Saturday Night Live Is In Big Trouble

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Oct 13, 2023

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has stood the test of time since its debut on October 11, 1975, airing for almost five decades.

The show has captivated audiences with its unique style. It has also helped launch the careers of many actors, comedians, writers, and musicians. However, the program seems to be facing some difficulties. Let’s see what they are

Viewers Are Indifferent

Since the Writers Guild of America (WGA) announced its strike, a lot of shows have been affected, including SNL. Just before the recent season came to an end, the show was suddenly stopped. Until the WGA calls off its strike, the sketch comedy show will remain off the air.


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However, the strike is not the root cause of the issue—it has more to do with the shrinking audience. A large number of viewers seem to be unaffected by the absence of the NBC program.

Evaluating the Poll Results

Redfield and Wilton Strategies conducted a poll with results indicating 50 percent of viewers do not miss the show’s absence. 1,500 American adults that were polled on July 6 were categorized into different age groups.


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Among the younger age groups, Gen Z is the least excited about the show. 38% of age group A (18 to 24) does not miss the show at all. 22% of age group B (25 to 34) also do not care that the show is not being aired. 33% of age group C (35 to 44) was also indifferent.

Categorized Age Groups

SNL has been airing for a long time, so the older generations will not be so apathetic towards to the show, right? Wrong! Their indifference is way higher than the younger generations.


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In fact, 61% of age group D (45 to 54) couldn’t care less if the show was stopped. In addition, 63 and 74% of age groups E and F (55-64) and(65+), respectively, were not bothered.

Facing Critics and Controversy

Having grown up in the streaming era, Gen Z spends less time watching contemporary linear TV. SNL has faced much criticism over the years, and it still faces critics now.


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Audiences and even former hosts criticize how the show was built. Some viewers don’t like the political jabs, and some felt the jokes were not funny. A former host also made comments on its use of language. Time will tell if SNL will weather the storm.