Pentagon UFO Chief to Step Down This Month

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

UFO enthusiasts across America are shocked to hear that Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick is stepping down as the head of the Pentagon’s office, which investigates unidentified flying objects.

It comes amidst a whistleblower claim that the U.S. government is hiding evidence of aliens.

It’s Time to Step Down

Since its founding over a year ago, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has served as the head of the United States UFO group, All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick is the sole witness before the subcommittee hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on April 19, 2023, to testify about UAPs

Source: Defense.Gov/Wikipedia

In a recent interview, Dr. Kirkpatrick said he has now decided to retire after achieving what he wanted. Previously, Kirkpatrick has postponed his own retirement to sit as the head of AARO.


All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office

AARO, centered at the U.S. Pentagon, has gained a fair amount of public and political interest over its first 18 months

The Pentagon is seen from a flight taking off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

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However, its credibility as an organization was challenged last summer after former US intelligence officer David Charles Grusch claimed the government is hiding evidence of partially intact alien crafts. Yet, AARO seemed unaware of this information.

People Harmed in a Cover Up

According to David Grusch, who spoke on record during a congressional hearing into UFOs, he claimed government officials played a role in covering up evidence.

Man stands underneath a giant UFO that descends to the earth from the sky above

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Grusch continued by claiming that people had unfortunately been harmed or injured during the initial cover-up.

Dr. Kirkpatrick Tried to Contact Grusch

Dr. Kirkpatrick later claimed that AARO had tried to contact Grusch on various occasions, yet the whistle-blower refused to meet with the head of the group.

David Grusch pictured at a congressional hearing where he claims the U.S. government covered up evidence of aliens

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However, Dr. Kirkpatrick was videoed in an off-camera meeting where he was heard saying that some of Grusch’s claims could be true.

There’s a Lot to Review

When speaking during a press conference about the claims, Dr. Kirkpatrick said, “A lot of it is still under review, and we’re putting all that together into our historical report.”

An unidentified flying craft descends into the forest in the midst of the night

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“We are investigating each and every one of [Grusch’s claims]. We’re cross-referencing those. There are some bits of information that are turning out to be things and events that really happened,” he said.


Final Task before Retirement

AARO Head, Dr Kirkpatrick, has been asked to produce a report on Grusch’s claims before retiring next month.

Artist illustration of how an alien invasion at the Pentagon would look

Source: @Blackvaultcom/Twitter

AARO’s current deputy, Tim Phillips, will take over the reins until a permanent replacement is found.


Gave up Retirement for AARO

Just as Dr. Kirkpatrick had decided to retire nearly two years ago, he was offered the head role at AARO.

Artist illustration of what an alien encounter would look like

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Since then, AARO has launched a website that shares declassified information on UFOs. U.S. troops and government employees can all upload to the site and report on their own what they saw.


Alien Probes on Earth

Dr. Kirkpatrick also co-authored a paper with Harvard alien enthusiasts, Professor Avi Loeb.

Dr. Avi Loeb of Harvard University pictured at the center of a spaniel dedicated to Space Exploration

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The paper was later leaked online, where the pair claim that UFOs studied by AARO could be alien probes sent to Earth by a mothership positioned in the cosmos.


No Regrets from Dr. Kirkpatrick

According to the head of AARO, he didn’t give his permission for the paper to be published.

Man sits down to make notes about an academic paper he plans to write in the future

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However, when speaking in an interview, Dr. Kirkpatrick claimed he didn’t regret his involvement in writing the paper.


We Need to Find Proof

In a separate interview, Dr. Kirkpatrick said, “The best thing that could come out of this job is to prove that there are aliens.”

Artists draws a UFO, which is seen hovering over the desert

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He continued, “If we don’t prove it’s aliens, then what we’re finding is evidence of other people doing stuff in our backyard,” he said. “And that’s not good.”


The Changing of the Guard Won’t Do Anything

Popular X, formerly Twitter, account @blackvaultcom claims that changing the head of AARO won’t do anything in the long term.

Popular X account @blackvaultcom gives a speech to a large crowd

Source: @blackvaultcom/Twitter

“Do people really think replacing Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick as head of AARO is somehow going to affect the level of transparency on the UAP topic? The changing of the guard at AARO won’t do anything. The real secrecy stems from elsewhere. AARO just toes the line,” he wrote.