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iPhone Of All Sizes: Reviewing Different Sizes Of The Latest iPhones In The Market

Apple Inc. released the latest models under their bestselling iPhone line in late October 2020, and fans worldwide are looking forward to having their hands on the highly-anticipated device.

Tech experts weighed in on the pros and cons of buying the iPhone Pro Max and its smaller sibling, the iPhone 12 mini.

Based on the reviews, both iPhone 12 devices are very impressive.

Gadget enthusiasts believe that the iPhone 12 Max is the easiest iPhone 12 version to review because of its size and fantastic camera features. Compared to the other versions in the lineup, this one has several unique features. It comes with gold-covered steel edges and has a clear and frosted laminated back with gold highlights around the cameras. It also has a shiny logo, which adds to the product’s posh look.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is also relatively thinner than the previously released Max editions with similar screen sizes, yet it has the same width as the earlier ones. However, the squared-off edges of the unit made it harder to hold because of its size.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 2778×1284 at 458 ppi screen resolution. It is almost the same but a little less than the iPhone 12 Pro, with a 2778×1284 at 460 ppi screen.

But the real difference can be seen on the phone’s cameras. While the ultra-wide-angle camera is exactly similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, its telephoto camera has a slight advantage because of its brand-new lens assembly feature that offers a better zoom factor.

It also has a more impressive wide-angle camera with a larger aperture, improved sensor, and better sensor-shift OIS system. Also, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger ISO range due to its wide-angle.

The iPhone Pro 12 Max also has lidar benefits like the standard iPhone 12 Pro. This feature is only exclusive to these models. It allows for more rapid auto-focus lock-in when using the camera in low-light scenarios. It can also allow Portrait Mode to use a wide lens when utilizing the Night Mode shots.

Because of all the camera features, the iPhone Pro 12 Max is suitable for people who love to capture the most amazing pictures using their smartphone.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 mini is smaller and lighter than the rest of the iPhone 12 variants. But it does not mean that it performs less than the rest of the pack.

The iPhone 12 mini also has 4GB of RAM like the standard iPhone 12. It also has similar camera features. However, the bigger iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max come with 6GB of RAM. Yet if you are a little under budget and prefer a more affordable version of the flagship smartphone from Apple Inc., then the iPhone 12 mini is right for you.

Aside from the iPhone 12 models, tech enthusiasts are also reviewing the new MagSafe Duo charger accessories. After a thorough review, some believe that this dual magnetic charger compatible with the iPhone 12 products can be a little underwhelming.


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