Gone Fishing: Hilarious Fishing Fails and Flops

By: Kate Row | Published: Nov 12, 2023

Fishing is often perceived as a peaceful and relaxing activity, but even the most experienced anglers can be caught off guard. The truth is that you need more than just a fishing rod, open space and a body of water to make it worthwhile. 

Don’t worry – some of these hilarious situations have been captured in pictures for our viewing pleasure! Check out the funniest fishing moments that have ever been photographed!

The Battle of the Fisherman and the Monster Fish 

This fisherman is determined to show his fishing buddies who’s boss – and it looks like he may just have the strength to do it! It seems he’s been training for this moment his whole life and it’s time to put all his hard work to the test. 


Source: Holtville Bulldogs Fishing/Facebook

As the giant fish pulls him closer and closer to the water’s edge, he knows that if he ends up in the water it will be game over. It’s time for the ultimate battle between the fisherman and the monster fish!


Fishing on Flooded Roads - A Dream Come True? 

He’s certainly not wasting any opportunities! When the road is completely flooded, instead of freaking out like the rest, this guy is taking his chance to fish. We wonder how  many he caught. 


Source: @jimbrownla/Twitter

Well, it must have felt like Christmas for him! With the fish coming right to him, and nowhere else to go, this man is surely making the most of the situation. Who knows, maybe he’ll even be able to fry up some dinner with his catch!

The Big One That Got Away 

No matter how hard they tried, this fisherman just couldn’t catch the fish that they had been hoping for all day. It was right there in front of them, taunting them with its size, but it seemed like no matter what they tried, it was too big to be caught. 


Source: Fancy-Commission-598/Reddit

With two poles in the water, the fisherman must have been in disbelief. The only way to get this fish now might be to jump in the water and wrestle it into submission – good luck with that!

Breaking the Rules 

Despite signs warning against fishing in certain areas, a group of elderly people has decided that the rules no longer apply to them. They come in droves, perhaps in search of a sunken treasure.


Source: moe1048/Reddit

But really it’s just a bunch of seniors who believe they can ignore the regulations. However, their luck may soon run out if a fish and game warden happens to wander by. These folks would be wise to heed the signs and respect the environment.

Girls Can Fish, Too

While these guys fail at fishing, this photo shows that girls might actually do it better. This gal is holding a beautiful catch and she’s reveling in her glory.

Source: nakun.us

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice summer after catching a fish. Bask in that glory!


Taking Your Kid Fishing

It’s already hard enough to get kids to do what we want them to, but when it comes to fishing, it’s a whole other level of challenge. In this fishing fail, a kid was lying on the gravel with a rod in his hand. Buddy, that’s not how you do it!

His dad was amused. After many tries to get his son to hold the fishing rod properly, it still wouldn’t work.


Catching Fish the Old-Fashioned Way!

We can only speculate what the guys in the water are doing beneath the boat, but we hope it’s an attempt to catch fish the old-fashioned way! I guess we’ll never really know. 

Source: Best Lure co./Facebook

Forget the rods and reels, these brave souls are attempting to take on the challenge of catching fish with their bare hands. It may be unorthodox, but you never know–it might just work. We wish them the best of luck and applaud their adventurous spirit!


Stranded on a Rocky Island - A Fishing Mishap with Pricy Consequences! 

An ordinary day of fishing suddenly turned extraordinary when one man found himself stranded on an island made of rock! It seems he may have had a little too much fun on the boat, and maybe too many beers? 

Source: Jerry of the Day/Facebook

The unfortunate consequence of his misadventure is the possible financial ruin of having to pay for the damages caused by the boat scraping up against the rocks. With no easy way off the island, he called for some help!


Fishing-Loving Man Makes Room for Rods on His Bed 

For some men, their fishing rods are their most treasured possessions. This was clearly the case for this guy, who decided to make room for them on his bed. Talk about dedication! 

Source: Cedar Isle Seasonal Storage/Facebook

Perhaps he’s getting ready for an upcoming fishing trip, or maybe he just loves his rods so much that he wants to be near them at all times. Either way, it’s a cute sight and hopefully, he has plenty of room to fit (and be the big spoon!).


Show the World Your Fishing Pride 

Step up your fishing game with a bold new look! Perhaps your Carhartt sweatshirts to Conquistador Tackle hats just aren’t doing it anymore, let the world know that you’re a die-hard fisherman with style and stand out from the crowd with these fashionable and comfy shoes – they’re sure to turn heads. 

Source: adudeguyman/Reddit

Perfect for grabbing a beer after a long day on the water, these shoes will make you the envy of the dock bar. Who knows, maybe with a little luck you’ll even get to strut around with a real prize catch!


Well, Hello There

Here’s another example of a pretty lady testing out her fishing skills! Well, she may have not succeeded.

While that looks like a promising catch, we don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to hold a fish. Plus, what if it’s still alive?


A Tale of Two Fishermen: When Adventure Calls 

When it comes to fishing, these two guys have a lot in common;. One man was seen fishing during a flood, and the other decided to take a risk and try something we are pretty sure no one else would think of. 

Source: afcagroo/Imgur

He showed that fortune favors the bold and that if you don’t have access to a large body of water, sometimes it’s worth trying something new. Who knows, maybe he might discover a new secret fishing spot! If these two fishermen got together, they could have the ultimate angling adventure.


This Fish Look-Alike Is Too Hilarious To Miss!

From the moment you lay your eyes on this picture, you can’t help but laugh! A case of doppelgangers, or perhaps long lost relatives? This side-splitting scene is one we can’t help but share! 

Source: sandozguineapig/Reddit

We must find out where this person caught this fish though, so we can keep our distance from the body of water it came from. After all, we don’t want to come face-to-face with that creature in the wild!


The Catch of the Day - A Big Fish and Love! 

He had a reward-filled day out on the water! Not only did he catch a huge mahi-mahi, but he also managed to reel in a girlfriend. A day full of success! 

Source: Malinka05/Reddit

Unless he has a large enough cooler to fit both, he might have to release one of them back into the wild. Good thing he had his shoes on because if he slips and falls he could lose them both at the same time!


Don't Get Caught Out: Your Favorite Fishing Spot is No Longer Available!

No one likes the feeling of loading up their car with all their friends and fishing gear, only to get to their favorite fishing spot and find out it’s no longer open for public use. The sign is a real bummer, but it doesn’t help that there’s no water either. 

Source: cornette49/Imgur

To make matters even worse, diving is no longer allowed at the spot either, although diving here would most certainly hurt! So make sure to tell all your friends to avoid this spot from now on.


Maybe A Bit Too Much Posing Here

Fishing has definitely risen in popularity over the last few years, and it’s proving to be a hobby that females also enjoy. However, sometimes posing for a photo of yourself fishing may push it a bit too much.

In this case, it seems the woman was simply holding a fishing rod and pretending to fish just for likes. Ummm…


Fishing with a Twist: An Inspiring Tale of Adapting and Overcoming! 

No matter what life throws at you, it’s important to stay true to your passions. This is especially true for this inspiring angler, who has adapted to the challenges of age with a unique approach. 

Source: Urban Angler’s/Facebook

Despite needing a walker to get around, this man hasn’t let that stop him from fishing – he has even used it to his advantage! While we have nothing but admiration for his commitment, we suggest that he have a spotter nearby as safety should always be a priority.


Out of the Box Fishing with Protective Gear 

This daring woman is thinking outside the box when it comes to fishing – no rod in sight, just a net! We’re not sure if it’s legal, but she’s certainly prepared for any flying fish with her protective gear. 

Source: Best Fishing Memes/Facebook

It’s amazing how creative people can be when it comes to fishing and this woman is a great example of that. Who knows, maybe this new method of fishing will catch on?


Reel in the Relaxation with This Fishing Boat! 

A fishing boat can say a lot about a man, and this one is no exception. With room for two and all the essentials, this vessel is the perfect way to spend a day on the water. 

Source: CaptLance Timmer/Pinterest

Kick back in the La-Z-Boy and watch the lines for a bite, or fire up the grill if you get lucky and catch some fish. All you need is a bit of ingenuity and you can enjoy the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience just like this couple!


Stolen Pool Float Adventure on the Lake 

No boat? No problem! This man certainly won’t let that stop him from enjoying a day out on the lake. He’s taken matters into his own hands, stealing a float from his own pool – ready for an epic fishing expedition.

Source: 6thPOC/Imgur

Very innovative if you ask us! He’s certainly determined to catch some fish, but he’d better watch out – one wrong move and he could be taking an unexpected swim! Let’s hope the water’s not too chilly.


Therapy on the Water - Solving Problems with a Fishing Rod! 

The open water has a therapeutic effect on the owner of this boat – all he needs is his fishing rod and a few fish to solve all his problems. No need for clinical therapists when you’ve got your own docked in California! 

Source: fartharder/Imgur

He can even help friends who are going through a tough time, taking them out for a fishing trip to cast away all their worries. It might just be cheaper than seeing an actual therapist – why not give it a try?


Fishing Like a Boss with Company's Construction Equipment! 

Forget fishing off bridges, these guys are taking advantage of their company’s construction equipment! No more wading in the water, they have a crane to get them out as far as possible, so they can catch the maximum number of fish. 

Source: Paul Kodiak/Facebook

Living proof of ‘think smarter not harder’, these guys are sure to leave the lifeguard speechless when they go on their beach rounds. Fishing just got a whole lot cooler! Another great example of anglers thinking outside of the box.


Facing an Unexpected Cat Army 

These two fishermen thought they were being kind by feeding a single stray cat. Little did they know, their good deed would lead to a daily dilemma. The next day, they found themselves having to feed an ever-growing army of cats. 

Source: henriksen1/Imgur

But they may face a problem: not enough fish to go around. Would they come home empty-handed, or risk being attacked by the hungry felines? It’s a difficult situation no one could have predicted.


Impressive DIY Vessel: Man Creates His Own Fishing Boat! 

Fishing doesn’t always need a luxury boat; in fact, you don’t even need a boat at all sometimes! After all the aim of the game is to catch some fish, you don’t have to look pretty doing it! This man’s creative solution to get out on the water will blow you away.  

Source: JoeBidensFlaccidPointingFInger/Imgur

He designed his own vessel, complete with its own motor and rudder, so he could take to the water without having to float around aimlessly. His craftsmanship is sure to catch the eye of those with the fanciest boats. Who knew a DIY boat could look so amazing?


A Newbie Boater’s Epic Mistake

This is definitely a lesson that this guy won’t forget anytime soon! Picture the scene – he turns up to the dock, backs his car up to the edge, and proceeds to launch it into the water! 

Source: mem12791/Reddit

You can only imagine the looks of surprise, and then disbelief, from the people standing around. With a little bit of common sense, he could have avoided this blunder. The good news is, if he ever manages to get his boat in the water, he can always go fishing and take his mind off the embarrassing moment.


Battling a Big Fish - No Fear! 

He was up for the challenge – no matter how big! With a determined spirit, this fisherman was determined to catch the biggest fish in the lake. But, his enthusiasm cost him, as he flew off the dock while trying to reel it in. 

Source: HOT FISH/Facebook

Unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to lose not only the fish but also his rod and perhaps a bit of his dignity. But, we can’t help but wonder, what would he have done with a fish that size if he’d succeeded?


A Fisherman's Tattoo: A Unique Way to Measure Fish Catch! 

This fisherman takes his passion for fishing to the next level, he is so devoted to his hobby he decided on getting this unusual tattoo that helps him estimate the size of the fish he catches! 

Source: Marlborough Angling & Surfcasting Club Inc/Facebook

This creative soul can laugh at those who still bring rulers with them to the water, but the accuracy of the tattoo isn’t quite up to the mark. So, while this ink may not be the most precise way to measure a fish, it’s certainly a unique way of showing off his love for fishing!


Encountering a Crocodile While Fishing - A Fisherman's Nightmare! 

Fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity, but one must always be aware of the potential dangers that lurk beneath the water’s surface. Who knows what could be lurking in the murky depths – it could be a shark, a snake, or even a crocodile! 

Source: pinra/Reddit

Just imagine the shock of this fisherman when he thinks he’s hooked on a big one, only to have a large crocodile jump out of the water in front of him! We hope this fisherman managed to escape from this frightening encounter unscathed!


Snacking and Fishing Like a Pro! 

He’s been doing this for years, and he’s perfected his system – it’s no wonder why this man is a pro at fishing and snacking! With bowls, condiments, and other equipment on his table, he can enjoy a snack while waiting for the next big catch. 

Source: RubberBaits/Facebook

Seemingly comfortable and prepared while standing in the water. Who knows, he might even fire up the grill and cook his catch right there in the water! Fishing and snacking like a pro – this man is certainly the real deal!


The Ultimate Fishing Duo: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! 

Fishing with a buddy is always more fun, but this fishing duo is really taking things to the next level! With both of them needing to fish with multiple rods, they’re using their fishing buddy as a makeshift stand to get the job done. 

Source: Big River Fish/Facebook

It may not be the most comfortable position, but the hope of a big catch is enough motivation to keep going. With teamwork and a bit of luck, this unlikely duo might just pull off the ultimate fishing success!


The Bittersweet Victory

A fish out of water will definitely try to find its way back home. This lady angler was lucky enough to reel in a fish, and while celebrating her conquest with an infectious grin, things take a different turn. 

Source: America's Funniest Home Videos/Facebook

The slippery fish slips from her grasp, leaving her frozen in a mix of shock and dismay. While the celebration was short-lived, it was certainly a moment she would never forget. 


A Tale Of A Fisherman And The Titan Fish

This fisherman is captured displaying his sheer determination against the great Titans beneath the waves. Even more astonishingly, the sand behind him bears witness to his extraordinary battle.

Source: FishingMilitant/Twitter

It tells a tale of epic feats, as two long footprints mark his futile attempt to resist the pull of an exceptional catch. It makes one wonder if he caught the fish or the other way round. 


Fishing Trips And Half-Sunken Boats

When life gives you a sinking boat, pause, take a picture with your thumbs up and a mischievous smile on your face because why not? This man is surely not deterred by his predicament; he turned a potential setback into a hilarious photo op. 

Source: flyfishing channel/YouTube

Even a half-sunken boat can’t keep him down. What would you call this one? We would call this one- against the odds of a sunken ship. 


Sharp Teeth And A Fearless Angler

Even a shark with jaws agape couldn’t keep this man away. For him, we would say fishing trips are code for daring acts of curiosity and bravery. This captivating photograph captures the fearless spirit of a man that dared to touch the untamed. 

Source: flyfishing channel/YouTube

We definitely wonder what was going through his mind for this one. Who knows, maybe he is a shark expert because that was one very risky move. 


A Tail-Slapping Spectacle

Have you ever been tail-slapped by a large shark before? If you don’t know what it feels like, this man can tell you. This is a classic example that captures the phrase “too close for comfort.” 

Source: Landshark Outdoors/YouTube

This fish surely knows how to express when it doesn’t like being touched. In a moment frozen in time, this man finds himself in a jaw-dropping encounter with one of the marine life’s predators.