Photos That Prove That There’s Truly Such Thing As Perfection

By: Calla Conway | Published: Sep 20, 2022

As a people, we enjoy when things look nice. Our food, our clothes, our hair, our cars–you name it. We have the sense of sight for a reason and that is to enjoy the things that are nice to look (okay and to get around and stuff too).

To honor this burning desire, we went ahead and found some images that bring some delight and order into this crazy and chaotic world. Delight in the perfection!

Every Rose Has Its Thorn And…

Just like every rose has its thorn, every watermelon has a bunch of seeds that you have to spit out.


Such is NOT the case with these glorious watermelons. Smooth, pink, and completely delectable looking. Yum!


It's a Bird And a Plane

What kind of magnificent timing had to occur for this photographer to capture both a beautiful wide-spanned bird flying in tandem with a jetting airplane?!


The composition of this photo, the colors, the centering , the alignment, it’s all *chef’s kiss* as the youths are saying.

When the Tic is Perfectly Tacked

This box of Tic-Tacs somehow managed perfectly lined on top of each other in 5 rows of orange perfection.


Did the person who bought this organize them? Or was this bought in a perfectly lined procession?! So many questions.

A Masterpiece

This ball of clips is quite literally a work of art and is so satisfying to look at! I wish I could hold it. Does anyone remember the rubber band balls that were popular in the nineties? This is definitely giving rubber band ball vibes.


This was created by someone with pure talent and maybe some time to kill. I wonder how big they are able to get it?

Rainbow Lights Galore

Sometimes the light shines perfectly in your favor, a rainbow appears within the clouds, and everything aligns perfectly.


Sometimes you order some clear drinks in a nightclub and the lights hit it spot on and your drinks look rainbow. Either way, it’s a win.


The Most Romantic Handwriting

How satisfying is it to see perfectly romantic handwriting! It looks almost as if it is a font that someone printed off of their computer, but it is not!

Source: Pintrest

This person most definitely takes their time as they write. No one with lack of patience could likely pull that off. Well done!


Shimmery and Glimmery

This gorgeous tree was decked out from head to toe (trunk to top?) in 40,000 LED lights. The tall tree completely illuminates the house below.

Some handy person was very talented in getting the lights to the tippy top, wrapped around, and plugged in. What’s an energy crisis?



At some point, if you have a car long enough, you will hit the 1,2,3,4,5,6. However most of us would not notice!

This person noticed it just in time before they went the extra mile and snapped a satisfying shot that puts the organizer’s mind in me at ease.


Pancake Stacks

Have you ever seen such a glorious sight? Delicious pancakes covered in sweet delicious syrup in a small to large sequence. Glorious!

Not to mention the pancakes are perfectly fluffy and ready to eat. It almost looks like a pancake birthday cake.


Someone Who Works Here Likes Organization

Someone who works at this grocery store is both organized and a bit artistic if I do say so myself. The color coordination is marvelous!


I would be quite happy to pick myself out some carrots, broccoli and the like! Color coordination is always in, even in food.


Lookin’ Sharp, Pencil

Whoever sharpened this pencil did so with the intensity of a professional sculptor and the outcome was sublime! Those carvings look good enough to eat. Like little sweet crackers for your coffee.


But alas, dear reader–DO NOT eat pencil shavings. Look, but don’t eat, no matter how satisfying it may look. I think you know that.


Natural Geometry

If you’ve ever looked at the natural geometry within the world–heck the universe! It is quite satisfying. There is a natural order.

Perhaps that is why we love articles such as these. They delight our love of natural order and perfection.


The Circle Myth

It has been said by many men that making a perfect circle is impossible without the help of a tool. That means no free-hand drawing is able to produce the perfect round shape we know and love.

Does this photo defy every law of art and shapes we have ever been taught? Maybe. What adds to the allure is that it was clearly done on accident by a teacher who was grading a student’s paper.


Yin and Yang

There is nothing more satisfying than making a delicious meal for yourself, and all the better if you have someone else to savor the flavor with.

A huge part of food is the way it appears when it is served to you, and dang this food is serving! Order up.