Funny Family Moments That Prove Each Family Is Truly Unique

By: Kate Row | Published: Nov 16, 2022

Families are so special and unique. They have such an impact on us, whether we like that or not. No two families are quite the same and each has its own awkward photos, silly traditions, and interesting ways of communicating.

These very real and very funny family moments had us laughing and thinking of our own family fun. Check out these humorous moments and see if you identify with any of these crazy families. Perhaps you can think of your own experience that belongs on this list.

 Don’t Take Sides

Every parent knows that you’re not supposed to take sides in an argument amongst the kids. You’re supposed to be Switzerland while they fight it out. And why does it always happen to be at family dinners that the claws really come out?


What better way to soothe some family tension around the table than to make a dad joke. He may not be “taking sides” in the argument, but he is “taking sides” literally by putting potatoes in his pocket. 


A New Kind Of Dressing

Dressing is a normal dish that accompanies Thanksgiving meals, but this is not the kind of dressing we would normally have in mind. This mom likes to dress up her turkey in beads before she cooks it. It looks like the bird has gone to Mardi Gras!


She even gave the bird a nice cocktail before it meets its demise in the oven as well. As far as family traditions go, this one is pretty creative. We’d like to see more turkeys dressed up in the future.

Check The Mirror

One thing everyone should do before they post a photo is check the mirror. Did it catch anything you weren’t meaning to capture? In this case, we think the behind the scenes shot the mirror provides only adds to the photo.


Grandma looks proud to be showing off her beautiful table setting for Thanksgiving. But perhaps she should be less worried about showing off the table and more worried about getting her husband dressed before guests come over!

The Old Thanksgiving Interrogation

The onslaught of questions that comes from distant family members around the holidays is not a particularly unique event. Thanksgiving has gained something of a reputation on the internet for being the event where family members can grill you.



“So, do you have a job yet? Are you ever going to get married? How’s school going?” All those questions coming at you at once can be overwhelming. But it’s part of family gatherings and we have to love that they’re interested!

Attention Hog

Family photos are one of the best ways to get to know a family. And, they can be so hard to capture when you have to wrangle every member and get everyone to smile at the same time. 


This family managed to gather lots of people to get in one photo which is very impressive, but one family member certainly stole the show. You can’t even stay mad at a face like that. It only adds to the photo in our opinion!


Dads Are Frugal, If Nothing Else

Lots of fathers like to save money. And they need to after their kids spend every dime they make! This dad had an interesting way of recycling a Fourth of July outfit. Who needs a new shirt every year?

This one has held up for 15! We are certainly impressed. We can’t be sure whether his kids find this shirt amusing, embarrassing, or practical. Personally, we think it’s genius and it’s a tradition more of us should participate in.


No More Toys

It’s always lovely getting text from your parents. In this case, it looks like the dad is more similar to the kids than he is an adult. We have to assume he broke something with that light saber of his.

It looks like he’ll have to use the kid’s light sabers from now on unless the kid decides to disobey mom’s rules. Something tells us Mom makes the rules around here so they won’t be going against her anytime soon. No more toys for dad. 


Babies Are Scary

This little girl was so excited to be a big sister but maybe she wasn’t exactly sure of what she was getting into because her face reads like she’s made a huge mistake. Maybe she wasn’t prepared for the responsibility.

Real babies are heavier than dolls, louder than dolls, and certainly smellier than dolls, so we can’t blame her for this kind of reaction. Maybe when the baby grows up they’ll have more in common.


Patriotism At Its Finest

Little brothers always seem to get the craziest ideas in their heads and we can’t even imagine where he got this one from. It looks like their dad had a hand in helping to accomplish this art piece.

This is the kind of dedication we expect from a little brother who wants to show off at the family barbeque. We wonder if grandma and grandpa were fans of his project or not.


Family With Different Styles

This is a real family photo. Can you guess who the black sheep is? We understand having your own style and power to you if that is different from your family’s, but we must say this does not seem like very appropriate beach-going attire.

There are bathing suits that come in black as well. We have to appreciate the commitment to expressing herself how she wants despite the venue and despite her sisters having very different vibes. 


Reminder To Relax

The only thing that might be more stressful than your own family during the holidays is the in-laws. This man captured an image that perfectly depicts what holidays with your spouse’s family can be like.

When even your watch is telling you to relax you know your heart rate is going too fast. The holidays are supposed to be fun and non-stressful, right? ‘Tis the season.


Grandpa Vs. Roomba

If you have one of these little vacuums that drives itself sound the house and picks up dust you know how helpful they can be! The days of walking around vacuuming yourself are over.

Apparently, Grandpa doesn’t understand the concept because he doesn’t trust the Roomba. Does he know that following the thing around the house actually defeats the purpose of the Roomba doing the work for you?


Preparing For The Future

One way to bring down the vibes at the family gathering is to remind your children and grandchildren of your eventual demise. They know she’s not going to be around forever, but why does she feel like she needs to remind them?!

bonniebrooke16/ twitter

They could take family photos to frame and keep as memories. They don’t necessarily have to be for the funeral board. But, if that’s what makes Grandma happy, that’s what Grandma gets.


Notes From Mom

When you prepare a holiday meal and you just know the kids are going to come home and try to ruin it, you have to leave a little note to protect the food. This mom gave the kids options to deal with their hunger.

Eating a cat seems somewhat unpleasant, as does starving, so we feel confident they went forward with option number 3. When you spend all day preparing a meal, you’re allowed to be just a touch dramatic.


Creative Family Pictures

If bathroom selfies are any indication, mirrors usually reveal things you didn’t necessarily want in the photo. But in this case, the family used the mirror to their advantage to creatively include everyone in the pic!

fatassroshi/ reddit

When you don’t have an extra set of hands to take the photo and you don’t have a tripod, you might consider using this method next time you need to get everyone in the family into the photo.


How To Motivate The Kids

Parents have to get awfully creative to get their kids to do chores. This mom had the right idea. Take away their internet access and they’ll do whatever you want. 

We would be willing to bet that they made their beds, vacuumed, and walked the dog faster than they ever had before. Perhaps this is a method other parents should give a shot.


Scaring Baby Brother

What are older sisters for if not to prank their kid brother? This toddler is starting early by insisting on wearing a werewolf mask when she holds her baby brother. We fear he’s in for many more pranks to come as he grows up.

She better be prepared for when he’s old enough to play jokes on her as well. This looks like the start of a good fun sibling rivalry.


 When You Disapprove Of Your Daughter’s Fashion Choices

This dad had the best way of showing he disapproved of his daughter’s fashion choices. He made her switch shirts with him so that he would be rocking the crop top instead of her.


It is basically every dad’s job to annoy and embarrass their teenage daughter. In this case, the smile on her face looks like she appreciated the humor in his decision, so we do too. Maybe next time she’ll consider wearing a full length shirt when she’s out with dad.


Who’s Crazy Enough To Mow Their Lawn At Midnight?

Who in their right mind would be mowing their lawn at midnight? This person was shocked to wake up to a lawn mowing sound late at night only to discover the culprit was her father. When asked if he had a flashlight to see he simply responded “no”.

The only thing he needs is the moon to light his path. No flashlight is necessary. While he might be happy with his trimmed lawn we don’t think the neighbors would be all too thrilled about the late night noises.


 Don’t Fall For Mom’s Tricks

Kids aren’t the only ones who can pull one over on their parents. This mom had a clever trap set to make sure her kid was seeing her texts. Sorry for the fake out, but this is just too clever. 


Maybe if they responded to more texts and did their homework they would actually get a car! It may be cruel but it was effective.


Unexpected Christmas Gifts

This mom decided to play a clever prank on her sons by gifting them something they would never expect. It’s not a new phone or a new Xbox. She gave them matching outfits in the same print as their loud couch that they do not appreciate.


Apparently, the couch came with curtains and she had them made into matching outfits for the boys. Now, they blend right in with the couch that they despise. They don’t look too appreciative. Merry Christmas, boys!


Congratulatory Cake

This is one for those photos that we know will be tucked away in a family photo album and shown to future boyfriends when she’s older. She’ll be wildly embarrassed while her parents laugh.

thispartyislame/ reddit

But, if there’s one way to motivate a toddler to stay potty trained, then cake might be the best way. That proud smile just can’t be beat!


Texts From Dad

Dads have a funny way of hitting you with the most random texts. This dad gave an update to the family group chat with a photo of himself and a lovely dad joke. 

While he is straight-faced in the photo we imagine that he had a good laugh to himself about this pun of his. We hope the rest of the family enjoyed the humor of it as much as we did. 


 Rubbing Salt In The Wound

The worst thing you can do to your teenager is take away his or her phone. Kids are glued to those things and we can see by this cruel joke that this father knows it. To rub salt in the wound of losing her device which connects her to her friends he slid this note under her door.

At the time, she was probably too upset to laugh but we think she appreciated the humor in it afterwards. It’s a dad’s job to pull out the dad jokes even when they sting.


Photoshop Before Photoshop Existed

Someone shared this photo of her grandma online. You might recognize the man next to her as Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently, her grandmother had put a picture of Leo’s face over her ex-husband’s.

The sight of her with the attractive actor brought more joy than the reminder of her ex. We have to applaud the woman’s use of photoshop in the real world.


We All Have Our Strengths

Can you guess who the golden child is from this photo? One sibling holds up their trophy, medal, and certificate from winning a hockey game while the other holds up something just as precious.

That is, in fact, an onion ring in her hands. The best part is she looks even more proud of her “show and tell” than her brother is. We wonder if she still has her passion for onion rings today.


The Giraffe Says “Ding-Dong”

It’s funny how the things you say to your kids can stick for so long. You have to be careful about what you say because they watch you and repeat just about everything that comes out of your mouth. Then other times, they don’t listen at all!

tylerhughs/ twitter

These parents couldn’t have known that this would be a lesson that would stick. We have to assume that the kids are disappointed every time they run to the door and don’t find a giraffe on the other side.


What’s Your Name Again?

Anyone with siblings is sure to have had this shared experience where your mom or dad goes through the list of names before getting it right. Sometimes, even the pet names come to mind before your own!

To be fair, raising a kid comes with a little urban fog, and raising more than one can basically drive you nuts! So, we can’t blame the parents for having to go through the roster every now and then before they arrive at the right name.


This Is Love

This is such a perfect photo to encapsulate a mother’s love. So many moms would do anything for their kids and this mom is one such example. Some parents might build their kids a ramp for them to take off on their bike.

Others might drive them to a skate park or trail where they can BMX. This mom took it one step further and became the ramp herself. If this kid is a professional BMX rider today, he has his mom to thank for fostering his dreams.