These Hilarious Celebrity ‘Do You Know Who You’re Talking to?’ Moments Show How Ignorant People Can Be

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Jan 17, 2023

These people got themselves into some pretty uncomfortable situations by name dropping, lying, and making false statements without doing some research first. And they got called out for it online so we can enjoy these “Do you even know who you’re talking to?” moments.

Word to the wise: If you’re going to lie about someone online and pretend you’re all-knowing, don’t do it right to the person’s face who you’re talking about. Or else, you’re setting yourself up for a real awkward moment.

Telling the Writer You Know More About His Work Than He Does

Ed Solomon is a famed writer who is probably most well-known for writing the Men in Black series starring Will Smith. When he offered to clear up a disagreement about Men in Black he was met with hostility and insults.



Little did they know he is probably the sole person on earth who knows the most about what they’re discussing. He saved them the embarrassment of explaining who he was. That’s what “being the bigger person” looks like.


Tony Hawk Needs His Car

We can only imagine the shock on the rental car agent’s face when they saw Tony Hawk stroll into the place. They probably thought some kids were playing a joke on them when they saw his name on the list.



Tony was kind enough to wait his turn in line and prove that he was, in fact, Tony Hawk. We must remember that even one of the greatest skateboarders of all time is a mere mortal and will need a rental car from time to time.

Let the Speaker Speak

A speaking event would be pretty boring without the keynote speaker. We can only imagine the confusion that would have gone on had they not let Malorie into the event to speak!



The person that didn’t allow her in initially must have felt very foolish when they realized who she was and what her role was there. Hopefully, they apologized and she went on to speak and inspire the masses.

Backhanded Compliment

We don’t think that people mean to offend Jenna when they say this right to her face, but this is one of the most backhanded compliments we’ve ever heard! To be fair, Jenna Fischer is technically an older version of Pam from The Office because she played Pam when she was younger. 



We wonder what her response is to this unintentionally rude comment. We’re sure she answers in a perfectly polite way just like Pam would deal with Michael in the show.

You Look Just Like Tom Morello

You know who looks just like Tom Morello? Tom Morello, himself! This poor barista had no idea that the Rage Against The Machine frontman was playing with them. They didn’t seem to get the hint when he even revealed his name was Tom.

We wonder if they ever found out that the man they served coffee to was actually Tom Morello and not a Tom lookalike.


Give Creators Credit

There’s tons of social justice warriors all over the internet who like to pick battles to join online. This person was obviously very set on giving credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong battle to fight on this one.

I guess you have to give your own self credit nowadays to avoid any commentators like this one. Some people need to learn how to mind their own business!


Dwight Schrute Strikes Again

Rainn Wilsonplays Dwight Schrute in The Office. Dwight is one of the most quoted and most adored characters on the show. This “superfan” was schooled by Rainn a little when he claimed to be the show’s number 1 fan.

We’re sure Rainn gets this all the time. After playing  a character on a show for 9 years, you probably get recognized for the name of the character more than your real name. But if you claim to be a super fan, you should know his real name as well!


Telling Youth Thug What to Do

This person’s aunt ran into Young Thug in an incredibly comical interaction. She went up to the rapper to tell him to pull up his pants. The poor woman had no idea that he was a famous rapper.

Thus, this hilarious photo came to be! We’re sure her nieces and nephews educated her on who he was and they all shared a laugh. The real question is if he did listen to her and pull his pants up or not.


Small Victories for Women in STEM

Dr. Samantha celebrated a not-so-small victory when a man tried to mansplain to her the subject area in which she has personally studied. And the cherry on top is that he used her own paper to use against her.

She got the sweet pleasure of correcting him and proving that she was actually the author of the paper he was referring to. He deserves that mortified look. Maybe it’ll teach him not to think he’s always the smartest one in the room.


Sorry Mrs. Musk!

We can’t imagine what it would feel like to embarrass yourself in front of the Tesla creator’s mom. Thankfully, this man didn’t learn of his mistake until after the fact so he didn’t have to deal with being red-faced in front of Mrs. Musk.

But this is certainly a “face palm” moment if we’ve ever seen one. He’s writing about rich people who think they’re changing the world… which is basically a perfect explanation of Elon Musk’s whole thing. Whoops!


Separating the Art from the Artist

Maia is a singer/songwriter who has gained popularity in the past few years. She’s gained quite a following online. It’s funny that someone would claim to be such a big fan of hers but not recognize her face.

It’s even more peculiar because her face is one her merch! So, they can recognize her on the shirt, but not in person. Sometimes, people forget that the artists they’re fans of actually exist in the same world we do.


“That Guy” from Ted Lasso

Kola Bokinni plays Isaac on Ted Lasso. It sounds like this “fan” of the show needs to be informed of that fact! He confidently said to his face that he was not who he said he was.

We have to laugh at the ignorance and we’re glad that Kola could as well. Maybe he’ll realize next time he watches the show that Kola was, in fact, the guy from Ted Lasso.


Writer Knows Best

Let’s all just agree that we shouldn’t argue with the creators about their own shows. This person is one of those who thinks if he speaks confidently enough everyone will believe him. But that doesn’t really work out all of the time.

This person was convinced that Thor was an alien, but he was quickly corrected by Donny Cates. If you don’t know who Donny is, well, he’s the writer. Know who you’re arguing with before you make a fool of yourself!


Real History vs. Not Real History

We think this person must be a little confused as to what Hamilton is. They are acting like they’re telling Lin Manuel something new that he wouldn’t know. But they’re really just making a fool of themselves.

He is the creator of the thing! Of course he is aware that the play is a musical retelling of the story of Alexander Hamilton. His response perfectly describes how we feel about this commenter.


Stealing is Bad

Stealing jokes is a huge “no no” in comedy circles. It’s a sure fire way to lose all respect from the community and from your fans. But, this person didn’t steal, unless you count stealing from yourself.

The viral tweet that they “stole” from was actually their own tweet. Maybe that guy should have educated himself before making a fool of himself. Some people will just never learn.


She Comes Here All the Time

This one begs a few questions. Is the store owner just lying about the fact that Phoebe comes in to do some sort of name drop? Or is there another woman that comes in all the time that looks like the singer? 

Maybe, there’s a woman that comes in and claims to be her! We may never know. But, we imagine it was a pretty weird experience for Phoebe Bridgers. We wonder how she handled the situation.


He’s the Coach

This person made an embarrassing mistake when he asked the Austin FC coach if enjoyed soccer. To be fair, if you’re not a huge fan you might not know what the coach of every team looks like.

He was quickly corrected and we’re sure it made him pretty embarrassed. We guess he went home and learned  the faces and names of all the coaches to prevent this from happening again.


“All These Women”

This beautiful woman looks like an expert in dressing up for carnival. All the bright colors, feathers, and sequins look great! But her costumes might be so convincing that she looks like a different person in each photo. At least, that’s what this commenter thinks. 

She came at them with the perfect response to their question about why all the “women” pictured were light skinned. Simply put, “all those women” are one woman!


Too Young to Wear Alice Cooper Merch

Nita Strauss was the guitarist for Alice Cooper between 2014 and 2022 so she was probably pretty confused when someone questioned why she was wearing an Alice Cooper shirt.

In fact, they said that she was too young to be wearing it! If she’s old enough to play with the rockstar, I think she’s old enough to wear the merch.


Jason Isbell Shirt

Jason Isbell is a guitarist and singer/songwriter who obviously has enough fans that people are wearing his face on a shirt. But, he might not be that recognizable in real life!

He jokes that he must not have gotten his beauty rest that night and must have looked pretty awful if they could see his face on the shirt and not recognize his face right next to them in an elevator.


It’s An Article About Me, Dumb*ss

Seth Rogan is known for his hysterical roles in tons of comedic films and has made more than one hysterical tweet. When the high and mighty come after him on twitter, he is ready with a quick response.

They were complaining that he was commenting on the journalism of someone who covered the crisis in Korea. But they were in for a treat when he simply let them know that he was commenting on an article about himself! We think he’s pretty authorized to do so.


Poor Renee

Poor Renee was unintentionally shaded by her own company! The original poster was trying to pay a compliment, saying that he never would have bought a product without her influence.

When the company Ascension responded asking who Renee was. As it turns out, she works with the person who tweets from that account. Awkward!


Know Who You’re Talking To

If you’re going to be condescending, make sure you know who you’re talking to. Better yet, just don’t be rude to people and you won’t have to worry about it! Or else, you’ll find yourself in an embarrassing situation like this one.

I guess this is sort of a backhanded compliment because he was comparing her to herself. But he didn’t need to be condescending and assume she didn’t know what she was talking about in the first place!


Not Enough Experience

Jobs are always looking for multiple years of experience with different tools and specialties. But in this case they were asking for way too much. Why?

Well, the creator himself didn’t have 4+ years of experience because he didn’t create the thing until a year and a half ago. So, he’s proving that the expectations this company has are completely unrealistic.


A Penny for Your Thoughts

This person should feel very foolish about trying to educate someone on something she obviously knows more about. They strike us as someone who needs to tell everyone what to do to feel good about themselves.


Laurie Penny comes back with the perfect response to prove she is more than qualified to discuss feminism. Why? Because she’s written 8 books on the subject!


The Algorithm Got it Right

The algorithms on things like Amazon and other platforms are getting scary good at knowing us and what we want to see (for better or for worse). In the case of this author, they got it scary right!

David Corn was browsing Amazon when they recommended his own book to him! They certainly got it right this time! We have to give it up for Bezos on whatever he did to connect consumers to products.


You Look Like Jeff Goldblum

Knowing how eccentric Jeff Goldblum is, we think he probably found this encounter pretty funny. And we like that he didn’t even correct this person when they mistook him for a Jeff Goldblum look alike.

It must be a very odd feeling for celebrities to be told they remember themselves! When her friend told her that it was actually the actor, she was probably embarrassed and wished she could have asked for his autograph.


The Last Kingdom

Imagine sitting down on a plane to look over and see the person next to you watching your show! And they’re so engrossed on the show that they don’t even realize that the person playing the character onscreen is sitting right next to them.

To be fair, Adrian Bouchet probably looks much different in his regular clothes than he does dressed in his The Last Kingdom costume. We bet it made him feel good that he was enjoying his work anyways.


Mansplaining What Mansplaining Is

This is a real Inception moment in which the man is mansplaining to a woman who wrote a book that’s based on the writings of another woman who wrote a book that was inspired by the idea of mansplaining. Make sense?

If it seems confusing that’s because it is. She went through the origin story that inspired her own book. That’s some real life experience for you!


Watch What You Post Online

One of the biggest lessons that all kids have to learn these days is to be careful what they post online. The internet is forever! This person was obviously excited about her new position with NASA, as she should be. But this was not the best way to express it.


This wasn’t just some stranger telling her to watch her language. It was a man that oversees NASA, so technically her boss’s boss! She probably didn’t get to hold onto that job for long.


I’m Also German

You know who speaks German really well? Germans! While this might not come as a surprise to most of us, it seems this guy couldn’t really connect those dots.


To be fair, he was trying to pay the person a compliment so we’ll give him a pass here. But it’s on the internet so we can’t help but take a look and laugh.


Her Job Does Make The World Go Round

We don’t know who hurt this guy or what he has against strong professional women, but he was sure shown up in this instance. We bet he sure wasn’t prepared for this comeback.

Not only is this woman an engineer, but she is an engineer who works at airports. So it just so happens that her job really does make the world go round. We wonder if he’ll think of this the next time he’s traveling somewhere on a plane!


Joey’s Dad From Friends

Friends is a show that has stood the test of time which means the new generations of kids are enjoying the show. But the show is more than 20 years old so of course the cast looks different in real life.


This kid probably didn’t mean to offend the actor but he mistook him for Joey’s dad! Thanks for the reminder that he isn’t as young as he used to be, kid. We’re glad he could laugh it off, though.


Read a Book!

Who is going around yelling at strangers telling them what to do with their free time? It’s not the smartest move, especially when the person you’re telling to read a book is actually an author!


Just because they happen to be playing a game on their phone at the time doesn’t mean that they don’t read. We wonder who he’s bothering today.