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Kanye West Verifies Voting for Himself in 2020 US Presidential Election

In probably the most predictable Kanye West move of the year, the rapper turned to Twitter to reveal that he voted for the very first time in his entire life…

But – somehow expected – he did not vote for either the Republican candidate Donald Trump or the Democrat bet Joe Biden.

Kanye actually voted for himself.

No one is surprised, though?

Yet it doesn’t mean that his ridiculous Election Day posts on Twitter didn’t shock everyone.

Views about the “Gold Digger” rapper’s social media announcement had been divided. Some were lambasting his tweets as audacious, while others were highly concerned.

But how can anyone start understanding Kanye’s behavior?

The rapper and celebrity fashion designer has never been afraid of being outspoken. In the previous years, he had always been in the news for his outlandish and mind-boggling antics.

But for 2020, his goal is focused on one thing.

While the country is celebrating the 4th of July, the Yeezy owner-designer suddenly announced that he would run for the presidency.

Kanye has been involving himself with American politics during recent years.

In 2018, the rapper proved that he was one of Trump’s most devoted supporters when he sat down with the president in the White House. He declared his support and referred to Trump as a “hero” in a strange, random televised speech that prompted numerous parodies.

But he made another unexpected move when he posted his intentions to become the next US president during the nation’s Independence Day.

In his Twitter post, Kanye announced that he is running for the presidency.

While he has been toying with the idea for years…

No one really thought that he would actually do it.

Some people were very vocal about wanting to have a candidate with political experience, education, and military and legal knowledge.

Yet no matter what the bashers think, Kanye became serious about his “2020 vision.”

Shortly after his social media announcement, he hosted his first-ever rally for his presidential campaign.

But his first campaign started very chaotic and troubling.

The rapper, who wore a bullet-proof vest and sporting a new hairstyle with the numbers 2020 shaved into his head, began his campaign run in Charleston, South Carolina. During the event, Kanye seemed to come up with a variety of policy decisions on the spot. He also deliberately humiliated his wife and their family along the way.

First, he told the public that he and his wife Kim Kardashian talked about the possibility of abortion when they found out that she was pregnant with their first child, North…

And even if Kim did not permit him to disclose the private information to the public, the rapper did not seem to care.

The musician-businessman ranted through tears when recalling the event, saying that they contemplated the abortion for months.

He also acknowledged the possibility that Kim may divorce him after speaking about the incident in public…

Yet, he still didn’t seem to care.

He also said that Kim decided to carry on with the pregnancy and gave birth to North, even if he admitted that he did not want to. His wife decided on her own and protected their child.

Kanye was sobbing so hard at that time, which made it extremely difficult to decipher what he was saying…

He obviously showed signs that he was feeling a lot of pain, which prompted many people to question his intention to run for the presidency.

His wife was forced to make a statement about Kanye’s unexplainable behavior…

On her Instagram Stories, the reality star explained that Kanye has bipolar disorder, making him difficult to understand at the time. She also pointed out that people close to the rapper know that some of his words are not aligned with his real intentions. In the end, she asked the media and the public to show compassion and empathy for Kanye and their family to help them get through the ordeal.

But one of the key points in her statement that stood out for her fans was when she talked about how her family was “powerless” against Kanye.

It was clearly a very challenging time for Kanye and his family.

So his supporters were not exactly surprised when he decided to postpone his campaign to spend some time to reconcile with his loved ones.

It gradually kept his presidential campaign under the carpet…

And replaced it with a heated face-off between the Republican and Democrat candidates.

Yet behind the scenes…

The rapper’s campaign continues…it was even revealed last week that he was back on the election trail.

He was actually running as a vice-presidential candidate under the American Independent Party.

But he also posted a photo of the ballot card on Twitter with his name written in the write-in section.

Some people actually voted for the rapper…

Including himself.

So in his most precedented move for this year, Kanye admitted in his Twitter post that he voted for the person he trusts the most…



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