Kitten In Shelter Won’t Leave Sister’s Side – Surprises Everyone With Brave Act

By: Tyler Connaghan | Published: Nov 20, 2023

Who doesn’t like a heartwarming story about kittens finding their new home?

One cat lover, Alana Hadley, had a truly spectacular tale to tell about her recent adoption process and how she did all she could to make her newly-adopted friend feel loved at home.

Alana Wanted to Bring a New Family Member Home

Alana Hadley, a resident of Wisconsin, was missing her tabby cat friend after it had passed away and was looking to adopt another kitten as soon as possible. Most animal lovers know how difficult it can be to deal with the passing of a pet, and while Alana knew she could never replace her beloved tabby, she knew the house just felt too empty.


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It was in mid-January when she decided to look for a new cat companion.


She Decided To Make a Trip To Her Local Shelter

Hadley visited Door County Campus, which was her local animal shelter, to see if any cats were up for adoption. While she was ready to adopt a new cat, she also knew how important it was to find the right cat.


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While perusing the many cats at the shelter up for adoption, she stumbled upon two adorable kittens, one of which was a tabby that reminded her of her old friend.

There, She Found Two Stray Kittens

Hadley spoke with the volunteers at the humane society and found out that the two kittens had found their way to the shelter just prior to the end of December.


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The person that found the two stray kittens was not able to care for them and decided to turn them over to the shelter in hopes they would find a better home. Once they received their checkup and were spayed and neutered, these two strays were ready for adoption.

Adopting Them Both Could Certainly Be An Option

Even though Hadley had only expected to adopt a single cat, seeing them curled up with one another made her want to take both of them home.


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After checking with the Wisconsin Humane Society, she found out that Aphrodite, the brown cat, already had a pending adoption, though the tabby she loves was still available.

Aphrodite Was Already Pending Adoption

Because Aphrodite already had a pending adoption application, Hadley was unable to take both cats home.

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Instead, she completed the paperwork to take the tabby kitten, Ares, home to his forever family. Hadley was very excited to introduce Ares to his new home and wanted to do everything she could to make him feel comfortable.


Ares Was Having Difficulty Adjusting

Unfortunately, the first night wasn’t easy. Even though he had food and water, a comfortable bed, and the love of Hadley, he was very restless. Hadley noted his constant meowing and near inability to fall asleep.

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Alana wondered whether Ares was sick or if there was something he was trying to tell her.


Could He Be Stressed?

She knew Ares had recently been through a health checkup and that she was providing him with everything he needed to be comfortable.

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When confronted with new environments, many animals display stress. However, once they realize they are in warm, loving homes, that stress usually goes away. For whatever reason, the same could not be said for Ares.


Maybe He Was Missing His Sister

When Hadley couldn’t come up with another reason for why Ares was behaving this way, she thought that he might be missing his sister, Aphrodite. “Could it be the grief of having been taken away from her?” she thought.

Source: Psychology Today

The two kittens had certainly been through quite a bit together, going through life as Strays before making their way into the shelter. While Ares may have been happy to have a new, loving family, he was also heartbroken without being near his sister, who he had known since birth.


Trying To Comfort Ares Wasn’t Doing the Trick

Noting the fact that Ares was likely struggling with separation anxiety from his sister, Hadley tried everything she could to comfort him. She even gave him stuffed animals that looked similar to Aphrodite. Unfortunately, nothing was working, and it was clear that Ares wanted to be with his sister again.

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Highly decided she needed to call the shelter to figure out what to do. While she was excited to bring Ares into his new family, she knew that his mental health and happiness were priorities.


Hadley Had to Follow Up With the Shelter

Hadley got on the phone with the Wisconsin Human Society the next day, telling them about how he would not stop meowing and that she believed it could be because he was missing his sister.

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She told the shelter that she was concerned about Ares’ well-being and that they were reconsidering his adoption.


Aphrodite’s Pending Adoption Had Fallen Through

The shelter had surprising news for Hadley. Apparently, Aphrodite’s pending adoption had fallen through.

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Hearing that, Hadley made the plan to bring Ares to the shelter to reunite him with his sister, hoping to see if that was the issue.


The Two Siblings Were Reunited

It was clear from the moment Hadley arrived with Ares that he was elated to be with his sister again.

Source: CatHealth

The two siblings would not stop playing with one another. It couldn’t be more obvious that they were best friends, and seeing them so happy with one another warmed Hadley’s heart. Her next thought was whether or not they would be happy if they were both at her home together.


Hadley Adopted Aphrodite

Hadley made the decision to adopt Aphrodite and filled out the paperwork that very day. Even when she saw the two for the first time, she knew they would be happy together.

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She was right, and now, they finally had an opportunity to go home together. Hadley decided to take the two siblings back to her family that day.


Happiness At Last

When Ares and Aphrodite arrived at Hadley’s Wisconsin home, they continued playing with one another as close siblings do. Hadley was excited to see Ares was so happy to have his sister home, especially since he had been dealing with stress before.

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It was then that she knew her home was the right fit for Ares and that missing his sister was the one thing stopping him from being happy.


Aphrodite and Ares Are Enjoying Their New Home

To this day, Ares and Aphrodite are continuing to enjoy their new home. Hadley notes how outgoing both of the kittens are and how loving they have been with her family.

Source: Wisconsin Humane Society/ Facebook

Both kittens spend most of the day cuddling with one another and sleeping, purring like crazy when the family members hold them.


More Than 3.4 Million Cats Are Brought Into Animal Shelters Each Year

More than 3.4 million cats find their way into animal shelters in the United States every year. Unfortunately, because there is such limited space, not every shelter cat gets to find a forever home.

Source: We love cat and kitten

While it can be difficult to deal with the passing of a pet, adopting another is a great way to show your love for animals. Animal lovers like Hadley are making a big difference.


Studies Show Animal Shelter Entry Rates are Declining

Though 3.4 might seem like a huge number, studies show that the number of animals entering shelters in the U.S. is on the decline. Many people are looking to shelters to find their new animal friends rather than breeders.

Source: Pet Knee

According to the ASPCA, about 3.2 million shelter animals go through the adoption process each year.


Many Cat Owners Find Their Feline Friends Through Word of Mouth

If you’re interested in adopting a cat, you may consider asking people in your circle. You never know which of your friends, family members, or coworkers know about a cute tabby that is up for adoption somewhere.

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According to the ASPCA, around 46% of feline owners find their pets through word of mouth. Even if you can’t think of anyone to ask in your immediate circle, consider talking to the Barista at your local coffee shop or posting on social media.


Spending Time With a Pet Before Adoption Is Important

It is also worth noting that 47% of pet owners end up re-homing their pets due to issues. If a newly adopted cat has health problems or is aggressive with family members, most owners will bring it back to the shelter.

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For this reason, it is crucial to spend time with a pet before making the commitment to adopt them. This way, we can reduce re-homing numbers and help animals find their homes faster.


Giving Shelter Cats a Home

The ASPCA estimates that around 27% of cats that go to U.S animal shelters are found as strays. While strays often get a bad reputation, stories like that of Ares and Aphrodite are hopefully enough to change the dialogue.


Giving shelter cats a new home is positive for both them and their owners.