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Jude Law Addresses Johnny Depp’s Controversial Exit From ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Movie

The world talked about Johnny Depp’s firing from “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald.” Now, his co-star Jude Law finally weighed-in on the controversy.

Here are the events that took place before the scandalous casting changes…

Everything began in 2011.

After working on “The Rum Diary,” Depp and his co-star Amber Heard started dating. His relationship with the Texas-born model-actress began after his split with his long-term partner and mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis.

During that time, the couple seemed to have what it takes to have a lasting relationship.

The pair looked perfect together.

Depp and Heard were often seen having a good time together. They would even grace red carpets as a couple, where they appeared so deeply in love with each other.

In 2014, they took the relationship to another level by announcing their engagement.

The couple tied the knot in February 2015 in a simple private event in their Los Angeles home one year later.

But instead of having a fruitful marriage, the couple’s relationship eventually became shaky.

A few months after the wedding, the media reported that Depp had a hand injury after smashing windows and bottles during a heated clash with Heard.

More reports about abuse between the couple also emerged for the next year. It is the reason why the public was no longer surprised when Heard officially filed for divorce and temporary restraining order against the award-winning actor in March 2016. They only spend 15 months together as husband and wife.

During that time, the divorce did not seem out of the ordinary…

Most news outlets claimed that Heard cited “irreconcilable differences” when filing the divorce petition.

But shortly after their separation…

Heard revealed that Depp assaulted her.

It was a very serious allegation against the actor. But the public got confused when the actress decided to retract her allegations one day before Depp faces the court for the assault case.

However, it did not stop the fans from going against the actor.

Heard told her fans that Depp hit her several times. She even showed videos of him angrily hurling a wine glass across a room.

The actress also wrote an article in The Washington Post to discuss her experience with violence and domestic abuse.

While she never referred to her ex-husband in her article, she mentioned when it happened, which was two years before the article was published. It coincided with the time when she and Depp got divorced.

The article made Heard receive a lot of support from fans…

She was even declared an “Ambassador for Women’s Issues” by the American Civil Liberties Union.

But while Depp vehemently denied all the allegations, his career suffered a lot because of the scandal.

Not all directors want to hire him for roles…

And appearing in the “Fantastic Beast” sequel received a major backlash.

In 2018, he was also dropped from the “Pirated of the Caribbean” movie franchise, where he gave life to the legendary role of Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney’s announcement came four days after Heard’s article came out.

But Depp chose to fight back to clear his reputation.

In 2019, the iconic actor submitted a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard. He also presented evidence that he was abused in the relationship and not what his ex-wife painted him to be.

Based on the lawsuit, everything that Heard revealed was false.

He also enumerated all of his ex-wife’s abuses since the beginning of the marriage. It includes some kicking and punching. He also said that Heard always staged her attacks.

The court documents mentioned that Heard repeatedly threw various objects to hit his body, including soda cans, heavy bottles, burning candles, and cans of paint thinners that injured him severely.

The Daily Mail also released an audio where the actress was heard admitting that he attacked Depp.

Based on the audio clip, the actress was taunting her ex-husband.

There are also other cases filed in connection to the couple, including the 2018 libel case filed by Depp against The Sun for calling him a “wife-beater.”

The ex-couple both attended the three-week trial.

During the court proceedings, with camp played dirty by sharing compromising photos of each other. These incidents cause more drama in the already difficult legal drama.

But last week, Depp’s misfortunes seemed to continue when his case against the newspaper and its editor, Dan Wootton.

Because of the loss, Depp must not pay a staggering amount to The Sun.

It does not end there, since Warner Bros. forced the actor to resigned from his role as Grindelwald in the “Fantastic Beast” franchise. He shared the news through his Instagram account.

Depp’s fans were obviously unhappy about the turn of events. Plenty of them slammed the film outfit for the decision and accused them of “sexism.”

Many people are also confident about the actor’s innocence. Some even launched an online petition to demand justice for the actor and have Heard removed from “Aquaman 2.”

At the moment, the petition posted on reached 1,341,000 signatures.

But based on Heard’s recent statements, Warner Bros. has yet to take any actions against her role in the superhero movie. She even claimed that she was excited to start filming next year. But some fans pointed out that the production company has yet to make any announcements about the production schedule.

Fans criticized the fact that Depp was dropped immediately in the “Fantastic Beast” movie but did not do anything when it comes to Heard.

Even Jude Law, Depp’s co-star in the movie adaptation of JKK. Rowling’s novel shared his piece about the casting decision.

In an interview with Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Law revealed that the situation was “unusual.” He also shared that Depp only had an entire day of filming on his own for the movie.

Rumors claimed that Mads Mikkelsen would replace Depp in the titular role, but Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the news.


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