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Sam Smith Talks About Struggles Of Coming Out As Non-Binary

British singer Sam Smith opened up about the difficulties they encountered after coming clean as a “non-binary.”

In one of their recent interviews, the singer-songwriter shared that they have suffered more than expected after admitting to the public that they identified themselves as “non-binary.”

In the interview with TV host James Corden, they appeared to be prepared to get real with their gender identity.

And the confession seemed to shock most of Sam’s fans all over the world.

Today, Sam Smith has become famous for more than the music that they produce.

The 28-year-old musician became a notable figure in the non-binary movement.

Because of their admission last year, Smith was able to educate the public about addressing different gender norms in society.

But before they became an important personality in the LGBTQIA+ movement, Smith was more identifiable as one of the decade’s most popular pop stars.

The young singer from Cambridgeshire, England made a name after collaborating with Disclosure for their song “Latch” in 2012. It catapulted the singer to fame.

After the collaboration, they landed a record deal and released their single “Lay Me Down” from the debut album “In the Lonely Hour.”

Other hit songs from that album include “Stay With Me,” which won the Record of the Year and Song of the Year from the 2015 Grammy Awards, and “Too Good at Goodbyes,” which was one of the Award Winning Songs in the ASCAP Pop Music Awards.

Aside from their music, the singer has always been vocal about their sexuality…

They admitted that they had written and sang songs that discussed their relationships with men. Some of the themes featured in their debut album were made after being rejected by a heterosexual man.

But their admission to their sexuality was not always a pleasant journey.

Smith poured their heart out when interviewed by British GQ, saying they experienced difficulty not fitting in. It made them feel sad and depressed.

They also recalled several scary and violent experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community after moving to London from their hometown. They confessed that they had to undergo therapy to deal with all the traumatic events that transpired during that time.

Then in 2019, Smith officially admitted that they want to be identified as non-binary.

During all no-holds-barred interview with actress Jameela Jamil, the singer talked about various topics like body image, fame, and self-confidence.

Then they started to admit that they need to deal with conflicting feelings about their gender identity.

Smith openly declared that they had problems with how they look at their body as a young child. Smith admitted that they were chubby and suffered from gynecomastia or the condition of having extra estrogen in their breast. It made them lose confidence, and got bullied a lot when they were growing up.

They also shared that they even asked their mother to write an excuse for their school, so they do not have to attend swimming lessons. The experience tainted him forever.

But now, Smith claimed that they are starting to work on how to appreciate their body. They were even able to post a topless picture on Instagram.

They also admitted to dealing with gender issues, saying that there were times when they were thinking about wanting to have a sex change.

While they have always been honest about their sexuality, they only started discussing their gender identity now.

They said that since they were liberal about their sexuality, they need to reflect on their gender.

Smith went on to explain what genderqueer is, saying that non-binary/genderqueer means that a person does not have a specific gender identity. It means that it is a combination of a different gender.

The singer admitted that they only determined that it is the right description for their gender after reading about it. Since then, they have used the term to describe their gender identity.

They also mentioned that they want to be addressed using gender-neutral pronouns like “they,” “them,” and “their.”

Due to their honesty, their fans showed their approval and support immediately. Some even referred to them as a source of inspiration.

However, the singer also admitted that he had mixed feelings about the public’s reaction. For Smith, the admiration was both incredible and “very hard.”

They also admitted that they were forced to admit their gender identity after a personal message for their family about changing their pronouns leaked in public.

While it was quite a struggle, they said that they felt good in their skin. The freedom afforded them to reflect it into the music that they create.

They also said that they no longer feel afraid to display their feminine side.

The full interview with Sam Smith is available in The Late Late Show with James Corden.


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