Favorite Celebrities Revealed To Have A Mean Streak

By: Calla Conway | Published: Sep 22, 2023

It is a part of our culture to worship celebrities. Whether we enjoy their films, listen to their music, or aspire to their aesthetic, celebrity culture is here to stay.

Unfortunately, they say don’t meet your heroes for a reason. It is nearly impossible for them to live up to what you have in your mind. This list of celebrities takes it even further, though, with celebrities who downright let their fans down with their bad attitudes.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s reputation took a nose dive after her time on the set of Transformers. She did not leave on good terms with the crew members with some calling her “graceless,” “classless,” and “trailer trash.” Pretty harsh to be honest.



She compared her director (Michael Bay) to a very infamous World War 2 dictator with a mustache as well. A few years later, video resurfaced of Megan talking about how objectified and disrespected by the director she felt, which adds some context to this, too.


Charlie Sheen

Playing a rebel or someone who is so removed that he doesn’t care about anything has surely bled over. It probably hasn’t helped either that Charlie Sheen had a very public feud with his ex-wife involving a tumultuous custody battle.



He was also known to exhibit such bad behavior on and off set that he’s been let go of from several projects. The bad boy image was solidified after some very private details from his personal life were leaked, making his reputation tank even worse.

Michael Jordan

Being a superior athlete should not give anyone the ability to get aggressive and physical with fans. One of the greatest basketball players of all time, and a not half bad baseball player, Michael Jordan has eager fans all over the world.



That doesn’t necessarily mean he feels the same, though. Michael has repeatedly gotten forceful with people trying to get an autograph. One of the victims was an elderly woman who was knocked over by the superstar.

Amy Schumer

Building a career off the jokes of others ceases to be funny once you’ve been publicly called out. While Amy Schumer has fans all over the place, that sentiment hasn’t seemed to extend to fellow comedians.



She has been accused of stealing a multitude of jokes from another female comedian. Not only did she block this lady from being able to perform at several places, but she also refused to acknowledge the fraud.

Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman may have turned her into America’s Sweetheart, but that doesn’t mean she lived up to it behind the scenes. While Amy Schumer has fans all over the place, that sentiment hasn’t seemed to extend to fellow comedians.


From not wanting to converse with parts of the cast and crew to all-out isolation. Reports from movies such as Hook share that Julia would often stay in her trailer for extended periods of time, causing massive delays in production.


Ellen DeGeneres

Having a reputation for being a universally loved talk show host is a hard standard to live up to.


There had been much drama surrounding how poorly the staff of the Ellen Show were treated and the fact that her attitude towards celebrities was the exact opposite. Her show came to an end not shortly after the dirty laundry was aired.


M. Night Shyamalan

Making unusual stories into blockbuster hits apparently comes at the cost of being a creeper. Apparently, on the sets of his many film projects, M. Night Shyamalan frequently uses his status to make the ladies a tad uncomfortable.


However, if any of the women had taken him up on a date, they’d probably be disappointed by the fact he doesn’t tip.


Steven Seagal

Teaching people to physically defend themselves shouldn’t give you the advantage when it comes to knowing how to bully them better. Steven Seagal has built a reputation over time for using his weight to be intimidating.


He often fires back at people when he doesn’t care for what they are saying. That behavior has lost him many projects or kept him from working with brands again. For example, he’s no longer allowed on SNL due to being argumentative with literally every person he came in contact with during his hosting duties.


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Looking in from the outside can only provide so much information. Catherine Zeta-Jones has been accused of overly dramatic and petty behavior over the years. Her moods would vary wildly and she’d be very condescending to those around her.


As it turns out, however, she was battling more than anyone knew. Catherine later disclosed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Kristen Stewart

There are scandals that fade over time and then there are those that will stay in the memories of anyone who was alive at the time forever.


After several movies and a very public relationship together, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a beloved couple to many. So, when Kristen was photographed cheating on Robert, understandably, a scandal blew up. That left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. It didn’t help that she had thrown punches and screamed at people she works with.


Tom Cruise

Years ago, Tom Cruise made a comment about an actress and her battle with postpartum depression. Not only was it inappropriate, he was speaking out of turn.


He had no medical licenses nor did he know anything about her situation. He still shared his thoughts on a national level. In addition to butting in where he didn’t belong, Tom has treated his crew rudely and has gotten into heated arguments with both actors and the production team.


Shaun White

There’s entitlement and then there’s shutting an entire business down to avoid running into anybody else.

Celebrity Net Worth

Sick children only wanted to snowboard with their idol, Shaun White. While the Olympian showed up, he didn’t stick around long and definitely wasn’t getting on the board with them. That attitude is the same one that required an entire ski resort to shut down for everyone except for himself. He didn’t want to share the slopes. You know, just reserving a whole mountain.


Katie Couric

Being on daytime TV doesn’t prevent on-screen talent from using it to their advantage. Katie Couric has made plenty of snide and passive aggressive remarks during her career on the small screen.


Those vocal thoughts weren’t restricted to just commentary over ridiculous stories. Katie also used her freedom of live feeds to speak callously in regards to her co-hosts. The rumor is that it has everything to do with knocking someone off their game.


Spike Lee

Being a critically acclaimed director means you can pick and choose when you want to uphold your end of a bargain, apparently.


Spike Lee also has no interest in helping the youth get to where he’s at. On multiple occasions, he has given haphazard speeches to graduating classes. He also would leave hours before the agreement stated and hurled insults at students and faculty. Clearly, Spike was only interested in doing his own thing.


Guy Fieri

The celebrity chef is typically seen as having a great time and a passion for food, but he has another spoiled side.


Despite what the TV would have us to believe, Guy Fieri’s attitude has given him a bad rap behind the scenes. He is known for having outbursts and looking for the tiniest reason to create drama. In addition, he is willing to go off on anyone for any reason and then disappear while production handles it.


Tobey Maguire

Even people with plenty of fame and money can have way too much time on their hands. There once was a game of poker going on that Tobey Maguire was keen to win.


Many fans like to say he has a baby face. Clearly, he took that to heart when he threw a childish tantrum when he went home empty-handed. To make matters more embarrassing, he made inappropriate requests to the host and did not leave an adequate tip for services received.


Mel Gibson

Ever so often, someone messes up so many times that it would be hard for them to get work without problems. Where do we begin with this guy? To start with, Mel Gibson blew up his image in the mid 00s with what he said during a police interaction. It was at that time that he showed himself as anti semitic and sexist.


Around that time, he had an affair that everyone in the media was reporting on. Mel was a mess for a hot minute and might never fully recover.


Charlize Theron

Not every well-known person wants to be approached while they’re out living their lives, not even by fellow actors. Once upon a time, another actress approached Charlize Theron during an exercise class.


Charlize was not impressed and uninterested in connecting. To be fair, no one should feel they have access to anyone, even if you think you should. However, Charlize going out of her way to be dismissive and rude might have been unnecessary.


Mariah Carey

Should anyone really be surprised by diva behavior coming from someone who is synonymous with the word? One of the pettiest comments of all time, a favorite meme still to this day, came from Mariah Carey herself.


When an interviewer asked her questions about Jennifer Lopez, she spoke the quote heard ’round the world, “I don’t know her.” The reasons why have been speculated on ever since but it’s clear Mariah did know Jennifer.


Taylor Swift

A singer who writes their own music and lyrics requires a lot of work and dedication. Sometimes talent like that can corrupt. Taylor Swift has a legion of fans that would beg to differ with anyone saying she’s not the best. There aren’t a ton of reported incidents where she is being a disagreeable person.


However, there are some moments where she’s lost her cool and was impatient. Not sure that makes her terrible. Everyone has their days.


Zooey Deschanel

They say don’t meet people you admire because they might disappoint you. Being known as a quirky, fun person on screen sometimes offers fans a hopeful image of an actor they love. So, when given the opportunity to meet them in person, a fan would likely jump for joy and be very nervous.


That was the scene when a superfan met Zooey Deschanel. Unfortunately, the fan was ignored and left behind. This was only one in a list of disappointing moments from Zooey.


DJ Khaled

Being a super duper beat maker doesn’t make you superior to the opposite sex. Is anyone really shocked that the man who is constantly calling out his own name on the tracks he produces would have a bit of an ego?


DJ Khaled outed himself as sexist years ago due to comments he made on his wife and how he feels about their intimate time together. He wasn’t interested in catering to her needs but expected her to do that for him. The Rock actually mocked him for it later.


Mike Myers

Being the perpetual funny man on screen might have an adverse effect in real life. Being forced to be funny might have drained Mike Myers of common decency.


There are some co-stars who have detailed accounts of his challenging on-set behavior. They have recalled times when Mike fired the crew for making eye contact or giving him looks. He also paid a dedicated professional to feed him chocolate during production.


Tommy Lee Jones

Being a Hollywood legend should come with some privacy perks, right? Having a stone cold exterior comes naturally to the acting vet. So much so, that it can be nearly impossible to read him, which must be a lot of fun for reporters.


Tommy Lee Jones has very little patience for interviews and gets visibly irritated when he’s asked something he feels should be common sense. He was so tough for one woman asking questions that she broke down in tears.


Naomi Campbell

She may have one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but her attitude has generated its own fame, too. Since Naomi Campbell’s modeling career shot up like a rocket in the early 90s, she’s developed diva tendencies.


Not only has she publically, and loudly, talked down to her own staff, she’s gotten aggressive. At one point, a former assistant sued her for damages after Naomi took to getting physical with her.


Gordon Ramsay

Owning a plethora of restaurants around the world and being a Michelin Star Chef is likely to give anyone a bit of an ego. Gordon Ramsay is a well-known master in the kitchen. He’s been so successful, in fact, that he has had multiple TV shows since the early 00s.


It should be expected, after watching his abrasive handling of show contestants, that he’s not sweet like sugar. Really, the perspective we get of him on Hell’s Kitchen might be closer to his actual personality than not.


Cameron Diaz

There are actors who seem to hate what comes with fame as they grow in popularity. Cameron Diaz has so much disdain for her fans.


When she sees them approaching, not only will she refuse to give them an autograph, but she will go on to explain in great detail why they should be ashamed of asking in the first place.


Liv Tyler

Being the daughter of a famous wild rocker might have given this actress the leeway to think she can act the same. Reports from frustrated bystanders claim that Liv Tyler ignored an extremely long line to enter a museum with the belief that she was entitled to walk straight in.


That’s not the only time she’s been rude to the common folk she’s come across. Liv is notoriously against communicating with fans or being around normal people, on set or out in the wild.


Reese Witherspoon

Being in the limelight since her teenage years is enough to make someone get a little full of themselves. While most would agree that Reese Witherspoon is generally viewed as a sweetheart, that’s not always the case.


At one point, she was in a car that was pulled over. Even though it was her husband who was driving, It didn’t take long for police officers to be suspicious of her behavior and realize she was intoxicated. Reese tried using her celebrity power to persuade the cops to let her go. It did not work.


Ben Stiller

Many comedians are so funny on their projects that their funny bone becomes impaired when the cameras shut off. No one can be funny all the time. Ben Stiller has spent so many years writing jokes that he has nothing left to give unless he’s getting paid for it.


Even when he is getting paid, he has a hard time not being the center of attention. If he feels the production team could do more to make him comfortable, he has no problem complaining.


Hailey Bieber

When a restaurant host called Hailey Bieber “not nice” it was rough for the famous supermodel to hear. The hostess rated the celebrity a 3.5 out of 10. Ouch!


Hailey apologized on the post, however, saying:

“Just came across this video, and wanted to say so sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude. That’s not ever my intention!” Bieber also said that she wishes that she could apologize face to face one day. Carolan accepted the apology calling the model an “accountability queen”.


James Corden

Making a living off of being the guy who loves to laugh and sing at the top of his lungs with celebrities sounds like a great way to hide your true self. James Corden is a great example of letting fame get to his head.


He’s often found asking people if they know who he is, not because he’s curious, but because he had an expectation and was not pleased with what he got. Staff and interns on his show have shared accounts of him being extremely difficult to work with.


Jennifer Lawrence

Sometimes rudeness isn’t what it seems. Sometimes negative behavior has more to do with hiding insecurities than being mean. Jennifer Lawrence has confessed to being uncomfortable with public speaking, despite having a very public job.


She’s so unsettled about being in open spaces with lots of people that, as a defense mechanism, she has turned to be sort of mean in order to avoid having interactions. These circumstances should help interested parties avoid going up to her in the future.



Money can buy lots of things, but it doesn’t buy tact. Anyone who has listened to interviews with Rihanna should know better than to expect anything other than a non-filtered word to come out of her mouth.


She’s always been very outspoken about how she feels with no remorse when the remarks aren’t delivered to the other person’s liking. However, you would think she’d have some compassion for fans, who she routinely makes fun of in front of others.


Johnny Depp

Some actors double as musicians. Some musicians act too rowdy when they’re staying in hotels and are out and about. Johnny Depp has often taken the rock and roll lifestyle too seriously.


He’s been known to trash hotels, leave messes at shows, and leave things broken. Someone who is throwing money away would be assumed to have plenty to spend. However, he’s had personal staff sue him for recovery of their own wages.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Being a self-appointed wellness guru hasn’t given this actress any personal reflection on her diva ways. Perhaps making candles that were meant to have the fragrance of her own private parts wasn’t enough for Gwyneth Paltrow to pause and consider her actions.


Perhaps it’s the insistence that she knows more than medical professionals on select subjects is what feeds her ego. It’s also what gives her the audacity to perpetuate childish tantrums and condescending tear-downs of employees just doing their jobs.


Jennifer Lopez

It’s possible that after many years of fame, you might forget where you come from. People like Jenny from the block have gotten used to a certain lifestyle after being away from the block for too long.


Even though Jennifer Lopez has played service workers, it apparently hasn’t improved her view of them in real life. She’s known to speak through a third party when it comes to addressing the help.