Loving Parents Are Getting Their Children’s Artwork Tattooed on Them (And it’s Absolutely Adorable)

By: Mia Williams | Published: Oct 22, 2023

Express your pride in your child’s artwork like never before – by getting it permanently inked on your body! Tattooing your child’s creative drawings is the perfect way to show your friends and neighbors that you have the most creative kid in town. 

From magical designs to “good effort” artwork, you’ll be sure to melt when you see the variety of artwork parents are getting permanently engraved on their skin.

A Heartfelt Tattoo to Show Daddy How Much They Love Him 

This creative kid wanted to show their dad how much they cared, but without any money or means of transportation to buy flowers, they had to get creative. They used a variety of colors to create a bouquet that their dad then had tattooed on his arm as a symbol of their love. 


Source: mikemcnabbtattoo/Instagram

Nestled under the wings of a bird, these flowers soar gracefully to the heavens, a reminder to dad of how much their child loves them. A beautiful, heartfelt gesture that dad will treasure forever.


A Superhero of His Own Making 

Lucky Man – that’s the name that comes to mind for this kid, whose dad got a three-leaf clover-bearing idol tattooed on his leg! From now on, when it’s leg day at the gym, his buddies will be in awe of his extra motivation. 


Source: bostonmack/Instagram

We can only imagine how close the tattoo artist got to the original design. But that’s not all – this kid is a future cartoon artist in the making!

Inked for Life: A Father's Show of Love for His Horror-Movie-Loving Kid 

This father has displayed the ultimate show of love for his child – getting tattoos of his kid’s drawings inked onto his body. 


Source: obscurallc/Instagram

From the evil-eyed clown with sharp teeth, to a blue (or purple!) rendition of Frankenstein’s monster, it’s clear that this kid is destined to be the next great horror film director. Surely, this wasn’t what the parents had in mind when they showed their kid “It” at an early age – but it’s a lesson they won’t soon forget!

Three Cats, One Tattoo: A Fearsome and Colorful Creation 

This colorful tattoo showcases real craftsmanship in the body of these three felines. While the one in the back looks fierce and displeased, the other two appear innocent and as if they’ve come for a feed or a cuddle. 


Source: findyoursmile/Instagram

To top it off, there is a special message for Mom and Dad, visible for all to see. Who knew that three cats could look so cool together? Three cats sure are better than none!

A Reminder of Unconditional Love 

A parent’s love for their child is unconditional and nothing makes them feel more appreciated than a thoughtful gesture from their little one. This mother was so touched by the note her child left her that she decided to immortalize it forever by getting it tattooed on her. 

Source: damncoyotechris/Instagram

The tattoo artist did a remarkable job of replicating the handwriting, making it look exactly like the original. This heartfelt reminder of her child’s love will stay with her even when the note is long gone.


Daddy's Tattooed Love Letter! 

No one can deny the power of a parent’s love. For this dad, the love of his child was so strong, it resulted in a permanent reminder! After receiving a special note of love from his kid, this dad didn’t hesitate to get it tattooed on his body. 

Source: voodoo_lady/Instagram

While we don’t know the contents of the rest of the letter, it’s clear that it was filled with love and admiration. 

To find out what one creative child’s interpretation of a superhero mashup looks like, don’t miss the next slide!


Show Off Your Kid's Superhero Artwork! 

Do your kids love superheroes? Now you can show off their artwork with pride! This parent has done just that – permanently inking the Batman/Superman crest on their body, as drawn by their kid. 

Source: big_daddy_babylon/Instagram

Though this particular drawing may not do justice to the crest, it’s certainly a unique and admirable way to show your child’s creativity! With this one-of-a-kind tattoo, you can be sure that your kid’s love for superheroes will stay with you forever – even if they eventually become a Marvel fan!


Daddy's Two Hairy Beards - A Kid's Masterpiece! 

Introducing a masterpiece created by a kid – a figure with a clearly defined body, stick arms and legs, hair, and what looks like a hat, with a giant floating head with googly eyes. 

Source: tattoo_3000/Instagram

It is assumed that the figure on the right is supposed to be Mommy, with long hair and no facial hair. That means the floating head is Daddy – with his two unruly beard hairs firmly in place, even though it’s all he can grow!


Four-Year-Old Skateboarder Honors His "Dude" with Tattoo 

This kid may have corrected a spelling mistake, but did he mean to honor his “dude” or “dad” in this message! Harrison is four years old and ready to conquer the streets with his skateboard. 

Source: inkaholics_llc/Instagram

His parents must be proud of the colorful ink, complete with the little imperfections that make it unique. Every time dad looks at his arm, he’ll be reminded of the love his son feels for his dude of a dad.


Preserving Sweet Memories of Young Harrison 

Everyone knows that birthdays are a big deal to little kids, so when Harrison turned four and put it in writing, this parent decided to commemorate the milestone permanently with this tattoo!

Source: danny_birch_tattoos/Instagram

While it is unclear where the tattoo is, what’s important is that the sweet memory of four-year-old Harrison will now remain forever with his loving parents. As Harrison grows up and moves out, this tattoo will be a reminder of the little Harrison that once was.


Four Kiddos, Four Unique Handwritings: A Tale of a Loving Family 

Four siblings, four unique stories, and four different handwriting styles. Benjamin is the youngest, with his cute and bubbly handwriting, while Kristian has the neatest penmanship. Addalyn is the most creative of them all, and Damian has his own distinct style. 

Source: ericajoan.artlife/Instagram

As the family grows, the parents make sure that each of their kids feel equally loved and that there are no favorites amongst them, affording each child their own space alongside their siblings on the arm of this parent.


Mom Gets Inked with Her Kid's Drawing 

When Mom decided to get a tattoo, she didn’t go for some generic design – she opted for something special. Her kid had drawn a picture, and Mom decided to get it inked on her shoulder. 

Source: sogloriousithurts/imgur

Despite some anatomical inaccuracies, the end result was still pretty. All that was missing was a flower, which was added to complete the look. 

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A Stormtrooper Aimed Straight for Our Hearts 

This kid loves Star Wars villains so much that he produced a drawing of his take on them. Despite the fact that most stormtroopers are notoriously terrible shots, this one was different – it fired a shot of love and accuracy straight into our hearts. 

Source: tattoopuppy/reddit

The drawing was so good that his dad found a space for it on his already heavily decorated arm, and it’s now a permanent reminder of his kid’s admiration for these science fiction villains.


Daddy, I Love You: A Lasting Reminder of A Father's Love 

This dad wanted to ensure he never forgot what it feels like to hear his child say “Daddy, I love you”. So, he got these most meaningful words tattooed on his arm, in the perfect spot to continually remind him of child’s love for him. 

Source: reddit

The simple and sweet message of love is all that matters – a reminder of the special bond between a father and their child that will hopefully last forever.


Check Out This Cute Creative Animal! 

This little girl’s imagination has no bounds! She created this unique animal that looks like a mix between a lion and giraffe. It’s either getting a shower from the leaf above it or trying to shelter from the rain. 

Source: doopercooper/reddit

Her dad even got it tattooed on his body and made one small change – he moved the little green flower to the other side. 

If you thought this animal was amazing, wait until you see the next one!


Aidan's Feathered Friend 

Aidan’s creativity knows no bounds! He has a remarkable idea of what he believes birds should look like – four legs, bright rainbow colored feathers, a neck resembling a carrot stick and a beak that looks like it’s perfect for pecking. 

Source: inkthor/Instagram

Big shout out to the tattooist for their most accurate depiction of Aidan’s drawing. This one was definitely an extra special way to honor a wonderfully creative little boy!


A Four-Year-Old’s Unstoppable Imagination 

Four-year-old Luke loves fast cars and monsters. We can all relate to the childhood memories of racing Hot Wheels cars around the house. But what’s truly remarkable is the level of detail that Luke puts into his drawings. 

Source: artofdarrenmillar/Instagram

His car looks like the fastest car on the road, ready to take on any challenger. And his monster is always ready to pounce, mouth open and ready to eat. Luke’s imagination is truly unstoppable!


A Parent's Love for their Child, Immortalized in Ink! 

A father’s or mother’s unconditional love for their child is something that cannot be put into words. And one parent recently put it into ink! This tattoo shows an animal, which may be a mouse or a rabbit, drawn by their little one. 

Source: olliekeabledesigns/Instagram

Though it may not be the most well-drawn piece of art, it is the most meaningful and heart-warming tattoo you will ever see. The child who drew it must be the happiest of all, to know that their parent cherishes them so much that they had their drawing inked on them!


A Chilling Sight: These Kids Will Give You Nightmares! 

Have you ever seen something so chilling that you couldn’t believe your eyes? We certainly experienced that when we first laid eyes on this tattoo, which we initially thought was the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” monkeys. 

Source: aquilespacmanreyes/Instagram

But upon closer inspection, we realized how wrong we were. It was a trio of little monsters, arms outstretched ready to embrace. What happens next is anyone’s guess! The kid who drew the original could be destined for the horror industry. We guarantee you’ll be having nightmares tonight after seeing this spine-tingling sight.


A Father's Love Endures Through a Son's Tattoo

Kai’s life is simple yet full of love. His house stands tall with a pathway leading to the door, which is open to all who wish to stay. To show his son just how much he loves him, Kai’s dad got a tattoo of his creation on his arm.

Source: MyCabbagesForYourUpdoots/imgur

On the left is a sketch of what looks to be Kai’s own design, and our hearts can’t help but fill with warmth. A father’s love for his son is truly something special, now embodied in ink for all to see.