RFK Jr.’s Controversial Claims About the Conspiracy Behind JFK’s Assassination – ‘There Were Multiple People Involved’

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Nov 10, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy has recently made some controversial claims about the assassination of his uncle and former president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

According to the presidential candidate, his uncle’s death was not the work of a deranged citizen. Instead, it was carefully planned by an American organization who are supposed to be in charge of keeping the nation safe.

It Runs in the Family

Like his uncle and former President, Robert F. Kennedy is actively involved in politics and wants to better the nation.


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He has followed in the footsteps of his uncle, whom he greatly admires and has referred to throughout his presidential campaign. However, RFK Jr. has also made some controversial claims about his uncle’s death and an organization that could be behind it.

The Death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

When JFK became the 35th president of the United States in 1961, he planned to implement significant changes to the nation. One idea was to back the U.S. dollar against gold to avoid inflation.


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However, he was tragically assassinated just two years later. In the decades that followed, various conspiracy theories surrounding his death have surfaced. One of which seems to have evidence, according to his nephew RFK Jr.

RFK Makes a Shocking Claim

RFK Jr. claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency, more commonly known as the CIA, was behind the death of his uncle.


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While the claims shocked the public, others have long suspected that the secretive agency played a role in the untimely death of the 35th President of the United States.

Millions of Pages of Documents

Robert F. Kennedy recently made an appearance on the show Hannity, where he went into detail about his shocking comments. He even claims there is evidence to support his theory.


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He said, “There are millions of pages of CIA documents, documents of the Cuban Embassy, [in] Mexico City.” RFK went on to say it was challenging to surmise all of the evidence.

A 60-Year Cover-Up

The 2024 presidential candidate continued by claiming that there has been a 60-year cover-up in the murder of his uncle.

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He said, “There are confessions of people who are directly involved in the plot who were involved in the plot, uh, who were peripherals to this plot.”


Who Covered Up the Assassination?

In a particularly bold fashion, RFK Jr. revealed that a former director of the CIA was involved in the cover-up of his uncle’s assassination.

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He believed that Lyndon Johnson, the successor to JFK, was heavily involved in the covering up of the role the CIA played in his uncle’s death.


Is There Any Evidence for His Claims?

The shocking part of his claims is there’s numerous “coincidences” that should be further investigated. These have been pointed out by conspiracy theorists over the years.

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JFK fired Allen Dulles as the head of the CIA. However, after the president was assassinated, Dulles was assigned to the Warren Commission, which was put together by Johnson to investigate the death of JFK.


Why Would the CIA Want JFK Dead?

Speculation surrounding RFK Jr’s claims has spread far and wide on the internet, with many wondering why the CIA would conspire to kill John F. Kennedy.

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However, people online were quick to say it may have something to do with a particular phrase uttered by RFK after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. He said, “I want to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces.”


Dulles Wasn’t Alone

According to RFK Jr., Allen Dulles, the former CIA director, wasn’t alone in covering up the role the agency played in the death of JFK.

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He claims Dulles’ brother, John Foster, the then secretary of state, also played a significant role in hiding the horrendous crime allegedly committed by the CIA.


A Personal Vendetta

When asked why he believes the Dulles brothers were out to conspire against his uncle, RFK Jr. claimed it was a personal vendetta.

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According to the presidential candidate, the Dulles brothers had no problem in hiding the deeds of the CIA because they had both been fired by JFK in the past.


RFK Isn’t Alone in His Beliefs

RFK Jr. claims evidence came out in the ‘70s that suggested multiple people were involved in this uncle’s death.

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He said, “Most of the people in that investigation believe that it was the CIA that was behind it because the evidence was overwhelming to them.”