Hilarious Interviews with the Cast of The Big Bang Theory

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Sep 07, 2023

The Big Bang Theory made a name for itself as one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s. The show ran for 12 years with a cast that many people have come to know and love. The show’s success was derived from a closeness among these talented, intelligent, and hysterical actors.

Over the years, the cast has gained notoriety for their roles on the show and while many of them have acted in other projects, they will long be known for their roles on The Big Bang Theory. We’ve collected some of the most hilarious interview moments from the cast of the show that prove how funny the cast members are off-screen as well as on the show.

Putting the Knowledge to the Test

Kunal Nayyar plays Raj Koothrappali on the show. Raj is one of the genius physicists on the show but as we know, actors aren’t always the character they play on T.V. In an interview with Ellen, Kunal is asked to put his science knowledge to the test.


Source: Zimbio.com

When he answers questions right, money will be donated to breast cancer research. Everyone wins! But in a hysterical response, Kunal asks if Ellen can donate the money no matter what. He’s not all too confident in his science knowledge!


Casually being a Neuroscientist

Mayim Bialik plays a neuroscientist on the show, but she actually happens to have a PhD in neuroscience in real life as well. Her genius is real both on and off screen. In almost any other job, this would be advertised in big bold letters across a resume, but Mayim wasn’t sure how to advertise this fact for an acting resume.


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On an acting resume, actors will usually list the movies and T.V. shows they’ve been in before. Mayim jokes that there wasn’t really a good place to put her neuroscience experience on the resume so she tucked it away under the “miscellaneous” section of her resume.

Raj and Howard’s Bromance

Raj and Howard have a close bromance on the show, but the actors Kunal and Simon have a great relationship off-screen as well. It’s not surprising they grew to be friends over the 12 years they spent together on the show.


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When asked about the bromance, Kunal asks if the people want to know about the love on or off screen. He jokes about a kiss to the embarrassment of his co-star. We love to see that they can joke around with each other like this. It’s nice to see real friendships formed.

Who’s Getting Killed Off?

When it comes to T.V. and movies, sometimes actors are killed off to add to the drama and intrigue of the show. But, this can mean splitting up the cast and the audience losing a favorite character.


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Kunal was worried that someone’s character might be killed off at the end of the show and he was hoping it wasn’t going to be him. He jokes that as the only Indian character on the show, he was glad they didn’t kill off his character, Raj.

Never Meet Your Idols

They say you should never meet your idols because you’ll only be disappointed. In an interview, Queen Latifah asks Simon what people are most surprised to learn about him when they actually meet him in person.

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Often, people associate the actor with the character they know them for and might be confused when the actor actually ends up being quite different. Simon responds with a clever self deprecating comment. People are disappointed because he is better looking on camera than in person.


Bad Impressions of the Characters they Play

In a conversation with Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, Kaley does an impersonation of her character, Penny. Johnny pokes fun at her telling her the impression is really bad and asks how she could possibly do a bad impression of the character she plays.

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The best kinds of casts are the ones with this kind of camaraderie and rapport. When the cast members get along off-screen it reflects in the show’s on-screen chemistry. It’s one of the reasons the show was so successful for 12 seasons.


Clever Responses to Questions about the Finale

Whenever a show is coming to an end or even when big movies come out, actors are almost always asked to reveal spoilers. Obviously they cannot reveal what happens at the end of a show but John Ross had a better answer than “I can’t say”.

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He says that Sheldon assumes the Iron Throne in reference to one of the most watched shows of all time, Game of Thrones. Very clever way to avoid the question and a perfect example of the fun cast members have.


A Look Back on First Episodes

Since the show ran for 12 seasons, the cast looked quite different by the end of it than they had season 1. At least, most of them did. The cast looks back on some photos of them from the first seasons.


When looking back on photos of Simon, Kaley mentions that he basically looks exactly the same. Simon expresses that it is very annoying that he looks basically the same while the rest of the cast looks much different from their younger selves.


Strange Nicknames

Nicknames are a sure sign of a good friendship so of course The Big Bang cast had to have some names to call each other. One of the actors was asked if they had a nickname for Simon. He said that he lovingly calls him Jason.


He thinks this is a much better name than Simon’s suggestion which was to call him Beverly. We can’t be sure how they came up with either name but maybe someone should tell them nicknames aren’t just about calling someone a random name other than their own.


Stuck at the Same Age

When you play the same character for years and years, you might start to feel like that character is part of yourself. It’s only natural. Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon on the show, felt like he was stuck as the version of himself when he first started the show.


He was 33 at the beginning of the show and has obviously aged over the past 12 years, but Sheldon wore younger clothes because it went along with his character. Jim worried that he would feel like an old man by the end of the show.


How Should the Show End?

A recurring theme in the show is that the elevator in their apartment building is broken as a result of a failed experiment that exploded. This was an important part of the show because it brought the characters closer together.


They were forced to take the stairs and had many conversations in the stairway that progressed the show along. Kaley jokes about this plot point by saying she would love for the show to end with a fixed elevator. It would be a perfect wrap!


Do Your Research!

In this interview, some reporters were embarrassed to find out they hadn’t done their research well enough on Mayim Bialik. They ask how often people think she can solve complicated calculus questions at the drop of a hat because her character on the show is a science genius.


She responds by saying she is actually fully capable of solving these kinds of equations because she is an actual neuroscientist in real life as well as in the show. She sure taught them to do their research on the people they’re interviewing!


Mark Hamill on Playing Himself

Mark Hamill, the man behind Luke Skywalker, made a cameo on the show at the end of season 11 for a big episode. He attends the wedding of Sheldon and Amy (played by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik).


When approached to do the show he was excited because he watched the show himself. But he was disappointed to play himself rather than a different character. He explained that he would have liked to be a look-alike of himself who is a jerk!