Wealthy Person Who Ridiculed A Poor Family Gets What He Deserves After Waitress Stands Up To Him

By: Riley Brown | Published: Oct 20, 2023

Tony has always had anger management issues. So when he expressed rage at those who were not as financially wealthy as he was, it was evidently not an isolated incident.

But the waitress believed once was more than enough. He shouldn’t be able to get away with making people feel bad. She decided that it was time to give him a dose of his own medicine. It was the least she could do, as her goal was to make Tony feel terrible about what he said to the poor family.

No Empathy

The family that ate together in the restaurant left it miserable, no thanks to Tony, who made fun of them the entire night. Sadly, they left with their heads down.


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But Tony could not help but lift his head high, proud of his vile deed. He did not even feel an ounce of regret. It seems he was incapable of feeling remorse for hurting the feelings of others.


A Note From The Server

The server couldn’t stop herself from saying something about the incident she had witnessed. It wasn’t even five minutes since the family left the restaurant when she approached Tony. She inconspicuously slid a small note under Tony’s table napkin, unbeknownst to the people seated beside him.


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Considering the manner in which the server gave the note, Tony sensed its content was important. He excused himself and quickly went to the restroom to open the message and read it.

He Was Shocked

When Tony opened the piece of paper and read it, his jaw almost dropped to the floor. He found it difficult to accept what he had just learned. He also could not understand how oblivious he had been. 


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Why did he intimidate the family? Will he now have to face the consequences of his unethical deed? What did the waitress write on the note? 

Loyal Customer

Tony was the establishment’s most loyal customer. He regularly dined in the restaurant numerous times each week. The wait staff made sure his favorite table was always reserved for him. 


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Even if customers were already seated at a table, they were always politely asked to move when Tony arrived. His needs were always prioritized.

Good Tipper

Tony was essentially treated like a king in the restaurant because of how generously he tipped. The wait staff knew him for his outrageous tips. And this was the same reason he thought he could get away with what he did.  

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Consequently, he always tried to go as far as he could, even if he shouldn’t. But this time, he simply went overboard.


Rude Customer

It was natural for Tony to highlight his importance to the wait staff. He always expected that his orders, as well as the orders of the people seated at his table, be given priority. He behaved like an entitled prince who believed he and his group were the only people in the restaurant.

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Oddly enough, only a few customers objected to his rude behavior. On the contrary, most did not seem to mind his ill manners.


Tony’s Presence Was Worth It?

Eventually, the number of patrons who frequented the restaurant began to decrease. When customers saw Tony come in, they would rush out of the establishment. 

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Weirdly enough, the management didn’t care that they lost patrons, as Tony’s extravagant  spending compensated for the customer loss.


Treated Like A King

Tony was allowed to behave the way he wanted to. None of the restaurant workers brought up his unruly attitude to the management. Also, no one confronted him about it.

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Though workers were shocked by his conduct, they were hesitant to tell him because they didn’t want to lose their jobs. But it seems Tony met his match when he ruthlessly targeted an unsuspecting family.


A Grand Celebration

It was during dinner when the incident with Tony and the unfortunate family occurred. Tony and eight of his friends arrived at the restaurant and told the servers they were celebrating a significant event.

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He then proceeded to order the restaurant’s premium dishes. At this time, the wait staff observed that everyone at Tony’s table had consumed a great deal of alcohol.


Closing Time

When Tony entered the restaurant, the chefs were preparing to close the kitchen for the night.. However, no one declined the orders, even though it was closing time. 

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Though the chefs and wait staff were all reluctant to work overtime, they eventually agreed to continue in order to receive Tony’s usual generous tips.


Quiet Customers

Since it was a casual Monday, the restaurant was relatively serene, with very few customers. Just a few families were scattered across the establishment. Most of them were enjoying their dessert.

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However, one family had just been served their main course. They seemed like a normal family, clearly not as wealthy as Tony and his friends, but enjoying their time together, eating quietly.


Customers Exit The Restaurant

When Tony started to act up, the other families who were close to finishing their meals decided to make a quick exit.  Little did they know that this was Tony’s intent for his group to have the restaurant all to themselves.

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The people who left were more than happy to do so. They did not want to stay and experience undue stress. 


A Few Customers Remaining

While Tony and his guests were waiting for their first course to be served, he saw that one family remained and that they had just ordered more drinks. Tony smiled, knowing he had a challenge – to get that family to leave.  

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His mind was already conjuring the various things he wanted to do to drive the family out of the restaurant. All it would take was a bit of evil effort on his part.


Bad Jokes

Tony began by cracking mean jokes targeted towards the family. He made sure his voice was clearly audible so that guests at the other tables could hear him.  He intentionally made his jokes so offensive that the lower-income family would want to leave the restaurant immediately.

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A few of his inappropriate lines include calling the family “a band of losers”. He made more jokes along the same line, enough to make even grown-ups cry.


The Family Was Unbothered

The family did not react to Tony’s noisy outbursts. They continued to eat calmly and converse as if they did not hear anything. He became more disruptive since he was ignored.

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The family seemingly knew that the best way to deal with bullies was by not dealing with them. The downside is that the bully might get more aggravated and become more irritating.


Annoying The Family

When Tony’s order finally arrived, he tossed pieces of food towards the underprivileged family. Sadly, the people at Tony’s table found the act amusing. However, the wait staff didn’t find it amusing at all.

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One server thought Tony was acting like a spoiled child.  


Calling Out Tony

When more members of the restaurant’s wait staff were made aware of Tony’s behavior, they tried to communicate with him to make him stop. It was their first time calling Tony out. His reaction surprised them.

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Describing Tony’s response as negative would be an understatement. The wait staff immediately knew he would use his edge as a favorite customer to make them shut up and do his bidding.


Low-Life Customers

Tony began ranting, calling the family  “low-lives”, the type of customer that the restaurant did not need. He also insisted that the restaurant should treat him better than they were treating that family. His rant became a lot more personal, rude, and intensely offensive.

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He wondered aloud how a family who was obviously not wealthy could afford to eat in such an expensive restaurant. He added that they shouldn’t even have been allowed to enter.


The Family Had To Leave

It was during Tony’s loud tirade against the restaurant’s wait staff that the family decided to leave the restaurant. They paid for their meal by putting money on the table. All this was occurring in the midst of Tony’s rage. 

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At this point, the family had eaten most of their meal, but left some uneaten on the table. It seemed the bully got the best of them, or did he?


Tony Was Winning

The moment he noticed the family was preparing to leave, he began laughing. He was amused that they finally realized they shouldn’t have been in the restaurant at all. He was also visibly pleased with his own efforts of driving them away thanks to his unruly behavior.

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His efforts had obviously paid off. His friends were similarly pleased; they were happy that Tony was happy. They seemed to worship the ground he walked on. They were also proud that Tony could treat them at such a classy establishment.


Meeting Eye To Eye

Tony and his friends were still laughing as the family was leaving. The father looked at Tony briefly as the family walked toward the door. Their eyes met for just a second. Tony was speechless. 

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The man’s eyes were filled with melancholy. Tony suddenly realized that he knew this man from long ago. It seemed that it had been a lifetime since they last saw each other. 


A Friend From Long Ago?

Tony, the millionaire, suddenly felt that this had happened before. He was unsure if it was from a previous life. He swore those eyes looked very familiar. He has seen through those eyes before, but where and when?.  

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The situation stopped him dead in his tracks. He tried hard to remember who this man was, but knew that he’d remember given time. He was determined to remember.  


The Waitress Had To Take Action

A waitress named Sara was working the entire night in the restaurant. She witnessed Tony’s inappropriate behavior first-hand and wanted to say something about it. But she decided to wait for the opportune time to do so. Luckily, she finally found the moment to express what she thought and felt about the whole situation.

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When she heard Tony conversing with one of the wait staff, Sara quickly decided to use this instance to take action. It was now or never. Though her job was clearly important, being kind to others matters more than her salary. 


New Family In Town

Apparently, Tony asked one of the other servers about the family that had just left. He wanted to know any information anyone had of them. Fortunately, another waitress had a little bit of information about the family.

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To the best of her knowledge, the family was not residing anywhere in the area. It was during this time when Sara decided to step in and include herself in the conversation. She knew the family all too well and could readily answer any questions Tony, the millionaire, asked about them.


Sara Wrote A Note 

Sara had to finish serving a round of drinks before she decided to initiate a conversation with Tony. She also thought of a unique way to talk to him without having to confront him.

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She quickly walked to the bar and retrieved a small notebook she used all night to take orders. Though she hesitated a bit when she saw the chaos at Tony’s table, she felt it was necessary. She then started scribbling on the blank sheet. Once she was finished, she took it out and stared at the rude millionaire.


The Waitress And Millionaire Crossed Paths

Tony obviously had a few drinks in him when he struggled to stand from his table. Sara thought he was somewhat bewildered and in slight distress. It was during this moment when Sara decided to approach him.

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As Sara approached Tony, he couldn’t help but notice the seriousness in her demeanor. He also suddenly became aware of what Sara was attempting to do.


Sara Gave Him The Note

Sara briefly glanced at the note in her hand as Tony was looking at her. Tony turned his attention to the small note that Sara was holding. He gave Sara a puzzled look. Was that note meant for him?

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Tony was used to playing games with wait staff. So when Sara subtly motioned to Tony that he should take the paper, he didn’t have second thoughts, though he found it odd for a waitress to hand him a note, Tony’s curiosity got the best of him. He was more interested to know the game Sara was playing.


Keeping The Note A Secret

The millionaire used a sneaky way to take the note from Sara. He made sure he retrieved it in an inconspicuous manner. He then quickly tucked the note in his pocket. 

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He also made sure no one saw him take the note as he moved to the other table where the rest of his friends were. For some reason, Tony wanted to project an image of confidence at all times. He frowned upon showing any sign of weakness.


The Party Continued 

Tony went back to his seat at the table where his other friends were. His drinking buddies were clearly having a good time considering that it was their sixth round of drinks. They were too inebriated to notice that Tony was preoccupied with Sara’s note.

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Still, he did his best to find pleasure in their company. But he just couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off, and the note he now had in his hands was proof of it. 


The Message

Tony wanted to open the note and read what was in it. But the room was too noisy and rowdy. A friend seated beside him was so puzzled at his change of mood that the friend had to ask how he was doing. 

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Tony took this as a cue to finally read the note. But he had to find a quiet place to do so. He then excused himself from the table and proceeded to go to the restroom. The solitude could give him the peace to take in the note’s content.


The Shock Of His Life

When Tony took a seat and finally opened the note, he was shocked by what he read. The message explained how Tony should have known better than to be rude to the family. 

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He was also warned that he was going to receive a call in the morning  from the head of the family. To add further anxiety to Tony, he was advised that the father was actually someone Tony intimately knew.


The Mystery Deepened

The moment he was done reading the note, he quickly stuffed it in his pocket. He wanted to forget he ever read it as it caused him to feel further agitated. Who was the father and why did the waitress know about him?

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He wanted to know more. He quickly rushed out of the restroom to look for the waitress. Why did she know the family? Who was it that he offended? These questions needed answers!


Sara Was Watching From Afar

All this time, Sara has been observing Tony. She saw him enter the restroom and thus, she was definite he would be reading the note. 

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However, Sara’s shift was going to end. She wanted to clock off before Tony ever got the chance to ask her about the family whom the millionaire intentionally and undeservedly offended.



Sara was very determined to give the millionaire as much angst as possible. It was the least Tony could experience after being rude to an innocent family. She wanted Tony to agonize over the call he would be receiving from the father.

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Tony had no choice but wait for the said father to make contact. Sara felt the millionaire needed to be punished for his arrogance. He has been rude for so long to other patrons, maybe this incident would finally make him stop.


Tony Could Not Focus

Sara’s plan seemed to have worked and she couldn’t be more satisfied. Tony was so visibly distracted that he didn’t pay much attention to his guests. One of them even asked if he saw a ghost in the bathroom as if that would explain his being absent-minded.

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To top it all off, Tony almost forgot to pay the bill. It was such an embarrassing moment, yet it made Sara smile. But worst of all, Tony also forgot to do what he’s always done. 


To Tip Or Not To Tip

Tony had always given hefty tips every time he was in the restaurant. But this time, he didn’t leave any for the wait staff. It was his generous gratuity that made the servers tolerate his bad attitude.

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Though the restaurant staff grumbled at this incident, Sara was secretly pleased. She realized that she had been able to get through to Tony. It would only take a matter of time before he would receive what he long deserved.


Restless Sleep

Tony, the rich guy, can buy anything in the world but not a good night’s sleep. After he left the restaurant and bade his friends farewell, he kept tossing and turning in bed. 

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His mind kept thinking about the call he would receive from the father of the family he drove away from the restaurant. He felt frustrated that he couldn’t recall who the man was.


Constantly Checking His Phone

The next morning, Tony had a battle with himself as he tried to keep his phone away from having to check it constantly. He couldn’t wait for it to ring while also feeling scared that it would. 

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He was waiting for the man to call him so that he would finally find out who he was. He fought his uneasiness and tried to calm himself down.


His Phone Finally Rang

The entire morning, Tony waited with bated breath for the dreaded call. But his phone did not ring. The hours passed quietly until afternoon came around. Suddenly, his phone finally rang.

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Tony saw that the call came from an undetermined number. He took a deep breath to calm himself before he answered the phone.


The Man At The End Of The Line

Tony finally heard the man’s voice on the other end of the line. The voice sounded serious and coarse. Immediately, Tony wanted to be direct and straightforward.

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He asked the man if he was calling because of the incident at the restaurant last night. Tony wanted to deal with the issue head-on.


Saying What Needed To Be Said

The man who called confirmed that he was indeed calling about the situation that occurred in the restaurant. He also ranted about Tony’s behavior and called the millionaire extremely unprofessional and totally unpleasant.

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Oddly, the man used a very matter-of-fact tone, not sounding angry or irritated. He also explained that his entire family was deeply astonished about the incident, yet he made sure he never revealed his identity during the call.


Unanswered Questions

Tony was unable to determine who the man was. The millionaire couldn’t help but feel further agitated at the man’s refusal to reveal himself.

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Tony even asked the caller how he was able to get his number. But the man evaded the question. Tony could not understand why the man couldn’t be straightforward with him. 


A Realization

Tony suddenly had a realization while speaking with the strange person on the other end of the line. He cut the man off and asked him specific questions about the incident.

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Oddly, the man couldn’t give an answer. Tony surmised that the person was not who he claimed he was. He believed it was not the father who was in the restaurant last night. 


The Man Was Sara’s Husband

Little did Tony know that the person he was talking to was actually Sara’s husband. He was pretending to be the father of the family. Apparently, Sara only wanted to teach the millionaire a lesson.

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Having the family’s father confront Tony was Sara’s way of forcing Tony to face the consequences of his bad behavior.  


He Got What He Deserved

Apparently, Tony was never talking  to the head of the family he insulted in the restaurant. The family who arrived were simply random  tourists who were visiting the area.

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Sara only wanted the millionaire to face the music and learn that his behavior was totally uncalled for. She also wanted him to stop being a bully to other customers.


He Ended The Call

Tony quickly dismissed the call when he immediately realized that he was being duped. He also felt relieved that he really wasn’t talking to the man he offended.

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He felt he now had more license to be a bully as the family didn’t care about what he did and so could do the same thing to others. But he was wrong, as there was another consequence to his actions. 


Forever Banned

The restaurant manager has had enough of Tony’s toxic presence in his establishment. He was made aware of the incident and did not want to tolerate such unruly behavior.

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The wait staff informed the manager that Tony did not leave a tip and his similarly unruly friends caused chaos in the room. As a result, the manager permanently banned Tony and he will never be allowed to step inside the restaurant again.