Hysterical Parent Tweets Courtesy of Their Children

By: Ronnie Tal | Published: Oct 16, 2023

Parenting is an enigmatic odyssey that defies a thousand guidebooks. It’s a magical, exhilarating, baffling, and endlessly amusing rollercoaster. Children persistently astound their parents, turning them into storytellers of their own emotional adventures.

On Twitter, parents converge to share sidesplitting, relatable, and heartwarming experiences. Take a seat, scroll through, show your appreciation, and join the dialogue with your own tales. Enjoy the whirlwind!

1. The Eye of the Beholder

When it comes to art, everyone has their own interpretation, and that goes also to this one particularly keen-eyed mother on Twitter. 


Source: clhubes / Twitter (X)

While others might see a tragic, dramatic scene of a certain kind in this painting, she sees a very familiar- and probably weekly- scenario for almost every parent.


2. Life Lessons

Some parents like to take a very experience-based approach to their kids’ education. This father took it a step further, because what better way is there to answer a child’s question than to let them become familiar with the answer first-hand? 


Source: NotTodayEric / Twitter (X)

Also, that’s a good excuse to finally get that phone out of their hands. Bravo! We doubt he lasted more than an hour and even that’s pushing it. This should be a series, survival of the 90s. 

3. Dream A Little Dream

Having the wildest, most creative imagination is one of the best things about being a kid. However, sometimes this can get a little out of hand, like in this case. 


Source: Kirsten Mulrooney / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

The mother of a 5-year-old who took her nap time experience may be a bit too seriously. At some point, even the most patient of parents might just lose their ability to relate. It must have been on hell of a fox if his injuries carry over into the real world.

4. Back to Basics

The long road to educating a child is never easy, especially when there are so many interruptions on the way to a polite, caring, healthy kid. One of the toughest obstacles, sadly, can be none other than a loving set of grandparents. 


Source: Vinod Chhaproo / Twitter (X)

With their endless desire to spoil their grandkids, they will ignore every rule and remove any boundary, only for the parents to clean up after their mess.

5. The Time for a Tantrum!

There is almost no person on earth who hasn’t witnessed, at least once, a hysterical child screaming and begging for god-knows-what in the middle of the grocery store.

Source: Kristen / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

And there is almost no person on earth who hasn’t felt like their heart goes out to the little rascal’s poor parents. At least this mother put an amusing spin on this sticky situation.


6. Let Chaos Ensue

What is scarier than having two unsupervised kids loose in the kitchen? Knowing that you have two unsupervised kids loose in the kitchen, and not being able to do anything about it.

Source: Dadman Walking / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

Just the thought of what type of mess this parent might find in the end is enough to send one running for the nearest cleaning closet. Duck and cover!


7. Set it and Don't Forget it

Ah, summer vacation! A paradise of endless fun for kids, and a hot mess of suffering for their parents. Is it any wonder that once they send their kids back to school they might just need a small reminder to go pick them up?

Source: Meghan / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

If someone asks us if they forgot innocently enough, we plead the fifth. This mother certainly forgot, according to her social media. Whether or not it was an “accident” is yet to be determined.


8. Baby Steps

Every great artist’s journey began with their parents having to suffer through their first practice lesson, which can sound more like a chorus of hungry cats than actually music. 

Source: James Breakwell / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

At least this kid was honest enough to let their parents know what was expected of them once the little musician got home.


9. Super-Stamina

Everything is relative in life, and nowhere is it more evident than in the grocery store. It seems as though children experience time and space differently once they enter the store.

Source: Henpecked Hal / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

This is the only explanation we have as to why they lose their wits while parents try to shop for produce. This activity is not for the faint of heart, get your game helmets on.


10. Know Your Audience

This mother must have done something right if her kids are still expecting such efforts on her end. No doubt they’ve gotten some inspiration from social media, where a school lunch without whimsy is not a real school lunch.

Source: I hide From My Kids / Bored Panda / Twitter (X)

Looks like someone’s gotta lower their expectations.


11. A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes the best way to empathize with someone is to share a similar experience. However, it doesn’t look like what this grandma was going for when she reminded her daughter of the mess that she had done in her day.

Source: itssherifield / Twitter (X)

Perhaps it was more of an ‘if I could handle you, you can handle anything’.


12. Down Memory Lane

Is there a better way to remind a parent of their dwindling mental capacity than by having their child call them out on it? With the stress of parting and just daily living, even the sharpest minds can draw blanks. 

Source: The One Awkward Mom / Twitter (X)

And then comes the young one to ass insult to injury in a way no one else can (or will ever dare to do).


13. Push the Limit

Obliviousness is a quality that a lot of kids share, especially when it comes to their parents’ hard work. There’s no doubt that this is a thing that can send even the most patient of parents off the edge, and understandably so. 

Source: Katie D / Twitter (X)

Deep breaths and a glass of water will have to do for this distressed mother for now, or at least until she teaches her daughter to do her own laundry.


14. Party Animal

One thing that is out of a parent’s control is, of course, other parents and their questionable decisions. What is the train of thought that led someone to send this type of towel with them to school? We aren’t sure but we can guess.

Source: Bill Hanstock / Twitter (X)

Perhaps, a whimsical towel to preschool isn’t the most baffling thing, but one does what they must. We don’t think the kids paid to much attention to the design context as much as the other parents.


15. Long-Term Plans

Sometimes, a kid’s thinking process can be complicated, and sometimes it can be incomprehensible. Even a small thing like ordering their favorite sandwich can become an unforeseen adventure.

Source: Dude-Bro Dad / Twitter (X)

For both the kid and the poor adult who must make said sandwich sometimes the ending is unclear, just like in this father’s amusing case. The kid has big plans for this sandwich, man.


16. Misery Loves Company

Looks like the first day of school holds a lot of emotions for a lot of people, and this in turn, has a dire effect on their driving skills.

This father it seems, is completely sick and tired of what he has to face every year, over and over again. Stay strong!


17. "Bullied" in Reverse

Some people hope that bullying is a thing that disappears with age, but looks like sadly, it’s something that might haunt some of us all our life. And if this mom is to be believed, our own kids no less!

Source: Mark / thecatwhisperer / Twitter (X)

They say that the best way to beat your bully is to ignore him, thought this might be an issue in this case- best of luck to all of us!


18. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Some days are ones that people will remember for the rest of their lives, and some are, well, not. Just like in the case of this kid, who apparently had no business trying to recall what happened at daycare.

Source: kevinthedad / Twitter (X)

Did he play in the send box? Ate candies? Got abducted by aliens? The day shall remain a mystery.


19. A Mesmerizing Memory 

There are children who can’t remember what they had for breakfast an hour ago, and then there’s this little storyteller.

Source: Amy Colleen / Twitter (X)

This mother better come up with a very good explanation regarding NOT having ice cream for dinner, because she’ll have to use it for a while.


20. The Stare Down

Being a parent is also about knowing when to back off, or just be as thoughtful as possible, even in the face of an angsty teen. With their hormones running all over the place, there’s no way to tell what might set them off and release that dreaded teen rage.

Source: Maryfairyboberry

This mother, it seems, absolutely understood the assignment in that regard.


21. The Mysteries of Life

There are things in life that are very difficult to discuss with a child, such as where babies come from. In this case, the concept of burial proved to be extremely confusing for this 6-year-old, who just couldn’t wrap their head around it.

Source: dadsetagainst / twitter (x)

How exactly did this dad handle the situation? We don’t know, but we certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.


22. Duty Calls

There are moments in life when no amount of parental authority can stand against a child. And if a kid decides to become no other than the dark knight himself, well best of luck, because who can really stand against Batman?

Source: meghan / Twitter (X)

This mother might have spent the entire night chasing the caped crusader back to his room to get some much-needed rest.


23. Already A Writer

Not many among us can claim an achievement as impressive as writing a book, but guess what- this eight-year-old can. This mother must be extremely proud to have given birth to such a prolific writer.

Source: Amber Sparks / Twitter (X)

It beats the alternative, of holding her head in horror when she finds out that she has to sit through yet another one of her daughter’s story times. We hope for her sake these ‘books’ are actually good.


24. Back from the Salt Mines

Who said only adults need a chance to relax after a long, hard day? After all, being a kid is a tough gig, and the day at the kindergarten or school can get pretty intense with all the running around, reading, and playing.

Source: Meghan / Twitter (X)

It’s a good thing that this mother can tell when her child needs a moment to relax from all that hard work.


25. No Child of Mine

Parenting is easy, you just have to be strict but gentle with your kids! These truly ridiculous words can only be spoken by those who have NEVER had a kid, and have no idea whatsoever what it involves.

Source: Sarah Radz / Twitter (X)

Let’s all just stick to what we know, especially when it comes to the unpredictable reality of raising children, shall we?


26. Forms of Joy

What is happiness? This age-old question bothered humanity from the dawn of history. Some might say that happiness is family, a career, or a loving relationship, while others will point out that happiness is in the little things in life.

Source: Kristen Mulrooney / twitter (X)

You may just need to pay close enough attention in order to find them. That, or the magic is all in the blue Slurpee.


27. Play Nice!

Ah, sibling rivalry, is one of the joys of childhood. Or is it? Because of this mother is to be believed, that her environment growing up molded her into quite the competitive type, and not in a ‘let’s all have fun’ way.

Source: Kristen Mulrooney / Twitter (X)

She isn’t deterred by some ‘I shall destroy everything you hold dear’ kind of competition. Her kids might have a different approach according to this interaction. We’ll let you decide what kind of fun you prefer.


28. Financial Genius

While some of us are struggling to even grasp the concept of economics and how to handle our money so we don’t end up on the street, this kid already realized how to work around the system.

Source: Meg-St- Espirit / Twitter (X)

Gift cards are for gifts, and mom’s card is for the boring stuff. This kid will do great things.


29. This is Not How You Play the Game

Sometimes the most exciting things are the simplest things. A meal in a 3-Michelen Star restaurant can be lovely, but it won’t touch your heart to a homemade meal prepared by someone you love.

Source: MumOfTwo / Twitter (X)

Of course, this is the last thing that this mother would want to hear after spending all that time and money. Come on kid, there’s an actual elephant right there!


30. This Road Ain't Easy

Some say that if you have an ‘easy’ baby, the toddler stage will be extra hard. Those people probably never met a toddler, because the toddler stage is ALWAYS extra hard.

Source: Jessie / Twitter (X)

This brave mother describes this dire situation very accurately. Because no action or request that involves a toddler can be done without some degree of conflict involved.


31. Know Thy Self

There are many things kids can do that adults will never be able to do. They can heal faster, adapt to changes extremely quickly, make friends easily, and as it turns out, be aware of themselves.

Source: NicholasG / Twitter (X)

How many people have lost all semblance and are just going about their lives, cringing everyone around them? Way too many, This child deserves a medal.


32. Lights, Camera, Horror

What’s funnier than a kid with a camera? A kid with a camera taking pictures of their unsuspecting parents. There is truly no end to the level of “creativity” a child can reach when they are handed a piece of technology.

Source: Alex / Twitter (X)

And the best thing is, our modern tech allows us to cherish those very embarrassing memories for the rest of out lives, like in this mother’s case. Thanks, Google.


33. Don't Feed the Gremlins After Midnight

Some parents will swear by their children no matter what. Even if you just spent the evening cleaning after the chaos they had left after them all around the house.

Source: emilymkay / Twitter (X)

But if this mom is to be believed, all you have to do to make them face reality is list the instructions needed to keep their offspring calm and happy. Then let the realization sink in.


34. Sticky Situation

It’s a well-known fact that children are the least sanitary creatures on planet Earth, and as a result, they tend to catch diseases at an alarming rate.

Source: Henpecked Hal / Twitter (X)

Every parent who ever lived had their child give them colds, lice, various types of pox and flu, and of course- the dreaded eye infection. As this one father puts it, this might as well be on the sign.


35. Dishing Out the Soap

This mind of a child never ceases to amaze and enthrall us. Just like this mother said, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to spend their money on the one thing that might and dishwashing once and for all?

Source: Maryfairyboberry / Twitter (X)

Whoever is willing to support that Start-up idea will be remembered as a hero for the rest of time. Someone fund that child!


36. Important Milestones

If you ask a parent what to most memorable or significant moment of their kid’s life is, they might tell you it’s their first words, their first steps, or the first day in school.

Source: Jessie / Twitter (X)

But an AI finally being able to understand their toddler gibberish? That might just be as significant as the start of the apocalypse. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


37. Small But Mighty

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the best things about being a child is having an endless imagination.

Source: Kevinthedad / Twitter (X)

When you’re a child, anything can truly be anything, so why can’t a giant arctic, chubby, flightless bird be a lion? We love this peculiar zoo concept.


38. The Mirror of Truth

There is nothing in this world more honest than a child. They have no filters to the point of being utterly tactless, and most of the time it’s not even to be mean. They just point out reality as they see it.

Source: mylifeasdad / Twitter (X)

This was the case for this young artist’s father, who is due a good night’s sleep if his daughter’s latest art piece is to be believed.


39. There is Always a Show

How many times did a child ask their parent to “watch something really-really cool”? More than anyone can count. But most of the time these requests at least involve some sort of jump, roll, or another spectacle of some kind.

Source: Jennifer Parker / Twitter (X)

This 5-year-old really pushes the envelope trying to make everyday things seem spectacular. When these instances occur there is nothing left to do but applaud their very patient mother.


40. The Meme-Master

Ah Vine, you gave us so many memorable moments. Some of them have become so iconic that even the younger generation now quotes some of the more memorable ones.

Source: Robert Knop / Twitter (X)

It looks like they’re not the only ones enjoying it. This dad seems to be pretty amused to have his kid’s comments fill up his car every ride! Too bad the comments don’t fill up the gas too.


41. Her Sister's Keeper

The honesty of children knows no bounds, not even when it comes to their baby siblings. This tragic one-way relationship is a cruel reminder of just how feral kids can become, and how simple their solutions are.

Source: Lucy Huber / Twitter (X)

My baby sibling is annoying me? No problem, just point your parents to the nearest trash can, and voilà! Some bonding activities are needed here, ASAP.


42. Highway to Hell

The stubbornness of children knows no bounds. Combine it with the fact that they have no sense of proportion or shame, and you have yourself the horror scenario for every parent just trying to make it through the day.

Source: mylifeasdad / Twitter (X)

This father must have had his stomach in a knot, praying to the heavens that people wouldn’t call the police on him for simply trying to put his kid safely in the car. Oh, the humanity.


43. Bobbing for Apples

The cravings of a child are as fickle as the wind. One minute they’re begging for ice cream, and a moment later you find yourself stuck with a half-eaten sugary mess trickling down your fingers.

Source: Jennifer Parker / Twitter (X)

Faced with the abomination of an apple, this mother has to decide whether she’s going to eat her kid’s gross leftovers or throw away an almost perfectly good apple. What would you have done?


44. Life Contrasts

When raising a child, one of the most difficult tasks parents have to face is preparing their child to face the real world, which, unfortunately, can get very ugly at times.

Source: Simon Holland / Twitter (X)

To add to that, they also need to make sure that their kids come out as half-decent people in the process. This parent describes this balancing dilemma remarkably. Kudos!


45. No Time for Fairytales

Sometimes parents will go to extreme lengths to preserve their child’s sense of wonder. They’ll dress up as Santa, hide Easter eggs all over town, carve an entire field’s worth of pumpkins, and trick-or-treat for hours on end.

Source: thatmomtho / Twitter (X)

Not this mother though. Looks like she’s just about done with all that business.


46. What Goes Around Comes Around

It’s not uncommon for parents to utter the phrase “Oh just wait ’till you have kids”. What is uncommon is perhaps them starting to say that to their own children, only with a slight change- because their young sibling might do to them what they did way back when.

Source: mylifeasdad / Twitter (X)

It won’t give them back all those lost hours of sleep, but the sense of satisfaction might be worth it. We can call it karma doing some of its best work.


47. We All Scream of Ice Cream

Wanna feel like you’re two hundred years of age? The only thing you need to do is try to hold a 5-minute conversation with a child.

Source: Katie D / Twitter (X)

Because for them, whatever came before what they can remember is nothing less than ancient history. And no, it doesn’t get better the most time passes.


48. Busy Little Bee

How much energy does a child have? Enough to fill a couple of hours in what looks like two days’ worth of activities and food.

Source: emilykmay / Twitter (X)

Now, if only people could find a way for the kids to keep themselves just as busy but without supervision and the danger factor of leaving a child alone.


49. Color it, Brown

From tearing the house down to completely destroying even their number 1 favorite toys, children are agents of chaos. With that in mind, looks like this father had the right idea about how to go about protecting his home.

Source: Vinod Chhaproo / Twitter (X)

When you’re buying your children new toys they are bound to not only get wrecked but also wreak some level of havoc on your home. Getting them some things in not the newest of shape may just be a form of survival. Although this may have gone too far.


50. Disney Logic

This mother found herself trapped in a never-ending cycle of thoughts regarding what could only be the cartoons consumed by her offspring. At least it’s not Dora the Explorer.

Source: itssherifield / Twitter (X)

Being a parent truly turns your life upside down. From your sleeping schedule to the language you use, nothing escapes parenthood, this is no exception.