Jimmy Fallon Requested Wedding Mishaps From Twitter Users And They Delivered

By: Travis Ward | Last updated: Oct 05, 2023

Weddings may seem like a breeze, but those who’ve been there know the day is not without its challenges. From slight mishaps to massive snafus, most couples find themselves navigating an array of surprises. 

Fortunately for us, Jimmy Fallon’s audience shared their unforgettable wedding blunders, from heartwarming to cringe-worthy. So sit back and relish these comical “I do” moments, and either glean insights for your big day or be grateful that yours went more smoothly.

Gravity Strikes the Newlyweds

On your wedding day, love should take center stage and joyful moments should be immortalized by the camera’s lens.


Source: Twitter/@patman_vs_robin

In one couple’s case, they experienced an unexpected twist. As they sealed their vows with a passionate kiss, the groom envisioned sweeping his bride off her feet in a romantic exit down the aisle. Yet, fate (and muscle power) had other plans, leading to a less-than-graceful tumble that left everyone gasping.

A Sister's Candid Kiss Reaction

In a world where cameras are constantly rolling, it’s crucial to remain poised, especially at intimate events like weddings. One wouldn’t want to be caught making a face at an inopportune moment.


Source: Twitter/@codytveit

While many siblings can probably empathize with her feelings, a subtler response may have been more appropriate. This woman’s candid reaction was captured during her brother’s nuptials as the groom and his bride shared a loving kiss. Although we’re not quite sure why she wouldn’t expect this to happen at her brother’s wedding, we can’t say we blame her.

A Groom's Unforgettable Wardrobe Blunder

Clothing catastrophes can strike anywhere, even at weddings. We’ve seen torn seams, lost buttons, and ill-fitting attire. But to mess up due to negligence? That’s on another level. One groom mistakenly donned the wrong suit, which was too tight and clashed with his bride’s gown. 


Source: Twitter/@Jubilant_Jenna

This fashion faux has us pondering if the bride wore an unconventional dress color, as the standard black and white tux usually pairs well with a white wedding gown.

Grannies United: Fashion Serendipity

You’d think this was orchestrated, but if not, it’s a fabulous fluke! All three grandmothers arrived at the wedding sporting identical dresses in the same hue. Perhaps they share a favorite shop or have a telepathic connection?


Source: Twitter/@aacampisi

Thankfully, they embraced the serendipity with grace instead of showing any resentment. We’ve seen people in matching outfits attempt to avoid each other, but these cheerful grannies reveled in their harmonious fashion statement.

Paw-Some Dog Tired After the Big Day

It’s no secret that weddings can leave attendants tired and stressed at the end of the day. The couple, their family members, guests, the event planner, and hired workers all end up exhausted after the big day, and pets are no exception.

Source: Twitter/@animallifepics

This cute furbaby might have pranced around in pure happiness, celebrating her owners’ nuptials. Maybe she even got a ton of treats at the event and fell into a food coma. Whatever the case, we can’t blame her for snoozing on that soft, fluffy wedding dress.


Didn't See That One Coming

Did you ever hear about when meteorologists organized a charity soccer match, only to have rain ruin the occasion? Like that famous joke, we can’t stop wondering how on earth you’d set up your event for failure.

Source: Twitter/@jritka

With a mistake this unforgivable, we’re thankful the couple was all smiles, and everyone looked happy. That’s really something that the event planner can be grateful for since unhappy clients can sometimes leave bad reviews, which can ruin a company’s reputation.


One Mess After Another

First, the bride must be grateful that she didn’t opt for a white wedding dress. The stains would’ve stood out like a sore thumb, especially that mouthful of coffee. Thankfully, her friends were all smiles and shared a few laughs with her. There’s even a photographer trying to capture the moment.

Source: Twitter/@ellenpaige

After the second time, we bet she’d give everyone a wide berth so there wouldn’t be a third blow-drying session. So, while this is a wedding failure, it’s not all that bad and definitely worth remembering.


The Icing on the Fake Cake

Imagine waking up to what is supposed to be the best day of your life and finding out that the expensive cake you ordered had melted overnight. Disastrous!

Source: Twitter/@sakallur

We’re still amazed at the bridal party’s quick thinking and outstanding problem-solving skills. How they managed to salvage the situation and save the day should be studied in event-planning schools. We just hope no one tried to sneak a bite of the fake cake.


A Memorable Best Man Speech

Does this mean the future bride and groom should rehearse wedding speeches before the big day? While it may be the perfect solution to avoid being caught off guard, you’d be removing the magic of spontaneity from the event.

Source: Twitter/@yourbizsucks

Also, we all know weddings can get dull from the slow dancing and chit-chat here and there. So, thumbs up to the best man for giving an unforgettable speech. While we think he went a bit too far with the joke, there’s no way you wouldn’t burst out laughing if you were present for both occasions.


Cleaning Up on Your Special Day

Brides and grooms anticipate special treatment on their wedding day. Throughout the festivities, they are essentially royalty and the center of attention. But for one pair, this wasn’t quite the case.

Source: Twitter/@jonathan_carone

Due to monetary constraints, the newlyweds had to clean their wedding venue themselves. Even though it seems out of the ordinary, we wager that their love for one another outweighs any difficulties they had to endure.


The Wrong Shade Caused Major Drama

Wedding ceremonies unite two lovers in an unbreakable bond and assist the two families in forging wholesome relationships. After meeting at a relative’s wedding, in-laws frequently become close friends, but it’s also possible for them to develop bitter animosity.

Source: Twitter/@SadlyCatless

The family got into a major fight after a cousin dyed her bridesmaid shoes the wrong shade of peach. Was this really a big enough deal to cause such an enormous rift? We wouldn’t think so, but weddings have a way of bringing out the worst in people.


It's Called Being "Fashionably Late"

We suggest you confirm the event’s start time so you don’t arrive late. Sadly, no one could do anything in this situation because the bride and groom did not take the appropriate steps to prevent something like this from happening.

Source: Twitter/@ E_ONeill1024

The time changed by an hour due to daylight saving time, but the couple neglected to mention this important information in their invitations. It probably made their ceremony a rather small and intimate affair.


I Can't Help Falling for You

This must be the funniest wedding day catastrophe on this list. Even if staircase pictures are beautiful, everyone knows you need to take extra precautions to avoid falling to your death. However, this pair obviously had different ideas. 

Source: Twitter/@princej92

This conjures up so many questions. The groom likely tumbled down the stairs after this shot was taken. Let’s hope he wasn’t hurt.


I Feel the Same Way

It might be difficult to express your emotions to a romantic partner. Because of this, it takes couples several months to write the ideal vows for their wedding. However, some people are completely unprepared.

Source: Twitter/@jmfndizzle

Even though “ditto” captured what she meant to say, her soon-to-be spouse might have been a bit let down by her very short and sweet vows.


Maybe Her Marriage Was on the Rocks?

The tradition of catching the bouquet at weddings has long existed to predict who the next lucky woman to marry will be. However, widespread media depictions of this moment have frequently shown women aggressively attempting to catch the flowers.

Source: Twitter/@geekymina

A married woman expressing a great desire to catch the bouquet raises concerns about her motivations. Was she looking for a way out of her marriage, or was she just anxious to show off her catching abilities?


A Love Story and a Wedding Disaster

The expression “swept off your feet” frequently refers to the sensation of being carried away by love, which is a common experience for people on their wedding day. Being swept off their feet, on the other hand, took on a whole new meaning for this freshly married couple.

Source: Twitter/@dnp_816

The groom was so in love that he decided to tip his bride for a kiss. Unfortunately, the bride was wearing high heels, which caused her to stumble and fall. The question is: Are heels worth the risk?


No Room for Relaxation, Just Punches

Imagine the groom and his best man, together for years, embodying the ultimate bromance. The night before the wedding is supposed to be relaxing, but instead, they get into a physical fight.

Source: Twitter/@19paris

What may have triggered this scuffle? The groom and his best man usually symbolize trust and brotherhood. So we wish we could uncover the juicy details of what led to this duo throwing fists at each other on the night before the wedding!


Identical but With Wildly Different Tastes

A disastrous catering blunder: Two dishes that appear identical but taste entirely different, with no labels. A poor woman scoops up a hefty mouthful of wasabi, mistaking it for guacamole. Anyone who’s ever had sushi can only imagine how her mouth must have felt at that moment.

Source: Twitter/@lriesheik

What dishes were they serving at that wedding? How do you have guacamole and wasabi side by side? Our taste buds are tingling with anticipation as we try to unravel this food mystery.


An Adorable Puppy Stole Her Attention

Capturing every moment at a wedding is crucial. Nonetheless, one couple made the mistake of entrusting their precious memories to an inexperienced videographer—their young niece!

Source: Twitter/@af62004

So, while the rest of the wedding party was enjoying the festivities, the little girl was more interested in capturing videos of an adorable puppy than the bride and groom’s special day. We can’t help but wonder: Why on earth would you trust a kid to capture such an important event? It kind of seems like their own fault.


Vehicle Error

When it comes to weddings, the car you drive off in is almost as important as the dress you wear. Some people even go all out and rent a vintage car to make a grand exit. But the real fun is decorating the car to fit the occasion—think streamers, lights, and a “Just Married” sign. 

Source: Twitter/@Kevinh_rn

However, it’s essential to ensure you have the right car. Unfortunately for these newlyweds, the wedding party accidentally decked out the wrong ride. That preacher probably got a lot of honks on the drive home.


Deviating from the Norm

Although women have historically taken on their husband’s last names, now, things are more flexible, and it’s cool for a woman to keep her name or even for a man to take his wife’s surname. 

Source: Twitter/@SaraxBTS7

So, when this bride joked with her father-in-law about making her hubby take on her name, it was all in good fun. But during this ceremony, the priest accidentally said the bride’s last name instead of the groom’s. Talk about a happy accident—her face says it all!


The Canine Objection

We’ve all seen this classic scene in movies and TV shows—the bride and groom are set to say their I do’s, and then the priest drops the bomb: “Speak now or forever hold your peace.” It’s always super tense, right? But in most cases, nobody objects. 

Source: Twitter/@NikiSchmidt27

Well, this couple had a bit of a different situation on their hands. When the priest asked if anyone had objections, a pack of hounds started howling their heads off! Can you imagine the chaos? The good news is, the wedding went on as planned—despite the pup’s objections.


Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids have zero filters and will tell you exactly what’s on their minds, no matter who you are. And that’s precisely what happened at this wedding. The bride’s son was feeling a bit rowdy, and he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. 

Source: Twitter/@l3ridey

He did it in the loudest way possible! The poor bride tried to have her special day, but her kid was brutally honest about his feelings. You can’t blame the little guy for being true to himself, right? It may not have been ideal, but at least he kept it real!


Smashing the Glass

In Jewish weddings, it’s tradition for the groom to stomp on a glass with his right foot to remind him that he has found the other half of himself that was once split from him. It is also reported to be done to mark the destruction of the old Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Source: Twitter/Kelly Hof

But sometimes, this glass-smashing ritual doesn’t go quite as planned. Take this groom, for example. Instead of smashing the glass, he sent it flying, indicating that he was either overly excited or terrified of commitment. But despite this unexpected turn of events, we wish them a thrilling and exciting life together.


When The Dance Floor is (Literally) On Fire

As couples plan their weddings, they often prepare for potential mishaps by brainstorming solutions and backups. From torn seams and stained veils to unstable cakes, it’s always a good idea to plan for any catastrophe.

Source: Twitter/@loralhodges

However, despite your best efforts, some unforeseeable events can still occur. At the wedding of one happy couple, a fire broke out, forcing everyone to evacuate. If they could weather a fire at their reception, it’s safe to say they can endure whatever the future throws at them!


Wedding Name Mix-up

There’s a famous wedding scene from Friends where Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s at the altar. Something similar occurred at this poor woman’s wedding, but fortunately, it wasn’t the groom that was saying the wrong name.

Source: Twitter/@Kim_T_Ngu

During the ceremony, the priest kept mentioning Catherine instead of the bride’s name, which left everyone puzzled. Although he later admitted to forgetting the bride’s name, it would have been extremely awkward if the groom’s ex was named Catherine.


A Little Help?

Even parents have wedding fails, as this daughter pointed out in her tweet about her mother and father’s wardrobe-related blunder during their ceremony.

Source: Twitter/@Hannah01944577

When the groom in this story prevented the bride from standing up after accidentally stepping on her dress, it caused a momentary delay in the ceremony. Luckily, the couple demonstrated strong communication skills and quickly resolved the issue. Let’s just hope his shoes were clean.


She Lost Her Audience Immediately

It’s not just the bride and groom who get wedding jitters. Whether you’re part of the entertainment or a member of the wedding party, nerves can take over.

Source: Twitter/@KaylynPierro

This poor woman was supposed to give a speech on her sister’s wedding day, but her anxiety was clearly heightened since she introduced herself using the bride’s name instead of her own. Whoops!


The Officiating Priest Takes a Cat Nap

Wedding ceremonies can sometimes become lengthy affairs. As a result, people may become drowsy after listening to a long speech or sermon. However, there is a difference between dozing off while seated at the back of the ceremony and falling asleep in the front row.

Source: Twitter/@raymalaspina

The officiating priest at this wedding managed to do something remarkable, considering his role: He dozed off and appeared to be in a deep sleep. The wedding must have tired him out, so hopefully, he was able to get some much-needed rest after the ceremony!