People Online Share Juicy Secrets They Haven’t Told Their Parents

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 08, 2023

Family ties are one of the closest bonds between individuals. Parents are expected to know what goes on in the lives of their children, but in some cases, they remain in the dark.

In an interesting and rare occurrence, some people took to social media to share some secrets they hid from their parents. Here’s our list of the most shocking.

Checking Into Rehab

Many times, it’s common to hide things from our loved ones because we do not want to upset them or have them worry about our wellbeing. This is especially so when there are children involved.


Source: Avon Cosmetics/Twitter

One user took to social media to share how she checked into rehab to get sober but told her husband she was going to learn a course that would span 31 days. They had no idea where she had been until her return.


Sleeping With My Girlfriend’s Mom

There are certain confessions that should be between you and your priest or taken to the grave, and this is definitely one of them. One internet user confessed to sleeping with his girlfriend’s mom on a drunken night.


Source: CarolineLabouchere/Instagram

According to him, he hung out with his girlfriend’s mom, getting drunk and eventually intimate. This happened when he was 17, while his girlfriend was away at a camp. We can only wonder if this secret ever came to into her awareness.

Oblivious of My Career Choice

Some parents can be very imposing on the career path of their children, something that can take a toll on the child. Kids may respond by resenting their parents or rebelling.


Source: Giphy/Pinterest

One user took to social media to share that her parents wanted her to have a career in holistic naturopathic medicine due to their distrust of modern medicine. However, she decided on a career in dental surgery without informing her parents, for fear that they would not approve and cease to pay her college fees. Some secrets are risky business!

Unbeknownst to Them, They Have a Grandchild

People have many ways to cope with life issues, and some may do so by pushing away their families. This user shared that her parents do not know they have a grandchild.


Source: Sarah/Instagram

Some people we can never understand, nor should we judge their decisions. We can only hope they fix their issues at some point, and everyone is left happy.

Having Daddy Issues

A different user shared how resentful he was of his dad. At the age of eight, his parents got divorced. Before the separation, his dad shared with him and his brother that he was homosexual.

Source: Reddit

This kind of truth bomb can be detrimental to a child who may not understand the sensitivity of the issue. The boy kept the secret from his mother, but felt she may have already been aware of her ex-husband’s sexual orientation.


Keeping College Life Separate From Family Life

Once a child gets into college, there are certain things they hide from their parents. This may be owing to the fact that some of them feel like they are adults and need privacy and the freedom to handle their business.

Source: Pinterest

One user shared that her parents had no idea she was suspended from college for one semester due to her grades. We doubt any parent would be pleased with such information, and are hoping this stays a secret!


A Risky Dating Game

At a certain age and level in life, parents want their children to settle down with a family and start their own life. This hope may often come across as pressure to some kids.

Source: Lenin/Pinterest

One user shared that he pays escorts to pose as his girlfriend so that his parents would stop setting him up on dates with daughters of their friends. As hilarious as this is, we wish this user a happy ending to his story.


Why I Had No Friends

Kids are very affected by what goes on in the home, especially in situation of financial constraints. Many parents sometimes do not understand the effect of financial issues on their kids.

Source: Tumblr

According to this user, his mom had no idea why he made no friends in school. Apparently, he wanted to avoid putting financial pressure on his family—some kids take on a lot of mental stress at a tender age.


Hard Choices, Easy Life

Often, people have it hard living the life they have chosen. Some receive the comfort and assurance of their loved ones to live their truth and find happiness, but this is not usually the case for many.

Source: Ayo Ogunseinde/Unsplash

One user shared how he found it difficult to come out to his family as transgender. It was so challenging because his grandfather was a pastor with a large congregation. He has no plans of coming out anytime soon, but hopefully he finds courage on his path.


Suffering From Mental Health Issues

In the world we live in today, mental health is quite important. Though many people can relate, people still find it difficult to express how they feel when they have mental health issues.

Source: Pinterest

One user shared how she had mental problems but tried to fix it herself. This must be a difficult experience for anyone to deal with alone. Hopefully, she got the help she needed.


The Master Heist

Children can be quite devious, doing things that we do not expect them to even think of. One user shared how he stole two packs of Pokémon cards when he went shopping with his mother at Walmart.

Source: Salesandmarketing/Twitter

He was nine years old at the time. Amusingly, he had planned the heist a week ahead of time, a rather interesting feat for a child. We would like to believe his thirst for theft stopped there.


I Did Not Choose This Life

Many individuals in the LGBTQ+ community have had it hard due to many factors. One Internet user shared an experience that changed her mindset. She was brought up in a conservative Christian community and was taught to love sinners but hate the sin.

Source: Daily Mail/Pinterest

She had a colleague who recounted to her the hell she went through for being gay, enabling the poster to change her perspective of the LGBTQ+ community—she began to see how being different from others was truly not a choice for them.


Getting Arrested With Dad

Kids get into all sorts of trouble during their younger years, but getting into trouble with your dad using comes with less punishment.

Source: Aces/Pinterest

One user shared how his mom had no idea he had been arrested twice, one of the times with his dad. Most would agree this should stay a secret from mom until he’s grown.


A Mischievious Sister

Kids are known to be a mischievious bunch, but it’s tough to stay mad at them for doing silly things. They often have wild imaginations, but very rarely follow through on their ideas.

Source: Pinterest

A user shared on social media how she taped an episode of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing over her sister’s graduation video. Not exactly nice, but children do not have the best sense of judgement. At least she still felt bad about it even after 18 years.


I Know My Mom Cheated On My Dad

It can be stressful knowing your mom is cheating on your dad—staying in anguish, unable to say anything. A user shared how she caught her mom cheating on her dad and how distressing it was for her.

Source: Fat camera/iStock by Getty Images

According to the user, her mother has no idea she is aware of her infidelity. This is one of those secrets many take to their grave.


The "Better Than Nothing Spouse

A user recently shared how he came to a realization that he is a “better than nothing” spouse, an insight that must hurt terribly. He shared that he and his wife had been together for 17 years and gone through some rough patches.

Source: Mom Junction/Pinterest

In trying to resolve their problems, his wife suddenly hit him with divorce papers. We wish him the very best—this predicament cannot be easy to overcome.


I Lied To My Parents

Children are completely dependent on their parents and at their mercy in decision making. This sometimes causes kids to lie in order to avoid getting in trouble.

Source: Reddit

A user shared that he had once lied to his parent when his laptop got broken. He told them he did not know why his laptop wasn’t working, but in truth he spilled some drinks on it. Talk about risky business!


My Ex-Friend Was Really My Ex-Girlfriend

Kids are quite good at hiding information from their parents, and this is one such case. A user shared via social media that the friend her parents thought was just a friend was actually her girlfriend.

Source: Pinterest

Although they are no longer together, her parents are still unaware of her sexual orientation, and she probably prefers it that way.


Partying After Dark

Sneaking out after dark to go partying is one thing many teenagers are guilty of. A user shared she would often sneak out after dark to go partying after her parents had gone to bed for the day.

Source: Jay Noel/Pinterest

She would sneak out through the bathroom window and wander for the night. Well, she is not alone—many of us are guilty of similar crimes. Luckily, she never got caught!


Happy At Last

When it comes to choosing life partners, no one can ever be 100% sure—people sometimes change, for better or for worse. This makes settling down a decision that should be thought about long and hard before jumping in.

Source: Tiffany/Pinterest

One user shared that her first marriage was far from a fairytale and caused her a lot of distress. She eventually left and remarried someone she referred to as, “the man of her dreams.” Her advice to us is “Don’t Settle.”


I Don’t Like My Kids Much

Taking care of kids is a 24-hour full time job, and parents generally feel the need to always act okay in front of their kids for their mental wellbeing. This can become very taxing in situations where the parents may feel really down.

Source: In Honor Of Design/Pinterest

This user shared that she sometimes feels resentful of her role as a parent, especially when sad and overwhelmed and has to act happy in front of them.


The Newest Addition

Telling parents about the possibility of them having grandchildren is often an amazing experience for everyone. A user shared that she is pregnant, but had not given the news to her parents.

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However, she plans to tell them soon because she knows how disappointed they’d be if she were to keep this massive secret. It must be exciting to have people who cannot wait to get a new addition to the family.


Up in Arms Over Weightlifting Choice

When it comes to doing things that make you happy, some parents do not approve. This user shared how her mom disapproved of her passion.

Source: Sharenator/Pinterest

According to her, she had a passion for working out, especially lifting weights, but her mother disapproved, saying that lifting weights was unfit for girls. In order to keep her mother happy, she stopped lifting weights for a while, but could not stay away from something she loved.


No Family Relationship Wanted

It may seem odd to some people, but there are many people who do not want relationships with their parents. This is mostly due to the impact their parents had on them while growing up.

Source: Imgur

A user posted he wanted no communication with his parents, and if not for his wife’s relationship with his mother, there would not be any form of communication between him and his parents.


The Invasive Mother

Parents can be rather intrusive in their child’s life, something that often gives kids anxiety. A user shared that the reason her dental health got so bad was because of the anxiety she felt around her mother.


According to her, she grinds her teeth a lot when she gets anxious. She further added that she kept the medications related to her illness a secret to avoid giving explanations—some parents unknowingly are the source of their children’s pain.


Mom’s Rent Is Due

A user shared that he paid his mom’s rent for 7 years from the money from her paycheck she wired to him monthly.

Source: Philip/ KnowYourMeme

He would receive the funds from his mother’s account and send it through a different one. This should not even be considered dishonest in any way. Rather, it’s quite wholesome.


Fear Of Being A Bad Parent

Another user shared the difficulty she faced as a parent. She is a single mom of three who sometimes feels the pressure of constantly having to be on top of everything concerning her kids.

Source: Inspired by this/ Pinterest

Many moms do not get the support they need in taking care of their kids, and this lack of assistance can be overwhelming for them.


No Family Relationship Wanted Pt. II

One other user also shared that he wants no relationship with his family, and has no intention of taking care of them in old age.

Source: Reddit

From the way he wrote about his parents, it is safe to assume there had been irreparable damage done to him. It may sound harsh, but evidently it is not strange to see children want no part of the family they grew up a part of.


Choosing Me Over the Fam

There are some situations where you have to choose you over family, especially if it affects your mental health. Children growing up in a home where they are neglected but still dependent on their parents often feel resentful and cannot wait to leave and be independent.

Source: Picsart

The user shared her intentions to move far away from her family for the sake of her mental wellbeing.


Something To Never Tell Mom

There are decisions we make that we never want our parents to know, mostly because we dread their reaction and would not want to be judged by the people we love. This user shared that she once had an abortion but never told her parents, especially her mother. She only shared the information with her sister and boyfriend.

Source: BTS/YouTube

She is still bent on keeping the news from her mother. She probably had a strained relationship, so we  should not judge her decision.