Man Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo Of His Wife

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Oct 29, 2021

Our lives today are constantly being documented. Whether we’re uploading to our Instagram feed or posting to our Snapchat story, we’re always sending photos and videos out to our loved ones. This online collection of our worlds has made it easy for couples to feel close and connected even when they’re far apart. But sometimes, there’s more than meets the eye in an innocent picture — and a closer look could reveal more than the photographer intended. 

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Portugal when she sent the above photo to her husband. When he decided to zoom in more on the image, he found something suspicious that made him want to file for divorce.

The couple who had everything

Iris and Thomas were an ideal match in the eyes of their friends. Beautiful and talented, Iris had just completed her studies at a fashion school. Handsome and ambitious, Thomas was dedicated to his job, which took him away from home more than Iris would have liked. 


Being apart often was hard on the couple, but still, everyone thought they were so perfect together that nothing could go wrong. But even this perfect couple faced a dangerous threat… 

Who is Iris?

Iris was gorgeous, and her talent for fashion and style only made her more attractive. With her new degree and interest in the industry, she had the world in the palm of her hands. 



While her friends wanted to see her share this excitement with a man she loved, Iris had one major thing holding her back from finding a partner…

Her challenge

As beautiful as she was, Iris was shy. She always had men buying her drinks or offering to take her to dinner, but her social anxiety kept her from following up. It was hard for her to form connections, so she stayed single. 



Her friends felt bad and wanted to help Iris find love. So they suggested an alternative to dating that would be easier for her, or so they thought…

The dating app

Many of Iris’ friends met their husbands on a dating app, so they encouraged her to give it a try. They told her that using an app would let her get to know the person first before she met them. Spending some time chatting with a stranger first would take away her anxiety. 


So Iris started swiping but soon found herself facing another issue… 

The harsh realities of dating apps

Iris was soon bombarded with inappropriate messages from men. Despite her friends’ success stories, her experience with dating apps was proving to be unpleasant.

All of the gross and unwanted attention was wearing her down, and she was about to give up altogether. Until she received a message that made her reconsider…


Meeting Thomas

A good-looking man named Thomas had reached out to Iris with a sweet message, and after a few exchanges, he started messaging her all day. Those messages turned into phone calls that lasted hours, and pretty soon, they decided to take the next step and meet in person.

Iris was thrilled and looking forward to seeing Thomas, but their first encounter surprised them both… 


Love at first sight

The moment Thomas and Iris met, they were crazy for each other. He put her social anxiety immediately at ease, and pretty soon, they were spending all of their free time together.

It was clear that these two were in love and had never felt this way about another person. So when Thomas decided to prove how committed he was to Iris, he concocted a major surprise…


Surprise getaway

Unbeknownst to Iris, Thomas had been secretly planning a romantic trip to somewhere warm and tropical where they could enjoy some uninterrupted alone time.

Iris was over the moon when she learned where they were going, and the two were more in love than ever as they jetted off to paradise. 

Little did she know that there was another surprise just around the corner…


Thomas proposes

Upon landing at their tropical island destination, Iris and Thomas dove right into vacation mode. They spent their days soaking up the sun on the beach and their evenings checking out all the romantic spots around town.

On their last night in paradise, Thomas asked Iris to go for a walk on the beach. When they got closer to the water, she noticed bright lights that spelled out a question she had been waiting a lifetime to be asked…


Will you marry me?

Overjoyed at the sheer romance of the proposal, Iris cried and shouted yes. The couple had only been together for a year, but they both felt like they had known each other their entire lives. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Iris and Thomas soaked in all the joy of their engagement, and they couldn’t wait to return home and share their exciting news.


A perfect wedding

Iris and Thomas decided to have a small and elegant wedding with only their closest family and friends. It was a beautiful ceremony, and everyone felt the love in the room watching these two people become one.

While their loved ones were happy for them, some doubts settled in after Iris and Thomas got back from their honeymoon…


Start of a marriage

After the wedding and honeymoon were over, Iris and Thomas moved into an apartment together. They wanted to experience as much of the world as they could, and they were both looking forward to married life.

While they were still in love, making this picture-perfect marriage a reality was harder than they thought…


Their careers

Iris was able to work from home and spent a lot of her free time decorating their new place. Thomas had to be in the office, and he was determined to earn enough money so that he and Iris could live a good life.


One day, he got a phone call from his boss. He thought he might be getting a raise at first, but instead, he got some unexpected news…



Thomas’ boss gave him the unfortunate news that the company was experiencing setbacks, and they had to let a few people go. Thomas was one of those few.

Feeling defeated, he took some solace in believing that this was as bad as it would get and that he would soon bounce back. But his problems were just getting started…


Financial issues

Iris had spent a lot of money furnishing their new home. So when Thomas was no longer bringing home a big paycheck, their finances took a major hit.

Fortunately, the couple had some savings to fall back on, but it wouldn’t last forever. Thankfully, some of their luck was about to turn around…


New Job

Thomas spent a lot of time on the hunt for a new gig. After many unsuccessful interviews, he remained determined — and it paid off. Finally, he landed a position with an insurance agency.

Even though he couldn’t wait to share the good news with Iris, he was a little worried about how his wife would handle one of the job’s requirements…


On the road

As an insurance agent, Thomas was required to spend a lot of time traveling. While it earned him a great deal of money, his new position left Iris alone at home more often than not.

Still, she was supportive of his new career. Because of that, Thomas wanted to surprise her with some good news…


Back at home

When he took the job, Thomas assured Iris that the constant travel would be temporary. He would be able to stay home more once he got a promotion. And after six months of hard work on the road, Thomas received word that he was going to be promoted.

Iris was overjoyed and relieved. She knew she couldn’t endure much more of her husband being gone. However, there was soon another unexpected request from Thomas’ company…


Filling in

One of Thomas’s colleagues had become sick. This employee made a lot of long business trips, and his boss knew that there was only one person with enough experience to fill in: Thomas.

Unfortunately, this meant that Thomas would be away more than ever before. Iris was upset but knew that they didn’t have a choice. He had to say yes.


Back on the road

After two years of marriage, Iris and Thomas were only seeing each other on the weekends. During the weekdays, Thomas was on the road working, and Iris was alone at home.

These conditions weren’t ideal, but there wasn’t much the couple could do. Every time Thomas left for work, he felt incredibly guilty for leaving his lonely wife behind…


Making moves

Thomas was excelling at his job and slowly started to climb up the ladder of his company. Iris remained constant in her support, and with his steady income, focused on updating their home.

While things seemed to be looking up for Thomas, his success came with a few speed bumps…


Too much ambition

Iris and Thomas did their best to stay in touch. But sharing their lives over social media only added to the loneliness they both felt.

Still, they persevered. Thomas held on to the idea that he would eventually rise to a rank in his company that didn’t require him to travel. But his work ethic only got in the way…  


Growing apart

After a few years of living this way, Iris and Thomas grew further and further apart. Instead of the happy couple who felt like they had known each other for decades, they now felt like total strangers. Iris gave up supporting her husband’s career goals, and Thomas was too burnt out to spend quality time with his wife. 


They were both bitter, and while Thomas was away on a business trip in Paris, he received a message that changed everything…



Iris was unhappy. She messaged Thomas that she couldn’t go on being in a marriage like this and that something needed to change.

Thomas knew right then and there that he had let his ambition get the best of him. So he made an important decision…


Career change

In an effort to save his marriage, Thomas decided that he would find a job closer to home. By this time, he had gained enough experience that he was sure he could land a better gig with less travel.

He felt good about his choice, but something unexpected was about to threaten the couple’s future.


Making it happen

Thomas had decided not to tell Iris about his plan just yet. He was applying to new jobs and going on interviews, but he wanted to wait until he found something solid to surprise his wife with the good news.

But not telling his wife of his plan would cause more harm than good…


Iris’ strange behavior

After weeks of interviews and applications, Thomas found a new position. There was just a week left before would see his wife and tell her in person that things were going back to normal.

However, Iris was feeling more neglected than ever. Thomas began to notice that she was acting strange and distant…


The fight

Tired of feeling alone in her marriage, Iris blew up at Thomas. She blamed him for all their problems and her unhappiness.

Thomas — who had been working tirelessly to get out of this situation — was defeated. So he decided to go to a bar and distract himself with a drink. But he didn’t realize exactly what that distraction would lead to…


A beautiful stranger

Thomas soon locked eyes with a beautiful woman sitting across the bar. The two began talking and fell into an intoxicating conversation that lasted hours. He hadn’t felt this excited in years.

As the night grew darker and the bar became less and less crowded, Thomas felt tempted by this mysterious woman…



Despite the fighting, Thomas loved Iris. But he hadn’t felt a connection like that in years. Drunk off the drinks and this unexpected spark, Thomas went back to this woman’s hotel room and stayed the night. 


In the cold light of day, he was overcome with the guilt of what he had done and made a vow to never cheat on Iris again. Little did he know that his evening with another woman wouldn’t be the only thing threatening his marriage…


The secret

Instead of telling Iris about his infidelity, he told her that he was finally coming home for good and that this current trip would be his last. Iris was thrilled, and Thomas was looking forward to returning back to his wife.

As he attempted to put his transgressions behind him and focus on the future, his potential happiness was shattered after receiving a photo Iris sent him…


The photo

The picture Iris sent Thomas wasn’t much different than the ones she had been sending over the past couple of weeks. It was of her, casually sitting on their unmade bed.

However, when he looked a little closer, he noticed something in the photo that made him uneasy…


What Thomas noticed

At the edge of the photo, Thomas noticed what looked like a hand reaching out from underneath their bed. Shocked, he zoomed in on the small detail that Iris had forgotten to crop out.

Thomas was in total disbelief. He called to confront her about it, and what she revealed shocks him to his core…


Iris reveals the truth

Sobbing and apologetic, Iris tells Thomas that she’s felt increasingly lonely over the course of their marriage. The more time she spent apart from her husband, the more she began to look for affection elsewhere.

Thomas was heartbroken. But her secret life was far more involved than he could have ever imagined…


The other man

The hand Thomas saw under the bed belonged to an old friend of his. A man that Iris and Thomas had spent a lot of time with. When that man’s girlfriend left him, he started to reach out to Iris because he knew she was often alone at home.

Thomas was crushed, but even through his heartbreak, he knew what he had to do…


Forever changed

It seemed impossible that just an hour ago, Iris and Thomas had been in a happy place and making fun plans for the weekend ahead. With one photo, their lives and marriage were forever changed.

And the more Thomas looked at the photo, the more he realized that the woman in it was no longer someone he recognized…


The end of a marriage

Despite his own transgressions that Iris still knew nothing about, Thomas decided to divorce Iris. He knew forgiveness was not an option, and he felt too betrayed to rekindle their romance.

He fell into a deep depression and decided to take a break from work. And that vacation was just the turning point Thomas needed.


A new start

Thomas decided to book a trip to the city to try to distract himself and forget about Iris. He didn’t choose his destination for any particular reason. In fact, many of the places he loved to visit had lost their appeal after his divorce. 


Even though he wasn’t super excited about this place, Thomas would later believe that choosing it was the best decision he ever made…


The discovery

Thomas had started his own marketing company and was working on getting it off the ground. Like any ambitious man, he took his laptop on vacation and attempted to get a little work done at a nearby coffee bar.

But when he closed his laptop for the day, he saw something remarkable…


A familiar face

A beautiful young woman had walked into the coffee shop, and he recognized her immediately. It was Angel, a childhood friend he had been grown up with. They had even attended the same high school.

He couldn’t believe she was there, sitting across from him at some random coffee shop in some random city.


A chance encounter

Thomas and Angel had dated in high school, but she had moved abroad in their senior year. The distance caused them to lose contact, and they hadn’t spoken until now.

Since he married Iris, Thomas hadn’t thought much about Angel. But now that she was standing there in front of him, his heart began to beat faster and faster. 



Thomas didn’t hesitate and decided to follow his feelings and talk to her. Angel was also sitting alone and smiled the moment she heard his voice.

She recognized it. It turns out, even after all these years, she still remembered him too.


Perfect timing

Angel, like Thomas, had also finished working. So the two decided to have a drink and catch up. Thomas told her about his recent divorce, and she was happily surprised. Angel still always had feelings for him and secretly wished they would one day reunite.

And the timing was perfect. Angel had also gotten out of a relationship recently and was ready to start dating again. 


The spark remains

Time flew by as the two caught each other up on their lives and what they had been through over the past few years. Their pleasant conversation made Thomas forget about all the drama with Iris and his divorce.

Angel and Thomas stayed around until last call at 2 a.m. As they walked outside to go their separate ways, Angel asked Thomas an enticing question…


A second chance at love

Angel looked up at Thomas and asked him if he wanted to come back to her house for a nightcap. He didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes.

Together, the two walked hand and hand back to Angel’s house, both knowing deep down that this would be the start of something great… ❤️

** The story you read is fictional and was created for entertainment only. The people and events are made up, and the photos are stock images.