeBoer/ Quora

The man didn’t stop there, he would go on to reach behind the bar, steal a water pitcher, and drink directly from it! This was all in the span of twenty quick minutes. The bartender equated the man to be like a human tornado!


Duke’s Bar - Hamburger Nap

Another bartender worked at a bar called Duke’s, with a customer walking in wearing a neon green leotard onesie. While attempting to take away his buzz, he ordered some food. After getting his burger, the bartender turned back in surprise as he fell asleep right on the burger!

Source: Pexels

The bartender woke him, and urged him to call it a night. Thankfully, he woke up (with a piece of lettuce on his forehead) and just said “good call.”


Tubs of Ranch Dressing

When St. Patrick’s day falls on a day with good weather, it is safe to assume that the bars will face some belligerent drunks. Not only did this particular day fall with good weather, but also on a Saturday.


Needless to say, the bar and streets were absolute mayhem. People were so bold that a couple snuck up into the attic of a bar and had sex right next to tubs of ranch dressing.


Vito’s Avoidance

Bar Manager Justin Gerardo makes sure he is not working the day of St. Patty’s day because of this story. He recalls one incident of a man jacked up on steroids, alcohol, and tiger blood with bead necklaces and a tight green shirt. After his friend ordered car bombs and provided identification, the roided out man flipped out over identification.


His identification had expired, forcing the bartender to not serve him. This enraged him, leading him to call the bartender every gay slur imaginable and getting kicked out of the bar.


College Bar

This story is essentially a nightmare scenario for bartenders. While working a slow night on St. Patty’s day, this bartender decided to send everyone home at 10 pm. Little did they know, the rest of the bars on the Ave were packed, leading to many drunk customers to join the festivities.


This manager had to handle around 150 customers, dig out buried kegs of Guinness, and even encouraged the customers to order simple drinks.


Mulleady’s Pub

Many customers at this particular bar actually request tables facing the front door on St. Patty’s day. Surprisingly, many drunk participants from the festivities stumble past the bar coming home from other Irish pubs.


Many of those stumbling by enjoy the loud music, Jameson, and Irish car bombs. It becomes even funnier for customers already inside when the drunk individuals stumble in to a bar not exactly celebrating the festivities – the bartender describes it as a kid walking into a wall.