Photos That Prove There Really Are Only Two Types of People

By: Riley Brown | Published: Jan 19, 2023

Do you ever feel like the world can be divided in two? According to internet culture, it’s absolutely true! From crazy cat people to dog lovers, morning people to night owls, it’s safe to say that we all fall into one of two categories. 

Let these amazing photos be your visual guide to the two sides of the human story. Which one are you?

We all know the way it works… you're either a dog dude  or a cat kid!

It’s a tale as old as time… cats versus dogs! Some swear by their canines and others are devout felines. This cute couple perfectly encapsulates the age old debate between pet preferences. From the smile on his face, it seems that this guy’s team is all about dogs! 


Source: Mstrblueskys/Reddit

His companion? Well, she may be less enthused; but there’s no mistaking her love for cats. Who will win in this great divide? Only one thing is certain – both of these pet parents have been blessed with unconditional love from their furry friends!


Back-to-School Blues: The Struggle Between Excitement and Dread!

It’s that time of the year again – back to school season! It’s an exciting but daunting prospect for many children, including this brother-sister duo. While the little girl is clearly elated to show off her new backpack, her brother in the background looks like he could use a bit of a pep talk. 


Source: XMudxCrabx /Reddit

But despite his apprehension, one thing is certain – both siblings have a whole year of learning ahead! Now it’s time to buckle down, embrace the nerves, and take on all that this school year has in store whether you’re a willing participant or not.

It’s a simple scenario – one sister is determined to get fit and the other, not so much. From the joyous expression on her face, it looks like this woman is just taking a leisurely stroll down the street. But her poor sibling? 


Source: Tina_R_Belcher /Reddit

She looks like she’s been dragged kicking and screaming into an intense half-marathon! Who will make it to the finish line first? It’s hard to say – but no matter who wins, we can all appreciate just how far these two sisters have come together in pursuit of their health goals even if the aspirations of one far surpasses that of the other!

Just Call Her the Ultimate Party Girl!

The girl on the left is certainly turning heads. She’s gone all out with her Roald Dahl-inspired cosplay – dressing up as everyone’s favorite gum-chewing Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sadly she doesn’t seem to be getting much love from her trio of elegant friends on the right.


Source: Theunsilentmajority /Reddit

However our Violet Beauregarde lookalike appears to be having a blast! Just look at that radiant smile!With her daring outfit and happy face, this brave soul truly deserves the title of “Ultimate Party Girl”. She might be standing out in a crowd and nobody can call her an oompa loompa!

Welcome to the Battle of the Welcome Mats!

Two houses…one with a friendly ‘Welcome’ mat. It’s warm and inviting, beckoning you inside for a cup of coffee or some happy conversation. The other side couldn’t be more different. The welcome mat reads ‘Go Away!’ – as if daring anyone to step onto its owner’s porch. 

Source: Chalter /Imgur

But don’t worry, it won’t cause any lasting damage; just serve as a warning sign that this isn’t a place for uninvited guests. It Seems these neighbors have nothing in common, but one thing is clear – their choice in mats says it all! With two distinct choices, what are you waiting for? Choose wisely!


Two Different Styles, One Common Ground: The Kitchen at Parties! 

From an overly dressed,fun-loving fashionista freshman to that ultra casual gym-ready senior, this photo captures two different life stages yet in it lies a common saying, “You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties.” And what moments could await inside that beloved room? 

Source: U/CandyIllustrious7020 /Reddit

From fun conversations and snacks too good to pass up, it’s no surprise why some of our best memories are made when we come together in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a place to laugh or take another serving of something delicious – the kitchen is always willing to provide both and more!


Get Ready for a Frightful Fall: A Time to Show Off Your Scary Side! 

As the days begin to shorten and the nights draw in, the season of leaf-peeping, scarves, and pumpkin spice is upon us. Seasons are changing slowly but surely. Fall is an enjoyable time for some – allowing them to ease into the dark winter months.

Source: Caitlin Covington/Instagram | Good Luck/Twitter

For others a chance to unleash their inner horror movie fan with terrifying costumes to send chills down neighbors spines! Rather than seeing winter for its coziness, they’re into terror. With so much fun going on before winter arrives, let’s make sure we don’t run out of energy come Halloween night.


Boys vs. Girls – Who Wins the Photoshoot? 

It’s often said that men and women are from different planets – and nothing drives this home more than a comparison between camera phone snaps! It seems like girlfriends will make sure to capture every moment in the most Instagrammable way, while boyfriends prefer to use it as an opportunity for pranking. 

Source: S-poon/Reddit

With a camera in hand, these battles can become heated as each partner strives to come out on top as the ultimate winner! Whether you’re looking for a funny sidesplitting story or just some good-natured ribbing between friends, one thing is certain – everyone loves a great camera phone snap showdown!


Museum of Illusions: From Classy to Mischievous in a Single Snap! 

No matter the occasion or setting, there are always some people who just can’t contain their sense of fun and adventure. This photo is the perfect example – one half showing a woman striking a posh, classy pose whilst exploring the wonders of New York’s Museum of Illusions.

Source: Hello_Generic/Reddit

However, the other half features her mischievous boyfriend…pretending his face is firmly planted into the floor! It goes to show that no matter what you do or where you go, your true personality still shines through. So why not stay true to yourself, have some fun and explore all that life has to offer?


A Tale of Two Valentine's: Date Night or Netflix and Chill? 

It’s a scene that speaks volumes; two well experienced shoppers standing side-by-side at the supermarket checkout. On one side, we have cupcakes and flowers in a heart-shaped basket – all set for an evening of romance with the love of their life. 

Source: Bolenox via Imgur

On the other side, whiskey and chicken, with not even a single card in sight – this person is ready to chill out solo. Most of us can relate to both experiences! Whether it’s dining with bae whilst swooning by candlelight, or snuggling up on the sofa for some Netflix and chill, no one does Valentine’s Day quite like us!


What's It Take To Wake Up In The Morning? 

Are you a morning person who rises and shines the moment their alarm clock goes off, ready to make the most of your day? Or do you need a little more help getting out of bed in the mornings? Two distinct types of risers.

Source: Lotua77/Reddit

It’s hard to deny that 12 minutes is about how long it takes for most of us! This screenshot perfectly encapsulates what it’s like for some people trying to escape from their dreams. Even so, once we eventually manage to break free from our sleep-induced trance we can enjoy what each new day has in store!


The Creative Clash: Proof Positive! It's a battle of the minds, and this side-by-side photo proves it!

On one side, we have a meticulous programmer, with his workspace as neat as his data.There’s no room for color and clutter here!On the other lies an artist whose workspace is filled to the brim with exciting superhero memorabilia. Who will win in this creative clash? 

Source: CapnTrip/Reddit

The programmer sits in front of his computer, focused on writing code and debugging algorithms; while the artist dabbles in paints and markers, adding color to their walls and creating something new. While these two lifestyles may appear incongruous with one another, both are valued for their unique contributions to our everyday lives.


What Happens When You Take a Shortcut at the Renaissance Fair?

Amidst the attending fairgoers in their exquisite renaissance-style costumes, there was one man who stood out from the others. With a sad and forlorn air, it seemed that he had put together a hodgepodge ensemble of clothing with no regard to authenticity or style. 

Source: McdonaldsHasWifi/Reddit

While everyone else sparkled and shone, this outcast was the only one adorned with a cheap dragon inflatable accessory. Notice how the man on his left cast him a disapproving glance.This poor fellow’s shoddy attire didn’t stop him from having fun though – after all, what matters is how much joy you can find in any experience!


Make Your Apple Pie Perfection: Beat the Whipped Cream Craze!

It’s time to enjoy a slice of America’s classic dessert, and there’s no better way than with an apple pie. But how much cream is too much? Some people go overboard, piling layer upon layer of whipped cream until their slices look like something from a cartoon. 

Source: Evart83/Reddit

Don’t fall into that trap! We have some tips for perfecting your pies so you can savor the flavor.Start by cutting down on the amount of cream per serving—just enough to complement the buttery crust and sweet filling.So when it comes to pies are you a cream junkie or a fruit fan?


The Passenger on the Right Has a Plan - The One on the Left, Prays! 

It’s true: during an emergency situation aboard a plane, two passengers will take very different approaches. The passenger seated on the right is likely to be prepared; armed with knowledge of flight safety instructions and knowing exactly where oxygen masks and life jackets can be found in an instant.

Source: DoggyDeVito/Reddit

Meanwhile, their seatmate is more inclined towards taking a leap of faith as they close their eyes and pray for the best. Of course, both strategies might not guarantee a successful outcome when faced with an urgent situation in mid-air – but wouldn’t you rather have that extra edge coming from the right?


Breaking the Rules - The Unconventional Prom Look

It’s prom night, and the most important part of any teenager’s life. But for some, this special evening doesn’t mean getting dressed up in a dashing tuxedo or glamorous ball gown for a ride in a stretch limousine. For them, prom night includes their favorite Muppet pajamas and ice-cold soda! 

Source: Elle Mills/Twitter

Breaking the rules of tradition can be so much fun – and sure to turn heads on your way down the red carpet. So forget what everyone else is doing and celebrate the way you want to. After all, it takes all types and ways to commemorate this big night!


Sibling Surprise: Sun-Loving Twins with Tangibly Different Tans! 

These two seem like strangers at first glance, but look closer and you’ll see they’re twins! While one sibling basks in the sun, their other half prefers to stay indoors. Who knew that two seemingly polar opposites could be related? To the untrained eye, it’s almost unfathomable.

Source: Anthonyjanthonysmith/Reddit

But a deeper inspection reveals that these fraternal siblings share more than just a similar face – they also have peculiarly disparate tans. No matter where you stand on this topic, it’s certainly an unusual sight! It appears that even when genetics are involved, each individual ultimately chooses their own path.


Embracing the Tacky In The Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about embracing the fun, silly, and sometimes even slightly tacky. This girl in this picture is living it up, donning a festive and goofy jumper while decorating her Christmas tree with glee. On the other hand, the Scrooge-like man on the sofa looks less than thrilled. 

Source: StiffPiglet/Reddit

He may not realize it yet, but there’s nothing quite like adding a bit of cheesy cheer to truly get in the spirit! Put on a wig and sing some carols! Wrap yourself in tinsel and show off your moves! Let’s make this holiday season one for celebration — tacky style!


You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing

A Tale of Fries and Condiments It’s an age-old debate: how much condiment is too much? In this case, that answer couldn’t be more clear. While the diner at the top opted for a slightly more sophisticated side splodge, the diner at the bottom seems to have added enough sauce to make their fries look like a bloodbath.

Source: Doowstados/Reddit

But when it comes to mayonnaise, barbecue sauce or even classic tomato ketchup – sometimes you just can’t resist adding extra. After all, nothing quite enhances a plate of fries like your favorite condiment, the question is how much is too much?


From Zebras and Koala Bears to Noah's Ark

Let’s visit this incredible art class. When it comes to creating stunning pieces of art, these budding creators truly come into their own! On one day in particular, the students created two unique and extraordinary works of art. The first depicted a beautiful array of zebras, koalas and rhinoceroses that was good enough to grace the walls of any gallery. 

Source: TheUSpopulation/Reddit

But then they moved on to something completely different – an intricately detailed recreation of Noah’s Ark that could easily be hung up on the fridge! Imagine being able to bring two such incredible drawings together under one roof – talk about artistic ingenuity!


Thoughtful Touches Make All the Difference 

From the little touches that make life easier to the well-crafted amenities, hotel rooms are carefully designed with their guests in mind. Take, for example, the toilet roll placement – it’s an often overlooked detail but a much appreciated one. 

Source: Devify/Reddit

On one side of the room, it’s nestled near the wall so you can easily tear off sections. On the other side, it’s closer to your seat if that’s how you prefer your loo experience! This thoughtfulness and consideration is what makes staying in a nice hotel so soothing and worry-free – here someone else has taken care of all of those small details for you!


The Mowing Showdown: Who Will Win? 

It’s the clash of the century – someone who loves mowing their lawn versus someone who doesn’t. On one side, we have a homeowner content to let their grass grow wilder than an untamed meadow. On the other, we have a neighbor whose passion for mowing knows no bounds! 

Source: AuroraHiora/Reddit

Every blade of grass must be cut with precision and care! Who will win this epic battle? Mowing your lawn can be a real chore, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. With careful planning and strategic execution, you can make light work of your weekly routine while keeping your outdoor space looking spic-and-span.


Packing for the Perfect Vacation: A Balanced Approach 

Going on vacation is an exciting event, but when it comes to packing, things can get overwhelming fast. If you’re like some of us, you’ll be tempted to take every item in your bathroom just to make sure you have all of your necessities. 

Source: Regan9109/Reddit

Others however, make a list of must-have items that will help keep them comfortable during time away. Once that’s done, they cherry-pick all those extra little items that will help turn an okay trip into an amazing one. Finally, consider where and how long the journey is – after all surely there’s no point in over packing!


A Night of Whacky Fun: Costume Party Tips for the Ultimate Adventure!

Are you looking to make an unforgettable entrance at a costume party? From abstract body paint to wild and colorful clothing, no idea is too outrageous! Just look at the Smurf girl on the left. She really went all out with her costume! 

Source: ThisTimeLastYear/Imgur

Whether you want to go for something more subtle or stand out in a crowd, there are plenty of options that will keep your friends talking about your outfit long after the night has come to an end. Get creative, unleash your inner designer and have fun with it! Who knows – maybe that costume will become a hit this coming Halloween season!


Neat Freaks & Slobs Unite!

Welcome to the wonderful world of co-working spaces! Here you’ll have the chance to meet a variety of folks and find out who’s a neat freak and who’s more of a slob. You’ll no doubt spot the individual with their perfect desk set up that could get Marie Kondo’s stamp.

Source: gamerpage/Instagram

But then there’s that other person who looks like they live in complete disarray. Without being rude,they’d probably be quite happy in a pigsty! No matter your preference, both types are welcomed here – neat freaks & slobs alike! So why not come along and explore all these unique personalities together?


Prepping for the Unexpected - Two Supermarket Shoppers' Contrasting Priorities!

Emergencies can take us all by surprise. But when preparing for the unexpected, two supermarket shoppers prove that one size does not fit all. The man at checkout is making sure he and his family have ample amounts of toilet paper and bottled water – enough to last them months (possibly even years!)

Source: Savage-dragon/Reddit

Meanwhile, the person behind him has a different kind of priority – stocking up on beer! While their goals differ greatly, they both have one thing in common – they’re prepping for whatever life throws their way. So at the end of the day, everyone has different needs when it comes to emergency preparedness.


Cactus Care: The Prickly Difference Between Success and Failure!

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift but don’t want to get something that’s too complicated? Look no further than a cactus! These resilient plants are easy to keep alive, but it takes some skill and knowledge to make sure they thrive. 

Source: Lightsaber_or_bust/Reddit

Just take a look at these two cacti in the picture – they were given dissimilar amounts of light and water, so one looks much healthier than the other. With proper care, the sick cactus will soon be thriving but really it depends on how green the owner’s green fingers really are!


Uncovering the Great Debate - The Art of Eating Ice Cream 

Do you savor each spoonful or do you dive right in? It’s an age-old debate when it comes to digging into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. While some may take their time, savoring every bite with rapt attention,others will barrel through without any sort of finesse. 

Source: Laura Morris Lavoie/Instagram

For those who enjoy the slow and steady approach, allowing each flavor its own chance to shine, discuss among yourselves why this method is your preferred choice. Those who favor diving in at full speed would likely cite efficiency as one of the main benefits – what’s more satisfying than quickly reaching down for that final scoop?


A Lego Lover's Guide to Quick and Easy Assembly! 

Maybe you are a neat builder meticulously arranging all the colorful pieces, or perhaps you prefer to tip it all onto the table and dive in. Whichever way you choose to tackle your next build, we have got some tips for making it an enjoyable experience. Some people take time setting up pieces, but others build differently!

Source: BLS/Instagram

No matter the project, the creative builder will ensure that their structure meets all the styles in the book.The messy builder may have a harder time getting the job done, but there is no way of knowing if their enjoyment reaches greater heights in the end!


The Joys of Christmas - Captured in a Moment!

The festive season was stunningly captured in this heartwarming image. A man, presumably the father, stands beaming with joy alongside a young daughter who appears to be looking around in wonder. The festive spirit is clearly upon them.

Source: Nickforest /Reddit

While another youngster dons a red coat, they don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as it looks like they’d rather be anywhere else than here!Maybe the young boy had greater expectations than the others in the photograph! Still, this picture encapsulates the joy and magic of Christmas time spent with family, making it ultimately memorable and timeless.


Ignoring the Weather in the Name of Fashion 

No matter what’s happening outside, some fashionistas just won’t be swayed! Despite the freezing temperatures, this person has chosen to forgo their socks – because style is king! For them, what’s in trend will always take precedence over practicality. And we can’t help but admire their dedication to fashion. 

Source: Gležnji Gleženjčki/Instagram

The more thoughtful amongst us however tend to value health over external appeal.Call it uncool,or perhaps just plain freezing, you can be sure that many others would prefer to be warm and healthy than looking like they are above the merely mortal! Whatever your choice,wear it with pride!


Fun With Mommy and Fear with Daddy! 

It’s a fun time when you hold on tight to mommy but it can be quite terrifying when you’re on your own with daddy! This picture perfectly sums up the stark contrast between moms and dads at parenting. The youngster looks absolutely elated while gripping their mother’s hand, ready for adventure down the slide. 

Source: LittleMilton /Reddit

Yet, take away that comforting grip of a caring mother and fear takes over as dad encourages them to brave the big wide world. It certainly shows that being a fearless parent is not such an easy thing but it sure makes for an adorable sight!


Chocolatey Goodness: How to Have Fun With Hershey's Kisses Foil! 

It’s a conundrum that faces many of us – what do we do with the foil wrappers after we peel back the chocolatey goodness of our favorite Hershey’s Kisses? Do you take the tedious route and individually roll each wrapper into its own little ball? 

Source: BreakingDaniel via Reddit

Maybe you get creative and build an amazing silver sphere of delight?Different people have different approaches, so why not try something new and make it fun! Create your own masterpiece out of those tiny pieces of joy, or challenge someone else to see who can come up with the most creative design.


Opposites Attract–But Not Necessarily at the Airport! 

Travel is stressful, especially when packing. One traveler may take pride in their suitcase contents and show it off to onlookers, while their companion likely hopes for no one to spot what’s inside theirs. As this photo proves, opposites really do attract- just not when it comes to airport bag checks! 

Source: Madeline/Twitter

The image captures two suitcases side by side, with one packed perfectly and encased in streamlined packaging while the other seems like it’s being held together with faith,a wing and a prayer. While one looks ‘premium’ the other is definitely ‘thrifty’. The holidaymakers responsible for each have very different approaches.


The Psychology Behind Chocolate Ice Cream Eating 

Are you a fast and furious eater or a savourer of sweet treats? It seems that how you eat your chocolate ice cream can reveal your personality! Take the two individuals in our picture – while one is delicately licking away at the creamy dessert, the other is attacking it like an all-you-can-eat buffet! 

Source: Newemb/Reddit

So what does their eating style show? Well, we’d suggest that those who patiently savor their choc ice possess an element of care and gentleness – whereas those who dive straight in may appear more impulsive. If you think about it, there’s almost a certain psychology behind every bite!


The Butterfly Effect in Action 

The lady in the foreground is beaming with joy, her dress shimmering with delicate butterflies around her frame. But the woman in the background appears less than impressed! Could this be a case of the butterfly effect at work? Who would have guessed that such tiny creatures could cause so much chaos and confusion! 

Source: Bardwheat/Imgur

It looks like bravery or cowardice must prevail when it comes to dealing with these beauties. No matter how you feel about them, one thing is for sure – never underestimate the power of these fragile little flutterers and the impact they have on the weaker species…humanity!


Break the Bickering with this Brilliant Toothpaste Trick! 

Are you ready to end the toothpaste wars? It’s time to stop all that fighting over who squeezes what. Start using your toothpaste tube like a pro. The easiest way to maximize usage is by starting from the bottom! Not only will it save money, but it will also save you time and energy – no more squabbling required. 

Source: LabElder/Imgur

Now, imagine being able to enjoy peace and harmony in your home just by doing one simple thing…it’s totally possible when you get squeezing today! There are different levels of annoyance as you squeeze-but let’s try our best not to reach those extremes at all.


Sisterly Bond Despite Different Personalities?

The two sisters in this picture could not be more different – and it’s evident right away in their home decor choices. The garden at the top right is filled with a vibrant rainbow of colors and dreamy, magical elements – likely dreamed up by one very imaginative sister.

Source: Alexandria Bishop/Twitter

Meanwhile, the house on the bottom right looks like it has seen better days, and there’s nothing remotely as glitzy or glamourous to be found here. We really do hope that no matter what differences exist between siblings, there is always an unbreakable bond of love and loyalty that will always be strong.


Dancing the Night Away - Life of a Party Animal

For some party animals, it isn’t complete until they find themselves passed out on the bathroom floor. And in this scenario, we see the tell-tale signs: the sprawling legs in the cubicle at the back clearly belonged to a person who had flung caution to the wind.

Source: Melitini/Reddit

But not everyone needs to reach such an intensity; as evidenced by our friend snapping a selfie with much less disarray in front of a mirror – contentedly sipping away at her trusty glass of water. No matter where you find yourself on your night out, just remember that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself responsibly!


Common Courtesy at the Supermarket – The Difference Between Right and Wrong 

You go to do your weekly shop, and you’ve loaded up the trolley with your essentials. Once done, many of us may be tempted to leave the cart abandoned in the car park; after all, there are people employed for this purpose! 

Source: Twilightcampfighter1/Reddit

But it’s true courtesy – as well as being a solid citizen – to grab our trolleys and return them back to their rightful place. Let’s take a look at two customers: one on the left who followed through on that common courtesy while another shopper on the right appeared just a little too lazy just moments away from completing their task.