Hilarious Lost And Found Signs That Made the Neighborhood Laugh

By: Mia Williams | Published: Nov 18, 2022

Losing something you love can be a stressful experience, even more so when you have a lost pet. In such cases, you need to design a poster to attach to lamp posts throughout your local area. You have probably spotted such signs on your walks around town, typically containing the “Have You Seen Me” or “Lost Cat” texts, accompanied by contact details.

Nonetheless, you can find some instances where people are actually joyous about losing certain items. You may wonder how that can be at first thought, but being attentive to the posters can give you a clue. Such scenarios usually feature humorous descriptions and implications, leaving you smiling or laughing after reading the sign. Here are some hilarious lost and found signs posted around the neighborhood that will keep you amused.

1. Real Sign for an Imaginary Friend

This sign is one of those posters that can get a laugh-out-loud response when seeing it for the first time. It shows someone searching for Steve, their imaginary friend, complete with a blank photo, who disappeared in March after an apparent dispute over ice cream.


Source: torbeneik/Pinterest

According to the poster, Steve frequently goes to sushi bars and polka raves, showing his dynamic interests. We love that the searcher added that the picture used is three years old, making the sign even funnier.

2. Looking for Some Buzz

This sign is one of the more urgent calls for a search since Aaron, the good mosquito, only has a three-day life span. You still want to be careful when looking for him because he carries malaria and the West Nile virus.


Source: blazepress/Pinterest

If the three days lapse, the searcher can find some consolation in another Aaron as there are many many mosquitos out there just waiting to be named.

3. Return of the Rubber Band

As you begin reading the sign, “If you lost a stack of $20’s wrapped in a rubber band,” you think, “Wow, what a kind and honest person.” However, then you get to the last statement, “I found your rubber band.” It’s hilarious to this that this person is returning a mere rubber band while pocketing the cash.


Source: Flalaski/Reddit

The turn of events from the high expectations you had on this finder makes this poster hilarious. We find it ridiculously funny that the person went ahead to pin the rubber band on the sign.

4. Is that You, Lionel?

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” The moment you hear or see this phrase, Lionel Richie’s hit immediately starts playing in your mind. This habit makes this song a common reference for people seeking fun and jokes with companions.


Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

The one who posted this sign and its lyrics on the tabs followed through on an idea that many others had in mind without being keen on implementing it. This poster shows a combination of funny and intelligence, making it a seamless fit to the Hall-of-Fame of posted signs.

5. An MIA Unicorn

Many stories paint unicorns as impatient creatures that struggle to use crosswalks appropriately. Nevertheless, according to this poster, you can find the unicorns comfortably living in New York City. It is a mystery how they could hide all this time in one of the busiest and most popular cities globally.

Source: Le Pistolet Compean/Pinterest

Another myth this sign seems to burst is that the missing unicorn has a friendly disposition. Someone last spotted the creature going into Central Park, which was sure to turn several visitors’ heads at the site.


6. The Missing Poster Strips

What is a common characteristic among most found and missing posters? The contact tags found at the bottom that passersby can tear off for further communication. Here, this person takes poster trolling to another level by advertising the missing eight tags on their sign.

Source: herbfirestone/Pinterest

This creator adds a drawing of how the strip appears, asking those who took them to return them. The searcher also leaves a tape near the sign to make it easier for people to reattach the returned strips!


7. Eric the Idiotic Dog

You can see a lot of things going on in this sign. First, Eric’s description attributes his missing status to being an idiot. Then, the owner goes on to knock down the pet’s appearance by saying that his face is like a skillet. We do not know how one determines that skillet resemblance.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

This person even reduces Eric’s worth by cutting the reward amount by ten dollars. Looking at how Tom has a higher reward for a drum sale, he might not seriously care if anyone finds Eric.


8. Found Unhappy Chicken

Who says only human beings can have mood swings? This sign announces a lost and unhappy chicken found on the streets, which the finder could tell from the animal’s behavior. The chicken was probably in a bad mood after a hectic day trying to cross the road.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

On the other hand, the chicken might be another run-away pet getting away from an owner who upset them. Properly care for your chicken if you own one since these animals can also transform into one of the most beloved American dishes.


9. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

They say that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. This meeting with a bird only lasted five minutes, leaving a small window for great impressions. However, this rare pigeon was able to successfully leave a good impression so quickly and we applaud his efforts.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

However, as someone soon discovered, having a great time does not always translate into lasting relationships. Although this searcher fell hard for the bird, the pigeon did not feel the same and swiftly flew off without so much as a warning.


10. Yes or Yes

Clearly, whoever can view and read can also see this flyer. The person who posted this sign also enhanced the trolling by adding only “Yes” strips.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

Someone may ask, “What is the reward for seeing the flyer?” You may wonder if there is a hidden prize printed behind each “Yes” strip to make things more exciting. It may also explain why the people took many tabs from the sign. Otherwise, this neighborhood may just have several good-humored residents to add to the fun as they walk by the poster.


11. Drugs are Bad for You

You can find occasional signs that merge humor with public service announcements, leaving readers smiling yet informed. This sign is a prime example of such a creative technique, keeping it simple and direct yet funny simultaneously.

Source: Jason Hogue/Pinterest

Unlike the earlier unicorn sign, this poster urges the laying off of narcotics to anyone who encounters the magical creature. You can only come across mythical creatures when high on hardcore drugs, making this sign an excellent joke doubling as a public service announcement.


12. Seems that Crazier Equals Happier

Some say that everyone has a bit of crazy in them, and if this poster is anything to go by, the crazier you are, the happier you are. The person announces that they lost their brain and leaves the tabs usually containing contact details blank to ensure no one reaches them should they find it.

Source: Beautiful Brains/Pinterest

Someone this determined not to find the lost brain might leave you pondering how and where they lost it. Take care not to lose yours looking at the craziness on display around the neighborhood.


13. Is It a Bird? No, It’s a Missing Fly

Generally, people are more likely to swat a fly at first sight than consider entertaining or petting them. Some passersby probably felt an urge to swat this sign when initially seeing the image. Although this poster is likely a prank, some people might fall for it.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

The missing tabs indicate that the sign certainly captured a lot of people’s attention. Harry’s information describes a fly as it is, meaning you might spot a Harry in your home or working station.


14. Look Out for a Ninja Turtle

A missing turtle and nunchucks, what can this signal? It shows only one thing, a Ninja Turtle! The typical slow movement of turtles may fool you into thinking that turtles are harmless. However, if you spot one with an accompanying pair of nunchucks, stay away for safety.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

This missing turtle sign also warns evildoers at the end, referencing the Ninja Turtles’ fights against crimes. It offers an interesting sign that does not make you feel that you are reading about a regular reptile.


15. Looks Can Be Deceiving

The saying that looks can be deceiving seems to apply to this dog’s case. This pup looks cute and innocent, matching its cute name, Daisy. The way the description drags the dog through the mud shows that Daisy might not be as innocent as she appears.

Source: BuzzFeed/Pinterest

This sign also indicates that this pup does not respond to her name, even when calling her after running into the streets. A dog ignoring your calls means either the pet lacks respect for you or you failed to train them properly.


16. Searching for Love

A teenage girl who recently discovered the handsome Ryan Gosling probably put up this sign. No two human beings are the same, and this statement applies to Gosling. Hence, it is not far-fetched to think that this girl is asking for a lot.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

Even so, someone pulled a tab to signal that it might not be a completely hopeless situation. We do not think this teenager will be losing any sleep from non-stop calls from people mirroring the good-looking actor, though.


17. Fun with an Unflattering Picture

The dog’s look on this sign is epic, delivering an unflattering yet hilarious appearance. Who says you cannot make good of an unflattering photo? This pet’s owner found a creative way to utilize the otherwise useless picture, creating the funny “Have seen this dog?” poster form.

Source: str8edgewarrior/Twitter

The “I have now” is sure to add a smile to the neighbors as they pass by looking at the pet. If you have a similar picture hidden somewhere around the house, now is the time to take it and show some public love.


18. Schrodinger’s Cat Alert

Sometimes you come across intelligent signs that leave you wondering where your attention was in school. This sign delivers a clever joke that you can only get if you listen in class. It refers to Erwin Schrodinger’s 1935 experiment, where he imagined a cat enclosed in a box.

Source: BuzzFeed/Pinterest

The box had poison and a radioactive source that triggers poisoning upon radiation emission. Since the source unpredictably generates radiation, quantum mechanics considers the cat simultaneously alive and dead until one opens the box.


19. Not All Hope is Lost

This sign shows warm appreciation for help received from a stranger. Although it may not tickle your bones, it can touch your heart and bring a warm smile through the random kindness shown between strangers.

Source: Richard Baker/In Pictures via Getty Images

It is common to see signs asking for help, but it is uncommon to find posters showing gratitude for the assistance received afterward. This sign is your go-to place when you want to brighten your day since such politeness shows not all hope is lost for humanity.


20. A Baffling Consideration

Consider this, someone went and took down several lost dog signs and then created a found poster to advertise them. Is it possible to comprehend this situation? Probably not, because it presents an enigma that leaves you baffled with more questions.

Source: coldmtngypsy/Pinterest

Ironically, the baffling aspect makes this sign clever and hilarious because it creates the ridiculous image of a person going through all the trouble only to end up in another advertisement. It would be quite stressful for the pet owner if it is real since they want their dog back.


21. Timelessly Relatable

Physics says that time is relative, but regardless of how you experience it, we all have one thing in common, losing time. This advertiser lost time waiting for medication to begin working, but we can find several other reasons for time-lapses, from procrastinating to chatting.

Source: funnypix/Pinterest

Notably, this person places the contact details naming a different allergy medication to the one they took. It might signal that the poster was a clever ploy by one of the competitors in the allergy medication industry.


22. Let It Go

No, we’re not referring to Elsa’s famous song from Frozen but to this poster. Signs normally announce a missing pet that an owner searches for, but in this case, Pierre, the dog, is the advertiser.

Source: nisanuv/Pinterest

This dog tells the owner not to look for them and even calls other pets to join in the rebellion by biting the hand that feeds them. The sarcastic response on the sign to another escape is funny to people owning pets that constantly run away.


23. Heads Up, a Wormhole Alert!

Whether you are an astrophysics expert or just a friendly neighbor, you probably can recognize the term “wormhole.” Wormholes are hypothetical links between widely separated areas of space and time. Most people generally hear about it in sci-fi shows, but this person decided to bring the wormhole to a neighborhood lamp post.

Source: KoalaZombie/Reddit

This sign is highly creative and educational since children can start learning about the scientific point early. The photoshopped picture and warning about capturing the wormhole makes the science communication hilarious.


24. Access Granted

If you ever lost your house keys, what is the one thing you dread? You fear that the person who found them might be malicious and invade your home if they know your address. Thus, naturally, you do not want to parade your home address in your search for the missing keys.

Source: stijnlecomte/Pinterest

If this is not a joke, this sign’s creator made a mess of things. They stated their address, specified which keys open what, and even added the time they typically are home.


25. The Drifting Cloud

This sign announces a missing cloud, complete with last seen details. The poster gives a general description saying the cloud looks “white, fluffy and drifty,” making it a more challenging search.

Source: moshboy/twitter

Serge King once said that revelations are found in clouds, and it seems this person found their creativity in a cloud. They also placed their home address on the sign and instructed anyone who successfully found Mr. Wisples to return it via a carrier pigeon, a dead giveaway that the poster was a joke.


26. A Cute Intruder

This flyer seems like a legitimate sign showing a missing cat trying to find a place with a new person. If the cat has a home, we hope the owner can find him soon and bring the pet back home.

Source: apetslifeonlineshop/Facebook

The cat seems to have an irresistible and charming cuteness that can make anyone melt. This pet was even cooperative enough to pose for the photo used on the sign. We wonder if the cat remained in this new home or returned to its owner.


27. All in the Cat Family

Looking at Mr. Tiddles, you get a reminder of how extensive the cat family is. This sign is searching for a missing cat, with the first information being the normal male tag. However, it all goes south from there once you start seeing descriptions of the cat as over eight feet long and weighing 800 pounds.

Source: RomANikki/Pinterest

“Likes to play with his food” is one sentence that can bring a chill down your spine when you think of Mr. Tiddles with his big, fluffy head. However, the poster isn’t wrong. Mr. Tiddles the lion is a cat, he just happens to be a big one.


28. Barter Trade Deal

If you thought old customs were dead, think again. According to this sign’s designer, old is gold since they turn to good, old barter trading to achieve their objective. At first, you might mistakenly think that this sign is a reward post for a missing pet.

Source: Duke_Cheech/Reddit

A closer look reveals that the person instead wants to reward you with Toby, the dog, if you teach the advertiser to play the trombone. This person wants to impress his wife, although we are unsure about a trombone’s serenading quality.


29. Family Heirloom

The rapid transformation in modern technology means that not many people are familiar with floppy disks. Some neighbors probably heard of that name for the first time upon seeing this sign, which advertises a missing floppy disk last seen in the person’s garage.

Source: TitanicToiletGhosts/Imgur

The searcher clearly has an attachment to the device since they say it has been in the family for years, having gum and initials scratched on the sides. This person also offers a reward, showing the sentimental value they hold for it over their care for golf clubs or a wheel barrel.


30. A Coincidence?

Unless you possess a dark sense of humor, this sign is only comedic when you assume that the owner safely located the banded parrot in the top poster. Whether or not the flyers are coincidental, the arrangement on this pole means the lower sign offers an unexpected twist to the first one.

Source: btrecording/Twitter

A person searches for their missing parrot and presents a reward for their return. The parrot BBQ flyer’s “Come early supply is limited” text then adds a funny twist to the original missing parrot poster.


31. Reward with a Twist

Here is a sign you do not see every day. Normally, pet owners are eager and anxious to find their missing pets, but this one is different. “Reward, if you find him and don’t return him,” shows someone wants the cat to stay away indefinitely.

Source: blazepress/Pinterest

It seems the pet caused many inconveniences in cleaning and maintaining the house, finally resulting in this owner wanting nothing more to do with the animal. Besides, the person expects a breakup as well since his girlfriend witnessed such a vicious sign.


32. A Missing Killer

“Male, 6 years old, thick silverfish-brown fur, sharp ears, stands 34 inches” sounds like a standard description in missing pet posters. When you look at the snap, you can quickly surmise that the animal is not a dog but some wolf mix.

Source: nextdayflyers/Pinterest

Fittingly, the person notes that the missing “dog” responds to the name “Killer” and is not very friendly. Despite being irate at times, the searcher misses him dearly. Hence, get in touch with Drew if you spot his Killer friend.


33. Finders Keepers is the Rule

When you are a Prince fan, you will immediately recognize the joke behind this sign. The musician’s well-known hit “Raspberry Beret” is the inspiration for this poster’s creation.

Source: IDidAFunny/Pinterest

The person on the first sign announces a missing raspberry beret and leaves their contact details without further information. However, the follow-up flyer connects the first poster to the hit song by including a photo of Prince wearing raspberry-colored headgear. In the proper finders keepers attitude, the sign adds a quote, “It’s my beret now.”


34. No Return Policy

The person who posted this sign obviously fell for the dog that they found. This precious pup and the finder, quickly bonded and are now “bros.” The porter of the sign states that the original owner is not welcome to separate their bromance.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

The past owner may feel horrible upon discovering that their beloved dog has found a new love. On the upside, this sign can also provide some relief to the searcher who does not have to continue wondering about his dog’s well-being.


35. A Scared “Cat”

Mistaken identity can be a serious and even dangerous matter, including when dealing with lost pets. This sign shows that someone found a wild animal that they refer to as a “cat.” The poster seems to incorporate a copy legitimate enough to cast doubt if this advertisement is a prank or not.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

The person states that the “cat” does not have a collar and has an unfriendly disposition, which is a big sign that the finding is a wild animal instead.


36. Have You Seen Klaus?

Whenever you find your pet’s unflattering photo, you can always turn to creativity and utilize them to show off your animal friend’s qualities. Like the earlier post showing an unflattering dog image, this sign also captures Klaus’s odd posture, with his tongue hanging out looking quite silly.

Source: debbie_mcbee/Pinterest

The advertiser says that Klaus is a very crazy dog who is off his medication, which reduces his hostility. This owner even warns others about making eye contact with him since he will attempt to rip off your face. Guess we should all stay as far away from Klaus as possible.


37. Look at that Mane

They commonly say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and this dog’s owner is very smitten. This person uses this clever sign to appreciate their pet publicly. You may think that it is another sad poster looking for a missing dog at first glance, but as you go down the list of Gilligan’s likes and characteristics, you discover its true meaning.

Source: Katie Wise/Pinterest

The final asterisk helps you feel less sad for the owner but can cause you to be upset at feeling as if you wasted your time. At least Gilligan isn’t lost though.


38. Don’t Consume the Missing Dog

Have you ever heard someone complimenting a pet by saying that your furry friend is so cute they can just gobble them right up? Well, we know it is just a weird expression emphasizing the animal’s cuteness, but it looks like some people did not get the memo.

Source: lewildbeagles/Pinterest

This finder begins by providing specific characteristics describing the missing pet they found. After this, the person completes the information by adding that they ate the very friendly and adorable dog, with the beagle tasting like chicken.


39. Is this Your “Cat”?

Here is another poster referring to a wild animal as a “cat.” This time the person finds a badger look-alike and kindly takes the time to create a found poster. The description they prepare states that the “cat” is very aggressive, has no nametag or collar and is not house trained.

Source: James_Whitbread/Twitter

We can safely assume that this sign is a prank since no one can confuse this creature for a cat. Despite this, we do wonder if anyone contacted Paul after all.


40. An Enigma in a Poster

This sign indeed does contain a cat, but it may leave you with so many questions, with a lot going on simultaneously. You can see someone wearing a horse head mask with a red jacket while carrying the cat in question. In addition, the stormy sea in the background and a cloudy overall weather complete the strange scene.

Source: debbietavarez/Pinterest

With no contact details, you can tell that this sign is a prank. Someone with a similar sense of humor wrote a “yes” on the poster in response. Looks like the cat is in good hands, or hooves. We hope that this humorous sign has made your day!