Incredible Pictures Of Animals With Unusual Markings That Will Leave You In Awe

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Sep 24, 2023

It can be said that Mother Earth is indeed a genius. Aside from all the beautiful scenery surrounding us, she has also bestowed animals with unique markings that can make you go “aww.” 

We’re giving you some examples of these amazing animals with their signature looks.

The Mustached Cat

They say that mustaches are for men. Well, it seems this does not only apply to men; cats can also be on the list! This feline rocked the mustached look that some other grown human men could only wish to have. 


Source: Zura Garibovi/Pinterest

Aside from that, his eyebrows also did not disappoint! With a thick pair of eyebrows and a perfectly shaped mustache, we can only say that if this cat intends to express his wants to his human–he will surely be noticed. 

With Only A Smile, He Can Melt Hearts

This adorable puppy lived on the street until he was placed in a local animal shelter. Born with a signature look of black fur formed into a beaming smile, he captured the hearts of the people in the shelter. Gail/Pinterest



This dreamy boy will have no trouble finding his forever home. We know for a fact that his big doe eyes, outgoing attitude, and lively tail wagging will surely hook the hearts of his future fur parents. 

A Beautiful White Turtle

People might think this turtle turned white because of albinism, but nope. This unique turtle is not an albino; instead, it is leucistic. Although it is a rare phenomenon, it is more common than albinism. 


Source: @jaycee3393/Twitter

Animals with leucism only experience a partial loss in color, which leads to a variety of colors and patterns on the skin, fur, and shell, as shown in this turtle’s breathtaking appearance. Even if the animals with albinism and leucism share the same traits, the latter do not have red eyes. 

Puppy With A Big Heart

Some say that blessed people have big hearts. This can also be applied to this adorable puppy who has a big heart on his fur–quite literally. This cutie pie piqued the interest of the netizens and became an overnight internet sensation as people took notice of his unique coat. 


Source: Facebook

With a heart-tugging sad smile and a signature mark, he is on the road to stardom! We just hope this charming pup will have a family who will take care of him.

Black And White

This adorable puppy has become a star of its own as its fur is coated with a black and white color, making it resemble a tub of a popular ice cream flavor.

Source: Mariah Tafoya/ Pinterest

The cookies and cream-like puppy is a dappled Dachshund–more commonly called a “Dapple Doxie” by a few avid Dachshund lovers. Its unique coat is the result of a dominant gene from either of its parents. His delicious ice-cream-looking coat can indeed brighten up your day!


Dog With Freckles

Freckles may not be the most beautiful to some people, but for a dog to have this kind of feature only makes it more adorable. His sun-kissed fur is most likely caused by being a mix between an Australian cattle dog and a pit bull. 

Source: @LaPiochette/ Twitter

When you pair those beautiful chocolate eyes with his soft-looking furry brown ears–it is impossible to resist the charm of this handsome lad! We bet that he has all the dames fawning over him. 



Have you ever wanted to have a pair of cats but could not due to some circumstances? Well, we’ve got you covered! Facebook


This feline right here can easily pass as a 2-in-1 cat! With a kitten-shaped fur patch on its back, the unusual pattern on this cat’s fur will surely be able to give you the kitty love you need–two times more than usual! Neither of her parents had the same distinct shape on their backs which could only mean that this beautiful cat is truly one of a kind!


Half Colored Peacock

Some animals are better to look at than to intermingle with. Peacocks are a prime example of this. Although they are not the most friendly at times, their magnificent grace and charming appearance make up for it. 

Source: @sharift_roma/ Twitter

Born with leucism, this peacock is even more appealing than the others because of its half-colored body and tail. Back in the day, animals like these were hunted down for their beauty. So it’s a relief that they are now protected and taken care of. 


Penguin With A Heart 

Everyone has come to love penguins, mainly because of a particular children’s movie that saw them dancing and singing on ice. We bet you’ll love them even more when you take a look at this baby emperor penguin! Agam Water Bar/Facebook

Source: Agam Water Bar/ Facebook

Fluffy and adorable are not enough to describe this penguin as it set out to face the world with a heart-shaped feather patch on its chest. Although it is bound to lose it at some point, we still can’t help but gush at its uniqueness. 


Cat With Cat Ears

Some of you might read that twice and think, “What?” and we understand you. Cats may already have cat ears, but this cat, in particular, has “ears” resembling something bought from Etsy. 

Source: Facebook

Her headband-like ebony ears might make others think she’s an avid Ariana Grande fan, a Catwoman aspirant, or even a Batman lover with a little resemblance. Nevertheless, this lady cat will surely make her owners feel that every day is a day for a costume party. 


Cat Joins Movember

Movember is an annual event that involves men growing their mustaches during the month of November to raise health awareness. It seems that this fur baby has also decided to join the movement! With a perfectly formed mustache, he is showing his full commitment to the event. Samodiva/Pinterest


Although we are not sure if this handsome lad is raising awareness for men’s health issues or male cat’s health issues, men and cats alike appreciated his wholesome participation in the yearly event. 


Two Is Better Than One

They say that you can’t have the best of both worlds. But that is proven false by this beautiful budgerigar bird! Unlike any other species of bird in its family–or even across the globe–this bird came to life as a chimera. 

Source: Lucia Ostrowska/ Pinterest

Animals who are chimeras are born by fusing two fertilized eggs, becoming a single entity. As a result, chimeras have two sets of everything in a single body. This one here has two reproductive parts, two blood types, and two sets of DNA.


Inherited From Mama

Even though exhaustion is evident in this new fur mommy’s face, it is undeniable that she is also happy at her accomplishment of successfully giving birth to eight healthy and adorable puppies! 

Source: Marilyn LePore/ Pinterest

The litter of puppies is in for a world of fame and tons of cuddles as they have just inherited mama’s trademark heart-shaped fur! Hopefully, these distinct quirks will continue for generations to come and will never cease to bring excitement and amazement to people’s eyes. 


Paws On His Nose

Puppies always come as a blessing and as small, adorable bundles of joy. However, they bring even more happiness when they come with unique and distinct features of their own–such as this little one. 

Source: Kya Bear/ Pinterest

There might have been an internal quarrel inside mommy’s womb with one of its many siblings, or it might have been the work of a dog deity, blessing the little one’s life ahead. But one thing is for sure–this puppy’s nose is one of a kind!


Adorable Chimera Dachshund

Chimeras will never cease to bring amazement to us. Maybe it’s because of how they are born from two fertilized eggs, or it might be purely because of how beautiful they are. This super rare Dachshund is a chimera. 

Source: Bonnie Cook/ Pinterest

As evident on her multicolored coat, she is a mix between a regularly patterned dachshund and a dapple. Although she may look timid, don’t let her fool you! Once given the opportunity, she becomes a little bulldozer with unmatched energy!


Always Puzzled, Sam The Cat

From eyeing the Christmas decorations to the curtains in the house–cats are always bewildered by the things around them. This special cat is called Sam. He was born in 2012 and has since risen to stardom because of his one-of-a-kind pair of eyebrows, which always make him look puzzled. 

Source: @maewdershop/ Facebook

He is a social media sensation who has garnered over 232,000 followers on his own Instagram account. He also has his own Facebook page called SamHasEyeBrows, with an increasing number of followers, almost reaching half a million. 


Dog With A Heart-Shaped Nose

It seems that we just can’t get enough of hearts! This little one over here has a heart on his nose. There is no doubt that he can certainly smell his way to some lovely treats. 

Source: Marilyn LePore/ Pinterest

Although even without this quirk, he would still be able to tug at the heartstrings of those who see him up close. Playing at the dog park will always be blissful for this little one, with unlimited belly scratches and a few tasty treats. 


Lucky Number Seven

Seven has always been a lucky number for most people. And some important days fall on days with seven. It is no wonder this cow with the number seven on her face might be the luckiest one out of the bunch. 

Source: Owen Suckling/ Twitter

This beauty was called “Lucky” the instant she was born due to her facial marking. With wobbly legs, Lucky the Cow stood upright after her mom cleaned her up. We hope that Lucky will continue to bring luck to those around her. 


Rare Pink Dolphin

A pink dolphin was spotted along the coast of Hong Kong. This rare species of dolphin is called an Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin or a Chinese White Dolphin. Their color does not come from pigment but from a unique circumstance in their overdeveloped blood vessels leading to thermoregulation.

Source: DANIEL SORABJI/AFP via Getty Images

Their kind has become so scarce that scientists are making every effort to preserve their race, even going to the lengths of saving a sample of their DNA. It is a privilege to see a member of this glorious species. 


Piggy With A Heart

This cute little piglet is not going into the frying pan anytime soon because he was born with a special mark. With the universal symbol of love on his coat, he is sure to bring happiness wherever he goes. Furlong31/Imgur

Source: 3TcPcnX/ Imgur

Instead of the usual fattening for the market, this little porcine is being cuddled with lots of love and snuggled while being fed at home. Even after gaining a few pounds, he continues to wear his heart with pride!


Monkey On Kitty’s Back

Some might say that it’s a shadow, a painted silhouette, or even a splattered paint, but it’s none of that! This cat has a perfectly formed monkey on its fur! Even though her monkey companion has been with her since birth, it seems that this majestic cat had no idea at all.Karen Jarrell/Pinterest


Even her fur parents did not notice the shadow creature on their cat’s back until she was fully grown. The unlikely twins definitely bring amusement and smiles to their parent’s faces.


The Green Cat

A lot of people have heard about the Green Lantern but have you ever come across the Green Cat? Well, you’re in for a surprise! Some have black, orange, or white and a few tabby cats, but Bulgaria has an emerald cat instead! Inhabitat/Pinterest


The residents of a coastal town in this country had their eyes widened a few millimeters when they saw an emerald cat wandering freely on their streets. The cat was first spotted in December 2014, and she became an immediate internet sensation with her vibrant and unique color. 


Cat That Looks Like Hitler

After this cat’s photo made its rounds on the internet, netizens went crazy. With fur that looks like a mustache and hair like that of Hitler, he immediately became a hit star! His fur parents named the rising star “Kitler” due to his appearance. 

Source: hypersite/ Reddit

Even though he looks like the man in our numerous history books, his family reassures us that the cat is too lazy to take over the world. Kitler is already satisfied with just dominating his home. 


Dog With Heart Eyes

Emojis are the way people have been expressing their feelings on social media lately. Whenever we feel sad, happy, or excited, there’s an emoji available! This puppy is like an emoji of his own! With a pair of heart eyes, Charlie became the “goodest” boy of them all.

Source: Michellegirl900/ Reddit

This handsome Dalmatian lad has gained over a thousand followers on Instagram; they are still steadily increasing! We can’t help but just adore the heart eyes that Charlie was gifted!


Pup in Socks

This cute pup is neither cold nor did he step on black ink spillage; believe it or not, he is born with these black socks on!  Once his photo was posted on Imgur, people began commenting on his fluffy appearance, saying that he looked like a fox. 

Source: preppypuppy/ Imgur

We, too, would assume that he is one from far away! But to our amazement, he is a lovable Shiba Inu who loves to laze around at home and ask for cuddles. 


Dog With Vitiligo 

Beauty comes in all forms, and in this case–color. Even with a skin condition called vitiligo that causes patches of skin to lose color, this dog took it to his advantage. With patches of white and brown on his fur, he is bound to turn heads wherever he goes. 

Source: pdmcmahon/ Reddit

Although quite uncommon, vitiligo does not cause any pain. Some discoloration processes may give a little color to the skin, but there is actually no cure. This condition only gives uniqueness to those who have it.


It’s A Pink Grasshopper

Yes, you read that right! This grasshopper is entirely pink! Some might think that it’s covered in paint, or it may be just a toy, but nope. This katydid, normally green, has a condition called erythrism, which is typically a result of a genetic mutation leading to an overproduction of red and pink pigments. 

Source: DrByg/ Reddit

Scientists believe that this change helps them blend in with red leaves. Aside from that, this pink color discourages predators from eating them. 


A Tanned Zebra

This unusually colored zebra is called Zoe. Some people would call her condition albinism, although some researchers would beg to differ. Most agreed that her condition is a case of hypopigmentation, which is an extreme reduction in melanin.

Source: Reddit

Zoe lived peacefully until her last days in a private sanctuary in Kona, Hawaii. The cause of her passing was unrelated to her skin condition. But before that, she was able to give birth to a son named Oreo.


Puppy With Eyeshadow

It is undeniable that huskies are one of the most majestic dog breeds out there. With their pure white, black, or brown fur, there is not a single doubt that they will most likely own the spotlight upon their arrival. Tumblr/@staciamoon

Source: Alamy

This one here is an uncommon husky with spots. Most likely due to his mixed descent, it appears as though this puppy has applied some fabulous eyeliner on his eyes. His electric blue eyes further intensify the beauty of this canine, making him look on point!


A Herd Of White Deers

If a single white deer is an already uncommon animal to spot, what would that make of a whole herd of white deer? It is surely a surprising sight to behold! 

Source: @i_love_nature/ Twitter

They do not have albinism; instead, they have a condition called leucism, which is a partial loss of pigmentation in an animal. They have no problem with their sight, unlike those with albinism. Hunters must have turned pale with amazement at the sight of these celestial creatures in the woods. 


This Frog Is Ready For A Party

If there are animals ever needed for a party, this frog is the perfect companion! With neon violet combined with black, this little one is bound to light up a party. Its genus is Atelopus which is native to South America’s Suriname, and it wasn’t discovered until 2007! 

Source: Stephen A. Kauble/ Pinterest

Although it is not of the same species as the famous dart frogs, it could still be poisonous. Even with their late discovery, this colorful frog is already threatened to decline in number because of illegal gold mining. 


Got Milk?

With a large question mark on his face, this cow always seems to be asking for more milk from mommy. “Got any milk?” It would ask with a perpetually confused face.

Source: emoposer/ Reddit

There is no genetic mutation that could explain the appearance of a punctuation mark on this baby cow’s face, but it’s just that our minds register the symbol as one. Nonetheless, it’s still an interesting sight to behold. After all, how often do you see a cow with a questioning look–literally?


The Golden Macaw

Macaws are amazing creatures that are delightfully fun to behold. With a splash of vibrant colors ranging from red, green, blue, and yellow–these parrots are a sight to see. However, it is certainly uncommon to see a completely yellow macaw such as this one. 

Source: GeneReddit123/ Reddit

This bird has a condition called xanthochromism, which leads to the creation of unusually high yellow and red pigmentation. This golden one and others with this condition have their own label assigned by researchers: Lutinos.  


A Labrador Chimera

Labradors are known for their kind and gentle demeanor with a variety of colors ranging from brown to yellow to black. 

Source: Noerdy/ Reddit

This good boy is neither of those. Instead, he has a half-black and half-yellow color due to how he was conceived. As a chimera, he was born from two different fertilized eggs. If you’re having a hard time choosing what color labrador you want as a pet, then you may consider owning a chimera instead. 


Breathtaking Silver Snake

Silver snake jewelry is a common trend for men and women alike, but have you ever seen an actual silver snake? Do they actually exist? The answer is yes; they do exist! This rare species of snake was discovered on Conception Island in the Bahamas in 2016, earning them the name of Conception Island boas.

Source: @vcasual/ Tumblr

Their natural predators are feral cats, who are also residents of the island. Currently, researchers are giving all their efforts to preserve the life of these beautiful silver snakes.


Owl With Melanism

There have been many animals in this thread with unique cases of leucism which caused them to have white patches on their bodies, but have you ever wondered what an animal would look like if it had the opposite of leucism? This barn owl over here exactly has that condition which is called melanism. 

Source: MaiaNyx/ Reddit

This is the production of uncommon dark-colored pigment. If you wouldn’t compare this owl to its friend, his color might seem normal. This is the same condition that turns some jaguars black. 


Spotted Zebras

Another example of an animal with a special touch of melanism in our thread is this zebra. Instead of the usual black stripes that zebras are known for, those with pseudo-melanism have dark-colored patches on their fur, appearing as huge spots instead of stripes. 

Source: Pinterest

Although it may appear peculiar to us, this condition helps them blend in with their surroundings to avoid the eyes of predators. Melanism is not always talked about, but it is also not that uncommon in the wild. 


This Cheetah Has Freckles

Cheetahs are known as the world’s fastest animals. Aside from that, they are also famous for their signature polka-dotted coat. However, this big cat does not sport the usually patterned coat. 

Source: MrBonlessPizza24/ Reddit

Instead, this Cheetah from Kenya, which Guy Combes photographed in 2012, had freckles all over. Researchers concluded that a recessive gene might have caused it, thus the lack of spots. It would have been difficult to identify this cat as a cheetah if we did not know beforehand. 


The Pink Leopard

Big cats come in all forms, sizes, and in this case–colors. A lot of unusually colored cats were spotted in 2012, including this “strawberry leopard,” which was featured on National Geographic. 

Source: @wildlifecollective/ Tumblr

Researchers believe this is another case of erythrism, which is a congenital condition of abnormal reddish pigmentation in an animal’s fur, usually common to raccoons and coyotes. Remember that no matter how adorable and fluffy this big cat looks, one should not forget that they are trained hunters of the wild. 


Dragon The Fawn

This fawn pictured is called Dragon. He was abandoned by his mother at birth after she saw his coat. Why would she do that? Dragon has a condition called piebaldism which is caused by a gene mutation making some patches of the skin lack pigment. 

Source: @alexandrayyow/ Tumblr

This means that this young fawn would be like a walking red light for predators in the wild, which is a big no to mother deer. To our relief, Dragon was adopted by kind humans and is living his life to the fullest at Kent County Farm.