Meet Lily from AT&T: The Person Who Never Expected To Blow Up The Internet

By: Lisa Lee | Last updated: Oct 31, 2023

The AT&T commercials starring Lily Adams are always a delight. As the charismatic store manager, she makes phone plans fun and seems like she’s doing the viewers a favor by being in the commercials.

But you may not know that Milana Vayntrub, the actress behind the charming character of Lily Adams, has an intriguing personal life and history off-screen.

Who Is The Woman Behind Lily?

Milana Vayntrub, the actress who plays Lily in AT&T’s most popular commercials, is an interesting person. She’s quirky, fun, and down-to-earth—much like the character that has made her famous. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Lily through AT&T commercials, and we feel like we know her well.


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Although Milana Vayntrub has been a longtime favorite of AT&T ads and an internet personality, some aspects of her personal life may surprise most people.

Creating the Character of Lily

Lily is an intensely compelling character. She’s sweet but not saccharine; she’s approachable without being cloying. Because of actress Milana Vayntrub’s strong presence, the audience focuses on her instead of the brightly painted storefronts in which she appears.


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In the advertisements, Lily is often portrayed as younger than the clients she assists. This may be partly due to the target audience for these advertisements– and has likely been helpful in Lily’s commercial success.

Which AT&T Ad Is The Most Famous?

One of her most famous AT&T commercials– “Need The Receipts?” sees Lily speak in hushed tones attempting not to wake a sleeping infant. In another, she reacts hysterically to not remembering Grant Hill, an ex-basketball player. Both ads are hilariously executed.


When Lily offers a discount to a celebrity guest she has never met, he believes he is getting the royal treatment. The special guest is none other than James Van Der Beek from the TV series Dawson’s Creek. The two did fantastic work!

Imagine AT&T Advertisements Without Lily

Lily’s charismatic personality and hilarious interactions with difficult customers make her one of the most engaging personalities in advertising. Her irresistible deals and priceless reactions when customers try to be tough make her ads surefire hits.


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The humor is that Lily approaches everybody professionally while remaining friendly and accessible! She makes the audience feel like they’re her best friend. But who is the real person portraying Lily? Does her personality in the outside world fit the one she portrays in AT&T’s ads? 

The History Behind the Actress’ Name

She was born in the Republic of Uzbekistan, a former Socialist Republic, and Milana Vayntrub’s name is just as extraordinary as she is. Born Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub, she moved to the United States and became a television actress. She is funny and charming and has starred in many commercials.


The former Soviet Republic is known for its mild weather and little rain, but the country’s essence has a darker dimension, which Vayntrub has experienced firsthand.


Why Did Her Family Journey To The U.S.?

Being of Jewish descent caused the Vayntrub family to face religious backlash in Uzbekistan. As a result, she and her family agreed they needed to seek refuge in the United States to avoid such incidents.


But the journey was arduous, and Vayntrub’s family was held up for weeks in two European countries during the process. Finally, after nearly two years of travel, they made it to the United States—and there, in Los Angeles, Milana Vayntrub, then two years old, spent most of her childhood.


Her Blooming Career Began!

Vayntrub’s acting career took off after she appeared in a popular commercial at the age of five. She quickly went on to appear in numerous films and television shows.

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The young girl was thrilled when she got to appear on the hit television series E.R. as an ill patient named Tatiana with the then-bachelor George Clooney and other stars. Little Milana noticed Clooney’s good looks even as a youngster and tried to invite him to her home. That’s just too cute!


Her Skills Grow

Vayntrub continued her career on the children’s program Lizzie McGuire, where she played the part of a young girl who burped nonstop when she thought no one was watching. The experience helped her hone her skills, as she was able to play someone both silly and sincere simultaneously.

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But Vayntrub, a middle-schooler then, did not take her role lightly. The 12-year-old practiced burping to perfection to get it just right for “Sweet Burper.” So far, everything had been going smoothly for Vayntrub, but was that always the case?


Would She Abandon Her Career?

Even though Vayntrub seemed to be having a lucrative start to life as an actress, you’d be surprised to know she was on the verge of abandoning acting as a profession. She recalls feeling the desire to concentrate on something more practical. 

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She made that revelation in an interview with a magazine back in 2015. She added that acting most likely would fail and that she had high expectations but didn’t think they’d be sufficient to gain success in the film world.


Time For A Career Change!

As a result, Vayntrub spent her adolescent years concentrating on her education. She also did a decent job: she excelled in her proficiency tests earlier than the norm and pursued a university education instead.

Vayntrub went on to be a California University graduate and proudly accepted her degree in communication obtained at the San Diego campus. Although Vayntrub’s behind-the-scenes actions could probably have jeopardized them, it virtually appears as though she was meant for those AT&T commercials.


Transitioning To The Improv World

As a result, Vayntrub did not relinquish her life as an actress but rather did it differently than she initially began. As opposed to TV, she instead focused on honing her improv abilities. 

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To accomplish this, she joined a Brigade called Upright Citizens for preparation. This is the prominent comedy organization that launched Amy Poehler’s career, featured in Parks and Recreation, and many more improv trainees, to celebrity status.


Making of an Improv Queen?

Like many before her, Vayntrub took her improv technique to YouTube, where she ended up becoming a YouTube sensation as the host of “Live Prude Girls.” 

Image: YouTube/LivePrudeGirls

Thousands of viewers gravitated toward her videos, which are still available to watch even though she no longer makes them. So go ahead and look them out. We’re sure they’ll be an entertaining use of your time.


Two Ladies Taunting The Celebrities

If you think that we’re exaggerating, we should probably point you to an episode of the program called “Let’s Talk About Something More” in Vayntrub’s Youtube series. That particular episode involved her and a second young lady, sitting beside their guest as they politely taunted them.

Image: YouTube/LivePrudeGirls

Vayntrub said that messing with guests who included Matt Damon of the Bourne Series fame, among others, was the essence of the program. This particular special guest was Matt Damon. Other special guests included B.J. Novak who played Ryan from The Office and various famous YouTubers.


Do These Roles Ring A Bell?

The new career path then brought Vayntrub into the worlds of television and film. She landed a lot of pieces, many of which were minor. She portrayed a lady in a subway who met face to face with rats in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters

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She was also a vampire in the TV show Key and Peele. Can you recall at least one of those characters? Sorry, but we don’t either.


The Nice Roles Started Popping Up

Now, let’s talk about Vayntrub’s roles in Love on Netflix. This was a production by Judd Apatow in which she portrayed the protagonist’s evil ex. This was a more significant role. 


She also made an appearance as Tara in a few episodes of Silicon Valley. It’s following this role that Vayntrub will go on to have a more significant presence in one of the decade’s most highly-watched television drama series. Are you able to figure out which one?


Getting Cast In The Biggest Drama

Oh Yes! In the 2016-17 TV season, This Is Us, which had just rocked the television scene, was the highest-rated new program. In the Pearson family tale, Vayntrub was cast as a woman named Sloane Sandburg.

She was a playwright and a love interest for a significant role character. The actress has since completed eight appearances in the show, but considering how This Is Us jumps around in time, she might still return for more int he future.


The Unrealized Comedy Series

Other Space, a science fiction comedy that aired on Yahoo! Screen, marked one more top-notch project for the actress. Vayntrub plays an incompetent starship sailor in the film. 

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Unfortunately, financial difficulties led to the extinction of Yahoo! Screen and the broadcast. Although its founder, Paul Feig, is eager to get additional episodes produced, it has yet to resume production.


Was That Squirrel Really Her?

Have you thought of another place where you might have spotted Milana Vayntrub? Vayntrub’s name was linked to a role that several actresses were interested in during 2017. 

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On Marvel: New Warriors, she would play Doreen Green, more affectionately known as Squirrel Girl to Marvel enthusiasts. Although the anticipated show did not emerge from the production phase, Vayntrub wasn’t completely forgotten.


And She's Back, Just Like That!

This is because the venture re-emerged under another name. Vayntrub provided the voice of Squirrel Girl in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Image: YouTube/Friendly96

It also marked the start of a new chain that incorporates brief films, specials, and a television film. With comic book twists and YouTube appearances, the portrayal of Squirrel Girl appears to be gaining traction.


The First TV Series Appearance

Moving forward, Vayntrub made her first public entrance in the television series Threads. The series takes place in the online chat room realm. 

Image: YouTube/Funniest Commercials Compilation

The actor also appeared in That Moment When, a film in which audiences were given the opportunity to make decisions for Vayntrub’s character, Jill. Throughout the film experience, viewers picked how Jill should react to her tough life situations which created hilarious results.


Can't Say Goodbye To Anime

Vayntrub has also returned back to animation by agreeing to voice act in Dallas & Robo. Kat Dennings and John Cena headlined in this adult-targeted story about space truckers. It was available for premium viewing on YouTube. 


The quirky show also received at least one positive analysis, with one critic claiming it to be “must-see television.” Now that’s high praise.


Nothing Beats AT&T's Lily

Despite a varied and fascinating career thus far, Vayntrub is perhaps best known for her role as the beloved Lily in the AT&T commercials. 


After all, they’ve been portraying her in a favorable light on TV since Christmas of 2013. And that’s a great thing, given Vayntrub was only meant to appear in one advertisement.


How It All Came To Be

Of course, Valerie Vargas, AT&T advertising vice president, clarified why the initial proposal was changed back in 2016 during a magazine interview. 

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She emphasized that the initial commercial placement was so profitable for the company that they decided to do another, and it continued along that path for a few years. Vargas says the reception from the target-audience was so great that they had no choice but to use her on a recurrent basis.


What Keeps Drawing The Viewers

Milana’s Lily sits well with viewers because she performs her as a multi-faceted character in a way that’s extraordinary for commercials, claims Hank Perlman. He is a Director for the Hungry Man agency that did the shoot for a large number of the commercials.

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He adds that they work diligently to portray her not just as a witty person but also to make her powerful, intelligent, and humane character. And ideally, as a 30-second ad slot character, she needs to be as relatable as possible.


The Parody That Went All Wrong

The ad series was so captivating that Amy Schumer, a notable actress and comedian, felt it was worth parodying. Vayntrub, on the other hand, was not impressed with Schumer’s sketch. 

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“Ultimately, I have a real feminist issue with it,” Vayntrub told Ad Week. “The way that you’re going to portray this character is that you’re going to play her dumb? Well, that’s lazy.” It didn’t stop there, though.


Lily Is No Eye Candy!

Since Vayntrub believed Schumer just saw her as a piece of window dressing, she started in an interview that she thought the character was presented as a reinforcement that was only there to lure men. 

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She emphasized that they work very hard to establish Lily’s character as strong, clever, amusing, and self-sufficient because they believe that too many brands portray females as props to get their merchandise sold.


Setting The Record Straight!

According to Vayntrub, her character is an efficient store manager, handling her role well, and she’s proud of the way Lily has been depicted. She adds that in the event anyone actually views Lily as simply a prop utilized to attract males, then she believes they should reconsider how they watch women on television. 

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She notes that society can’t suggest the need for more positions for women and then claim that they’re just playing the roles to be eye candy for men.


The Drive For Advocacy Intensifies

Vayntrub’s biggest passion: advocacy, reflects her ability to talk about what’s on her mind openly. Refugees are a cause dear to her heart, and she founded the “Can’t Do Nothing” campaign to support those who are less fortunate.

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Her movement has gotten a lot of attention, with nearly a quarter-million individuals taking part in the successful operation.


Zoning In On The Appalling Refugee Situation

Vayntrub launched the campaign at the beginning of 2016 with the documentary Milana Can’t Do Nothing. The film utilized Vayntrub’s own story as a prism through which to examine the issues that refugees face. 

Image: YouTube/CantDoNothing

And one of the main themes of the short film was the appalling conditions that refugees face on their voyage to Greece from Syria.


The Big Collaboration For Education

Surprisingly, Vayntrub’s not-for-profit group seems to be achieving results by collaborating with other organizations. One of the groups that Can’t Do Nothing collaborates with is named The Syria Fund, which has partnered with them to construct classrooms, recruit educators, develop music and art projects, and a scope of other programs, as Vayntrub explained in an interview. 

Image: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Vayntrub’s goal was to film as much of the venture as she could in order to have some transparency so people could see exactly where their contributions were going.


Getting Millennials To See The Bigger Picture

Following that, Vayntrub added why she thought her campaign was necessary. She goes on to mention that people, particularly her generation, are truly coming around to accepting their global obligation. She thinks the internet plays a big part in that. 

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Vayntrub also believes that there is so much turmoil worldwide, making it difficult to ignore. Additionally, great comedians transform these global events into something that is both digestible yet enraging. Vayntrub wanted to play her role too.


Do Entertainment And Advocacy Correlate?

The talented actress says that yes, she thinks entertainment and advocacy go very much hand in hand, the actress added. However, she doesn’t believe an entertainer has to also be on the campaign route for change. 

Image: YouTube/CantDoNothing

She doesn’t consider herself an activist in the least but is rather concerned for the sake of those undergoing a difficult time.


Will Advocacy Affect Her Advertising Role?

While Vayntrub may have been concerned that her outwardness will jeopardize her future, AT&T is on her side. Milana’s enthusiasm for her cause is simply remarkable, Vargas said. 

Image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

And the actress definitely doesn’t let anyone’s concerns stop her from openly expressing her views about topical issues on various social media platforms.


Is Her Desire Too Big To Attain?

According to Vayntrub, she felt it necessary to help in whatever way she could. She believes It’s arrogant of her to think she can change anyone’s thought pattern but says she can accomplish anything. 

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How is she supposed to keep quiet in front of more than a hundred thousand people about an issue that’s bothering her today? Vayntrub says it’s not in her system to do that.


Maybe It's Time To Slow Down

Vayntrub has no intention of slowing down. “Maybe this will be the downfall of my career if people stop following me and studios don’t want to be involved with someone this controversial – not that I am controversial in any way.”

Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

She continues by saying, “I don’t know what is the right move or the more advisable career move, but life is long and complicated, and you’ve got to do what you feel is right.” What a lovely and powerful sentiment!


Time To Broaden The Horizon 

Vayntrub’s career does not seem to have been hampered by her activism. Back in 2016, she did, in reality, broaden her horizons. That’s why she took a turn behind the scenes as the director of an advertising shoot. 

Image: Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Her Cracker Barrel commercial was amusing, showcasing the restaurant’s macaroni and cheese dish.


How To Handle Multiple Hats

When Vayntrub was questioned about how she managed to articulate herself in so many different ways, she had an explanation. She said they’re all very different parts of her brain. 

Image: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

And aptitude, particularly in improv, entails shutting off a part of the brain to remove any self-focus and enable things to come in and through the person, she emphasized.


When Self-doubt Crept In!

Vayntrub clarified that she didn’t think she’d be able to find a job that didn’t need her to do any improv because that was her most powerful ability.

Image: Araya Diaz/WireImage/Getty Images

She felt that if a position didn’t require her to make it up as she went along, others would stand out and get the part because they would be better at acting rather than improv.


Coming Soon To A Screen Near You!

Despite this, the adaptable actress is something more than a face in a commercial. She performed a stand-up routine at a comedy festival in the Big Apple just before Covid hit, showcasing her comedic abilities. 


And the well sought-after, former asylum-seeker is guaranteed to appear on television in a variety of other positions in the near future. We can’t wait to see Milana Vayntrub in more projects! 

We think it’s safe to say you’ll know this other leading-lady from her work in commercials as well…