Halloween Costumes So Bad They’re Laughable

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Oct 20, 2023

Halloween costumes don’t always go as planned. You might have the whole thing mapped out in your head but when you put it together, it’s just never quite right. Plus, costumes don’t come cheap so lots of people opt for the do-it-yourself route, which can sometimes end in disaster!

These people were well-intentioned but ended up with a costume that didn’t quite hit the mark. Some will make you laugh and some are downright scary. We can’t help but laugh at these amazing costume fails.

Dominos Miscommunication

Can you spot the one that doesn’t belong? It looks like the office decided to dress up as dominos, but one unlucky lady misunderstood the assignment. She came as Dominos Pizza instead of a physical domino!



Even though she obviously got the costume wrong we have to give her credit for posing for the picture anyways. Next time they better be a little more clear on the Halloween costume assignments!


Ghosts Ready to Hit the Beach

The ghost is a classic Halloween costume as old as time. Cut two eyes into a white sheet and you’re ready for any party with minimal to no prep time. But, these girls had their own rendition of this classic costume.


2 zanypickle/ pinterest

It appears that these ghosts are on their way to haunt people at the beach instead of in some creepy haunted mansion. We must admit, the costumes seem a little thrown together at the last minute.

Bad Bikers

Someone definitely misunderstood this assignment. The plan was to go as bikers. The woman on the right figured “biker” meant bad attitude, leather jacket, black jeans, etc. Obviously, the man on the left had a different interpretation.



He looks like he’s totally prepared to hop on his bike and compete in a triathlon. We think his rendition is definitely not as “cool” as his partner’s. Regardless of who was right or wrong, these two definitely don’t belong to the same biker gang!

Cleopatra and Caesar

This pair was supposed to show up to their Halloween party as two very historically significant people. The woman on the left is Cleopatra, the famous Queen of Egypt. And beside her is… salad dressing?


4 SierraEJackson/ twitter

Apparently, the man on the right was supposed to dress as Julius Caesar, so the two would be coordinated. Obviously, he took the comedic route and dressed as caesar salad dressing instead. She does not look amused, but we sure are!


Pennywise the clown is one of the scariest costumes out there for Halloween. But this one doesn’t exactly pack the same punch as the terrifying clown from Stephen King’s It. To be fair, you can’t expect too much from a nylon suit.


We can’t be sure what happened to poor Pennywise’s hair here. It looks like he’s been electrocuted! Pennywise is almost unrecognizable here. There is a good lesson here about expectations versus reality.


Take A Guess

If you had to guess, what do you think this could possibly be a costume of? Honestly, the only clue that might help you out is what the person is holding. That’s right. This is a cotton candy costume.

6 AarinTheShark/ twitter

We have to appreciate the do-it-yourself attitude but we wonder what made them dream up this Pepto Bismol-colored disaster? Why did they want to be cotton candy for Halloween? Unfortunately, this one missed the mark and now we have something that will haunt our nightmares.


Not Too Happy About Being a Dragon

This baby must not be a big fan of Game of Thrones because he is none too happy to be dressed as a dragon for Halloween. To be fair, he probably wouldn’t be happy about dressing up as anything at that age!

7 parentsVSbaby/ twitter

That face looks like he’s received more tricks than treats! Regardless of his clear distaste of the costume he looks too cute not to include!


Easter Bunny Nightmare

The easter bunny is supposed to be a joyful character that brings you candy on Easter Sunday. But this creature looks more like something straight out of your nightmares. All the pastels in the world can’t cover up how creepy this bunny is.

8 AgilityWithAmanda/ twitter

We imagine this costume would have more children running away in fear than smiling. The woman’s face on the right says it all!



Forky is one of the most popular characters from Toy Story 4 so it’s no surprise that people wanted to replicate his iconic look as a Halloween costume. And who doesn’t love a DIY project?

9 TanikaRoseABit/ twitter

However, this person was not too happy with the outcome of this costume that she put together because it didn’t exactly look like what she had planned in her head. “A” for effort!


Starbucks Logo

The Starbucks Logo is the iconic green mermaid that graces every Starbucks cup. This person put their creativity to the test to make themselves into the logo with what they had lying around at home. While we appreciate the creativity, we’re not sure we can call this one a success.


The white and green face paint is honestly a little scary and we’re not sure they really look like a mermaid. But props to them for the DIY effort!


Hermoine Granger

You’re bound to see at least a couple Hermoine Grangers, Ron Weasleys, and Harry Potters out on Halloween night. The witches and wizards are fairly popular Halloween costumes. But, have you ever heard of Hermany Grinder?

11 the_doria/ twitter

She happens to be the top student at Chogbarts. We’re not sure how an oversight like this happened when printing out the costume, but we are pretty sure this cost someone their job!


Thor… But Not Really

Honestly, if we didn’t have a side-by-side we could never know what this young man was trying to dress up as. After all, what character wears discs all over him and a yellow plastic bag on his head?

12 memess.post/ IG

With the photo of Thor beside him we are a little more clear on what he was going for here. But the tinfoil hammer just doesn’t look as menacing as the Avenger on the left.


Oh No Homer

This costume comes in a long list of costume fails that we will now see in our nightmares. We commend this person for the effort they put into this costume. It couldn’t have been easy to completely paint himself yellow.

13 WeArePalace/ twitter

To his credit, we can see what he was going for. The “hair” on the top and sides of his head is pretty perfect. But those eyes are definitely a terrifying sight to see!


A Cute Fail

We had to include a puppy costume fail because who doesn’t love to see a puppy dressed up for Halloween. If this is a fail it’s the cutest we’ve seen! Unfortunately, this pup can’t see anything because the costume goes right over his face.

14 elfiek9/ IG

Plus, those eyes on the unicorn costume seem to have been sewn on the wrong way. Regardless, it’s a cute Unicorn and it made our day!