Funny Fishing Photos That Will Have You Reeling With Laughter

By: Mia Williams | Last updated: Jun 15, 2022

Fishing is an enjoyable past time for many. However, sometimes the fishing trip doesn’t always go as planned.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most silly, ironic, or just plain strange fishing moments that were caught on camera. Be prepared to laugh because these photos are the reel deal.

Icesheets Don't Work as Boats

Sometimes you see people in predicaments and get a good chuckle. Other times you see someone in a pickle and feel nervous for them. This is that time.


Not sure how this man got on a thin slab of ice, but he seems to be blissfully unaware of the likelihood that his solid position isn’t going to last. Let’s hope the person taking the photo came prepared, at least. Perhaps the booze will keep him warm as the ship goes down.


Another Melting Ice Patch

As seen from the earlier image, getting on a floating ice patch may not be the smartest idea. Yet these two buddies thought otherwise.


These guys aren’t the brightest crayons in the box, but it looks like they are having their own version of fun. Again, not sure how they’re going to make it off this ice patch in a safe way that doesn’t involve hypothermia, but who knows.

Are You Lookin' At Me?

This might be the most serious and unimpressed side eye that has happened in the animal kingdom. The sheer size of that eye opens itself up to so many captions. It is reminiscent of a gaze that you can get lost in, the kind where you can see the whole universe within.


Looking at this images makes you feel like he has so much going on in the space between this eye and the other one. Even if he doesn’t, this little guy has left an impression.

Three Prize Catches

Most groups of fishing buddies have one who will always reel in the biggest fish of the day. It’s not every day that three men catch the same giant fish.



These men lucked out on this fishing trip by catching an enormous fish three times over. This has to be enough to feed these guys and their families until the next trip. Hopefully their winning streak will continue. Good luck guys!

Where Is Everyone?

You can almost hear this guy shouting out from the midst of what used to be a parking lot, “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

Most people head for the hills, or at least out of town, when a major storm comes through. But there are always a few that refuse to go anywhere. Now we know why. Once the flood waters drown out all dry-land life in the area, it’s time to reap the benefits with a fishing pole. May he have plenty of food to feed those who have lost their homes.


No Thanks, I'm Good

This dad has fond memories dating back from his own childhood about the joys of fishing with his dad. This is a feeling he wanted to pass down to his daughter.

She clearly does not share the same sentiment. As eager as dad is to introduce her to this fish, she is not having it. Honestly, she looks a tad terrified. It’s possible she saw the slippery guy flopping around moments ago and now he’s gasping for water. Not a fun way to start a fishing journey.


Still, No Thanks

So, this isn’t so much a dad forcing his child to get close to this unhappy creature. It looks more like grandma wants him to be in awe, but instead he’s in ahh.

Not even a caring embrace is enough protection from that thing for the little boy. Hopefully, the confident smile of the guy holding the fish can put some ease in the child’s mind. The little guy still looks a long way away from getting a pole himself.


Reel It In

There is a wide assortment of things people do to get some peace in their lives. Some go shopping, some take hot baths, and some go fishing.


That’s why naming a boat Reel Therapy just makes sense. There’s nothing quite as relaxing for fishermen as going out on the water and taking the day to soak up chill vibes. Of course, there are always fingers crossed that the therapy is productive and includes dinner for the next few nights.


Lobsters, Lobsters Everywhere

Are they lobsters or accessories? You be the judge! Lobsters may taste delicious on a plate with some butter, but we’re not entirely sure you should be biting them fresh out of the water.

This woman seems exceptionally comfortable with these guys. Let’s hope there isn’t enough life left in any of them to bite her back.


Learn To Let Go

Note to all current and future fishermen, if something is dragging you, it might behoove you to take one for the team and let it win.

This guy was so determined to bring something home from his time on the lake that he was willing to be dragged into the water to prove he could. What does he think he’s reeling in, at this point? Surely he has to expect something like a sea monster and not a catfish, right? He has literally dug his heels in over this. The real question is, who will have whom for supper?


Some Worries

It takes a true master of the waters to be so bold as to name a boat No Worries. That has to imply he’s so experienced that he comes here to relax because the waters have nothing on his experience.

However, naming a boat such a thing is almost certainly dooming it. It’s like the hype before Titanic sailed off, with the claim that it was unsinkable. That was probably one of the most infamous jinxes of all time. As you can see here, this boat was similarly jinxed.


Blonde Bear

There’s nothing like walking out on a bright, crisp day to look at the mountains and know it’s a bare hands fishing type of day.

This young woman is channeling her inner bear by going right into the lake and stopping a fish in its track with her hands. After all, who needs a fishing pole when you have nature’s grabbers attached to your arms? Hey, at least she has an extra prop for a good Instagram shot.


Catch of the Day

Some fishermen go to work for a company or do it for fun to provide protein for their family. Some fishermen have other plans.

At least that’s what these kitties are thinking. Imagine having someone to go out and get your favorite dish all the while you can sit and take in the sweet breeze. Dinner is served! Thanks, the cats will take it from here.


The Hottest Shoes in Town

Introducing the newest line of shoes to distract people from foot odor, fish-flops!


Never again will you have to contend with anyone who blames you for foul smells. Who could point the finger at your body hygiene when there are fish in the room? No one! Wear these fish-flops with confidence and pride, knowing everyone is talking about you right now and will be talking about you more when they get home.


Enough Is Enough

This guy did not get the memo, but there is such a thing as too much of a good time. There’s a lot to unpack here. The main storyline to follow is that this guy went fishing alone but brought beer for the whole group.

They bailed but he didn’t and drank for everyone instead. He pre-gamed a little too early, though, so he never actually got to try out that new fishing pole. Maybe next time!


Pointless Award Goes To

Contrary to this sign, there are times when signs are informative. Those are the types where you appreciate the tip and are safer for listening.


As you sit and take in this scene, you may be wondering if this is satire. It seems painfully obvious that everything they are asking you not to do can’t be done anyway. Who was out there diving into rocks enough times that the county was over it and had to make a sign? Was there ever a time that water accumulated where a frog hopped in? But, then again, they have to put warnings on Tide Pods too.


You Always Remember Your First

Firsts are a big part of life. Parents often make scrapbooks detailing a child’s first of all kinds of tasks. This day here is also one for the record books.

A kid catching his first parent, now that’s a win. With all kidding aside, we’re not sure what’s funnier. The fact that the kid got the net firmly around one adult’s head or that the other parent took a picture first before helping. Either way, the child deserves a gold star.


Third Cousin, Once Removed

We’re all just a few strands of code away from each other genetically, right? That includes animals, plants, and even fish.

Not sure having a fish that bears a resemblance to you is a good thing, but this guy seems pretty excited about it. Fish with teeth that look like they’ve been flossed and been treated for dental checks are a tad unsettling. Don’t eat something that could chew you back.


Trust the Car Fisherman

Not everyone who takes a pole to the water is looking for aquatic life. If you’ve ever played a video game that involves fishing, you know there’s more in the water to catch.

Playing games, you wouldn’t be surprised to catch tin cans, socks, or various assortments of trash with your fishing pole. In real life, however, there is a multitude of things lurking in the water. As unlikely as it is for a car to be reeled in by a fishing pole, you just never know.


Is It Or Isn't It?

When most people look for places to legally go fishing, the first thing that jumps out is usually a sign. However, what do you do when the sign is paired with another sign that instructs the exact opposite?

There doesn’t seem to be a time when they alternate, they are just permanent signs sent out to confuse you. Yes, we named it Fishing Bridge, but no, that does not mean you can do that here. Get it together, guys.


It's a Sign

Here’s another time where signs are doing weird things. Previously, we had a sign that contradicted itself. Now we have one that is falling on deaf ears.

None of these men have stopped and asked themselves why there is a sign asking them not to use the bridge for their favorite activity. Perhaps it’s weak or is a favorite of the local gators. Whatever the reason, it seems like squeezing in as many people as humanly possible might not help anything. There’s probably a person lurking around so one day they can say, “I told you so!”


Determination is Key

This man has seen some things! He does not take no for an answer. He certainly is not going to stop fishing because he needs help walking. Water up to your knees is nothing a good, old-fashioned walker can’t fix. No strong rush of water is going to knock him over. Who needs a boat when you have a walker to balance you?


Not only does he come equipped with a pole and a fishing vest, he has cargo pants too. Offshore is the ice chest where he’ll take the fish he caught out of his storage pockets. This is the utmost preparation.


A Version of Time Travel

As a human race, we haven’t advanced enough yet to be able to go back in time. That hasn’t held back everyone who wants to peek into history, though.

There may not be a DeLorean to take us back, so we might as well try a Viking ship. This cast of characters surely spared no expense to bring their lineage back to life through their vessel’s maiden voyage. Whether they bring back relics or just put on a show, much applause is warranted.


A Hoop is Still a Hoop

Who could pass up a game of hoops? No one said basketball had to be meant for the court. Open your minds people. We all know the chill vibe of fishing isn’t for everyone. We live in a world of screens and boredom takes many forms.

So, what better way to spice up a sport known for quiet, long periods of waiting than with a little action on a different type of net? If you’re going this far, why not kick it up a notch and put the hoops on the people? No way that’s a concussion waiting to happen.


A Dog Skeptical About Fishing

Dogs go with humans extremely well, which is why they make such a good pair for outdoor adventures. That doesn’t necessarily mean there can’t be jealousy, though.

Dogs are better hunters than fishermen, but that doesn’t keep this dog from feeling some sort of way about it. What matters most is that he was there to support his human, so, in the end, it was really a team effort. Everyone gets to celebrate with a feast tonight.


Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Closeup

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? I swim here quite often, actually. This is the most comical photo on the list. What are the odds that this pretty fish is in the most perfect spot at the exact right time to create this lasting memory?

Truly, this is a captured moment that deserves to be blown up to poster size and placed on the wall for everyone to see. A one in a million shot!


I Do, Fish

There aren’t many things that could derail a bride from her wedding day festivities. That is, until she finds out that fish are in abundance today.


You see a bride that’s potentially ruining her dress with never-ending sand. What the photographer sees is an opportunity to get some bridal shots that probably no other bride has in her arsenal. If they turn out amazing, the photographer can use them in her lookbook going forward. That is how trends get started. Perhaps she’s onto something, after all.


Fishing on the Fly

There’s fly fishing and then there’s this. Not sure how many times it took to get this perfectly timed shot, but it surely was worth it. The acrobatics of what’s happening is impressive enough, much less the clarity of the water.

Seriously, how many places have you visited with an ocean this beautiful? Whatever the number is, it’s not enough.


Forgetful Fishing Solutions

You and a buddy planned everything out to have a wild weekend on the boat. You brought the cooler, ice, drinks, and snacks. He was supposed to get the equipment.

What do you do when you discover he was so pumped that he left all the important stuff at home? Well, you teach him a lesson while making him useful. Yes, you turn him into a human fishing pole, because why not? He knew what he did and now you have no way of having dinner tonight. It’s either him or you and somebody has to drive. After all, you did bring the snacks.


A View from Above

Most people who are looking to catch a decent amount of fish on an outing like to be as close to where the action is as possible. Most people.

These people prefer a birds-eye view of the catch of the day. To be fair, this is what the birds do over the ocean. They fly over the water looking for fish to swoop down on. Not sure if kudos are in order or if someone needs to encourage them to get down.


Just Two Catches

If you didn’t make a dad joke about fishing when you took your girl on the fishing trip, did you even go on the fishing trip?

On a positive note, everyone but the fish looks like they are having a great time. The weather is good, the water is full of protein for the taking, and the girlfriend knows how to shape her feet into fins. Now that’s a productive day out on the watery range.


PSA: Check the Tides

There’s nothing a surfer loves more than massive waves. Even though it can be dangerous, the height can really make for a great time on the board.

Those same waves do not carry a similar sentiment for anyone who owns a boat or is out on the water for fishing. This guy was taken by surprise when a big wave pushed his boat onto a bed of materials that will not let it slide back off. The look you see here is of confusion and desperation. Where is a counteractive wave when you need one?


Someone Come Get Your Child

It’s disturbing enough that the longer you look at this photo, the more things you see wrong with it, like did the kid need to be hovering? Not to mention that it’s probably an adult taking the photo.

So, what exactly is going on here? Is this some strange statement about capitalism? Is this child trying to be funny? Did the parents prank their children to make them believe a dollar would entice aquatic life? Whatever it is, please get the kid before that whole mess falls into the toilet.


Baby on Board

Little ones are slippery enough, you don’t want to lose grip of them while out on the water, right? Let’s see, what’s a great way to keep a toddler safely nailed to a boat? A playpen perhaps?

It would make more sense if the boat was much bigger where something of that size could kind of make sense. But at least they did put a lifejacket on her.


Who Is Having A Day

Is the man catching the fish or is the fish catching the man? It’s not necessarily a question asked since the dawn of time, but this picture asks it.

Clearly, this guy is in some deep water with the fish. Possibly in more ways than one if the other fishes caught on to what’s really happening here. He would be swarmed in no time, if they could band together. It’s probable that his rider is ready to haul him back onto a boat, but this is definitely a unique way to show off the catch.


Not So Fast!

This guy is either really unwilling to let the fish he caught back into the ocean or the fish was very unwilling to be pulled out of their home.

In all reality, it is probably both. This is what happens when an immovable objects hits an unstoppable force!


Multitasking Like A Pro

When it comes to fishing, it is clear that this guy has big ideas and he executes on them with the expertise of a professional.

It does beg the question what he would do if and when a fish grabbed onto his line. How would he reel it in? Maybe that is for the expert to know and the observer to learn.


Thinking Large

Necessity of the mother of invention and this man had a need to float with the fishies while he baited them to his fishing pole.

Hopefully he doesn’t float away into the ether, it is unclear if he uses a paddle or is otherwise anchored to the shoreline. Either way, this guy is going places.


Easy Pickings

For some, fishing is about being amongst the great outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. For others, it is about ease and accessibility.

Take these gentlemen for example, who have decided to spend their fishing trip inside the safety of their homes, baiting their unsuspecting pet fish to risk it all.


To Fish, One Must Think Like A Fish

To properly engage with your prey, you must think like your prey. When fishing, the best way to think like a fish is to submerge yourself in their environment.

It is unclear how or why the pool is submerged into the water–a possible flooding? If that is the case, he’s made lemonade from lemons.


An Unfortunate Situation

From the looks of it, the driver of the boat is having a ball of a time. The other guy? Not so much.

Whatever the contents of that cooler are, they are about to be fish food. Also, props to that guy for his incredible flexibility!


A Vantage Point

The way to observe the fish is from the ultimate vantage point, a crane. This is what we call thinking smart, not hard.

You can also avoid the crowds (if and when they come) and stand above them, like the Queen of England.


Perfect Timing

This fish, human, and photographer had perfect timing. We’ve all seen mer-people with the fish tails, but a fish head? A revelation.

The abundance of tropical fish almost ensured that a fish/man combo was inevitable, and we are sure glad that it did.


Slim Pickings

This guy seems like an incredibly optimistic gentleman to be fishing in a literal pothole. He even brought a chair to kick back and wait for the supposed fish to come to him.

Not only does that water seem completely unliveable, it is also a mere puddle. If he caught a fish in there I don’t think there is one person who wouldn’t be surprised.


A Table For One

Much like the guy who created his own chair to fish, this guy created a table equipped with snacks, drinks, and whatever else his heart desires.

Why stand on the shore when you can stand hips deep in a lake with a jar of mayonnaise and a fishing pole?


On The Adventure Of A Lifetime

If you’re feeling the desire  for an adventure but also are not interesting in leaving the comfort of your own home, follow this guy’s lead.

And look at the sights! The water is as green as the grass and the wildlife is absolutely adorable.