Oddly Terrifying Photos That Have No Business Being This Creepy

By: Calla Conway | Last updated: May 11, 2022

In life, we try to avoid things the best we can that are at risk of making us feel fear…mostly. In other cases we run towards it just to get our jollies off, such as a scary movie, an oversized rollercoaster, or a spooky night of Halloween. And sometimes, things are scary without even trying.

We have composed a list of seemingly normal and everyday things that are oddly terrifying, just for being themselves. Prepare to be unnerved.

An MRI Of a Baby

Imagine being an excited and expectant mother or father, innocently on your way to the doctor’s office. You’re wondering what your sweet bundle of joy will look like, hopefully you? You arrive at the doctor’s, still excited and joyous.


And what do you see? You see THAT, your precious bundle looking like Mars Attack, just waiting to join the world–or maybe conquer it.


Birds Running

It makes sense that birds look straight up wild when running, they weren’t exactly built for it, were they? There is an evil and ominous vibe to their look on the ground, too.


Reddit u/_Empy

These birds easily made the list of oddly terrifying. Imagine being a small rodent and seeing these things coming at you!

Birds In The Sky of Greece

If you’re a fan of Alfred Hitchcock this image may disturb you, or excite you we don’t judge. Seeing these birds overhead would give any sane person a fright for a couple reasons. The first being, well there are a ton of birds flying overhead.


We don’t want their droppings and it is truly an excessive amount of noise. But also it begs the question, why are they all riled up? Is there a hurricane on the way? Either way, take cover!

Cabbage Heads

While cabbages on their own are not particularly scary, cabbage heads in the ground is a completely different story. They look like alien eggs sitting patiently to hatch on an alien farming plant!


If you did an MRI of these cabbage heads and it looked like the baby at the start of our list you would surprise exactly no one.

Camera Installed In Furniture

To be fair, this is completely and outright disturbing and creepy. The only thing that is “oddly” terrifying about it is how odd someone has to be to think this is even in the realms of the worlds of okay.

Props to the person who was able to spot that and uncover the seedy and creepy camera planted where they were staying. Here’s to hoping this is not a common practice. 


Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider

If you are ever walking around and think that you have luckily stumbled upon an ancient coin that you can sell and make millions of dollars on, think again. It is actually a cork-lid trapdoor spider and it does not want to play.


These little creeps mean no harm, they don’t mean to look odd and terrifying. But alas, they do, and so they made the list. 


Family Photo

This one is not only completely hysterical but is the definition of this entire list. It is oddly terrifying when it has no right to be! No one wants to look at their expensive family portrait and be downright disturbed. 

Apparently the photographer did not have any semblance of photography or editing, but somehow were still able to complete a masterpiece.


Hermit Crab’s Creepy Home

For the Toy Story fans out there, this one is for you. This monstrous contraption was thrown together by an incredibly innovative hermit crab in need of a home. If only it were so easy to find a home in this market? Please.

A sadder way to look at this is that the hermit crab has literally had to make trash into a home, but we digress. This photo makes us want to throw the whole computer out. 


A Mosquito Crossing Over the Lens

What an ill-timed (or perfectly timed?) moment for a mosquito to cross over the lens of a camera. The thought of a giant mosquito is enough to get anyone’s skin crawling. What is this, Australia?

The ominous lurk of the insect over the moody town sets it up perfectly as a spook fest, and most definitely oddly terrifying.


Dried Up Stingray

Well this is a big bundle of no thank you. Stingrays alive, fresh, and wiggling are already wildcards in terms of how odd and how terrifying that they are. This is another level.

These photos are something out of a horror show and that is putting it kindly. If you were to walk into a market and see this would your reaction be to go the other way? Ours would.


Driftwood Art In The Forest

While we all love art, it would admittedly be disorienting to see these large and looming statues standing eerily in the forest.

Created by Japanese artist Nagato Iwasaki, they are made completely out of driftwood and look directly out of Middle Earth.


Gloves In The Washer

Like hands reaching out from the depths of the earth…except they are only gloves in the wash. Nonetheless, they are oddly terrifying.

We have to wonder if the person who took the picture positioned them this way for the sake of the photo or if they were taken by surprised and creeped out as well.


Potatoes Left In The Net For Three Months

This looks directly out of a science fiction movie where something is breaking out of the lab. Which superhero do you think would be the one defending the existence of mankind?

Either way, it looks like the potato is trying to find a way out of its current locale, and it looks like it will be successful.