Extraordinary Images That Reveal The Hidden Sides Of Things

By: Lilli Keeve | Published: Nov 09, 2022

Often, on a daily basis, we don’t really notice or appreciate the inner beauty that exists in our everyday surroundings. The world we live in is truly phenomenal and all we need to do is take some time to look up (and around) from our devices and disengage for a little bit. With all of the distractions present in modern society, slowing down, and enjoying life’s immediate pleasures and oddities are extremely important. 

Cinnamon is delicious and a perfect treat on most baked goods, or, in a warm drink, but have you ever seen what it actually looks like cut from the inside of a tree? What about the insane pattern underneath the bottom of a magnificent lily pad? With an entire list of extraordinary things at your disposal, you’ll be mesmerized at what you will learn.  

Five-Pointed Star Fish With Birth Defects

We all know what the physical appearance of a typical starfish is: most of them have five arms (also called “sea stars”), although some have six or seven depending on the species. Miraculously, there are 1,500 species of starfish that exist on our planet and some are even born in square shapes due to rare birth defects. 


Source: sylvyrfyre/Reddit

Living in the darkest depths of the intertidal zone down (at about 20,000 ft below the ocean surface), these incredible kinds of starfish can dwell. How cool is that?!

A Cleaned Heart

Also known as a “ghost heart,” this is what a human heart looks like after the blood has been drained from it. The image shows a heart that is washed away of any donor cells, thus the result being a ghostly white color. 


Source: Doris Taylor/medical.doctors

After those cells are all cleared out, what’s left is known as a “protein scaffold” which indicates that the heart is ready to be transplanted with the stem cells of a recipient. Once this process is complete, the transplant can be accomplished.    

The Bottom Of A Lily Pad

Nature has always presented us with some unbelievable sights, and this one is quite mesmerizing. While we’ve only ever seen lily pads floating straight up, have you ever wondered what their undersides must look like? Well, your wish is granted.


Source: marmoe/Reddit

A lily pad’s leaf consists of a fractal network of spiny veins that cover the entirety of its underneath base. Here’s yet another remarkable feature of nature that we should be more interested in and take the time to appreciate. 

An In-Depth Look At The Microbes From An 8-Year-Old’s Handprint After Playing Outside

Germs are pretty gross in general. Washing your hands on a daily basis is immensely crucial for the prevention of getting sick and spreading other germs. If you’ve never thought about what microbes look like on human skin, today’s your lucky day. 


Source: Tasha Sturm

Here’s a petri-dish handprint of Tasha Sturm’s 8-year-old son after he went outside to play.   

While this is an intriguing image it’s also kind of icky, so this is a PSA message to wash your hands!

An Elephant’s Tail Up Close

Who would have thought that an elephant’s tail would look like this? We certainly didn’t. All we know is that you don’t want to get too close to it because the aftermath could be disastrous. Elephants are marvelous creatures. They communicate with each other using their tails – if they’re excited, all they need to do is a simple tail wag so the other elephants know what they’re feeling. 

Source: The Thaiger

The tail of an elephant has some practical uses, too. For instance, the thick hair of the tail serves as a masterful fly swatter, which is perfect for keeping those pesky flies away! Also, baby elephants hold onto the tails of the older elephants for security and safety. Ok, that’s definitely the cutest thing ever. 


Movie Stunt Driver On Top Of A Car

Most people don’t know the extent to which stunt coordinators go in order to make something look realistic in a film. Assert your eyes to this crazy image of a stunt driver actually driving the car in Edgar Wright’s action flick Baby Driver. 

Source: moniso/Reddit

If you’ve ever wondered how it’s done, this is it! This guy is operating the car as the actor is driving in it. Shot on location in Atlanta, Georgia, the stunt team was tasked to coordinate insane driving stunts and, boy, did they do a phenomenal job. Now that is movie magic at its finest.  


A Dead And Decomposed Cactus

If you are always killing your plants and can’t seem to keep them alive, that’s what cactuses are for! Cactus plants are easy to take care of, and are oddly beautiful, some of them even look like they came from another planet. Bet you’ve never seen a cactus after it has decomposed, right? 

Source: MischiefofRats/Reddit

This image is what a wild cactus looks like after it has died and decomposed. The spine stays intact even after the decomposition process, which is pretty remarkable. Just don’t poke yourself while admiring it!


An Albino Raccoon

Typical raccoons are identified by their bandit-looking, black-masked fur feature surrounding the eyes, which definitely aids in being cute, but annoying little furry thieves. Albino raccoons, however, are more uncommon. Still pretty cute, though. 

Source: ShakeMango/Reddit

Albino raccoons, unlike their other furry companions, are rare in existence due to a genetic pigmentation condition called albinism. They also do not have any features that allow them to camouflage and hide from predators which causes them to live shorter. Poor fellas! 


A Baby Flamingo

If you’re having a bad day, this photo of a baby flamingo will definitely cheer you up. I mean, look at this small and furry ball of wholesomeness! And, their long legs just make them even cuter. 

Source: celesse/Twitter

You’re probably thinking: why isn’t this baby flamingo pink? That’s because when they are born, their parents feed them a bright red milk produced straight from their digestive tracts. As they age, they start to grow into their signature bright pink color. Pretty in pink, indeed!


What’s Really On A Reporter’s Back

Oh, so that’s how they do it?! Could have fooled us. We probably never really think how reporters get the information that they do in certain circumstances, or how technical their jobs actually are. Mostly, we just see their earpieces in the front but that’s usually all.  

Source: kuyakim_atienza/Instagram

“Our job is so glamorous.” Uhhh, you can say that again! This reporter has an entire mic system carefully lodged in the back of her dress so viewers don’t notice. It’s safe to say, that is far from glamorous…more like unglamorous and uncomfortable. 


Switzerland Ice Crystals

It’s not everyday that you come across giant ice crystals that have a magnificent geometric pattern! This ice crystal pictured is certainly unique in terms of its design and size. It is yet another example of the beauty of unnoticed things in the world that make themselves known to us, given that we pay attention to them. 

Source: simplywing/Reddit

Discovered in cold regions around the globe, precipitous ice crystals come in various sizes, forms, and shapes. The person who found this gem of an ice crystal is certainly lucky to have witnessed its specialness. 


A Sperm Whale’s Mouth

Do you have an idea of what sperm whales are best known for? Well, we didn’t until now. Sperm whales are the world’s biggest toothed creatures, which is ironic because they actually only have a bottom row of 20-26 pairs of cone-shaped teeth in their lower jaw. 

Source: rugbyjames1/Reddit

Their upper jaw is void of any teeth, which only allows them to swallow their food without fully chewing it. Although, we’ll note that it is ironic that sperm whales have any teeth at all. The giant squid is their main source of protein, which they usually slurp instead of chewing. 


The Inside Of A Spacesuit

It’s a mesmerizing sight to see an astronaut go to space, considering the heavy, intricate suits they wear. That being said, it’s likely you’ve never actually seen the interior of one. Just as with anything in this wacky world, there’s more to something than meets the eye. 

Source: TheSoulOfTheRose/Reddit

Spacesuits clock in at a weight of 280 pounds, and that’s just on the ground. Astronauts sport these suits that weigh 45 pounds, taking 45 minutes to put on. The suits are different in terms of sizing for male and female astronauts, with the female suits tending to be smaller. If your dream when you were younger was to become an astronaut, you might want to rethink that because the suits look quite bothersome to wear.  


Snow-Covered Net Roof Of A Zoo’s Aviary

This photo was taken inside of a St. Louis zoo, cue the jaw-dropping. The St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 was the first place to feature a walk-through aviary, and the St. Louis Zoo still owns it to this very day. 

Source: Littlemeggie/Reddit

It’s known to be the largest aviary of its kind. While this winter wonderland sight is absolutely magical, we just hope it doesn’t completely collapse on top of an animal, or someone’s head for that matter! 


Microscopic Image Of A Virus

Not going to lie, this processed photo of a virus under an electron microscope looks like a creepy alien from outer space who is ready for world domination. Luckily, it’s just a creature from the bacteriophages, or “phages,” family that invade bacteria. Whew!

Source: Minifig81/Reddit

Frederick Twort first discovered this virus in 1915 and, then, Félix d’Herelle in 1917. Without knowing how they worked, scientists originally used phages to treat cholera. It was only in 1940 that scientists discovered them and understood their workings. 


A Human’s Intact Nervous System

It’s no surprise that the human body is extraordinarily complex and fascinating. Have you ever seen an intact nervous system of a human? You’ll be glad you checked out this article today. 

Source: DerekS428/Reddit

Ok, but how did the two Kirksville, Missouri medical students in 1925 preserve the nervous system of this body? Someone definitely lost their nerves in the process (ha – see what we did there?!) The dissection process took 1,200 hours and also the students’ blood, sweat, and tears, and immense dedication. 


The Famous Giant Heads Of Easter Island…Have Bodies!

“Moai” is the name associated with the massive and iconic heads of Easter Island. Carved by ancient Polynesians somewhere between A.D. 1100 and 1500, the Easter Island Heads have remained a worldwide and historical phenomenon. 

Source: Ian Sewell/IanAndWendy.com

 So, wait, these heads actually have bodies? The mystery just keeps getting deeper…! Pun intended, obviously. The heads are initially deceiving because there are around 150 statues piled up to the shoulders of the heads themselves on a volcano’s slope, which is why it’s so shocking when there are actually bodies attached to them!


A Fossilized Dinosaur Footprint Found In Utah

This dinosaur footprint seems like it came right out of a Jurassic Park movie. Discovered in The Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail, the track is likely reminiscent of a theropod which would be the equivalent of a velociraptor from the Jurassic Park franchise.   

Source: moebius-incal/Reddit

Estimated to be about 200 million years old, the footprint was cemented in Entrada Sandstone, which is remarkable. Dang, why can’t we find something like that?


The Surface Of A Strawberry

Strawberries are delicious, sweet, and a perfect snack at any time of the day. Probably when you’re eating them though, you just think about how tasty and nutritious they are. How about what their surface looks like? 

Source: Alexey Kljatov/Fine Art America

You know The Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever”? Well, this is a super microscopic version of all the details of a strawberry’s surface. The seeds of a strawberry are the ovaries of the berry that carry the seeds inside them. What’s even more incredible is that the seeds have little stems! 


The Insides Of A Salt Mine

We all need salt. It’s one of the most essential things in our diet – only in moderation, of course! 

Up until the Industrial Revolution, salt was a precious  commodity that was extremely difficult to obtain. To this day, salt mining is still considered a very dangerous, and, not to mention expensive, job even though the mining technology is way more advanced than it used to be.

Source: houstonchronicle.com

Pictured here is the 1929 Grand Saline (Morton Salt Mine) in Texas that’s 750 feet deep. In the early days, salt mining was often done through slave or prison labor.   


Something Is Wrong Here

While tanning gives you that picturesque, photo-worthy glow, sometimes we forget about the other covered parts of the body that don’t get the same attention during the tanning process. Hence, what happened in this photo. 

Source: Conde81/Reddit

Clearly, this poor girl didn’t get the memo. The shade of her face turned out to be much darker than her arm. I guess that’s the price you pay for beauty! 


A Soaked Foot

We’ve all experienced pruny skin after soaking in the water for too long. While it’s relaxing being in a pool, your skin looks gross afterwards if you’ve just been swimming around for hours on end. Beware – this image might make you squirm. 

Source: itsalltucci/Reddit

Hey, we warned you…This is the yucky aftermath of somebody’s foot being in the water for longer than they probably should have, compared to their normal, non-pruny hand. Take this as a note, people!


A Sea Stack In Ireland After Thousands Of Years

Pictured here is the astonishing Dun Briste Sea Stack, Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo, Ireland. This 45 meter high flat-topped sea stack is fairly new given that it was only separated from County Mayo in 1393 from the mainland of Ireland after a massive overnight storm. 

Source: Mike Searle

It’s crazy to think that people were actually living in buildings on top of this sea stack during the storm! In 1980, scientists took a helicopter to the sea stack only to discover remnants of the people, animal, and plant life that used to inhabit it.  


A Gigantic Amethyst Geode

Is it just us or does this geode kind of look like a giant heart? Needless to say, this is an incredible sight. For reference, geodes are hollow, spherical rocks that are lined with cavities containing crystals. The Artigas region of Uruguay is considered one of the most abundant regions for amethyst mineralization and geode mining.  

Source: Keeganxvx/Reddit

The biggest question on your mind right now may be: How much did this geode cost? Millions of dollars? We don’t know for sure, but it’s certainly not cheap. 


An Empty Boeing 787

While we’ve most likely all been on a plane, have we ever truly wondered what it would be like without all the seats and people on it? This captured image is of a Boeing 787, aka the “Dreamliner,” that is totally empty. It really is just a hollow shell of space which gives perspective on what the inside of a plane looks like when it does have the rows of seats and other bells and whistles!

Source: Mass1m01973/Reddit

With so much space to occupy, it would be pretty cool to have a big party there.


Viewing An Eclipse From Space

Taken by the former Mir 27 space crew, this image is what an eclipse looks like from space. An eclipse occurs when the moon overshadows part of the earth. The space crew captured this photo of the eclipse’s shadow dancing across the earth at a speed of almost 2,000 kilometers per hour.    

Source: Mir 27 Crew/CNES.fr

The photo of the solar eclipse was captured on August 11, 1999 and was one of the last photos ever taken by the Mir 27 space crew. 


Minerals In An Agate Shell

Here’s just another example of a beautifully hidden side of Mother Nature that, when it wants to, reveals itself to us. Pictured is a stunning agate shell where minerals have grown inside its hollowed parts, making it even more priceless than any gold-plated item you would have to pay money for. 

Source: H1ggyBowson/Reddit

The results of this fascinating miracle is due to a fossilization and mineral replacement called pyritization. Usually found on the beaches of the West Coast, agate shells are actually rather common to find, but this one in particular is a gem worthy of keeping. You can’t put a price on nature, or beauty for that matter! 


A Tiger’s Skin After It’s Shaved

Tigers are exquisite mammals and their luxurious fur is something to marvel at. But, does a tiger still have stripes on their skin after they are shaved? You are about to find out. 

Source: Purrcules/Twitter

The answer is…yes! Underneath a tiger’s fur, their skin is actually striped, as well. A tiger’s dark striped skin pigmentation is a direct connection to the dark striped color of their fur. Now you have this cool fact under your belt when you need to use it!


A Space Shuttle Departing Earth’s Atmosphere

Add this image to another thing you’ve never seen before! Originally a photograph taken by Nasa’s shuttle training aircraft during the Endeavour space shuttle launch, this image was manipulated a bit to give it a tilt-shift effect.

Source: willhaney/reddit

The photo was most likely taken by the shuttle training aircraft below at 35,000 feet, and the International Space Station circles the earth at around 220 miles.  


The Inside Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Everybody knows that Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most highly recognizable architectural landmarks in the world. It’s basically just a freestanding bell tower which can never fall due to the center of gravity at its base. This is an amazing photo because people don’t get to witness the cool inside of it, just the outside. 

Source: Wicked_Aviator/Reddit

Many might be shocked at how hollow the inside of the Tower of Pisa actually is, but this image is a testament to that fact! It’s not everyday – or, ever – that one gets to witness something unseen like this. It should also be known that you can climb to the top.