Hilarious Disney Princess Memes That Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Childhood (And Even Adulthood)

By: Lilli Keeve | Published: Dec 09, 2022

Ah, Disney! It’s been home to some of the most beloved movies of all time. The worlds they created are magical, whimsical, and unforgettable, as well as the iconic characters that have come out of these fantastical realms. If you’re in desperate need of a laugh (or a much-needed distraction from work), we’ve got all your bases covered with these nostalgic and hilarious Disney memes. 

Sticking To The Status Quo

Clearly, Ariel from The Little Mermaid doesn’t care about conforming to what everybody else is doing. She’s certainly one for pushing boundaries. Her sisters are all sticking to the same thing pretty much, but Ariel obviously didn’t get the message! Not only did she not wear her hair up like her sisters, her bra didn’t even match her tail. Yikes.


Source: GalleryRoulette

Ariel bravely knew how to test the limits of the status quo. It started with her outfit, then that whole going on land thing. Then, she married a human. She was definitely the most rebellious one, which is something her dad should’ve known.


It’s Too Late To Turn Back

The changing seasons can sometimes be a difficult adjustment for people. As soon as winter storms in, all we can do is brave the cold and do our best to shield ourselves from the frigid temperatures. So, that’s why when we take that first step outside, we realize it was a big mistake to not bring our coats.


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It’s all fun and games until our body is too cold to function and we regret not bringing that warm coat. The cold never bothered us anyway…until we went outside (and forgot our fluffy jacket). 

The Only Way To A Woman’s Heart

There aren’t too many things in life that will cause us to pop out of bed, unless there’s an earthquake or something. In all honesty, a lot of us don’t even want to get up for work every day. There is one thing, though, that changes all of that. Food.


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Even though a kiss from your one true love is downright magical, there’s something even better than locking lips with your Prince Charming. Having a yummy snack or meal will surely launch you out of your cozy sheets, but, if you’re lucky, then maybe you won’t even have to get out of bed at all. 

The Bookworm And The Beast

Everybody has flaws, even the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He is known as a walking red flag by some, actually. Let’s face it – every partnership has pros and cons. If you’ve ever made a list of these pros and cons for your partner and most of them are cons, we need to have a chat. 


Source: Instagram

Based on this image, it’s clear as day that the Beast’s cons outweighs the pros. Yes, he may be aggressive, but he is a big bookworm which is a sure fire winner in our minds. No mortal can offer Belle what the Beast can.

Stranger Danger Beware…Or Not

Adults have always told their kids to never talk to strangers (and never accept candy or food from them). In one way or another, TV shows and movies have promoted this idea. However, Disney just goes on and disregards the entirety of this message. 

Source: Instagram

Let’s get this straight. If a stranger is super attractive, it’s alright to talk to them. If only Disney would show what actually happens in real life because not every guy that comes up and talks to you is a looker. There’s so many ways this could go very, very wrong. 


A Healthy (Ish) Discourse

The internet obviously poses many issues, yet it’s also full of possibilities. Needless to say, there’s endless stimulation 24/7. A pastime that is adored by many is engaging in discussions with strangers online about which princess is the isolation queen. It’s Rapunzel…duh!

Source: u/expertaccident/ Reddit

Not everybody agrees with that statement, and that’s evident with comments of the first user. Rapunzel didn’t know any better, to be fair. On the other hand, Elsa experienced life in and out of isolation yet she still was the self-proclaimed queen of it. The only way to settle this hotly discussed debate is to have an Elsa vs. Rapunzel showdown in a crossover movie. 


Soon To Be In A Theater Near You

The Disney princesses are elegant, lovely, and literally good at everything, singing especially. Their melodious voices make us jealous, wishing that we possessed those magical vocal chords, but that’s unrealistic. Thanks, Disney.

Source: u/ibleedorange/ Reddit

These princesses would be more relatable if they didn’t have beautiful, flawless voices. Not all humans possess that gift. Having a princess who raps would certainly be a surprise and who knows…she may even be more impressive than the other normal princesses. What should her rap name be? 


Disney Meets The Mafia

The level of creativity that people on the internet possess will never fail to amuse us. What if Disney movies had more adult content? The whole mafia thing is popular amongst the adult population, so imagine what it would be like if Disney produced that kind of content. 

Source: u/marioandweegee3/ Reddit

This kind of movie hasn’t happened…yet! If anyone out there wants to start a screenplay that’s a mafia/Disney mix, let us know. Disney needs to switch it up a bit, anyways (and there’s no time like the present). 


How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

Prince Charming has a lot of explaining to do here. He and Cinderella spent the entire night together and just decided that she was the one. Yet, the next day he couldn’t even remember what she looked like. She wasn’t even wearing a mask, so Prince Charming can’t weasel his way out of this one. 

Source: Pinimg

If we were Cinderella, we would not have given Prince Charming another chance. Maybe it had something to do with him being royalty? Well, once they tie the knot she will have to live with his bad memory issues, unless she tests him so she knows if she made the right choice. 


Get You A Princess Who Can Do Both

We’re sure that most people have their go-costume when they can’t decide who or what to dress up as…do you? Going as a Disney princess is the quickest and easiest costume, and it’s easily recognizable. Even though you dress like a princess, it doesn’t mean you have to act like one. This princess made the decision to fully rebrand Belle. 

Source: Facebook

So, don’t princesses attend balls? Why is this one at a Taco Bell? She clearly had a very long night. The princesses usually don’t wake up the next morning with an awful hangover, but we may like them a bit more if they did. We’d also like them much more if they got a Taco Bell post hangover. This Belle clearly knows how to have a good time and get good food afterwards. 


One Of These Princesses Is Not Like The Others

The phrase “cold hard killer” usually isn’t equated with Disney princesses. They dance, sing, bake, skip, and play with their animal sidekicks. In this case, Mulan stands out.

Source: u/poirotackroyd/ Reddit

Mulan did what any good and dutiful daughter would do to save their father, let alone pretend to be a man so she could join the army in his place. The other princesses are probably jealous because she’s very handy with a sword. If anything, she will teach them how to defend themselves against any unruly males or animals. 


The Princess In Power

Magical talent doesn’t come naturally to every princess, but those who possess it hold a soft spot in our hearts. Not only do their backstories show how much they’ve gone through, their personalities are elevated due to their personalities. It’s a no-brainer that we’ll always be fans of Rapunzel’s healing hair and Elsa’s incredible ice abilities. However, they can’t hold a candle to Kida, the warrior princess.

Source: u/theavatarboy2018/ Reddit

Since she’s been around longer than the other princesses, she’s also gained more skills and experience. Who do you think would win in a princess fight? 


I Now Pronounce You Royalty

You actually don’t need that many qualifications to become a princess. They mostly have special talents, skills, and looks, but all you really need is a flowy dress and a furry animal companion. In that case, anybody can become a princess – even little Timon. 

Source: Reddit

If we had known the requirements were so basic, then we would have become a princess a long time ago. This is a sign to go out and buy a dress, adopt a pet, and then claim your status as a princess! And then, go find your Prince Charming. 


Avert Your Eyes

Upon first glance, this image seems fine, but it’s only when you start to look more closely that you begin to feel sick in your stomach. All of a sudden, things are spiraling out of control. While Disney princesses usually give off “Keep Calm and Carry On” vibes, this picture has the opposite effect. 

Source: u/kingkazma420/ Reddit

This image is like being on multiple substances at once, and the more we look the weirder things get. How did somebody manage to make a photo so unsettling? There may be something really wrong with them. 


The Harsh Truth

We want you to think about your favorite Disney love story. Let’s be honest – all of us used to desire love like in the movies. So, after discovering the facts of these Disney films, something has changed within us. Clearly, a princess’s life isn’t all cheery and wonderful. 

Source: u/lonely_xlonerx/ Reddit

Prince Florian initially wasn’t much of a stand up guy, but he was actually a bit creepy. Nobody even attempted to help the poor girl! We can’t watch the movie the same way ever again because we just feel icky. To make matters even worse, Snow White isn’t the only princess who fell in love with someone much older than her.  


It Was Love At First Watch

If you were normal then you had to have a crush on a Disney princess. They were all so beautiful, magical and unique-looking. It’s only natural to develop deep crushes on characters you see on screen. Although, a human who turned into a llama and dresses up as a woman, definitely caught us off guard.

Source: u/theavatarboy2018/ Reddit

It’s been a hotly debated topic that whichever Disney character you were crushing on is what your future partner will look or act like. Do you feel that’s true? You should keep searching if that’s the case…especially if they resemble a llama. 


Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Classic Introverts are known for loving being alone in their rooms. Nobody is bugging you or demanding things from you, all you have is peace and quiet. Funnily enough, parents think that it’s a punishment to tell kids to go to their rooms, but it’s actually a dream of most teenagers (bonus points if you have WiFi access). 

Source: Imgur

We can’t survive without WiFi these days and it’s even inhumane to deprive somebody of access to it. Cinderella must feel similarly when parents change the WiFi password out of nowhere and the kids won’t know what it is. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!


When The Truth Hurts

Disney must believe in love at first sight. Heck, they literally invented it! We wish things worked out in our lives the way they did for Disney princesses. But, it’s sad to say that they haven’t. 

There’s a common saying: “When you know, you know.” Elsa, however, doesn’t buy any of that mumbo jumbo when it comes to Anna, her little sister.

Source: funny-memes.us

If Snow White, Ariel, and Cinderella found out that Elsa said this, a riot would’ve ensued. We feel that the princesses should have taken Elsa’s advice and adopted her mindset. She was right, after all. Marrying a man you just met should be outlawed, but to each their own. 


Are You Sure About That, Ariel?

Teenagers think they know everything. Well, Ariel is the exact same, which shows that princesses are exactly like us. When our parents tell us to not do something, it just makes us want to do that exact thing even more! This heavily applies to dating – have you ever known couples who announce their love for each other after one whole week?

Source: Deviantart

That energy is given off by Ariel and Prince Eric. We get the need to convey how deeply she feels about him, but there must have been a better way to express it. Luckily, her father didn’t grill him with deal breaker questions. 


A Tough Price To Pay

Being a queen isn’t the money maker you would think it is! After Elsa went through all that trouble to save Arendelle, they’d hopefully compensate her a bit. Jokes aside, this princess impersonator clearly works very hard to bring some magic to kids’ birthday parties. 

Source: Instagram

To be honest, if anybody deserves to get paid handsomely it’s this lady. Children go absolutely wild at birthdays and meeting their idols makes them go even more wild. So, the next time you see Elsa at your local bank, make sure you thank her for all of her service with the kiddos. 


Where’s The Logic?

Jasmine is definitely one of the more eccentric Disney princesses out there. Yes, having a normal pet wouldn’t suit her at all. Her choice of pet just had to be a tiger, Raijah, with whom she shares a very special bond. And what does it say when she trusts a tiger over anybody else? She didn’t even know Aladdin all that well, so why on earth would she trust him or his magical flying carpet? 

Source: Imgur

Obviously, she’s the most sensible princess. Other princesses would think twice about their big life decisions, like marriage. Jasmine’s skepticism is very appreciated, and she even got on the carpet at the end.


We’re Sorry To Burst Your Bubble

Disney has a special place in our hearts, but they’ve been feeding us lies and unrealistic expectations for as long as time has existed. Most of us humans look dreadful in the morning and like we’ve been tossing and turning all night long. Princess Anna knows the feeling. 

Source: Imgur

How do these other princesses look so flawless? It’s obvious: life isn’t a movie. In the mornings, our hair is sticking out in a million different directions and there’s even hints of drool on our pillows (throw those in the wash ASAP). We want to know what other unrealistic expectations Disney has shown us that can’t be attained. 


Seriously, Have You Learned Nothing At All?

Learning experiences come when difficult things happen and we learn from them, never again wanting to make the same mistakes. In this case, Anna is a bit of an optimist. Sorry, Anna, we’re on Elsa’s side for this one. Hans put Anna through the ringer, so we’d hope that she learned her lesson before she went back out into the dating world. 

Source: Instagram

To be fair, this relationship seems to be working out pretty well so far. Kristoff makes it easy to fall for him, and, as long as they’re content with each other, we hope it works out.


Disney Princesses Taught Us So Much

Over the years, Disney princesses have been the source of many lessons for us. We know that true love does actually exist and it’s not just a myth! And, beauty can also be found on the inside, not just on the outside. Our favorite one is to not judge a book by its cover. If your singing voice is good enough then expect to have some cute animal friends with impeccable cleaning skills rush to your aid in a matter of seconds. 

Source: Funny Junk

Out of all of these, we have one that’s the most important. It’s that kitchen utensils are much more versatile than we ever would have considered them as being. Forks aren’t only for eating, but you can brush your hair with them, too. Investing in a home protection system is useless when you can simply use a frying pan as protection (or a threat). 


This Is Far From Realistic

You have to go into a movie with a suspension of disbelief, which certainly applies to animated movies. It’s obvious that animals can’t talk and fairy godmothers are nonexistent. These fictional elements are employed to make everything more interesting and memorable. As much as we love Disney movies, there are some moments that are way too far-fetched.

Source: Facebook

For females, removing makeup is a big hassle. It’s such a hassle that most of us just don’t even bother applying makeup at all! Mulan simply uses her sleeves and voila! Her makeup has completely been removed – that’s simply too unbelievable and unforgivable. 


You Simply Don’t Understand

It’s a standard for most Disney movies to have some kind of equal or spin-off, but none are as good as The Little Mermaid 2 (don’t hurt us). Ariel’s daughter, Melody, had the same ambitions and dreams that we did, which were seemingly the opposite of her mother’s. Serve the irony, please. 

Source: Imgur

Melody dreams of being a mermaid and swimming in the sea, instead of reveling in her life as a land-dweller. It’s so typical that a kid can’t be content with their situation. We can all somewhat relate to Melody’s angst. The saying “A fish out of water” holds a lot of actual meaning in this particular situation. 


Twitter Does It Again

Most of the early plot in Mulan is summarized in this user’s tweet, and it’s really hilarious. The way they phrased the interaction between Mulan and her dad shows the absurdity of the entire premise. 

Source: jazz_inmypants/ Twitter

A lot of the drama in the movie centers around Mulan hiding that she’s going to battle to protect her father (against the wishes of her family). It’s funny and eyebrow raising that he did point her in the right direction to where the armor and sword were stored. That seems fairly suspicious to us, Disney!


What’s In A Name?

Coming up with character names is very important and often filmmakers can purposefully sneak in Easter eggs or hidden messages, much to the delight of nerdy fans all over. Typically, the names of the characters link to their personalities (Moana’s name is the Maori word for ocean). This tactic doesn’t quite work for all Disney characters, however. 

Source: Imgur

Rapunzel’s name originates from Rapunzel’s mother craving a vegetable called a Rapun and naming her after it. Sadly, the translation of her name isn’t anything special or meaningful, but she still remains as one of our most beloved princesses. 


Judgmental Much?

Beauty and the Beast’s opening song starts with Belle singing about how she desires more than a “provincial life.” Clearly, Belle never for one second considered the feelings of the townspeople. Surely, a lot of people enjoy their normal lives, and Belle is just being plain mean.

Source: danaschwartzzz/ Twitter

Taking this tweet into perspective, we’re seeing Belle in a whole new light. Is it possible that the townspeople disliked her for always raining on their parade every single morning? Belle needs to learn a thing or two.