Starting The Baby Book Off Right With These Creative And Playful Pregnancy Announcements

By: Lilli Keeve | Published: Nov 08, 2023

It should come as no surprise that raising a child is hard. When you get the news that you are welcoming another little one into your family, instead of mourning more sleepless nights, try to keep things light. After all, there’s nothing like some solid humor to help get you through the most difficult days!

Luckily, we’re here to fulfill your daily dose of humor with these sweet and clever pregnancy announcements. 

Ready Player…One?

Since the early 2000s, the gaming console has been a success in many households across the nation. You can play golf or tennis from the comfort of your own home! Players would relish zipping around their living rooms and having the time of their lives. To play, however, you need to have as many consoles as you do members of your family. 


Source: One Little Project

Since you’re expecting a new member of the family, it’s a good idea to get another console. It’s not fair to expect a lot from the rookie, but they will need to join in on the family fun at some point. 


The Parents-To-Be Saving The Day

James and Alisha Doherty were just a couple of DC heroes that were thrown into the viral limelight in 2017. They dedicated their lives to lurking in the city streets, saving people, while also making criminals want to run the other way. Once just an ordinary Nashville couple, James and Alisha’s real identity was leaked to the world.


Source: ScreenRant

Apparently, it would only take a new baby in the mix for Nashville’s masked vigilantes to come to the surface. These proud parents used to attend birthdays, fundraisers, and charity events, but now they are expecting a little Robin to join their superhero squad. 

May The Force Be With Them!

These are some wise words for Daddy: “Do or do not, there is no try.” He’s been selected to fulfill the prophecy of the Chosen One and to bring forth a new Jedi that would balance out the force of three children. 


Source: Lulus

Lightsabers will be needed to prevent the balance from getting too crazy. Indeed, the household will only be as lively as ever before. With an enormous energy field guarding the family, even when they are tested, love will always bind them together. 

Looks Like Somebody’s Getting Evicted…Again

We can tell that these kids are not happy with the fact that a new sibling will be introduced into their family. They’re probably annoyed with the fact that their parents didn’t plan on having another child, but the oldest seems to give a “whatever” face. The young sisters don’t seem particularly thrilled about the news. 


Source: The Bump

The older sister is used to sharing the spotlight at this point, but, somebody, once again, will steal it from her. Complaining or whining won’t change the fact that the baby is going to be delivered in a matter of months. 

Insert Coin And Get Another Child

We can only assume that the couple was doing their best in figuring out to break the news of they’re having another kid to their family and friends. They were coming up with a great list of ideas until the dad laid his eyes on the game his child was playing. The little guy was super excited that Mario landed the flagpole, almost near the flag. Clearly, Luigi would be the newest member of their clan. 

Source: Powerful Mind

Explaining to Mario that he would be getting a baby brother soon named Luigi was hard, but dressing little Mario up in his costume was the easiest part. 


What’s This Smash Hit?

Rapper Vanilla Ice was launched into fame after this hit song dominated the 1990s. Adversely, it also caused him to get in some hot water. The famous band, Queen, said that the singer used part of their song “Under Pressure.”  At first, Vanilla Ice denied the claim, and then, later on, confirmed it. Despite this, we still love the song a lot.

Source: Powerful Mind

This couple really got creative in their baby reveal. We’re sure you already guessed the song! Ice, ice baby. 


It May Be Wise To Slow Down

It’s obvious that this wife and husband are expecting their first baby together. The story goes that they met a few years ago at a race car driving event, something they both love. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the way they announce the pregnancy! There’s no slowing down for this couple anytime soon, even with a bump ahead. 

Source: Ninja Journalist

There’s no veering off the track with dad in the driver’s seat. His wife is in good hands and the two of them are in this for the long haul.


Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Ash Ketchum once said, “everybody makes a wrong turn once in a while.” Obviously, this is what happened for the dad and mom in the situation, with the mom now growing a Pokeball inside her belly. Which of the 18 Pokemon characters do you this is growing inside? 

Source: What To Expect

When this Pokemon bursts out of her Poke ball, there will probably be lots of crying. Hopefully, mom and dad will take turns trying to calm her down and then sing her to sleep. Let’s face it – taking care of a Poke-baby is exhausting. 


Getting Over The Roadblocks

This couple was experiencing a bumpy road home, so they stopped at a gas station to put air in their tires. Naturally, Dad went over to the tires, and plugged the air hose in, but neglected to check the pressure on the gauge. An explosion occurred and he found himself holding something heavy. Neither one of them could have anticipated what happened…

Source: DeviantArt

It was a good surprise, though! Mom was happy with the way things turned out, and they did eventually make it home. Mom took over the wheel since dad was too preoccupied with the little one. 


Sorry, You’re Outta Here

Obviously, evicting this human is the last resort. Eviction only leads to a sour relationship between both parties, but sometimes it needs to be done. Despite the fit that the tenant was throwing, the landlord didn’t have a choice – she was hogging up a lot of space. 

Source: Pregnant Chicken

It must have been thrilling for dad to deliver the news and mom was in it, too. They had the doctor print out this photo of the new tenant, but we don’t know how this situation will go down. The tenant is not happy she’s getting kicked out. 


Who Is Taking The Shift?

What’s better than finding out that you’re pregnant? Oh, that you’re going to be having twins! It may be double the trouble, but it’s also twice the fun. We just hope that these new parents are financially stable to handle the load. No matter what, mom and dad seem ready for the challenge. 

Source: Fear52/ Imgur

On certain days of the week, mom will have to bend over the toilet bowl in the morning. Dad, of course, can do the exact same on the other days. The real question is – who will take care of breakfast? 


Good Boys Share Their Toys

As parents that own two fur babies, it’s common to encounter messes on a daily basis. Their kids would sometimes ruin the furniture or rip apart their brand-new toys, but that didn’t stop the parents from adding to the family. 

Source: Viral Luck

We’re not sure these two fur-children are happy about a new member coming into their home. After all, will they have to share their toys? Well, they don’t need to worry because both of their mommies love them regardless and there will always be more toys to share.


A Spooky Announcement

You could be having the time of your life when the news drops that you’re going to become a father. The vision of working a 9 to 5 job every day of the week for ten years to pay off the housing mortgage and your kid’s education. That sounds pretty spooky to us. 

Source: Daily Edge

So, since it’s Halloween, the most interesting way to break the news is with pumpkin carving. How fitting! Since the practice of carving pumpkins is meant to ward off evil, maybe carving the baby’s form on it could result in a false positive. It sure looks like the dad hopes it would. 


Maybe You Should Skip The Chill Next Time, Yeah?

“Netflix and Chill” has become one of those popular phrases that were synonymous with urban lingo back in 2009. It meant hanging out, maybe getting some snacks, and literally watching a movie or TV show. These days, it means something quite different..which is probably why you ended up expecting a baby. 

Source: nouveleviestudios/ Instagram

The “chill” sessions grew more and more frequent until both parties involved decided they wanted to commit to each other. All you needed to do was choose your favorite flick and then end up with the guy that’s sitting next to you. Looks like this story has a happy ending, after all!


Intel Baby Inside

You may not be aware of what Intel was or how it even worked. If you have seen their distinct logo, then you know that there’s an ultra-fast artificial brain working within your computer hardware. It’s quite clever that this mom decided to share with everybody that she and her husband had created Luca and that it’s inside of her. 

Source: letribunal dunet

We think that this pregnancy announcement is our personal favorite! It’s not flashy or over-the-top, but it’s concise and clever. Computer geeks would definitely appreciate this one!


Eat Up!

It’s natural that women should expect some weight gain along with their pregnancy. The baby gets its energy from the extra weight, but that doesn’t mean she will actually enjoy putting some weight on. 

Source: The Bump

This announcement is pretty sweet (literally). We would gladly have a few donuts since we are just as excited as the mom about expecting a new baby. And, after the newborn is out of the womb, we’ll force ourselves to get back in shape. 


So, That’s Why She’s Always Hungry!

This lady’s family didn’t want to ask her if she was expecting, so they turned to her husband for answers, instead. She didn’t understand why they didn’t just flat-out ask her, so she responded in a very funny way.

Source: Fun Cage

It’s obvious that she is eating for two! Her husband better delivers this new mom whatever her heart desires. Bring on the carbs, cakes…you name it. The hubby needs to keep his wife (and the baby) satisfied at all costs. 


Experiencing Some Early Trimester Nausea, Are We?

The day for this particular household was like any other, until somebody complained that they weren’t feeling well. They didn’t have any sniffles or coughs, so the flu was out of the question. It also wasn’t the heat because it was mid-December. There could only be one other reason…

Source: I Love My Kids Blog

After mom took the pregnancy test, it was the dad who got stuck over the toilet belching every thirty minutes. With his head bowed over and left hand gripping the pregnancy stick, he didn’t know how to feel about the surprise. Luckily, the nausea wears off eventually, and he just had to accept she was going to have a third child.


Somebody Was Naughty And Kissed Under The Mistletoe

It’s a wonderful holiday night with the fireplace crackling. Mom put the roast chicken on the table and then she went to arrange the centerpiece. The star of Bethlehem marked the special occasion and tinsel and colorful wreaths decorated the house. A beautiful star was propped at the very top of the Christmas tree and a mistletoe hung in the doorway. The mom glances mischievously at dad – they were definitely naughty. 

Source: Powerful Mind

As dad hung the three stockings by the fireplace, he felt the warmth from the fire. It was a very special occasion, even though Santa Claus had given them lumps of coal for being naughty. 


Are You Having Trouble Reading?

Couples have many things in common and share many similarities and interests. After all, the more compatible they are with each other, the more they stand a chance being together for a long time. We can guess that this couple met on their college campus and hit it off immediately. What did they bond over? Chemistry.

Source: My Moms A Nerd

These two nerds quickly fell in love, and it didn’t take long for her to have a child. It only makes sense that their kid also needs a pair of glasses because they take after their parents. 


Four’s Better Than Two…Sorta

For years on end, the Gardners had been trying to have a baby. They tried practically every solution that exists, even amulet buying, bathing in sacred falls, and several medical opinions. Sounds like they tried a bit too hard. 

Source: Herald Extra

They got lucky because all of their prayers were answered fourfold. Obviously, the love and support of their family were appreciated but they are going to need it even more as four children are on the way. 


Is This Actually Hap-pin-ning?

This family didn’t want to leave grandma and grandpa out in the cold and they didn’t want ot attract unnecessary attention. They needed to share the exciting news. How do you imagine her parents took this news?

Source: the write addiction

As the new parents are decorating the nursery room, they’re also wondering if it’s a boy or a girl. What will they name him or her? Naming is the fun part, as is pondering what interests they’ll have or what hobbies they will love. 


Mirroring The Best Painter That Ever Existed

Don’t deny it – we know you watched his shows religiously. When his brush hit the canvas, the world disappeared and we were transported to another magical place. You focused on the brush strokes and the beautiful color schemes. He’d mutter some wise words of wisdom that came across so simplistic yet meaningful. This couple, of course, based their announcement on a Bob Ross quote. 

Source: Conservative Memes

Surely, happy little accidents are a wonderful part of life. In this couple’s case, it happened to be a major life event. The natural optimism of Bob Ross rubbed off on them, and to that, we say happy painting and God bless. 


A Lesson In Potty Training

The mother of her daughter told her number two is on the way, which caused her to be embarrassed by her lack of control. Hurriedly, she got a roll of toilet paper and showed her kid to the bathroom. Minding her own business, the kid was baffled by her mom’s increasing frequency of using the toilet. 

Source: Photography Katabara

It turns out, her mom had a reason for this…she was carrying baby number two. Mom had to pee often due to the growing weight pushing down on her bladder. Patiently sitting on her potty trainer, she flips through the maternal book her mom was reading. 


This Couple May Need To Call Maury For Advice

It’s just like any other day when you suddenly meet the love of your life. She’s artistically gifted, sharp-witted, protective, and committed to your relationship. There’s no denying that you’re attracted to one another and you make the choice to tie the knot. You start a family with her, but you find out you aren’t the father. Uh-oh!

Source: Ranker

If you wanted a baby and if you were in her place, you couldn’t be the father. They clearly got some help, which proves how dedicated they are to building a family of their own. We extend hearty congratulations to the pair! It looks like we don’t need to consult Maury after all.


A Special Delivery From The Stork

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays, It’s full of good tidings and bountiful gifts, and, of course, a wonderful time with family. This couple finds out that a baby would be delivered soon and they found out from a stork dropped the news that their child is due in May 2020. It wouldn’t be long until they hung up another sock by the fireplace. 

Source: Daily-Stuff

They weren’t silent for weeks before Christmas rolled around, so it’s unlikely their silent nights would end in May of 2020. Mom and dad are known to celebrate all the time, regardless of whether there was an actual celebration or not. 


The Man Of Steel Gets A Sidekick

Every superhero has a sidekick. There’s something quite reassuring about having another cape flying in the wind, and another pal to help you fight crime. We aren’t surprised that mom and dad decided to create an ally for their lone son!

Source: What To Expect

Keeping his identity a secret is a heavy burden to shoulder, so having somebody who knows who is really behind the mask, helps a lot. This little tot has his whole life ahead of him with a new sidekick to accompany him on adventures.


Laying A Solid Foundation

Building a relationship on a solid foundation is crucial for long-term couples to thrive. It’s also built on good communication, mutual respect, and unconditional love and support. Expecting a child is much like a blossoming relationship – it’s under construction. 

Source: Conservative Memes

After giving it some time, it will fully form and develop into something magical. The seed has been sown, and, soon, so will the baby make its determined way out into the world, and the loving arms of mom and dad. 


Assembling A Baby Requires Instructions

Ok, so it seems clear at this point that having a baby is really hard. Really, really hard. Parents make it look like such difficult work. They complain that their baby wails for hours each night, which all sound the same to an inexperienced listener. In reality, your baby wants something, and you have to figure out what that something is. Is there a manual with instructions? Or a self-destruct button? 

Source: ORv/ Imgur

If we find it soon, maybe we will be spared all of the crying and neediness. Unfortunately, we discover that there’s no exchange for this product and we’re stuck with it. Along each step of the way, all we can do is learn in the best way that we can and hope everything works out.