Spot Hacks: How To Hide Those Pesky And Ugly Spots At Home

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Jan 23, 2023

Homeowners commonly hire professional designers to help them design (or redesign) their homes. But, many people attempt to decorate their homes themselves. More often than not, the outcome is still beautiful and inviting – it better be because of all the time, energy, and money that was put into it!

Undoubtedly, a lot of people have those areas of their homes that they don’t want their guests to see. Here are some useful hacks to hide those ugly spots that you’d rather not be visible. 

Installing Drawers On The Stairwell

Limited storage space is one of those things that many homeowners have to deal with, and figure out how to create more storage. Oftentimes, people overcrowd the spaces they already have which just leads to hoarding. What’s that saying – out of sight, out of mind! Right?


Source: joat-london/

Try to utilize the space under your stairwell into hidden drawers that provide additional storage. You can keep those areas open, while also being nicely presented and not totally cluttered! They also don’t take up too much floor space, either.


Turning The Stairwell Into Drawers

Another neat hack is to actually turn your stairwell into drawers. This organizational idea creates an effective use space that doesn’t sacrifice any other area of the stairwell. It’s also something that probably nobody would think works! The stairs open up to store more items – who would have thought?


Source: Inside Out

When you meet with your carpenter, simply show him the photo above. You will be very pleased with the finished product and amazed at how much more space you can have!

Innovative Invisible Bookshelves Will Delight Any Book Lover

Book lovers of the world unite! This incredible storage hack will certainly make you happy. Storing stacks and stacks of books can be challenging, especially if your place is tight on space. Yes, a full-size bookshelf could work, but this is better for some people.



This invisible bookshelf reminds us of something from a Harry Potter movie! It consists of a metal shelf that easily slides in the cover under the bottom book. Remarkably, it can hold up to 15 pounds of books and provides easily accessible storage spaces. 

No More Tangled Cords

One of the most stubborn items to organize (especially if you don’t have much space) is cords. From musicians to students, and just on a daily basis for anybody, cord storage issues are most likely bound to arise. 



The best and most efficient solution is to make cord hair! You position the cords as a person’s hair on any portrait you want. Above is a “portrait” of the famous singer Bob Marley and the cords are draped over his face as dreadlocks. What a creative idea!

Turn Power Cords Into Power Lines

Students specifically face issues hiding the cords to all of their gadgets and devices. When students were stuck at home during COVID-19, the annoying cord situations that are bound to arise had to be dealt with strategically. Your desk has to be mess-free and organized so you can actually think straight!

Source: Daniel Ballou/

We have a solution for your power cord woes – turn them into power lines. Following the photo above, you can see how the electrical tower model keeps the cords in place. Plus, they resemble power lines which are really cool and aesthetically pleasing. 


Curtains Effectively Hide Wires

To ensure that nobody sees all of the unnecessary amounts of electrical wires on your desk, we have a special hack for that. This luckily applies to anywhere in your home where you need to cover wires.


Take a curtain that you don’t use, with a fabric that matches your room’s color. Then, attach the curtains behind your desk and make sure all of the wires aren’t peaking out from the curtain. Now, the wires are safe and soundly tucked behind the curtain’s material and you don’t have to worry! 


Cover Up Those Cords With Cord Covers

You will need to go to your local hardware store or order online for this next hack. Buy cord covers so all your cords won’t be in plain sight and you can have peace of mind. Cord covers are very easy to find, but we suggest looking online if you can’t find them at local stores. 


In order to make the cord covers “invisible,” you need to paint them the same color as your walls. This works wonders if you have a mounted TV, air-conditioning, or anything mounted on your walls that require a plug to work.


Trim Work Makes Cords Seem Authentic To Your Space

Television cords can be easily hidden behind the trim that’s around the TV, which gives it a “built-in” feel. But, we advise that this is done by a professional. You can have a conversation with your designer so they can assist in creating this look. 


In the photo, the particular designer that was hired installed a small space in the trim work. It seamlessly enables the TV wires to run right through them and you are unable to spot the cords. They are extremely well hidden, after all! 


Hide Cord Fiascos Behind A Cord Fence

Cords can be hidden behind many things, including a designated cord fence! To minimize the mess that cords often make, you can find decorative fences in stores or through online shopping. Their installation is also extremely simple, so you can do it yourself without breaking a sweat.

Source: Karl Zahn/

First, you need to select the colors of decorative fences that match your home’s theme. Second, place the fences where the bulk of your cords live. The last step is to push all the cords behind the designated fence. Voila! No more ugly cords. 


Stuff Routers Into Nice Boxes

Routers and modems that are connected with multiple cords are big eyesores for those that prefer their houses neat and tidy. An easy and effective solution to hide the unaesthetic messiness of cables and routers is to disguise them as decorative pieces. 

Source: Sweet Sanity/ tiphero

You need to choose boxes that have pretty designs or use leftover wrapping paper to wrap some in unused cardboard boxes. The next thing is to carve a hole that fits around the cords. Finally, place the router in the box and the cables out of the carved hole. There, your problem is solved!


Creatively Utilize Books As Router Storage

Perhaps the box idea is too simple-looking or not your style aesthetically. If that’s the case, try using books, instead. It’s fun and creative, and you can pick any sort of theme or look you want, depending on the material you’ve chosen. 

Source: Apartment Therapy

The first order of business is to select a book that has the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for. Then, hollow it out and put the router inside of it. Booklovers might be enraged right now, but don’t worry! You could also try to just buy book covers online, too. 


Super Handy Charging Drawers

Another type of wire that is a huge pain to deal with is chargers, which are typically left in random places around the house. When chargers are mixed with other wires, that’s when an unwanted and irritating mess is created. While you can organize the chargers, that doesn’t always solve the problem. 

Source: Houzz

Instead, empty a drawer and turn it into a charging station. This becomes your designated charging drawer where you can charge all your devices in one place, and hide the mess! 


Turn Boxes Into Homes For Cords

Being economically friendly is simple with this hack that entails organizing chargers or wires into unutilized toilet paper (or paper towel) tubes and shoe boxes. This enables you to manage all of your endless chargers in one place, as well as being stored away nicely. 

Source: Instructables

The first thing you need to do is collect some toilet paper tubes and an unused shoebox. Then, attach a feasible number of the tubes into the box based on the number of chargers you own. Lastly, you organize the chargers in the box and that’s all. It’s a piece of cake!


Pipes Are Also An Annoyance To Hide

Unhidden pipes – just like cords – get on the nerves of homeowners. It makes their houses appear messy and not pleasing to the eye. But, you’re in luck because we have a special hack to solve this problem! Hide them behind drapes and watch as all your pipe worries disappear. 

Source: Lindsay Stephenson/ homehacks .co

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who have pipes fitted outside their walls. You don’t need to fear, however, since all you have to do is hang drapes over them, and they are out of your line of vision. This hack is quick and effective at making plumbing clutter disappear. 


Place Bulky Printers Out Of Sight

Printers are one of those necessary equipment items that most people need in their home office. When printers take up nearly all of your desk space, something isn’t right! We think that’s just a clear waste of space.

Source: PBJ Stories/

This hack can save you desk space and clear clutter away. You can move the printer out of your way by stashing it in a drawer that’s roomy enough to fit it. After doing this, the printer won’t  take up precious surface space any longer and can still be accessible. 


The Surprisingly Effective Usage Of Drape Rods

When not hidden, drape rods aren’t the most wonderful thing to look at. So, if they don’t fit in with the overall theme or design of the room, you don’t want them to ruin the aesthetic. Homeowners try and find ways to hide these unsightly things. 

Source: Family Handyman

Hiding them behind a cornice or moldings is one surprisingly effective way to not have them show. You can hire professionals for this or have fun with a stress-free DIY project – tutorials can easily be found online!


Spruce-Up Those Boring Support Beams

Aside from drape rods, support beams, and metal poles are among some of the other elements of a home that are unpleasant to look at if not covered up. However, they are essential to keeping your house standing upright and would create major structural issues if removed!

Source: The Yellow Cape Cod

The exciting part is that you can make them more pleasing to look at by dressing them up, so to speak. You can hide the support beams and metal poles with various kinds of molding styles and shapes. Whatever your heart desires. 


Creating A Designated Spot For Dog Bowls

For any dog owner, it’s essential to have dog bowls for your pup’s food and water. Often, these are placed in spots that are very inconvenient and in the way. They do need to be put in a spot where dogs can still access them. We have an easy solution!


Keep the bowls off the floor by placing them in a cabinet drawer that’s custom-made for your dog’s convenience. This is a helpful and cool hack to keep the bowls out of sight but is also easily accessible for your dog. Plus, the extra space in the drawers can be used for storing other dog stuff. 


A Cat’s Litter Box Also Needs A Special Spot

Speaking of pets, a cat’s litter box is another one of those items that, if not cleaned daily, can become a big hassle. You have to find a way to keep the mess under control and hidden, while also keeping your space clutter-free and clean. 

Source: Elips Design

Don’t fret! This cool and unconventional hack lets you build a secret, VIP-only compartment in a cabinet to store your kitty’s litter box. Not only is the litter box out of everyone’s way, but it’s also in a place where your cat can access it. 


Accessible Cabinet For Electronics

If you have a lot of electronics, storing them can be an annoyance and can also make your room look really unorganized. Gaming consoles and TV boxes are those big electronic items that need to be hidden, but still, they need to be easy to access.


To solve this problem, you can buy a cabinet with a metal gate or glass window for storing these large items. The cabinet effectively shelters the electronics from being seen while the glass windows enable airflow and grant access to the signal. 


Using A Cake Stand As A Soap Holder

Soaps and dishwashing detergents are specific kitchen items that can cause quite a mess if not organized neatly. They also have to be easily accessible so you can clean dishes and things when you need to. Storing these essentials in the cabinets sometimes isn’t the easiest way to access them. 


You just need a cake stand next to the sink that can serve as an attractive design feature. It should match the rest of the kitchen aesthetic, though! Once you’ve done that, you place the soaps and dishwashing detergents on it, and maybe add some plants or other decorations so it’s eye-catching. 


Trays For Organizing Countertops

It wouldn’t be a surprise if most of your countertops are full of random objects that end up cluttering the space. Car keys, house keys, and other items find their homes on countertops, which only leads to messiness. 


Arranging the clutter can best be achieved by utilizing trays. Put a tray on the countertop and put the loose objects on it – you can even place plants, a candle, or another object for decoration. You can also use cake stands, too. Now, all the random objects have a designated space instead of being scattered on the counter. 


Storing Laundry Hampers

Laundry hampers are essential to put your dirty clothes in, but there’s not really a specific place to store them. We often leave it in the corner of our bathroom or bedroom. When dirty clothes begin overflowing out of the hamper, that’s a bad sign! 


Luckily, the simple way to fix this is to find a deep drawer that fits your hamper and place it in there. The only downside, however, is that you may have to sacrifice some precious cupboard space. 


Finding A Hidden Place For Trash Bins

Just like laundry hampers, trash bins are another item in the household that usually ruin the feel of a room – even more so than a full trashcan! 

Source: Colorado Space Solutions

For homeowners who own trash cans without lids, ask your carpenter to build them beneath one of the counters that would hold the trash bins. The picture above demonstrates the beset solution for this issue!


Hiding Air-Conditioning Units

For those who have air-conditioning units in their homes that are near windows, here’s an easy solution to conceal them. 

Source: Refinery 29

All you need to do is hang cafe-style curtains on a tension rod in front of the unit. This is perfect since it doesn’t block the airflow, but it also hides the unit effectively. The best part is that you can just separate the curtains if you need to access it. 


Turn An Air-Conditioning Unit Into A Chalkboard

Normal air-conditioning units are pretty plain to look at and are usually the same in every house. Here’s an unconventional and interesting way to hide the unit while also getting use out of it! You turn the unit into a chalkboard display which will certainly make your guests intrigued. 


This is a fun DIY project to do with your kids or by yourself. You start by building a large wooden frame to hide the unit. Then, you add the chalkboard onto the wooden frame, and finally, you can write, draw, or doodle anything you want!


Transform Your Dull Refrigerator

Refrigerators (aside from air-conditioning units) are another essential staple of the household that are typically boring and bland. They serve as a blank canvas for you to unleash your untapped artistic talents onto, so you should consider being bold with different decorations. 


The refrigerator in the photo above is adorned with stick-on wallpaper – an eco-friendly and unique decoration that spices up your fridge. You can always switch out the wallpaper when you need a change from that design. 


Get Inspired With Chalkboard Fridges

If you’re feeling inspired, try out the chalkboard idea mentioned earlier for your fridge! You can get creative and have fun with chalk drawings, quotes, or anything else that seems exciting. 


The most important thing to do first is clean your fridge’s surface. Next, you paint a coat of chalkboard paint on it which you can find at hardware stores – it transforms your dull fridge into your very own canvas! The last step is to start getting creative with what you want to put on the chalkboard. Say goodbye to dull refrigerators. 


Decorate The Dryer And Washer With Taped Designs

Putting air-conditioning units and refrigerators aside, dryers and washers are other essential household objects that could use some sprucing up. White dryers and washers are the easiest to decorate because they are essentially already a blank canvas.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

We suggest this one example of using tape to create multiple types of patterns on these appliances. You can tape on stripes or polka dots like the person above did, or something else entirely! The world is your oyster. 


Organizing Cleaning Supplies

The laundry room can often be a place that gets messy quickly and things get stacked up. It makes the room look even more disorganized and cluttered than before. Luckily, there’s a convenient organizing solution to fix this problem!

Source: Blesser House

First, start by mounting a pegboard on the laundry room’s wall. Next, you simply attach wire shelves to the pegboard. The last step is to organize both the cleaning and clothes and washing supplies on the wire shelves. Voila! 


Solving Your Laundry Detergent Woes

Laundry detergents are the most standard and essential product to have in the laundry room. A majority of homeowners purchase big industrial-sized detergents because they get more bang for their buck. However, they are extremely heavy to lift, and then you have to pour the liquid into the washing machine. 


So, this wonderful hack makes storing and pouring detergent easier! All you do is pour it into a drink dispenser, and whenever you need some detergent, get a cup from the dispenser, wash the cup, and reuse it as many times as you’d like. 


Decorating Sticker Light Switches

Blank light switches are one of those things that homeowners can get creative in decorating since they are usually white and plain. The fun process of decorating them can also be a cool project that the whole family can participate in! 


The ways to decorate them are seemingly endless; you can paint over them or use stickers or tape. In the photo above, there’s a cute and effective CO2 sticker that reminds the family to save energy by turning off the lights when they are not being used. That’s a good practice for people everywhere, too. 


Making Doors More Unique

Doors are an essential part of every household, but they can often be quite boring. Door art is an awesome project for you and your kids to do together! You can start small by adding chalkboard paint, stickers, or minor decorations to the doors. But, you can also go the extra mile by repainting the entire door and adding moldings and panels that contrast each other. 


You can go about this project in different ways. For one, you could either coat the door in one solid color or use patterns, or both. This image provides a neat idea! 


Total Appliance Makeover

More than not, household appliances aren’t available in the colors that homeowners want, which is a big letdown. Even though the machine may not match the theme of the home, there’s a simple solution to give your appliances some pop!

Source: Julie

You can choose any kind of contact paper to stick onto an appliance’s surface and elevate its look. Take a glance at the photo above; the owner transformed the traditional black appliance into a clean-looking and modern faux stainless steel dishwasher. 


Transform Your Plain Bathtub

Any household appliance or item can indeed be used as a blank canvas, and bathtubs are no different. Bathtubs are a basic item that can be turned into something stunning by making small adjustments and special touches. The best tools for bathtub transformation are waterproof and splashproof wallpaper or tiles. 

Source: Lovely Crafty Home

The homeowner of the tub in the photo used faux rocks to cover up the sides of the tub. It’s quite simple to attach the rocks without it being a big hassle. On the other hand, you could also select wallpapers and contact papers to stick onto the sides. 


Store And Organize Your Jewelry More Effectively

For all you ladies out there, do you have jewelry that you have no clue where to store? It’s tricky since jewelry often gets tangled if not stored properly which is a massive pain! 

Source: DIY Enthusiasts

Did you ever think that paintings could be a good “container” for storing jewelry? Neither did we. You just attach your chosen wall painting with hinges that enable the painting to be folded down. A secret compartment is revealed once the painting is moved – it’s the best place to safely store your precious jewelry out of plain sight.


Hide Those Ugly Alarm Systems

Stunning paintings can be used for so much more in your household than covering up or storing your jewelry! If there are other things you don’t like seeing on your wall (such as alarm systems), you can select a painting based on the size. Also, this is a perfect security feature. 

Source: mydiyclub

The first step is to attach the hinges to the edges of the painting before mounting it onto the section of the wall where the alarm is planted. That’s it! Your alarm is hidden and free from tampering – only you know where it’s hiding.


Breaker Box Picture Frames

All of us know how ugly and bulky circuit breaker boxes are, but if they are installed in a storeroom, then they are more hidden. And, that room likely won’t have a theme that will get ruined. 

Source: Bliss Bloom Blog

For those homeowners who have breaker boxes in plain view, here’s a cool tip to cover them up. Magnetic picture frames are your best friend in this circumstance. Due to the metal makeup of the breaker box, the magnetic picture frames stick right on. You can use your favorite pictures or online photos that are in line with the aesthetic of your house.


Conceal Your Thermostat With A Picture

Thermostats are another object (aside from alarms and breaker boxes) that are installed to our walls, but seem incompatible with the rest of the room. Well, we have a solution! You hide the thermostat behind a framed photograph or piece of artwork. 

Source: Blesser House

The first step is to find the art or photos that match your home’s theme and aesthetic and then mount them on the wall. Don’t forget to remove the glass from the art or photograph as the glass may alter the thermostat readings. 


Hide Unappealing Wall Vents

Another ugly addition in any home are wall vents that most homeowners desire to cover up. Unfortunately, they are rather difficult to cover up since using solid objects would prevent air from flowing (you don’t want that). 


The resolution for this is to hang metal doormats or grills over wall vents. But, be sure to choose doormats with only holes so that the air can freely circulate. Another option is to “dress up” the wall vent by painting over it. 


Concealing Water Pipes

Water pipes are another unsightly addition that most houses have on the outside with the pipes sticking protruding from the ground. Passerbys might find the sight unpleasant, but this isn’t something that can be removed. Water pipes are crucial for water supply. 


The only thing that can solve the problem is to cover it up with fake rock domes. You can find these domes easily on any shopping site. All you do is put the fake rock over the water pipe and your they’re ffectively concealed! 


Revamping Towel Holders

Paper towel holders are fairly boring and uninteresting household items. You must have one in your house because retrieving paper towels is so much easier with them. The good news is that you can either buy the unconventional paper towel holder that’s in the photo or make one yourself!


First, use molding to serve as a paper towel holder because it hides the paper towel entirely. And, it also features a small shelf that can hold decorations or other things. Just go to YouTube for DIY molding tutorials or buy finished products on Amazon. 


Using Plants To Hide Security Cameras

For security purposes, most homeowners install cameras in and around their homes to prevent thieves from snatching them up. Thus, security cameras should be placed in spots that are secure and not easily accessible, which is typically in a ceiling corner. To combat thievery, we have a very neat and alternative tip!


Plants are great for camouflaging and decorating. Placing plants in front of a home security camera can camouflage it completely which makes it harder to notice and steal. 


Placing A Styrofoam Cooler In A Wicker Basket

For the homeowners who have a backyard, we guarantee that you probably have a Styrofoam cooler to ensure all of your drinks stay chilled. Unfortunately, these kinds of coolers aren’t that aesthetically pleasing, but there’s a simple solution. 

Source: Everything Fab

Put the Styrofoam cooler in a wicker basket, which can be bought or made yourself. Placing the cooler in the wicker basket makes it nicer to look at and more presentable. Now, you don’t have to worry about a having an ugly Styrofoam cooler. 


DIY-ing Your Box Springs

Another essential household item that isn’t quite pleasing to look at are mattress box springs. This is an item that many people wish they can change but don’t know how to go about it. The most efficient way to cover it up is with comforters and sheets. However, you can’t fold them up when they’re not being used. 

Source: Cozy Little Houses

They wouldn’t hide the plain and unappealing box springs, yet there’s a fix for that. You can upholster the mattress box springs with fabric and a staple gun. And, for a room that’s going for a minimalist vibe, opt for primary colors or picking any preferred material. 


Place Baskets Under A Bench To Store Shoes

Theoretically, there are numerous ways to store shoes in a house. This hack can be applicable to any area of your home. For instance, if you are trying to figure out an affordable and simple way to keep shoes out of the way of the front door’s entrance, here’s a perfect tip!

Source: Blesser House

All you need to do is buy some baskets that are in line with your home’s theme and place them underneath the entryway bench. When guests walk into your house, they will have somewhere to store their shoes while keeping everything nice and tidy. 


Turn A Boring Wall Into A Bookshelf

If you have a wall that is plain and you want to spruce it up a bit, the perfect way is to install a bookshelf that spans the entire length of the wall. You can achieve this by installing wood shelves with the guide of online tutorials and even make the process more interesting by turning it into a fun art project.

Source: Alamy

This is the perfect way to bring attention away from noticeable bad spots. Installing invisible bookshelves make the books look like they’re floating, but you must use L-shaped metal brackets and a hardbound book to conceal the bottom. Be careful to not put too much weight on the invisible shelves, though!


DIY Disappearing TV Set

This cool hack involves covering a TV set with a painting when not in use (and, yes, you do need to remove it every time you want to watch the TV). So, we’ve made matters easier for you. 


You need to get a two-way mirror that fits into a frame slightly larger than the TV set’s dimensions. Then, mount that over the TV and use the TV as a mirror when it’s not in use. When the TV is turned on, the display shines through the mirror, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the painting! 


DIY Clothes Chair

Anybody who has a desk chair in their room know’s what it’s used for the most, right?! Most of the time it’s used for hanging your clothes while you’re deciding on what to wear, or until you decide to rehang the clothing items. The other time it’s used as a stepladder to reach items that are too high for you to get. Of course, it’s also used to sit on.

Source: IkeaHackers

Instead of using a whole chair as a clothes rack, cut it in half and attach it to the wall. This hack allows you to get the same use out of the chair while occupying half of the space!


Storing Newspapers And Magazines

We have an organized and elegant way to store your newspapers and magazines. The stand is comprised of copper plumbing pipes and wooden dowl sticks. 

Source: Table And Hearth

Amazingly, the copper connectors attach effortlessly to the wooden rods (which can be cut from an old broomstick). The wood and copper mix lends a rustic yet aesthetically pleasing addition to your living room. Who would have thought that wooden sticks and copper plumbing pipes would look so neat in the end? We sure didn’t at first. 


Replacing Ratty Bath Mats

There’s truly nothing worse than stepping out of a wonderful shower onto a gross, half-wet bath mat that hasn’t dried properly from its last use. While this is something you can’t hide, you can certainly replace it with something else. We recommend getting a strong, durable, and extremely absorbent memory foam or microfiber bath mat.


This type of mat is easily purchasable online and the fun of it is choosing any color that fits the theme of your bathroom! You won’t have to worry about ratty bath mats anymore. 


Getting Rid Of Old And Mismatched Mugs

Whether you’re drinking your delicious morning coffee or entertaining guests, you need to ditch all of your old and mismatching coffee mugs for new ones. We all know the feeling of opening our kitchen cabinet and seeing those mugs that we’ve had for ages just sitting there. 


We suggest going out in style by purchasing a modern glass coffee mug set online. You should buy mugs that are tempered glass, each holding 10.75 ounces, or just over a cup, of liquid. These tempered glass mugs are suitable for either hot or cold drinks, and they have an excellent cool touch handle so you don’t burn your fingers while enjoying hot beverages!


Bins That Organize Your Fridge

We all have experienced loose products and cans rolling around in our refrigerators. It’s a major annoyance and we hate the feeling of disorganization. Of course, there’s a solution to this pesky problem!

Source: Pinterest

If you have an overflowing fridge, you need to purchase stackable refrigerator bins. These bins will not only help you maximize the fridge’s or freezer’s storage space, but it will keep everything organized. The bins aren’t only useful in these places though, they can also be put in your pantry or kitchen cabinets. 


A Wall-Mounted Rack That Holds Tools And Other Items

Everybody at some point has had a closet full of brooms and mops that fall over each time they try and grab something. Not only is it a pain, but it’s not pleasant to look at. 

Source: Overstock

Buying a wall-mounted mop and broom holder is the best solution for this problem. The holder has three clamps and four hooks and can hold mops, brooms, and other miscellaneous cleaning supplies. It can also be a major space-saver in closets and garages. 


A Shower Caddy That Clears Up Clutter

If you were to look in your shower right now, you’d probably have a tub full of shampoo and conditioner bottles along with body wash and other things. We get so busy with our daily routines that we neglect to organize our showers. 


The best way to organize your shower is to purchase an anti-swing hanging shower caddy. You can find a specific caddy online that suits the aesthetic of your bathroom. Any caddy will have compartments for soap bars, hooks for loofahs, and areas for smaller and larger bottles. It’s also good to find one that is rustproof. You no longer need to cringe every time you look in your shower! 


Organize Scattered Pots And Pans

Just as with our showers, kitchen cabinets, and closets, it’s easy for the cabinets with pots and pans to also become messy and unorganized. Due to our busy schedules, we often neglect to prioritize this organization. 

Source: smallishhome

That’s why buying a pan organizer rack will successfully solve your problem! Not only can is this a beautiful solution for a messy problem, but you can choose one that features enough tiers for your pots and pans. Also, there are plenty online to choose from that can accommodate a variety of cookware. 


Disguise That Greasy And Grimy Stovestop

Despite all of the effort you put into certain areas of your home, some of them are just too challenging to clean. For example, the stovetop is a notoriously difficult surface to keep mess-free. 


Swapping out regular cleaners for a magic cleaning sponge will solve this problem without a sweat! These particular sponges are made with gentle melamine that are a universal cleaning tool. You simply get it wet and watch as your stovetop and other surfaces become as good as new. 


Repairing Tiny Holes In The Walls

Just because you find small holes in your walls, it doesn’t mean you have to call expensive contractors and painters to fix the issue. You can actually take matters into your own hands and fix them with a 3M high-strength small hole repair kit. 

Source: Twitter

You can find this miracle repair kit online. Try and buy one with spackling that contains a primer, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and sanding paper. The result is cheap, and effective, and you will wonder why you ever thought about paying money to have somebody else fix it! 


Getting Throw Rugs To Lie Flat

It’s beyond frustrating when rugs just don’t lay flat on the floor. Sometimes, we even put furniture on their ends to prevent the corners from sticking up. Here’s a masterful hack to resolve this tacky and often irritating problem. 

Source: Pinterest

You can easily keep rugs in place with adhesive rug corner grippers that hold them down without damaging floors. While you may not believe it, fixing a curled rug can truly bring the whole room together nicely.