Kate Middleton’s Health Challenges: Is it Really Cancer?

By: Kim Seidler | Last updated: Apr 03, 2024

The Monarchy is used to being at the center of attention but recently they have been making headlines and not for the best reasons—both Kate Middleton and King Charles are currently suffering from some wild health struggles. The royal family can’t seem to catch a break these days. 

It has been revealed that Kate Middleton’s health challenges are anything but minor. But what are they exactly? We are about to find out the truth and there is only more to come. Here’s hoping that the rest of the news to come won’t be as bitter. Let us unpack exactly what this means for the Royal Family and the Monarchy as we know it.

Similar But Different Announcements

Although King Charles and Kate Middleton’s health announcements broke at the same time, they had stark differences which reveals exactly how the Monarchy views the news. Late last year when announcing Princess Kate’s surgery they left the announcement vague and said that a “planned abdominal surgery” would take place.


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When announcing the news about the King they elaborated that he would go into surgery for an enlarged prostate which he turned into an opportunity to encourage other men to get preventative check-ups.


Secretive Scenarios Presented to the Public

Kate’s news was revealed only retroactively while the news regarding King Charles was revealed even before he went in for the procedure. Since King Charles became King, his role in the country and what he symbolizes has become more predominant and holds greater importance.


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That said if the Palace became as secretive about his health struggles and procedures as they did Kate’s then the public’s perception may have gone to the worst case scenarios. This strategy is speculated to be an attempt to keep the public calm, but it might be doing the opposite. Especially with what we now know about Kate Middleton’s health.

The Start of Kate's Struggle

It was first reported that the Princess of Wales was battling an undisclosed illness for which she had surgery. The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton’s health challenges come during an already difficult time as the King goes through health problems of his own. When it rains, it pours, especially in England.


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As Prince William steps up for his family and attempts to strengthen and take over where he can, these struggles bring with it new complications. Kate Middleton first went for abdominal surgery earlier this year and has seemingly taken a break from the public eye as a result.

Mysterious Confirmation

The Princess suffered a health scare but the Palace confirmed, without going into detail. They first stated that the undisclosed health issue was noncancerous and her abdominal surgery was a preventative precaution. According to formal statements from the Palace, the surgery was deemed a success, but they may have jumped the gun.


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Before returning home for the rest of her recovery she was detained at the hospital for about 10 to 14 days. It was speculated that the public won’t see much of Kate in the coming weeks. The Palace noted that as a result of Kate’s surgery and her much-needed rest, she will likely only resume her duties fully until after the Easter holidays.

Photoshop Mishap

In an attempt to protect the image of the monarchy and the royal family, they may have taken “appearances” too far and too early. The Royals published a family portrait of what appears to be William, Kate, and their children, but not without some discrepancy if you look closely.

Source: Prince William / @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

It is speculated that Kate’s full return to their royal engagements will take longer than usual. Unfortunately, as the public cannot get a clear and straight answer to what the exact situation of her health is Kate has begun to lose control of her narrative, and wild online rumors have been relentless.


What has Really Been Going On?

In order to take back her narrative she had to be transparent. We will never know the true story of the “Photoshop mishap,” but Kate allegedly disclosed that she was simply playing around with the software as she enjoys photography and editing in her spare time. We have other theories but that aside the real news is what exactly has the Royal Family been hiding regarding Kate’s health.

Source: Princess Catherine / @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

The Princess of Wales eventually delivered the news that she is indeed battling a life-threatening form of cancer. At first the family hesitated in disclosing these struggles, but they reached a point where  it needed to be addressed.


A Royal Address

The Princess of Wales felt that it was time to address the matter, especially with the ongoing scrutiny and the ongoing conspiracy theories. She posted a formal video addressing the matter on social media.

Source: Princess Catherine / @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

She began by thanking everyone for their support during this difficult time. She specified that although her preventative abdominal surgery was successful, upon further tests it was discovered that cancer was indeed present.


Thinking of the Children

Despite Catherine (Kate) Middleton not answering questions about her condition in great detail like how far along her illness is she stressed the importance of dealing with matters semi-privately, as much as one can while in the public eye, for the sake of her young children.

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Princess Catherine shares three children with Prince William, all of whom are in the line of succession to the throne, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.


Shockingly Difficult Months

Despite the public not knowing the extent of Kate’s struggle what we do know according to her social media statements is that she is currently in the early stages of treatment.

Source: Princess and Prince of Wales / @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Kate emphasizes the shock after discovering her health status and stresses how difficult the last few months have been.


A Positive Approach

However difficult this news may be for Kate, her family, friends, and the public she chooses to end her sentiments on a positive note. She says via her Instagram video, “I am well and getting stronger every day.”

Source: Princess Catherine / @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Even though the Palace has yet to disclose the exact matters surrounding Kate’s health they have issued statements that reiterate that they are confident that she will fully recover. Whether or not this is indeed the case, only time will tell.


King Charles Joins in Health Battle

Moreover, in early February, Buckingham Palace also announced that King Charles III had been diagnosed with an unnamed “form” of cancer, sending the news world into a frenzy. This addition to Kate’s challenges doesn’t make it any easier on anyone.

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The longest-serving heir apparent in British history is no novice to uncomfortable media coverage. However, his recent health status has dominated the tabloid conversations worldwide, sparking great concerns about the future of the Monarchy.


What's Next? Public Damage Control

With Charles focusing on treatment, many are wondering what happens now. Fervent debates, anxious anticipation, and instant damage control to set the public at ease have unfolded rather quickly—as the Royal family’s future hangs in a precarious balance.

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What the unfolding narrative of this royal bombshell will be, and what the implications are for the royal family seems to be on everyone’s mind. Aside from this, the King has a huge following, and this news has saddened many. His ascension to the throne was a joyous celebration, and this latest news has caused quite a stir.


The Patient, Charitable Prince

King Charles patiently waited in line for the throne since he was three years old. As much as a three-year-old can even wait for anything patiently. During that time, he fulfilled his royal role with steadfast dedication. But his time as King may be numbered more than he thought. It has been hard to keep up with Royal appearances as health challenges continue to take their toll.

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Over the past 40 decades, Charles has been a champion for charity, having founded over 18 charities and personally supporting more than 400 organizations as president. From the military to diabetes, he loves helping people and causes in need. His quest for kindness extends most notably to the environment, where he is famously known for campaigning against climate change.


Charles in Charge

In 2022, the former Prince ascended the throne after the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was a day marked with sadness for the death of the Queen but also happiness for a new era with the sovereignty of King Charles. Although now this era may be cut short as King Charles continues invasive and complicated health procedures to save his life first undergoing a prostate procedure, in what would be only the beginning. Surprisingly the Palace has been more transparent than in the past, only adding to the concern that something is awry. 

(Original Caption) Wearing gold coronet and robe and holding sceptre of his authority, Prince Charles, newly invested Prince of Wales, sits with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II of England, and his father Prince Philip during ceremonies at Caernarvon Castle here July 1st.

In his short royal reign, things were already off to a rocky start, with Prince Harry’s ‘tell-all’ book release, family feuds, and the not-so-happy “anti-Queen Camilla” fans—all laced with the grief of his dear mother’s death. In recent months, whispers about King Charles’s health have become louder, adding kindling to the bubbling fire.


Tabloid Mania

A few weeks ago, the tabloids had a ball. “The King Has Cancer,” “Charles and His Cancer,” and the newspapers and journalists were all over it.

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Besides the sensationalized versions, the limited facts were given in a formal statement from Buckingham Palace informing the world that the King was diagnosed with a ‘form’ of cancer that was discovered during his recent routine treatment for an enlarged prostate.


Royal Intrigue Reigns

The cryptic statement went on to explain that His Majesty “does not have prostate cancer, and has commenced treatment and will post-pone public-facing duties for the time being.”

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As history has shown—royal intrigue reigns. Should his health decline, it would mark a significant moment in history, as Charles may need to pass on the crown, and the Brits may be hailing a new King before he could settle in on the throne. If this is the case, who takes his place? Or if it’s just a matter of stepping in while he recovers, who carries on the King’s duties?


There's Still Work to Be Done

Barely nine months into his coronation—the King’s illness has indeed rocked royalists and piqued the interest of many non-monarchists. Because let’s face it, it leaves quite a few questions…

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While the King has been advised to scale back on specific engagements and responsibilities to rest and recuperate—the world must go on, and so must the King’s work. With Charles’s medical team no doubt being the best in the realm, he is believed to be able to manage ‘light duties’ in the foreseeable interim.


A New Normalcy

His Highness will continue his constitutional role as Head of State; therefore, signing his famous signature across a myriad of documents and attending private meetings will still be on the cards, as will his weekly cup of tea and catch-ups with the British prime minister.

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However, the public appearances will need a new star for the interim. Not only does this maintain a ‘normality’ for the public, but it will ensure that the King’s good work can continue without interruption. Therefore, whose foot fits the King’s shoes, and who can keep things in order?


The Next Steps

The new royal shoe ambassador may fall to more than one person. Aside from Charles’s wife, Queen Camilla, and his son and heir, Prince William, a prestigious group of ‘working royals’ are ready and waiting to tackle these situations.

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The ‘working royals’ are a regal group of Dukes, Duchesses, Princes, Princesses, Lords, and Ladies, who are all highly skilled at being… royal and trained in the tasks it involves. But if Charles cannot perform his constitutional duties, it gets a bit tricker, as only specific individuals can wear those embellished shoes.


To Be or Not to Be: Head of State

If His Highness can no longer perform the Head of State obligations, then an elite group of authorized ‘counselors of state “can carry out some of these tasks. But not all.

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Interestingly, perhaps King Charles has some divine gift of clairvoyance. In 2022, not long after his crowning, he asked Parliament to change the Regency Act of 1937 to make it easier to delegate royal duties in certain circumstances—such as the one the King now faces.


Who Can Carry The Royal Load

The King requested that he be allowed to expand the pool of eligible counselors so that he could only pick from ‘working royals’ rather than general ‘state counselors’.

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This means if Charles cannot sign those documents and meet with the prime minister, then either the Queen, Prince William, Princess Beatrice, Princess Anne, or Prince Edward can step in—as well as other close royal family members. There may be protocols in place, but the unknown still looms large.


The Uncertain Impact on the Monarchy

As the King faces uncertainty with his health, the stability of the Monarchy has become a hot topic of conversation. With Charles potentially needing to step back from his royal duties, the institution may face a little shakeup.

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However, the Royal family is no stranger to bumps in the road—and has a plan to make the road as smooth as possible in this situation. If this scenario unfolds, the protocol of succession comes into play. So, what does that look like?


The Succession Protocol

The much-loved apparent heir to the throne, Prince William, is first of the ranks, then we have sweet little Prince George (who is not an option as he is still enjoying primary school), followed by his sister Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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While this genetic line of duty offers a glimpse into the future of the Monarchy, it is the heir apparent, Prince William, who will most likely have to don the royal robes and have an early taste of what it’s like being King. A role that he has been preparing for most of his young life.


Prince William—The Future King

All eyes are watching the eldest son of King Charles, Prince William, as he emerges as the potential successor to take on his father’s role if necessary. The Prince was born for this and has undergone extensive training and preparation for his future role.

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It’s a weighty responsibility, but Prince William has always cut a figure of strength, reliability, and relatability, making him a bit of a favorite among die-hard British royal fans.


The Pin-up Prince

If you didn’t know, this royal boy was at the center of a historic hysteria called “Willsmania” in the 90s. Likened to the same frenzied vibes that the Beatles experienced, Prince William used to leave hordes of screaming fans (mostly girls) in his wake back in the day.

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The world seemed to recognize that the young Prince embodied the best qualities of his late mother, Princess Diana, and his father, the then Prince Charles. He was lauded as the perfect combination for a royal heir, plus his good looks were admired by many a besotted fan.


William-mania Comeback

While the dashing Prince has now hung up his heart-throb boots, the love for him has continued, along with his presence at the heart of the royal family. And now, as a senior royal who may need to step into his father’s shoes, Willsmania may make a comeback.

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However, the Prince may be distraught as Kate, the Princess of Wales, battles her own health complications. Recently, the heir returned to public duties, smiling and soothing some anxiety but this may be temporary as it all depends on the status of Kate’s health as well.


The Wayward Prince

With this turn of unexpected events—Prince Harry has once again given the media a stash of juicy fodder for the papers.

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Will his father’s health scare signal a possible thaw in tensions, or will it ignite further fires of hostility? Either way, it presents an interesting twist in this tale and an opportunity to build some bridges back into the public’s heart hopefully.


Harry's Homecoming

The King personally told his two sons of his cancer diagnosis, and 24 hours later, Harry was seated on a London-bound flight (alone) to visit his father at Sandringham Estate, where he is currently receiving treatment as an outpatient.

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While Harry’s visit didn’t include a brotherly catch-up, this peace offering in the form of a 5,400-mile-long journey home may be a positive sign that this royal fracture may heal.


The Royal Feud

Prince William and Harry’s relationship has teetered on a rocky ledge since Harry and Megan’s shock announcement of “stepping back from royal duties” hit the headlines in 2020, followed by the controversial move to the US.

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The brotherly rift widened and became more treacherous with the release of the hugely popular Ophra interview, followed by the Netflix series, and then the icing on the cake—Harry’s memoir “Spare.” As royalists and the world closely follow the King’s unfolding story, they also hold onto the hope that the once tight-knit siblings can put aside their differences as they focus on their father’s health and perhaps find a way to repair the wounds of the past.


What Now for King Charles

We know the King has chosen to move from Highgrove House (his primary home) and is retreating to recover and receive ongoing treatment at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England. Sandringham is one of the numerous sprawling grand country residences of the royals.

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Eerily, it is the same location where Charles’s grandfather, George VI, and great-grandfather, George V, passed away. However, the King is receiving expert care and is reported to be “doing very well,” so there are high hopes he will fully recover. As the type of cancer is unknown, this poses the question of a few possible scenarios in the King’s Cancer journey.


Significance of The King's Diagnosis

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) is a prevalent condition found in men between the ages of 51-65. Very rarely does this develop into cancer. It is easy to detect and treat.

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However, if the enlarged prostate is malignant, this increases the risk of the cancer spreading. Charles was a lucky King indeed, for the detection of his cancer was not related to his prostate but was discovered during his treatment. Therefore, it has triggered speculation of what it could be due to the location of the procedure.


Theories and Possibilities

Shrouded in secrecy, the King’s admission of his cancer has fueled the rumor mill and left the obvious question floating in the air. What type of cancer ails the King?

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Given the fact that cancer was found during the procedure for his benign prostate enlargement—bladder, rectal, and testicular cancer are the most popular theories of diagnosis. Whatever is ailing the King, the consensus is that, as it was caught early, a favorable outcome is probable. And given his healthy lifestyle, he will have all the superfood power to help him.


The Kings Royal Recipe for Wellness

So, what does a royal well-being program look like? Apart from the usual suspects, such as elite day spas, massages, and therapists on tap. King Charles has his own recipe for wellness.

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The earth-loving sustainable campaigner King—is on trend. He has avoided the ancestral diets of rich meats and decadent foods and swapped them for plants. Yes, the King loves his veggies! His Majesty reportedly eats a primarily plant-based diet and doesn’t mind a day or two of fasting. The avid horse rider also has a strict daily exercise routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and running.


Holistic Health For His Highness

It is well-known that Charles is an advocate of alternative and complementary medicine. So, perhaps His Hippy-At-Heart Highness may include some of these practices in his treatment regime.

Source: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/Cancer Research UK

The King’s admiration for alternative medicines and the fact that his cancer diagnosis is very much in the public eye has left some wondering if this will escalate the King’s request for the British health ministers to adopt a more holistic approach to healthcare.


The Silver Lining

Will Charles’s situation also increase support for cancer awareness, research, and treatment? With cancer being the No 2. cause of death in the world’s population, perhaps the silver lining to the King’s diagnosis could be a boost in the much-needed resources to help fight this disease.

Source: H. Abernathy/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Charity work is one of the main pastimes for the royals and one they take very seriously. Many members of the royal family have contributed much time and money over the years to cancer research and to help those suffering from the disease.


Smile, Wave and Carry On

While the King’s health as well as Kate’s remain unknown as well as the future progression of events, such recent event demonstrates the Monarchy’s ability to weather any storms with resilience. It is a natural part of being royal and in the public eye.

Source: Source: Kirsty Wigglesworth - WPA Pool/Getty Images | Princess Catherine / @princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

As both the King and the Princess of Wales seemingly confront their challenges head-on, still smiling and waving to the world there is hope to be felt. The support for them pours in from all corners of the globe. We hope they both fully recover and that the walls of Buckingham Palace can stand at ease once again.