Octomom And Her 14 Children: Checking In On How They Are Doing Today

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Dec 11, 2022

Nadya gave birth to eight children at once 13 years ago, earning her the title of “Octomom.” Nadya’s children were  known as the first surviving octuplets in the world.

Before she became the world famous Octomom, Nadya already was taking care of six children. She had already dealt with six IFV prenancies, which, in reality, meant that Nadya was the proud mom of 14 children. What are the Octomom and her kids now? Let’s find out.

Who Is Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman?

Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman was given the nickname “Octomom” by the media. However, all she wanted was to be a mother and have her own children.


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Nadya had no initial plans to birth 14 kids or be a single parent raising them by herself. However, an unexpected twist of fate forced her to go with a change of plans.


She Wanted To Get Married And Have A Big Family

Natalie Denise Suleman (also known as Nadya Suleman) got wed in 1996 to Marcos Gutierrez. And, a year later, Nadya started IFV (in vitro fertilization) in order for her and Gutierrez to start their journey into parenthood early on.


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Sadly, an ectopic pregnancy led to the loss of Nadya’s first child, which definitely added to the fact that she wanted to have a big family. Well, her wish came true!

Complications In Her Marriage To Gutierrez

Disagreements and issues were rampant from early on in their marriage.  In 2000, they separated from each other, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the divorce wrapped up.


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It was only after the challenges in their marriage started, that the IFV treatment was proving to work. Raising the 14 children alone, plus the octuplets, was a job that Nadya did all on her own.

Was The IVF Treatment Successful?

Overall, the IVF treatment was indeed a success, even though the process of becoming a family spanned four years. They had their first son in 2001. But, the issues in their marriage wouldn’t stop, and then five more children arrived in the next seven years.


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In February of 2009, Suleman shared with MSNBC that she suffered during her childhood since she was an only child. Children needed siblings, Suleman believed, which is why she was so thrilled to keep adding to her family. She would have four sons and two daughters (that were two twins out of the six).

The Last Pregnancy For Nadya

Suleman learned of her final pregnancy right as her marriage to Gutierrez was at its conclusion. Much to her surprise, this pregnancy would be the source of chaos and media drama.

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It was in 2009 that Suleman discovered something life-changing. She had six embryos left over from her prior IVF treatments, and made the ultimate decision to have them transferred to her uterus all at the same time.


The Experts Suggested What Suleman Should Do Next

Nadya was only 33 and experts gave her some advice. She was only suggested to transfer two to three embyros, but Nadya felt hesitant doing that. She didn’t want to destroy the frozen embryos.

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To this day, Nadya has stood by the decision that she made. Even though her doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava, didn’t agree with her choice, Nadya believed that transferring all of the six embryos was the right thing.


Dr. Kamrava Gets In Some Hot Water

Dr. Michael Kamrava got himself into a sticky situation and was heavily questioned. How did Suleman get pregnant with eight children when there were only six embroys transferred?

Source: Orange County Register

At first, Nadya received some overwhelming and confusing news by doctors that at least seven babies were visibile in the prenatal tests. Ultimately, Nadya decided to soldier on with the pregnancy and the result was gained her the cult status of “Octomom.”


Revoking His Medical License

In 2011, the California Medical Board investigated the circumstances around Nadya’s pregnancy. They discovered that her doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava, ultimately implanted twelve different embryos instead of the suggested three and Nadya’s requested six!

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The board immediately revoked Kamrava’s medical license due to his dangerous actions. He can no longer practice medicine.


The Complicated Birth

It is considered a medical miracle that all eight children survived after delivery by C-section. With a pregnancy of multiple births, the survival rate of both the mother and children decreases exponentially. It truly is a risky procedure.

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The octuplets were delivered early at just 31 weeks of gestation instead of 40. The birth itself required 46 medical personnel to pull off! The whole team practiced the procedure for weeks before the actual time came. Yet, the octuplets and their six older siblings were all able to thrive.


Nadya's 14 Miracles

The entire brood reached their teen years and beyond. Here is a breakdown of all of Octomom’s 14 children from oldest to youngest, as of 2022: Elijah “Eli” (20), Amerah (19), Joshua (18), Aidan (16), Calyssa (14), Caleb (14), and the octuplets…

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Noah (13), Maliyah (13), Isaiah (13), Nariyah (13), Jonah (13), Makai (13), Josiah (13), and Jeremiah (13).  Let’s take a look at how they’re all doing today!


Teenage Milestone

In 2022, the octuplets hit a major milestone on January 26th as they all officially became teenagers! When it comes to pregnancies with multiple births, there are often complications with the children along the way. Octomom’s kids became the longest surviving octuplets after surpassing infancy. To see that they’re now 13 years old and all doing well, is a major accomplishment.

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All the octuplets (Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah, and Makai) attend the same school. Some take after their oldest sister, Amerah, who remained busy with after-school activities when in high school, such as cheerleading.


The Oldest, Eli

Nadya is very active on social media outlets like Instagram to showcase her children and what everyone is up to. Especially when it comes to posting about the octuplets. Her oldest child, Eli is often absent from a lot of these posts.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

It turns out her son isn’t always comfortable being in the spotlight as he values his privacy. However, he did let his mother post this sweet holiday picture of him and the second oldest, Amerah.


High School Graduations

Camera shy Eli (20) and his outgoing sister Amerah (19) recently graduated high school. Amerah decided to move on to a university with the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor. She also enjoys the sport of surfing.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

As for some of her younger siblings, Joshua (18) attends high school with the fraternal twins Calyssa and Caleb (14). The octuplets are still in middle school.


Aidan Received An Autism Diagnosis

One of her sons, Aidan (16), received a diagnosis of severe autism. As his body approaches his 17th birthday, his mind never developed beyond that of a one-year-old.

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Suleman must change his diapers, feed him, and even cross the street with him. Aidan attends a special education school developed just for kids like himself.


Nadya Teaches Her Kids About Aidan's Autism

Aidan’s 13 siblings attend other schools, but Nadya makes sure to educate all her children about Aidan’s autism, and they often attend walks to address it.

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None of the kids experienced physical handicaps and Suleman frequently posts photos on her Instagram of family activities, such as playing soccer at the park and competing in a 5K together.


Taken To Music

Many of Octomom’s children have expressed their love for music in various extra curricular activities. One of the octuplets, Nariyah sings and writes her own songs.

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Makai also loves singing, as do his siblings Nariyah, Maliyah, Josiah, Jonah, and Jeremiah. These six teens of the eight 13-year-olds all perform in the same school choir together.


Noah Plays Violin

While Noah might not be singing with his siblings in choir, he too also has musical talents. Noah enjoys playing violin in his school’s orchestra.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

This photo was taken at his beginner’s strings performance. Proud mama Nadya just had to snap a picture and celebrate her son’s musical accomplishments!


New Cooks in The House

Nariyah and Noah both developed an interest in cooking. They took over their mom’s job as the household chef, preparing dinners for the entire family.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

This picture is of Nariyah and Noah serving Christmas dinner, consisting of mac and cheese, mixed vegetables, mash potatoes, vegan croissant balls, and vegan pies.


Off To The Races

Athlete Isaiah enjoys running track. So do Noah, Josiah, and Maliyah, seen here participating in a 5K race.

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While all eight of the octuplets appear to enjoy staying active, Isaiah is the one who really excels in running. In this image, he is the one all the way on the left, and he often wins for his age group in 5K races.


Brotherly Bond

With having 14 children around, it’s almost impossible for sibling cliches not to form. That is the case with Makai and Aidan. They are super close as brothers and so cute together.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

Nadya often mentions in her posts that she loves how caring and playful the two are with each other. She says, “Everywhere Aidan goes Makai follows.” Here we see the two brothers seemingly inseparable at Christmas time then on the playground.


Weekly Discussions

As a family, all 14 kids and Nadya carve out time each week to be together. For example, the family attends church together regularly.

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Their outings also include a night each week that their mom devotes to a topic discussion. Topics range from mental health during the pandemic to displaying kindness towards others.


Embracing A Vegan Lifestyle

Nadya and her children live a relatively healthy lifestyle by embracing a vegan diet. As shown earlier, some of her kids love to cook and they’ve learned a variety of vegan recipes.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

In this image above, Jonah holds a green chard after a grocery haul while Calyssa and her sisters Nariyah and Maliyah surprise their mom with homemade vegan fruit pancakes on her birthday.


A Cat Named Penelope

On top of 14 different children, the Suleman family also cares for a cat named Penelope. Nadya will often post cute pictures of her kids with Penelope whom she describes as “her morbidly obese cat.”

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

In a later post, she also joked how the poor cat’s weight loss program didn’t seem to be working. In the photo above, Maliyah, one of the octuplets, is seen on the left holding her large pet at Christmas time. On the right we have Makai dressed in pajamas while posing with Penelope.


Hanging With Her Daughters

Of the octuplets, only two of them are girls. Here we see Nadya sharing some memories on Instagram during a summer pool party. Nariyah and Maliyah have always been close as siblings.

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Seeing a close-up selfie of these three girls together, the resemblance becomes quite clear. It’s the fun and simple family get-togethers like these that truly become the best memories.


Mama Nadya Finds Her Way Through Life's Challenges

Nadya came a long way since her final pregnancy. When she gave birth to the octuplets she was a newly single parent on disability after a serious back injury at work.

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Living with her mother for the first few years of the octuplets’ lives, she returned to school to finish her college education. She has since earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology and wants to further earn a Master’s. She didn’t immediately begin a traditional career though.


The Work Injury

Prior to having any kids, Nadya worked at the Metropolitan State Hospital as a psychiatric technician. She enjoyed her job and taking care of her patients at the facility, but one day an incident occurred that would change her life.

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On September 18, 1999, twenty of her patients began a riot at the psychiatric facility. Nadya was in the middle of it, trying to stop the fight when one of her patients threw a wooden desk at her and critically injured Nadya’s back. She ended up receiving around $170,000 in worker’s comp and disability payments.


Financial Struggles

Prior to officially filing for bankruptcy, Nadya was already struggling financially. Before the birth of the octuplets, she was an unemployed, single mother on disability relying on food stamps to feed her six children.

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Now add eight more children to the mix and of course things are going to get complicated. Nadya thus saved up on rent by living with her mother; however when the octuplets were born in 2009, that house was in the process of a foreclosure.


Filing For Bankruptcy

In 2012, Octomom officially filed for bankruptcy. She told the court she was up to one million dollars in debt. At the time, Suleman was behind on her rent and owed over $30,000 in rent payments.

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After filing for bankruptcy, Nadya decided she needed to do what she could to help provide for her children. This included getting some added media attention.


Just Trying To Get By

She worked for a few years as a stripper, then made an X-rated tape, desperate for a way to earn enough money to support her large brood alone.

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After posing and dabbling in both music and reality TV, the US government prosecuted her in 2014 for failing to report $30,000 of income while also receiving income assistance during that time.


Welfare Fraud

Not reporting her income properly while receiving welfare constitutes as welfare fraud. Despite the charge being considered a felony, Nadya was not taken into custody, but instead had to appear in court.

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Nadya paid more than $26,000 to the state of California and was put on probation for her actions. The prosecution worked as a wake-up call for the young mom. She then went back to school for her Master’s degree in counseling.


Turning To Reality TV

Shortly after the birth of her octuplets, the mother signed a contract with the TV production company, Eyeworks, for a reality TV documentary show. Each of her 14 children were given $250 per day to appear in the show.


However, there are many critics of the fact that Nadya and her children are profiting over their situation. Many go as far to believe that Nadya’s strange pregnancy wasn’t an accident at all, but rather a media stunt for attention and profit.


Child Protective Services Investigates

With the high media attention surrounding Nadya and her 14 children, many began to wonder if the mother could truly handle caring for all her children as a single, unemployed parent.

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This led to Child Protective Services being called in to investigate the situation. They inspected Nadya’s home and interviewed all her children to determine whether or not they were being neglected. In the end, they found nothing concerning.


Unwanted Media Attention

It’s no surprise that Nadya Suleman’s unique life attracts the attention of the media and strangers who all have an opinion about her lifestyle. When news first broke of Nadya’s octuplet pregnancy, she immediately became coined as “Octomom.”

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Nadya truly dislikes this nickname as she feels like she’s often viewed as this media character rather than a real person with feelings and a personal life. She felt like people knew “Octomom” but didn’t even know her real name.


A Life Hijacked By The Media

Nadya has been in and out of the spotlight a few times over the years, and claims she only embraces certain media attention as a necessity to survive and take care of her children. She recently shared her experiences on social media where she discussed her struggles with all the attention.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

Here is an image of children sent to actively protest against Nadya’s lifestyle and the fact she has 14 kids. Many believe her pregnancy was all a publicity stunt for money, but Nadya is trying her best to flip that narrative by sharing her story and proving herself as a loving mother.


Appearing on Dr. Oz

In May of 2018, nearly a decade after the octuplets were born, Nadya made an appearance on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show. She saw this as an opportunity to tell her story once more in a new light to a potentially new or more accepting audience.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

In the episode, Nadya opened up about her various struggles, decisions, and life transformations that brought her to where she is today. She discussed her departure from the Octomom narrative and how she is now committed to focusing on her own health and happiness along with her kids.


Changes Life, Changes Name

After many struggles financially, legally, and personally, Nadya has truly overcome so much. From bankruptcy to bad publicity, Nadya has faced it all and was ready for a change.

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In 2013, the mother of 14 reflected on her life and recognized she was in need of a change. In order to solidify this change, she decided to officially change her name to Natalie instead.


Natalie's "Ninja" Mask

Part of Natalie’s process of turning away from a celebrity image and reclaiming her life involves being more open on social media and feeling free to finally be herself. While out in public, Natalie is often spotted like this, in what her kids refer to as her “ninja” mask.

Instagram/ @nataliesuleman

This look isn’t due to her celebrity status or thinking she’s better than anyone else, but rather boils down to comfort. Natalie shared in a vulnerable post that she struggles with severe social anxiety and thus chooses to wear her “hiding hat” for her own protection. She goes on to say it also doubles as protection from the sun.


Looking Forward to the Future

Natalie and her family are religious and feel as if everything that has happened in their lives has been a blessing. She does not fear her children finding out about her complicated past as she believes everything she did was for the betterment of her children.

Source: today.com

She strongly believes in open communication within her household and is raising her children to the best of her ability, despite any criticisms.


A Life in Orange County

Today, Natalie Suleman works as a mental health counselor and therapist for individuals with drug and alcohol addictions.

Source: intouchweekly.com

Her family continues to eat a healthy diet of vegan fare, and they strive to stay active with activities throughout the week. They currently reside in a three-bedroom townhouse in Orange County, CA.