“GOP is Crumbling” Democrats Send Clear Warning to Trump by Flipping New Hampshire

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Sep 22, 2023

The Democratic party was finally able to flip a swing seat in New Hampshire with a 56% vote, sending a clear message to Trump. The GOP is worried what consequences this defeat will have on their party.

New Hampshire is a Battlefield

New Hampshire has long been pulled between the parties in the battle for political control. The state supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election.


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It would have been a devastating blow to his reelection campaign for 2024 if the state had shifted away from his support.


House Majority Shifts

The Democratic candidate, Hal Rafter beat out the Republican candidate Jim Guzofski with a 56% vote.


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This means the Republicans only hold the majority by one seat and with Democrat David Cote’s upcoming election on the horizon, there may be a tied chamber soon enough.

The Positive Impact on Democrats

Democrats celebrated the victory in the flip and expressed that it was a win against “extremist republicans”.


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The chairman of the House Democrats Victory Campaign Committee stated, “We are heading into 2024 with the momentum we need to flip the New Hampshire House blue”.

It All Comes Down to Money

Campaign financing is an integral part of political strategy and comes up as a concern in almost every election.


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This was no different as Republican Jim Guzofski raised concerns about “outsider money”. His campaign funds were no more than $500 while Hal Rafter raised $46,000.

Another Democratic Win

In addition to closing the gap on New Hampshire, Democrats also brought in another victory for the vacant House seat in Pennsylvania.

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This success granted the party majority over the Pennsylvania House.


Social Media Weighs In

People from both parties had a lot to say about these recent shifts in power and one sentiment rings louder than any other: “The GOP is crumbling”.

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One person commented online that this was the end of the GOP but that they would not go quietly: “We all know they’ll go kicking and screaming into the night”.


What This Means for Donald Trump

Poeple online couldn’t help but speculate that this win was a huge slap in the face to Trump’s presidential campaign.

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While Trump believes the recent Democratic wins will have no impact on his own campaign for president, others aren’t so sure. One commenter wrote, “This is the beginning of the end for GOP and Donald Trump”.


Political Extremes

Many people have also commented on the strategy that won the House seat for the Democrats.

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The idea is that there is so many extremists in the GOP party that will not win independent voters who are integral to winning the election.


Looking Forward

So, what does this mean for both parties? If democrats continue to win support and flip house seats they will be in a much more promising position come election time.

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