People Start Religious Singalong on Plane, Sparking Debate

By: Lydia Iseh | Published: Aug 24, 2023

Originally posted on Instagram by pastor Jack Jensz Jr, the now-viral video on X shows a group of passengers in the aisles singing a Christian song along with an acoustic guitar has sparked an incredible debate. 

One side of the debate believes that worshiping Jesus loudly on a plane is completely acceptable, while the other side sees this as a complete breach of personal space and respect. 

Support for “Worshiping Jesus 30,000 Feet In the Air”

Although it may be surprising to some, there have been thousands of comments on the X video in support of the singalong. 


Source: @davenewworld_2/X

One comment stated, “Are we becoming so intolerant that we can’t just ignore something that we dislike? They aren’t hurting anything.” And another stated, “Its so funny how people are so angry about people being happy and singing lol.”

Why Many People Feel the Act Was Inappropriate

While Christianity is certainly one of the most prominent religions on Earth, there are still plenty of people who don’t follow the teachings of Jesus. And these people don’t enjoy it when Christianity is thrown in their faces. 


Source: @davenewworld_2/X

Many X users have responded to the video with comments such as, “Why is this allowed?” and “But isn’t their rules of conduct on a plane? Can people be standing in the aisles?”

Is it Really About Religion?

It seems that the debate is mostly based on whether others should or shouldn’t be able to practice their religion in public. But some are pointing out that it’s not really about the fact that it’s a Christian song.


Source: @davenewworld_2/X

It’s more about the fact that a group of people has completely taken over the small space inside the aircraft and caused others discomfort. 

Public Spaces: Where Do We Draw the Line?

It’s really a question of where we draw the line as to how we treat public spaces like airplanes.

TSA is now extremely strict as to what you can even bring on a plane to ensure safety.


Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Airlines have outlawed smoking, becoming intoxicated, and even eating peanuts in order to ensure all passengers feel safe and comfortable on their journey, so shouldn’t all invasive musical instruments and singalongs be prohibited too?