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Kim Kardashian Posts Rare Photo With Husband Kanye West After Dealing With Public Backlash

Controversial celebrity Kim Kardashian turned to Instagram to post a picture of herself with her husband, Kanye West, and the public had plenty to discuss it…

The couple had a troublesome time during the past couple of weeks.

First, West’s concerning presidential bid appeared to come to an end… and the country was not surprised at his loss.

On the other hand, Kardashian was involved in a public controversy due to his recent extravagant birthday bash.

Her fans were not impressed when she decided to fly with family and friends to celebrate her birthday on a private island while the world deals with a pandemic.

But despite all the backlash…

The reality star and beauty tycoon chose to share a very rare picture with her rapper husband after the breathtaking election last week. But the public seemed to have varying opinions about it.

Everyone knows that West has a rather interesting behavior.

The rapper was not the type to shy away from letting his opinion be heard. For years, he was part of the headlines for his strange antics.

But this year, he put all his energy into one thing.

Back in July, he declared his intention to run for the presidency.

It is not surprising to see the Yeezy designer toy with the idea of being involved with US politics. During the past years, he showed his support to current President Donald Trump.

He even sat down with Trump in the Oval Office in 2018, where he referred to the President as a “hero” during a strange monologue that aired on TV.

Yet it seems like he is already contented to be in the background, as proven by his unexpected declaration that he is joining the presidential race in 2020.

Not everyone believed that he would do it.

However, West appeared to be serious about his “2020 vision.”

He even appeared in his first campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina, donning a bullet-proof vest. He also had the numbers 2020 shaved in his head.

During that public appearance, the rapper made some split-second policy decisions…including putting his wife and family in humiliation.

First, he disclosed how he and his wife talked about aborting their firstborn daughter North, even if Kardashian never gave her permission to talk about it publicly.

West also acknowledged that his wife might file for divorce after his declaration, but he did not seem to care. He was crying very hard during the speech, making it hard for the public to understand what he was saying.

Because of his announcement, Kardashian was forced to addressed the public to explain her husband’s behavior.

She chose Instagram Stories as her medium to address their fans. In her post, she explained how difficult it is to live with bipolar disorder. But she will do everything that she can to protect her husband and their family.

The public also noted a major point in her statement when she said that her family was “powerless” against him.

Because of the difficult situation, his supporters were not exactly surprised when he seemed to step down from the campaign to reconnect with his family.

But while everyone thought that he backed out from the race…

It was revealed during the last minute that he was back on the campaign trail. He also showed a photo of a ballot where his name was listed as a vice-presidential candidate under the American Independent Party…

During Election Day, he also declared that the very first vote that he ever cast in his entire life was for the person that he trusts the most…himself.

But as the results slowly unfold, West promptly accepted his defeat when he ended up with 60,000 votes across 12 states.

While people expect him to forget about that part of his life, it seems like he has only just begun. He also made it obvious that he plans to run again in 2024.

Meanwhile, Kardashian showed a photo of them together days after the election.

During her controversial birthday trip, the picture was taken, where he was criticized for breaking the country’s coronavirus rules.

People did not mince words when sharing their opinion regarding the image. Some said that West did not seem to enjoy his time during the trip, while others felt that they did not look happy together. Some people also claimed that he was only Photoshopped in the snap to make it appear that he was part of the getaway.


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