Some Of The Craziest Places and Ways People Fall Asleep

By: Lisa Lee | Last updated: Jul 19, 2021

When You Dream That You're In Monsters Inc.

Should we be concerned or maybe jealous of people who find it easy to fall asleep just about anywhere, and I mean in the darndest places? Is that a special gift or just plain weird? However you feel, these people sure know how to give in when sleep beckons, whether suspended in midair, sitting, standing, crouching, or amid a party. Have a chuckle or deep-gutted laugh as we present you with some of the world’s wackiest sleeping positions!!

This might seem impossible to most, but yes, it’s not photo shopped; she has one eye open while in deep slumber.

Our theory is that she had just finished watching Monsters Inc with her toddler before falling asleep. Now she feels like she’s one of those one-eyed characters in her dreams…ha ha ha!!!

Is This Dude Sleeping Dead Under A Pyramid?

Sleep crept upon him at work, so he decided to get an energy reboot, but his friend had other plans.


This hilarious image shows a remorseless colleague building a shrine or pyramid made of dozens of disposable cups over his friend’s head as he sleeps soundly. That should be quite a spill when he awakens. Not the cup of coffee he was hoping for when he wakes up.

Taking The Term Jet Lagged Literally!

This Flight Attendant was working some long hours and could not hold back the sleep as she performed this shift(that probably was an on-call).


She probably was trying some yoga moves to rejuvenate, but it had the opposite effect. She fell asleep with her legs elevated mid-flight, and her fun-loving colleagues decided to capture the moment. She does look pretty comfy, though!

Is the hotel Bed Not Comfy? A Boat Ride Does The Trick

This has to be one of three things: 1.Their hotel bed is not comfy at all, so they missed a good night’s rest. 2.Their boat captain is genuinely magical in steering the boat; it rocked them to sleep. 3. They are still jet-lagged.


Missing the picturesque tour didn’t matter, and whatever caused both of them to fall asleep should be recommended for insomniacs to try. It sure works wonders.

This Sleep Book Is Serious!

This one sure cracks you up! You’d think that when she bought this book on how to sleep well, she was probably skeptical about it! It sure should be a best seller because she was knocked out while reading it.


Lesson going forward, read it while at home! If I were in her shoe, I’d undoubtedly give this pic to the publisher as proof that it works. She might get a deal out of it!!

Selfish or Just strung out?

This passenger was totally out of it and was not planning on straining her neck by trying to sit up and nap.

Sorry fellow passengers, no can do; I really need these extra seats today. They clearly understood as everyone continued focusing on their own thing, except for the enthusiastic passenger who had to snap this hilarious pic!


He Thinks The Train Is His Personal Limo

Everyone can understand why this dude is looking so uncomfortable. After all, you paid good money to travel on this train and he’s sprawled out in what looks like his undies in deep sleep.

It’s surely not his first rodeo because he brought along his pillow and looks so comfortable. Well at least one of them is having a joyride!!


Waking Up To A Stranger On Your Bosom!

It’s unclear if these two people know each other or if they are complete strangers riding on the train together.

However it goes, this will certainly be a frightening sight for her if she wakes up first. If not he can wake up and walk away as though nothing happened. After all, they were both INNOCENTLY sleeping right???


This Cop Just Got Busted!!

When you’re faking being a cop, at least stay awake and maybe remember to put the rest of your clothes back on.

Ok, in all fairness she had so much fun last night playing a cop that she didn’t want to change at all, but she didn’t count on falling asleep and having a mugshot taken. At least it’s not ugly, so what the heck?


Getting Immersed In The Story...Literally!

This man was caught up in whatever intriguing article he was reading in that newspaper because he couldn’t put it down even as sleep overtook him.

There must have been something mind-blowing in the newspaper since he wrapped himself in words, or then again, he might have just been keeping out the light.


The Last Story Was Engaging, He Tried Worming His Way Into It!

This Chap loves to read and there was a book coming out the next day that he wanted to make sure he would be the first one in the library to check it out!

Either that or he was so caught up in the last book he read that he wanted to get into the story, which clearly didn’t work out cause..uhmmm, he’s still stuck on the shelf sleeping. Teleporting isn’t real dude…at least not yet!


Is This a Study Marathon or Readathon?

Libraries are no longer just for research or study. This young woman has her priorities straight, nonetheless. Study hard now, play hard later.

She worked so hard that sleep overpowered or maybe empowered her for the next round. Whatever the reason she fell asleep in the library, she’s obviously on a mission that the desire to sleep could not get her to walk away from…kudos!


When Your Friends & Family Are Pranksters

Everyone has a friend and family member or few that they’re afraid to nap around or slip up in the slightest way as they won’t get a chance to live it down.

That was the case of this dude who was so burnt out that they set up props on him and tied his feet to the chair, and he never even budged. Don’t want to imagine what happened when he woke up.😅


Giving Cat Nap A Whole New Meaning

Now either he’s used to this or he’s just a sound sleeper! How on earth do you sleep with three cats sprawled out over your head?

This is unheard of, but the cats said, when you sleep we might as well just take a cat nap too. Let’s make it a family affair. They actually look way more comfortable than he does though!


Doggone Crazy or Maybe Just Sleepy?

Talk about a dog taking the term ‘man’s best friend’ (or is it woman) to a whole other level.

He was adamant that if his owner was going to get a nap, he would annoy the heck out of her until she got up, unless of course she allowed him to snuggle up. She had to give in to his wiles. Let’s see how long that lasts.


Is This Couple's Night Gone Awry?

When you share your bed with someone it’s supposed to make the sleeping experience much nicer than when you sleep alone. Or, so she thought before her sleepover turned to an all-nighter.

Guess she had no clue that he’s a super hands-on type of guy even when he’s in deep sleep. Upset much? She sure is. Wonder if she’ll tell him or just start avoiding sleepovers?


When You Get Your Beauty Rest 2.0

This dude, all dressed up in his tough boy work boots and overall attire, gave himself away when he fell asleep in this position.

Now everyone knows he may be built Ford tough on the outside, but when it comes to nap time, he sleeps like a baby, showing he may be softer inside than he’s letting on. Either way, he should wake up with a glow.


Good Parenting Knows No Bounds

That was the case for this dad who did whatever it took to help his baby fall asleep, even though it meant forcing himself into a crib half his length.

You do what you have to do when it comes to your children as well as your peace of mind. I’ve got to say mommy must be so proud, after all the baby looks so comfy, and she gets a break too.


When Children and Pets Have Their Parents Genes

So this dad and his toddler son epitomize what it means to have a father son bond. They look so cute with the exact expression and position in their sleep.

What I don’t get is what the pup was thinking when he jumped into the middle and fell sound asleep too. Either way the trio looks so adorable.


When You Want To Get On The TV

I guess mommy got tired of chasing this toddler around and left him on the TV until he fell asleep up there.

Maybe he was trying to find away to get on the TV but the poor boy took it literally. She could go cast him for a baby commercial. What do you think? I think that’s a picture that should be framed to show his grandkids.


When Your Beard Is Mistaken For Sea Grass

So, the children felt their daddy’s beard looked a lot like seaweed and decided they would play with it while he slept.

So they went for their bag of fish snacks and decided to have a whale of a time planting them in his beard. I can just imagine how much fun they had and the horrific look on his face when he woke up and looked in the mirror!


Getting Stuck In A Twister

Whether this dude was doing a yoga routine and got stuck in that position or wanted to see how much he could twist his body to let his head touch his toes, he clearly got stuck and just decided to sleep there.

If that isn’t a twister, maybe a Twizzler, then somebody, please tell us what this is!!


Was He Saved By The Chair?

It may look like this kid got super-drowsy and chose to stop there and nap. However, when you take a closer look, it appears that he was sleep-walking and fell.

I’m sure his parents are thanking their lucky stars that this piece of furniture was there to break his fall. Either way, he sure looks comfy! Should try this sometime.


When You Forget That You're Hiding and Fall Asleep

This man was either trying to hide from his colleagues and bosses or just wanted a comfy place to take a power nap without appearing to sleep on the job!

Whatever his reason for sliding beneath his desk, it worked out great for him because it looks as though he may be sleeping until the end of his shift.


When You Fallll...Asleep!

Nobody told this dude the bus wasn’t coming, and so he fell off the bench while asleep and just kept napping. Or was he sleep walking and just fell over the bench and the sleep knocked him out?

I’m wondering if he’s an acrobat, otherwise, hanging over the bench with his head on the ground like that will surely leave him in pain later. Don’t know how he did it in an open space like that, but he sure took falling asleep literally!!


Talk About Not Knowing Your Limits

This chick drank one too many Budweiser it seems, so that she ended up toppling over headway from the couch.


Loving the fact that her head is stuck in the beer box. It will be a stark reminder of what not to do next time. She could volunteer as a designated driver…Guess everyone will pass on that idea…🤣


When Your Girls Night Out Means Sleeping Outside

So, they were having a good time, but forgot that one person has to stay sober. Now they’re in a rut, ok fine…a hallway with no sense of direction at this point.

Well, they did the next best! Slept right where they were, after all, they’re pretty close to their room, at least, so they think, therefore they should be just fine…right????


Is This An Exorcism? Sure Seems Weird!

So she fell asleep on a set of chairs, looking like a lounge at the airport, but explain to me why she’s strapped down from head to toe?

The only time we see this is for exorcisms, mental facilities, or any situation requiring restraints. Wait I get it, she’s a sleep walker and could end up on the runway…makes sense!


Getting Caught In A Dog Hole!

Ok, we have to admit that she clearly lost her keys, and it was too late to bother anyone so the easiest thing to do was crawl through the pet door.

Guess she used up the last of her energy to come up with that plan because she couldn’t make it inside before falling asleep. She looks too comfy though like she’s done this before. What do you think?


Defying The Laws Of Gravity!

This guy appears to be a construction worker, or maybe he just found the random materials somewhere near a construction site? Maybe he’s just proved to his boss how skilled he is.

No that’s all wrong! He’s waiting for the casino to open, so he’s camping out there until opening hours. I think that’s definitely it!!


When You Fail To Make It To The Bathroom

She was on her way to take or shower, or maybe she was stripping down for bed. Whatever it was, this woman was so tired that she fell asleep with her legs wide open to the world.

Don’t want to imagine her reaction the next day when she woke up and found herself in that very awkward position!


When The Smell Of Your Poop Overpowers You

Even though relieving yourself is one of the healthiest parts of life, it’s still not the most pleasant thing. As a matter of fact, it can drain you sometimes.

That’s the case for this poor toddler who could not take the wait or maybe the smell anymore, so he just got knocked out right there.


When You Get Dumped!

This woman is so sick, that she had to go dump everything off her stomach into the toilet.

I guess she never counted on falling asleep and dumping her entire head into the toilet too. One can only hope that was her own nicely sanitized toilet. Otherwise, that would be so gross!!