Jimmy Fallon Asks People to Share Their #MyBadLuck Funny Stories And The Responses Are Perfect

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Oct 23, 2023

All of us have bad days, it’s just a part of being human. There are moments when we can’t help but think about how rough it’s going. They say that misery loves company, but it’s also a hopeful sign knowing that we aren’t indeed ever alone. 

So, hearing other peoples’ not-so-lucky experiences, makes us realize how good we have it. Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to share their #MyBadLuck moments and, of course, they delivered. Hopefully, these experiences will cheer you up! 

A “Lucky” Chocolate Chip Surprise

For most of us, mindlessly snacking and sitting in front of the television may be a perfect way to relax. And, we likely don’t pay attention to what we’re eating because we’re more focused on what’s in front of us. Lauren learned her lesson, as she shared her story with the world. 


Source: lowther_lauren/ Twitter

She was snacking on some delicious chocolate chip cookies. Since they were so good, she decided to eat every last chocolate chip (including some that fell onto her shirt). Unfortunately, she quickly realized that one of those chocolate chips she just consumed was a little ladybug! 


An Embarassingly Explosive Situation

First-date jitters are a real thing. There are so many thoughts bouncing around your head, such as: Will they like me? Do I look good? Will we get along? As much as we all like to guess what might happen, it seems that Delilah didn’t think about this particular “what if.” Unfortunately, Delilah’s stomach wasn’t in agreement with the whole thing that night.


Source: delite_full/ Twitter

To make everything even worse, she was wearing white pants. There’s no way that she could have hidden what happened to her. We’re guessing that a second date never happened. And, if it didn’t, they weren’t meant for each other.

Your Worst Nightmare Came True

Surely, we’ve all had dreams like this before. You’re sitting in class and, the next moment, you’re suddenly sitting on a toilet and the entire class is staring right at you. For all of you who have a fear of speaking in public, that dream may happen sooner or later. Amanda wasn’t so lucky when she was a little kindergartener. 


Source: amanda_wejner/ Twitter

Somebody opened the bathroom stall door Amanda was in and the entire class lined up right next to it. If that happened at work, the adult would act as if it never happened. Simply shrug it off! 

Snow Or Not To Snow

Often, people plan vacations around the weather of their destination. Those that live in northern climates might try and escape to the south to soak up those warmer temperatures in the winter. The same goes for those in the south wanting to experience the cooler temperatures of the north. When somebody doesn’t see snow often, imagine their disappointment when it started to fall right as they got on the plane.


Source: dudethatsjulio/ Twitter

We understand why Julio was so disappointed when it didn’t snow once during his New York trip, yet it began when he boarded the plane to go back home. Now, that’s some bad luck, and you can never predict the weather. Mother Nature does whatever she wants. 

Watching Your Dreams Wash Away

This story is the very definition of bad luck! While Gabrielle was searching for an internship, she was having a pretty hard time. Not to mention, she had already lost her first internship, and the second one was literally washed away. 

Source: gabadoodledandy/ Twitter

Again, Mother Nature waits for nobody. She’s on her own schedule. After Gabrielle moved to where her next internship was going to start, a massive storm hit called the “Thousand Year Flood.” We sincerely hope that Gabrielle’s third internship won’t involve the biggest flood in thousands of years. 


A Prom Night To Remember

Prom is one of those rites of passage for all teenagers. Some indulge in the occasion, renting big limos and looking extra fancy. It sounds like Andrea was excited to be one of those teenagers ready to go all out for her big night. Much to her dismay, after a bathroom trip, she discovered her dress’s zipper was broken and it wasn’t going to hold up. 

Source: AndreaJ36434846/ Twitter

With her initial bad luck turning into a sweet relief, Andrea’s friend had a Grinch onesie for her to wear. Yes, that’s not an ideal outfit to wear for prom but it’s better than the other alternatives! 


The Mis-Eye-Ventures In Babysitting

Emily is a good sister with good intentions. She offered to babysit for her brother and his wife so they could have one night away from their 3-month-old baby. Unfortunately, the little one gave Emily an unexpected jab in the eye, leaving her blind for the remainder of the night.

Source: daxspots88/ Twitter

But, who really had the worst luck in this situation? Emily getting her eye jabbed is bad, yet her brother was probably torn on if he should stay with her or not. Hopefully, Emily powered through the discomfort and gave the parents the night out they needed. 


Some Jobs Should Pay More

Lifeguards have an essential job: make sure nobody gets hurt, drown, or gets eaten by a shark. Even though it’s not a job that pays a hefty sum to its employees, it’s a rewarding one. One day, Natalie was simply doing her job and asked a couple to “act accordingly” because of their inappropriate behavior. You won’t believe what they did in response. 

Source: ManganoNatalie/ Twitter

As a twisted sort of revenge, the couple left a gross surprise on the changing room walls. While it’s not clear who actually had to clean up the mess, we truly hope it wasn’t Natalie.


When The Frisbee Breaks

Games and sports are good ol’ fun for some people, but, for others, it’s a competition. You can get badly hurt playing any sport, even when it’s in the spirit of fun. You can sprain an ankle, you can break a finger, yet did you know that you can take a frisbee to the head? Neither did we. 

Source: sweyda_ / Twitter

This poor guy was hit in the head with a flying frisbee and it actually broke in half. Hopefully, it didn’t cause too much damage to his head because he’s lucky if he got by without any serious injury. Maybe keep this in mind the next time you’re playing a game of frisbee with your friends!


Caught Between A Bathroom Stall Door And A Toilet Paper Dispenser

This person’s story consists of plain bad luck and full-on embarrassment. Just imagine being in a public bathroom and, in a matter of seconds, you’re calling out for help. While it may be hard to picture that, it did happen to this poor girl. Luckily, the janitor came to her rescue. 

Source: AwesomeAutism/ Twitter

We couldn’t imagine being stuck in that position for too long, so thank goodness the janitor was closeby. It was a good thing that they didn’t have the day off!


Well, There Goes That Dream

Auditioning for any talent show is beyond nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing, especially if that show is American Idol. Becoming a contestant (and even auditioning for a show of that caliber) is a huge accomplishment. Usually, groups of four or five people would audition together and also get cut. 

Source: goldenvoicedguy/ Twitter

This unfortunate soul had Carrie Underwood in their group and, well, we all know how that turned out! Nobody knew it at the time that she would become one of the biggest country music stars in the world. But, they should be proud of even getting as far as they did. 


Even Supermoms Make Mistakes

Everybody can relate to those hectic days when they are rushing and likely forget something. Of course, when you’re in a time crunch, it’s easy to slip up and make a simple mistake. This particular mom woke up from a nap and had to race to pick up her son from school. Usually, parents just wait in a line of cars for their kids, but not this time. 

Source: Twitter

Naturally, this extremely embarrassing story happened to this mom. She thought she had a flat tire and jumped out of the car to check. Much to her surprise, she was standing out in the breeze – yep, she forgot to put her pants on! 


Too Many Drinks

All of us have probably made some poor decisions when we’ve had one too many drinks. Maybe we’ve even done some things we’re not proud of, either. This person was enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day parade when they felt the urge to jump on a parked car. Guess what happened next?

Source: Twitter

It was a parked police car with two police officers inside. We have an idea of how the conversation went down, including the surprised reactions of both officers. Wow, talk about some bad luck! 


Two Unlucky Femurs

Going off to college is one of the most important and life-changing transitions for any young person to experience. There are a world of adjustments that happen during this transformative time and it typically includes being away from your parents for quite some time. Aside from the daily college stressors, Ellie had two unlucky complications on top of that.

Source: Twitter

Not only did she sustain a stress fracture in one femur which left her in crutches, she had a stress fracture in her other femur after the first one had healed. That’s a pretty painful way to spend her first year of college, but maybe she had a good laugh about it later on. 


Lottery Number Mishap

It’s a common fact that the chances of winning the lottery are extremely low, yet we’ve all bought a ticket at least once. Imagine the endorphin rush of checking your numbers on the morning after the drawing and found out that you’ve won. You may make a ton of impulse decisions on the spot. But, before doing anything, make sure you check something first…

Source: SaneMomOfMany/ Twitter

The date on this person’s ticket was from the prior week’s drawing. Whoops! Better luck next time, right? 


This Haunted House Was A Little Too Real

For any of us who have been to a haunted house, we all are familiar with the wild experience. You simply walk through the house while any scary thing pops out at you and try to make you frightened. There are many haunted house aficionados who love being spooked and find delight in it. However, the last thing you would want to happen is falling down in one.

Source: Twitter

The awful and sad thing about this story is that the people thought her screaming was part of the show. She was repeatedly stepped over instead of receiving any help. We hope she got the assistance she needed. 


The Ham That Fell From The Sky

Seagulls are funny creatures. They are usually spotted hanging out at beaches and it’s not an uncommon sight to witness dive-bombing seagulls trying to get some food from people. It’s not a surprise that they might drop something during their ravenous escapades. In this case, Marie definitely had the surprise of her life when she felt some ham slap her face. 

Source: JudeRee/ Twitter

We can only imagine enjoying a nice stroll at the beach on a beautiful day, when you’re hit in the face by a piece of ham out of the blue! Maybe next time Marie should wear a helmet. 


Runaway Bike…Not Bride

It’s no secret that relationships are complicated and take a lot of work. This woman learned the hard way when she was only 15 years old. After suffering from a breakup with her boyfriend, something even worse happened – he stole her bike! Obviously, that didn’t make anything better. 

Source: Twitter

Running away after a break up is bad enough, but stealing their bike is on a whole different level of harsh. He didn’t seem like a good guy to begin with so maybe it’s for the best. 


Beware The New Driver On The Road

Just like going away to college, getting your driver’s license is another big rite of passage for many young people. It’s only natural to be excited about getting a learner’s permit and do some practice driving with their parents until they are ready to take their driving test. Passing the driver’s test is one of the best feelings ever. Sadly, it didn’t end well for this girl. 

Source: Dontt_forget/ Twitter

This overjoyed new driver was maybe a bit too excited as she got behind the wheel and ended up driving the car into a lake. It’s common to hear about “fender benders” or driving off the road, but offroading into a lake. That’s quite a traumatic experience, especially when you dive 30 feet under the water. Yikes! 


An Unexpected Text Message Response

Ending a phone call or text with “I love you” to your significant other is definitely a habit. However, when you accidentally text your boss or coworker with that it would understandably send you into panic mode. And, unfortunately, texting just feels so much worse than on the phone. 

Source: bear_noey/ Twitter

Funnily enough, this person’s boss responded back with “I love you, too.” Perhaps, they were just trying to lighten the mood! It was just a slip and we hope that the two resumed their professional relationship after the fact. 


The Unlucky And Unexpected Injury

One of the scariest things to experience in life is a car accident. They happen so fast and you barely have time to register what’s about to happen, probably because they often occur in a split second. Nina escaped her car accident without sustaining any injuries, but it’s what happened next that made us feel terribly bad for her. 

Source: Buffy_Ringer/ Twitter

She fell into a hole after dodging the car accident! If this isn’t the definition of bad luck, then we don’t know what is. We sincerely hope that her luck has turned around since that unfortunate tragedy. 


The “Mother Of The Year” Award Goes To…

The mom of this eight-year-old and six-year-old! It’s no surprise that moms are total superheroes and do so much more than we can ever thank them. So, when you pulled off those shenanigans when you were younger, you likely don’t recall the massive panic your mom felt. 

Source: Genea1234/ Twitter

Not only did this supermom rush to the hospital with the eight-year-old who broke her arm, but then she had to rush back after her other child swallowed a quarter. We can’t even imagine the stress that mom must have been feeling! Undoubtedly, this is a PSA that having kids isn’t for the faint of heart. 


An Unfortunate String Of Bad Luck

You may have not known that nearly one million hip and knee replacement surgeries happen every year in the United States. Who had any idea that so many people have such bad knees and hips? This unlucky person was graced with such bad luck that when she finally had knee surgery, she dislocated her quad right after. Jeez!

Source: KimberlyVanAle1/ Twitter

What’s worse? Having to wait 30 years for a knee replacement or ending up in a wheelchair immediately after? And, you thought you had bad luck…


Karma Is Real

People who have strong body odors are hard to stand. Some medical conditions, genetics, being overweight, and consuming certain foods, can all contribute to having an unpleasant smell. 

Source: Paaaaaaaaaige/ Twitter

While we feel bad for the mom who had to sit next to the guy with bad body odor, it was only natural that karma would play its role. Regardless of whether you think somebody smells horrible, has bad breath, or anything else unpleasant, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself. 


Jimmy’s Bad Luck

Mr. Fallon himself posted a #MyBadLuck situation just as his fans did. Yes, even celebrities get bad luck! Jimmy was probably very excited about the ‘90s Woodstock concert only to have an unlucky encounter with a bee. Beestings are not fun, especially when you’re at a legendary concert such as that one.

Source: jimmyfallon/ Twitter

It probably put a big dent in what should have been a fun weekend, but we hope he powered through the pain (and embarrassment). At least Jimmy has one bad luck story to share! 


Another Embarrassing Text Story

We’d be surprised if nobody has sent an accidental or embarrassing text before. While technology is our greatest friend and ally, it’s also our greatest enemy. This is definitely true after an 11-hour workday. You grab your phone, type your quick text, hit send, and then go to bed. That’s when you have an “oh no” moment. 

Source: DonnaCalamia/ Twitter

Donna isn’t the only one who’s been there! Hopefully, her male client realized that that text wasn’t meant for him and laughed it off. Needless to say, this must have been a pretty uncomfortable situation. 


Pre-Job Jitters

Feeling many different emotions before your first day at a new job is completely normal. Perhaps, you get up really early and think about how the day is going to pan out. Stephanie probably had no idea her day was going to end up this way! Imagine just sitting in your car trying to calm your nerves when, suddenly, a monster truck drives onto the front of your car. What the heck?

Source: babs6706/ Twitter

We can guarantee that Stephanie was unhappy at that moment. Thankfully, she wasn’t injured, but her car got it bad. That’s the last thing she needed on her first day at a new job. 


Trying To Walk The Line

Poor Kelly! She got herself into quite a pickle when she was pulled over by a police officer and had to complete a routine sobriety test. She didn’t seem too concerned since she was sober, but it was her prescription medication that made her fail two sobriety tests. Hopefully, she got everything sorted out with the officer. 

Source: k3lllllllllllly/ Twitter

But, nobody should be driving while they’re under the influence of a substance or medication. It might be a good move for Kelly to discuss this misunderstanding with her doctor. 


Mom Knows Best

In the best interest of their children, moms enforce many rules. They probably don’t intend to come off sounding mean or controlling because the rules are for the well-being and safety of the kids. As Beth was learning how to drive, her mom had some strict guidelines that she needed to follow; one of them was never to talk on the phone while driving. 

Source: bethjcrowley/ Twitter

Of course, children tend to break the rules that are put in place by their parents. Beth learned the hard way that parents will find out sooner or later whether they obeyed the rules or not. Sadly, Beth couldn’t talk her way out of this one considering it was her mom who caught her in the act!