“Nice” Guys and Gals Who Can’t Take No For An Answer

By: Kate Row | Published: Sep 06, 2022

Self proclaimed “nice guys” and “nice girls” are not always what they appear. Or maybe they don’t realize the vibe they’re really putting out there. The nice girl is the girl who claims that men are trash but also expects their boyfriends to be perfect.

The nice guy is one who thinks he treats women with respect but turns on her the second he gets rejected. They say nice guys finish last. But these self proclaimed nice guys and girls seem to be a good insight into why the “nice” ones do.

Can I Show You Something?

The self proclaimed “nice guy” is typically never what he says he is. Perhaps it’s just that men and women have differing opinions on what is considered “nice”. This girl responded to an intrusive message from a “not so nice guy” in a very clever way.


The nice guy is always looking to show off, but she was quick to cut off the advances. Let this be a lesson to all the girls: When a man asks to show you something, be careful! We love that she was unphased and her casual response is perfect.


This Generation Doesn't Love Love

The nice girl likes to think that all their dating problems are the result of other people rather than herself. She has a hard time taking accountability for her actions. Now we do get it. Dating is hard. But, the nice girl has a hard time taking accountability.


Let’s be honest here. Loving too hard is not usually the reason for the demise of relationships. When we see a post like this, we have to assume the nice girl has to play some role in her failed relationships. I guess it’s easier to blame the world around you.

Write a Novel About It, Buddy

Sometimes it seems like “nice guys” don’t actually even like women. This one sure does have a chip on his shoulder that he can’t seem to shake. Most likely, this seems to be a case of the man who has been constantly rejected and has some serious deep-seeded resentments.


What he calls “dumb games” might just be that the girl deosn’t like him. We hate to be the bearer of bad news here! But maybe he’s just waiting for that right special lady to ask him out for a change.

When Your Presence Is a Magic Fix

“Nice girls” are kind of known for the double standard. They want romance and chivalry from their men but don’t always offer the same in return. In this funny exchange she seems to challenge a man by asking what kinds of romantic things he’s done in the past.


He shoots the question back at her. Apparently, her presence is a gift so she doesn’t have to bother with romantic gestures. Relationships are give and take. This seems to be a lesson all “nice” girls and boys need to learn!

You Dated a Felon, Why Not Me?

No one likes someone who is too pushy! It can definitely put someone off and usually makes them retreat rather than be drawn in. This text exchange is a perfect example. The girl is open and honest about her feelings. She’s just not that into him.

Instead of respecting this boundary and appreciating the honestly, he basically begs for another date! He gets pretty upset and basically attacks her dating history. Not very nice, if you ask us. It seems like it was a simple online date that resulted in no spark. He’ll have to get over it.


Are You Worthy Enough?

This “nice girl” definitely sees herself as a prize. There is a difference between self love and being conceited. If you have to start a sentence with “I’m not being conceited but…” then it’s probably not the best.

If you’re strong enough and worthy enough, maybe this girl is the one for you. And if you were worried, she is GENUINELY a good person. We’re not even sure the “nice girl” knows how she sounds.


Please Put the Phone Down

This guy takes double texting to another level. Usually, if someone doesn’t respond to a text, especially on a dating app, the other person takes the hint and moves on. This guy is nothing if not persistent.

Talking about biggest fears in the second text is a little intense. We have to give him points for continuing to try, but it honestly makes us cringe a little to see.


She's a Miracle

While we respect someone who knows what they want and knows what they deserve, this “nice girl” is taking it to a whole other level. She seems to want a nice guy but he also must have most of his teeth.

She literally states that she doesn’t need to bring anything to the table because he is a girl. But she requests the most from her man. This is basically the exact definition of a “nice girl”. Good luck finding the man of your dreams!


Thanks for the Enlightenment

A lot of the self proclaimed “nice guys” get extremely frustrated with women who consistently go for the “bad guys” or the jerks. He feels slighted because he is standing right in front of her offering her everything he thinks she wants.

He’s obviously been scorned before by a so-called jerk. We think the “nice guy” needs to take a look in the mirror and realize they might not be as nice as they think they are after all.


Pay Attention to Me

This “nice girl” seems to be a little confused on what she wants. She breaks up with her boyfriend but changes her mind within 10 minutes! This is a perfect case of the “nice girl” craving the chase.

She wants to break up with her boyfriend but when he obliges she wants him right back. The whiplash is crazy! It looks like this guy will be avoiding the crazy by moving away to “make something of his life”.


Breaking News: Man Asks a Question and Does Not Like Reply

This is another peret example of the “woe is me” attitude of both “nice” girls and boys. Why doesn’t she like me? I’m so nice! Something must be wrong with her because nothing could possibly be wrong with me!

This becomes so all consuming that they often don’t even see logic. He wonders why girls don’t like nice guys. She simply answers that doesn’t even like men. Sometimes, the nice girls and boys are just looking for something to complain about.


Rude, Party of One

This kind of comment is what “nice girls” are made of. But we also must admit that it’s pretty funny. She’s inferring that she will smell a cologne that she likes, but gets upset when she turns around to a man that she doesn’t find attractive.

It’s a little harsh but dating really is just a bunch of foolishness, right? I wonder how we can all make sure our perfumes and colognes match our faces.


He Is the Main Character

The “nice guy” happens to think the world revolves around him. He thinks he’s something special so he assumes that everyone else thinks he’s special too. So, the best way to offend a self proclaimed “nice guy” is to basically tell him he’s not memorable.

Not all of us can remember every single person we’ve had a few conversations with, and we truly don’t mean to offend. But narcissism seems to be a common trait among both nice girls and boys.


Let's Face It

It looks like the girls and boys have more than one thing in common. They get upset when they’re not chosen. The irony is that most of the time the reason that they are not first choice is because of the fact that they are not actually as nice as they think they are.

Pro tip: If you’re a good person, you won’t have to constantly tell people you’re a good person. “Nice girls” seem to be aggravated when boys choose “mean girls” to date over them in the same way that “nice guys” do. Maybe all the “nice girls and “nice guys” should all get together and date.