Creatively Posing With Statues Is A Whole New Art Form

By: Mia Williams | Last updated: Jan 10, 2023

Since the advent of the smartphone with cameras, nearly everyone in the world has become an expert at taking the perfect photos and selfies. Although we can all take photos, that doesn’t mean we are all great photographers.

In fact, most of us have to do the same poses over and over because we just aren’t that creative. But hey, if it works, it works. Let’s take a look at some of the most fun poses with sculptures we’ve found on the internet and social media.

The Most Helpful Little Man Ever

This photo of a little boy who seems to be helping a rabbit up with his brothers and sisters is the most adorable photo ever, isn’t it? This little man just wants to be of service and help in whatever way he can. We love that about him.



The little boy seems to really think he’s helping a brother out, and we are so happy his parents (or grandparents) were able to capture this photo. His family will cherish and remember it forever.

Here, Take a Bribe

This photo looks like it was taken in a political museum or state building, perhaps. These types of statues can be found in buildings around the world that are open to the public and show ancient statesmen standing around debating and making laws (presumably).


Source: ZeroCiipheR

That’s one of the things that makes this photo so perfect. Politicians are known for taking bribes, so this young man slipping a statesman a monetary note behind his back is just a little too realistic for comfort. This is a photo for the ages.

Let's Have a Shave, Shall We?

This beautiful sculpture shows what looks to be a man who is possibly bathing or posing nude. Back when this model posed for this sculpture, there probably weren’t disposable razors available, so the razor makes this even more interesting.


Source: SirJukesALot

Have you ever wondered what people did for shaving back in the day? We know that men shaved, but women didn’t shave their armpits until recent decades. After all, how would they even do it? This is a hilarious prop for an old sculpture.

This Tornado Is Blowing Us Away!

This statue in Salt Lake City depicts a mother playing with her little girl by swinging her around. Or it could be a photo of a mother trying to keep her daughter from blowing away in a tornado. At any rate, that’s how the photo posers made it look when they grabbed on!


Source: mickeymoo

The helpers appear to be holding onto the little girl in an effort to help everyone from blowing away. So nice of them to drop in.

Because Clowns Are Terrifying, Right?

Did you know that the fear of clowns is actually a real phobia? That’s right. Coulrophobia is a debilitating fear of clowns. The fear of clowns is usually tied to a traumatizing event in a person’s past, and it is a powerful thing.


People who suffer from the fear of clowns have trouble maintaining calm when there are clowns around. It also doesn’t help if they reach out and slap you, of course, like this sculpture seems to be doing to this clever poser.


Can We Have a Showing of All the Single Ladies?

This sculpture was completed long before Queen Bey (Beyoncé) was even born, but the pose is just beautiful, even if it was a man. The man is standing with his head looking down, and wow, is he ever ripped! Look at that six-pack.

Source: bleegh/ Tumblr

The woman stepping in and making this a feminist pose with their “Single Ladies” stance really brings life to an old sculpture. And these days, a lot of women have six-packs, too. Surely this statue is where Beyoncé got the idea for her video.


Hey, Dinosaur, You Shall Not Pass

This snowman will without a doubt melt in the following days since it looks like the snow in the area is rapidly fading away, but that’s not stopping the snow-knight from asserting his power while he still has it. He’s holding up his sword and shield and trying his best to keep this terrifying prehistoric creature at bay.

Source: devabdulsalam

We have to admire this snowman’s tenacity and courage. After all, the dinosaur (or whatever it is) could slice right through him with one big bite with those huge teeth.


The Expression on This Guy's Face. That Is All.

This man appears to be held hostage by this cute little cupid. It’s almost like the cupid is saying, “Give me back my bow and arrow or I will punch you out, dude!” Cupids are adorable, but it’s not a good idea to cross them, it seems.


We love this photo not just because it has an adorable baby cupid statue, but also because the expression on the man’s face is absolutely perfect for the photo he’s trying to pull off!


Shall We Dance?

In this list, we have included some funny sculpture poses and some sweet sculpture poses, but this is perhaps the most adorable. The little girl appears to be joining a line of children who are following a lady playing the violin.

Source: devabdulsalam

The children appear to be dancing, but this little girl looks like she is cutting in to ask the little boy sculpture to join her in a private dance. This is so adorable we can barely stand it!


Grab the Goods and Run!

We aren’t sure where this unique sculpture is, but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It appears to be a woman hugging a man and saying either hello to welcome him home or goodbye to bid him farewell. We know this because the suitcase is beside them on the ground.


This hilarious and creative poser appears to be trying to snatch the suitcase, making this one of the funniest sculpture poses on our list. He will need to make a run for it, though, but he won’t have trouble outrunning the lady in high heels.


Did Ben Franklin Secretly Invent the SmartPhone?

Ben Franklin is an early American who was one smart dude! Not only was he America’s first postmaster, but he was also one of the architects of our democracy, a writer, and a prolific inventor.

Source: catsmob

For one thing, he was the first man that we know of to harness the power of electricity, and he invented the bifocals, among other things. He was also known for having a super sharp and witty sense of humor, so he would have no doubt loved the irony of this hilarious photo.


Gimme a Kiss, Fellow

Could this be any more adorable? This little girl walked right up to a sculpture of a little boy and gave him a big old kiss right on the lips. These types of photos are all over the internet and they’re one of the things that make the internet such an amazing tool.

Source: Imgur

After all, if a tool like the internet can’t provide us with some cuteness now and again, what good is it? We love this cute little pair.


No, She's MINE!

This statue is apparently one that people love to pose with as we featured it before with the group of people who looked like they were trying to keep mama from flying away. However, in this post with this unique sculpture, the man appears to be trying to take the little girl for himself.

Source: esiper

What’s happening with this pose? We may never know what scene the poser was attempting to create, but it’s still an interesting and creative pose nevertheless.


King Kong, but Grizzly Bear Version

One of the most iconic movie scenes of all time is when King Kong picks up the lady and gently cradles her as she trembles in fear. In this image, a clever lady riding a bicycle decided to recreate that scene with this sculpture of a mama grizzly bear.

Source: Imgur

It can be interpreted in a few different ways. For one, maybe the bear grabbed up the lady for dinner for her and her cubs. On the other hand, maybe she’s helping her get back onto her bicycle.


Get Back, Girl, He's All Mine

This is a powerful sculpture in its own right. Is it a little girl welcoming her father home from the war? It shows a man kneeling at the height of a child with his arms outstretched. The little girl is running into his arms.

Source: sarwhere

It looks like a heartbreakingly bittersweet homecoming embrace, but this funny poser made it look like something much more hilarious. We give her props for being so creative with her pose. This is great!


Please Won't You Reconsider?

What did this guy do wrong that he’s having to fervently apologize for? This lady looks angry, for sure! Most likely, the lady is staring out to sea waiting for a beloved sailor to return home. Many sailors never made it back and many ladies spent their lives waiting for them.

Source: jstrydor

However, this man in the yellow shirt sure did a great job of lightening up the beautiful sculpture. It has turned a perfect green patina with age, making us think it was made from copper.


This One Was Probably Very Difficult

When it comes to getting the perfect shot, timing is everything. We have a feeling it took several tries to get this perfect shot. The sculpture is located in Niigata City, Japan, and it celebrates a character named Taro Yamada from Dokaben, a popular manga comic.

Source: Tumblr

The lady is jumping up in the air and throwing some papers up. It looks like the man with the bat struck her with his swing and caused her to jump up and drop all her papers.


Hey, Spidey, You're Not So Tough!

Spiderman is a tough dude and a true superhero. The great thing about him is that he’s just a teenager who loves science and technology and tries to use his newfound powers to fight evil. But is he a match for the average man?

Source: guilleart

We love this sculpture that shows an average man who has caught Spiderman himself. What did Spidey do to make him mad? Not sure, but it’s a beautiful sculpture, isn’t it? The bronze guy looks seriously mad.


Hey, Egg, Let Go of Me!

Most people like eggs in one form or another, whether it’s scrambled eggs, sunny-side-up eggs, or in an omelet. But what would happen if eggs could actually take a bit out of us? This funny post tackles this dilemma head-on (or foot on, as the case may be).

Source: adoquinskywalker-blog/ Tumblr

We don’t know where this unusual egg sculpture is, but it’s a weird one, for sure! This lady got super creative when she decided to lie down and stick her leg in the egghead’s mouth.


Kid, You're Coming With Me

Is this Ronald Regan? It looks like the former actor turned president. However, it could also be just any random businessman in a suit. It’s not clear where this sculpture is located, but it seems to be in a park or a parking lot somewhere. It’s an unusual place for a sculpture.

Source: J2point074

However, it’s really cool how this kid got the idea to lie down and make it seem like the man in the sculpture was dragging him. It’s almost like an errant kiddo being taken home.


Don't Ask Me!

The ancient man in this sculpture looks like he is in a museum somewhere. Judging from his hair, maybe he’s a sculpture from Ancient Greece, but it’s difficult to say. Regardless, he looks like he’s standing up lecturing someone. Maybe he’s giving a speech.

Source: clipmass

However, the way this lady posed for her iconic photo makes it look like the man in the sculpture is saying “How would I know???”. This is definitely one of the most creative uses of a sculpture photo opp.


Wanna See Pics of My Kids?

This is a gorgeous sculpture of someone who looks to be meditating or in prayer. Maybe he’s reading or just contemplating the meaning of life. However, one thing is certain: whenever he actually lived, he probably didn’t have a smartphone.

Source: Rold RamCab

Imagine if he did. What sort of photos would he have on it? Would he be playing Words with Friends or perhaps using the Headspace app to meditate? The guy in the photo is showing him something. Let’s assume it’s pics of his kids or a kitten video.


Save Me From the Giant Pigeon

Keeping pigeons (also called pigeon husbandry) is a popular activity among men in California, so this huge pigeon sculpture may be there. At any rate, this is one big bird, for sure. Maybe it’s going to be part of a movie. It certainly makes The Birds have a new meaning.


However, the way this person is posed makes it look like the pigeon is about to enjoy a yummy lunch of a person in a yellow shirt. That’s a lot of food for mama pigeon and her babies.


Making a Political Statement with a Police Statue

It’s no secret that there is a big problem in the United States with how the police handle some issues and even mishandle arrests in many cases. This is a beautiful police sculpture, but these young men used it as a good chance to make a point, and it’s very effective.


Notice how the two young men are lying on the ground with their hands behind their backs. This is like a kind of performance and it’s powerful and impactful. Good job!


Knocking Out the Gangsters

Something that makes this sculpture of two men interesting is that it shows two men who are quite rotund. You don’t usually see photos of fat guys. More typically, the people who modeled for ancient sculptures were god-like models with curly hair and a six-pack.

Source: Imgur

So we’re not sure what this sculpture conveys. Is it gangsters? The guys look kinda secretive. Whatever they’re up to, the young man on top is obviously knocking them out. So if they’re bad guys, they’re being dealt some justice.


Can You Hear Me Now?

We don’t know what the lady is doing in this sculpture. Maybe combing her hair? Or just pushing her hair out of her face. Whatever she’s up to, she’s absolutely breathtaking and elegant. The man seems to be whispering sweet nothings into her ear.


What do you imagine he’s saying to her? Is he telling her she’s beautiful or suggesting she cover herself up? Whatever it is, we hope he gets his point across because he seems very sincere and genuine.


Kiss Me, Handsome

What’s going on here, 50 Shades of Bronze? Whatever it is, we love it. The young woman took advantage of the pose that the sculpture is in to lay back and pretend to be getting a kiss from the bronze man. But there is a more pressing question.


What is the sculpture supposed to be symbolizing? It’s almost as if the man is giving an invisible woman a kiss, or maybe he was put there for the purpose that he’s being used in this way. Also, what is he wearing?


Let Me Give You a Lift

These young ladies weren’t deliberately posing with this sculpture, but someone captured a cool moment perfectly. The sculpture shows an ancient warrior seated with his spear in the ground. His arm is thrown over the back of the chair.

Source: nolongercreeper

However, what makes it so perfect is the women walking by in the background. We always wonder if people who are accidentally caught in photos like this ever end up seeing the photos. Do they even know they went viral? It’s fun to think about.


Stick 'Em Up Cowboy

Here is another example of a sculpture that is in an interesting and unusual pose. What is the point of the man standing there in bronze with his hand down like that? We aren’t sure what the artist intended, but it seems perfect for the pose this guy came along and did.


Cowboys are known for being frank and honest, and we have to wonder what he would be saying if he could really see into this guy’s blue jeans. Maybe he’s criticizing his choice of underwear. Boxers or briefs?


Ouch, That Got Me Right in the Gut!

This is the same sculpture in Japan that we showed another person posing with. Apparently, this is a very popular sculpture to take photos with and there are countless ways to make them funny and cool. When you can capture a memory like this from a museum or place you visit, it helps you to remember the occasion forever.


Now seeing this, we’re ready to take a trip to Japan so that we can create our own memories with this beautiful sculpture as well. How would you pose with this character in the middle of his baseball swing?


Hey, Lady, Have You Got a Light?

The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s most iconic symbols. She stands proudly in the New York harbor and welcomes visitors and immigrants to our land. Tons of people have done photos like this to create funny poses with her, but this is one of the best we’ve seen.

Smoking is really bad for you, of course, but even if you don’t smoke, it may be tempting to capture an amazing photo like this. After all, it’s the land of the free, supposedly, so you have the right to light up if you want!


Excuse Me, Can I Cut in Line?

We also already featured this sculpture of a lady playing the violin and being followed by several children. However, it seems that there are endless ways to be creative with your children with this sculpture. In this pose, the little boy just got himself in line right behind the little girl.

Source: Ren Dong

It makes us wonder more about this sculpture. Why is there a break in the line? What does that symbolize? This would be another interesting sculpture to visit (and pose with, of course).


Off You Go, Dude!

This guy looks like he’s about to dive in. Maybe this is a sculpture of a famous diver, although they’re not usually naked (famous divers, that is). Or is it a sculpture of someone who is just jumping off the bridge? Either way, it’s probably something with a historical significance.

Source: toribonaparte

However, the lady kicking him obviously has some serious martial arts skills, or else she’s just very limber. Regardless, this is a super creative pose. It would be tempting to visit this sculpture and try some more creative poses.


I'm Lovin' It?

Ronald McDonald is one of the most enduring icons of advertisement, marketing, and fast food in the world. When a brand can make a part of their advertising a beloved character in any country, they’re doing something right. McDonald’s is famous for unhealthy fast food (they’re trying to do better) but they’re also known as a place that kids love.


A lot of that has to do with Ronald McDonald and how much he is loved by kids and adults alike. This guy decided to have some fun with this Ronald McDonald figure and we’re loving it.


Kickin’ It

We get it, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not a statue, but come on, the creativity that seems to take people over when they hit this historical landmark is worth dedicating some slides too. We’re wondering how many takes this perfectly timed photo took, but the result was definitely worth it.


Just look at this photo. The girl at the top of this stunt has her foot just so that it looks like she’s slowly kicking over The Leaning Tower of Pisa. We can’t help but wonder if these lovely ladies may have been traveling abroad as part of a cheerleading trip.


Did This Man Trip This Little Girl? Rude!

In some of these funny sculpture poses, we have to wonder how the people posing got their ideas. This one is very unique and unusual and this guy had a lot of fun with it. The children seem to be playing some version of ring-around-the-rosy, although, like many of these sculptures, there is probably a historical significance.

Source: plaidosaurus

Maybe the boys are pulling the other children along to save them from some evil, which is a common theme in memorial sculptures. The man tripping the little girl looks mean but it was done in good fun.


Coolest President Ever Enjoying Some Brewskies

Whatever your politics, most people agree that former President Barack Obama is a cool dude. Even people who don’t like his politics have been known to play golf or basketball with him. This sculpture shows him sitting on a picnic table park bench enjoying some drinks.

Source: Brosnaks

Someone was probably poking fun at him by orchestrating this comical scene. But who wouldn’t want to sit down right next to the former president and join in on the fun?


Attack on Titan in Japan

In Japan, Universal Studios constructed this sculpture that serves as an Attack on Titan experience. This allows people who visit the area to have all types of fun with this sculpture. You can imagine just how much fun it is to crawl into the big guy’s mouth or do what these ladies did, and pose in his hand.


This photo looks a bit like a nightmare and it’s possible these women had some bad dreams about being eaten by this monster. It’s so silly and funny.


Can You Pick My Nose for Me, Please?

Now, this is an interesting sculpture. It looks like the bust of a man is sitting there with his finger pointing as if he’s delivering a speech. What’s going on in this guy’s mind, and what did the artist have in mind? It’s hard to say without knowing where it is and what the sculpture signifies.


However, what we do know is that the guy in the photo is very silly and probably an all-around fun guy. It looks like the sculpture is picking his nose. He could have handed him a tissue.


Um, Nice Cheeks You Have There...

This is slightly inappropriate, but oh so hilarious. These sculptures that were created centuries ago are always showing super-fit men, it seems, and this one is no exception. Who can blame the lady for not being able to resist this funny pose? It would be hard to resist the temptation to create something memorable like this.

Source: bluesapphire

The lady’s mock-evil smile says everything and we love how much fun she made this. Also, who is the guy in the statue? He was seriously ripped.


Here, Buddy, I'll Help You

Everyone loves beer, right? OK, so not everyone. However, the guy in the shades obviously does, and he’s helping this funny-headed man enjoy some brew, too. Why not? Chug away, he seems to be saying.

This guy and his friends created a great memory with this funny photo. Hopefully, they took some with everyone in the group.


Oh, no! He's being taken!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait…no, it really is a bird! A big bird at that. This statue is a larger than life bald eagle and this passerby was ready to pose.


This pose is perfect and makes the man look like he’s seconds away from becoming bird food. How would you pose with this statue?



Why do we feel like we can hear this picture? “Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.” But what could the girl possibly be telling the statue not to tell anyone?

“Don’t tell anyone the secret recipe, don’t tell anyone I replace my fancy soap  dispenser with Dollar Tree soap, don’t tell me the ending of Stranger Things.” Seriously, there are so many ways this photo can go. One last question, why the leg hold?


Gimmie A Smooch

Sometimes you just need to get a big old smooch to start your day. This goes a little further than a just a regular kiss, but hey, to each their own.

Number 1. this girl has a lot of faith in this statue’s little arms, and number 2, how the heck has she not slipped off the statue? This girl must really need some love.


Old Faithful

This is absolutely inappropriate. But come on…it’s also hilarious. I’m sure when the fountain’s architect was thoughtfully creating this beautiful scene they weren’t thinking this is what it was going to be used for.

You’ve got to wonder how this girl got her friend to agree to take this picture. Do you think she flat out said “Hey, take my picture quick…” then just threw herself up on this ledge? Can you imagine if this girl asked a stranger to take the picture?



The Leaning Tower of Pisa, or simply, the Tower of Pisa, is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of Pisa Cathedral in Central Italy. It is famous for its four degree lean and brings thousands of visitors daily.

I’m sure when walking by you see all types of poses with this landmark. The photo above featuring the two young women is pretty much a staple pose for all those who pass by. This next one however…


Hold On I Can Make It Fit

This photo also features the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The normal go to pose was clearly not enough for these two characters. They decided to mix it up a bit. 

We are thinking these two drew sticks for who got to pose where in the picture. The guy on the grass…yeah, we think he definitely drew the shorter stick. 


Getting Carried Away

Sometimes when you’re on vacation you just get so swept up in having a good time. The girl in this photo looks like she was scooped up and swept away mid-walk. Wait a minute…  

We recognize those shoes!  This is the girl from the “Gimmie A Smooch” slide. Props to this girl for making our list not once, but twice, and for her creative poses with this statue!


Thirsty Much?

The Merlion, which merges the symbol of a fish and a lion, is an unmissable Singapore icon. This guy clearly did not want to miss out on making memories with Merlin and wanted to capture his moment with the landmark perfectly.

That, or he was just really, really thirsty. We will leave you to be the judge of that.


To Selfie Or Not To Selfie

Serious question. What came first, the human, or the selfie? Maybe these two were just having a really good hair day and wanted to capture the moment.

Why do we get the feeling the person taking the photo of these two said something along the lines of “twinsies!”


Strike A Pose

We’ve seen a lot of different posing throughout this article, but this one is a, uhhh, shall we say bold choice.

I’m not sure how the thousands of families that visit the Eiffel Tower felt about this unique pose, but we get the feeling some were probably not too happy.


Phone Home

“Did you guys see that, or was it just me?” We’re not sure what these guys are looking for, possibly the mother-ship, or maybe just on the lookout for some really good gas prices.

We may never know. For real though we just love the overall feel of this photo. It’s giving off “Dad-joke vibes” and we are here for it.


Oops She Did It Again

We’re not going to lie, the woman in this photo doesn’t look too upset about getting in trouble and possibly receiving a punishment.  She even has the “oops I did it again” look down perfectly.

On second glance, although we can not tell where the statue is from , it looks as if this poor guy is just trying to give a good ol’ round of applause and was interrupted mid-clap. Somebody has a dirty mind, and it’s not the statue.



We’re assuming this adorable family planned a nice little outing to a museum. You know, maybe soak in a little bit of the local sights and culture.

However, this little guy had a different idea. To be fair, walking around museum’s can be tiresome work and you can work up quite the appetite. Cheer’s little man!


The Nutcracker

This photo leaves a whole other meaning to the phrase “getting hammered.” It looks like these three guys have this lone wolf right where they want him…

The question does arise, should someone step in and break this scuffle up?  We’re not going to lie, this does not look light a fair fight. We’re pretty sure this guy is ready to wave the white flag


Insert The Lion King Soundtrack

This photo looks like it’s a clip right out of The Lion King. We all know the scene, when Mufasa lifts Simba up over Pride Rock and introduces him to the rest of the animal kingdom.

The scene laid out in front of us here however, seems to be a low-budget aquatic version. Mermaid, and baby dolphin included.


Just Love Me

Every person who owns a pet knows the struggle. We just want to love on our babies all the time! This duo captures the moment millions of people experience on the daily, perfectly.

That moment when you are finally done working for the day, you walk through the door to your house and then get the chance to forcefully love and snuggle with your fur baby (whether they want the love or not.)



“Yay! You’re home!” It’s almost like you can hear the exchange of this photo just by looking at it.

Not to mention we are loving the action-shot captured in this picture. How many takes do you think it took to get this perfect moment? We are thinking somewhere along the lines of 4 to 45.


It's So Nice To See You

This posing pair is giving off “Oh my gosh, it’s been so long. Come over here and give me a hug!” feels.

We also are getting the vibe that this is in fact not this man’s bronze wife, and he is going to have some explaining to do later. “Honey, I swear I tripped.”


Taking The Bull By The...Eh, Uhh..

The Charging Bull, sometimes referred to as the Bull of Wall Street or the Bowling Green Bull, is a bronze sculpture that stands on Broadway just north of Bowling Green in the Financial District of Manhattan in New York City. It is a well known landmark and thousands pose with the big guy daily.

This lovely lady decided to pose with the backside of the bull. Why? We’re not quite sure. But hey, she has a picture to last her a lifetime.


Get Over Here

This is another one of those “you can hear this picture.” It looks like this guy has had it with this girl’s snarky, teenage-attitude.

We’ve all witnessed it. The moment in a store where some kid is off their rocker and their parents have to “hush-yell” through their teeth while trying to get their Gumby-bodied child out of the store.


Dad, Is That You?

We’re thinking these two were having a sweet little family reunion when out of nowhere the one in the hat began to choke!

Fear not! The guy in the blue shirt was there ready to preform his own version of the heimlich maneuver. Here’s to hoping these two got the much needed family time they deserved after this.


Hitching A Ride

This is the Centennial Statue from Skagway, Alaska. It depicts a scene that was typical of the start of a prospector’s journey through the small city of Skagway.

This photo-bomber looks like he decided to hitch a ride with these guys and is hoping the one won’t notice the extra weight his is carrying on his back.


That's A Three Star Review For Me

So. Many. Questions. Who is this adorable guy holding the laptop? Is he an anteater? What is he looking up on his little computer, Yelp reviews? Why are his sandals so square? Why does the woman posing with him seem not to notice any of these oddities?

Some things we may never know. What we can gather from these two cool characters is that they are in a world of their own and living their best life.


Can't Put My Finger On It

There’s something about this photo…I just can’t put my finer on it- see what we did there? We’ve got a lot of questions about the purpose of this statue.

Why a giant metal finger? Why the position? Most importantly how did this guy manage to get up there and stay balanced. Some questions we may just never have the answers too.


Laying Down The Law

Well first off, this statue must be huge! Look how tiny the woman looks in comparison to him. I’m sure you’re wondering just like we are as to why this “little Miss” is in trouble.

Regardless, This big guy looks like he’s about to bring down some serious consequences. Whatever the case may be it’s got to be something pretty bad.


Woah, Buddy

In Chinese culture, Golden dragons are often associated with powerful deities or harvest. Golden dragons symbolize wealth, prosperity, strength, harvest, and power.

This little guys looks like he’s got his own plans for the future. If he wins over this pretty lady she will surely be set for life. Wealth, prosperity, strength, harvest, and power, what more could one ask for?


Little Bit Cheeky

These two guys have probably been stuck to this building for a very long time. Can you blame them for sneaking a little peak at whatever is going on inside this window?

We can guarantee that over the course of their time on this building these two have probably “seen some things.” In this case they had no choice butt to look.



The Boboli Gardens is a historical park in the city of Florence, it is also home to this guy. The statue that is, not the human. I mean maybe he lives there, but that’s really none of our business.

We would love to know what possessed someone to sculpt such a specific statue. We’ve got a naked, confused looking man, on top of a turtle, possibly directing traffic. It’s a lot to take in, but we love that this guy is fully embracing the resemblance.


So Uncalled For

Some people are just so quick to anger. This lady looks like she came out on the wrong end of an argument with this statue.


I’m sure this woman was just approaching with some helpful tips and tricks on how to properly hold a fruit basket, when BAM. Slap to the face. Some people just prefer to hold their fruit baskets by the fruit I guess.


Can You Give It A Look, Doc?

You’ve likely heard of the doctors that come to you, but what about the dentists that sit in wait for your arrival, eager to peer into your (hopefully) clean mouth and offer tips?

Such was the case with this woman and her handy and reliable statue friend. It looks like she had a bit of a sore tooth and was hoping for some advice. Hopefully he was helpful.


Someone Call HR

One thing we know about Buddha was that he did not want statues made of him to worship. If only he knew what would then become of his statues.

This man looks a little too comfortable with Buddha. Someone get human resources on the phone…


A Little Self Inflicted

While Buddha had no choice in the matter, this woman seems to have walked into this situation. Well, not seems, as that is quite literally an unmoving object and she can walk away at any time.

However, the statue does not seem to be complaining. He probably takes it as just part of the job? Or maybe we should get HR on the phone again…


Could You Lend An Ear?

We all need someone to lend an ear for our troubles from time to tim. Life can be hard, exhausting, or just plain cruel.

Having someone stable, consistent, and unmoving to listen to our woes is invaluable in this day and age. We’re glad this woman has found such a friend.


Clean Up On The Back Aisles

As a statue, it would be very frustrating to have an itch you can’t scratch or be unable to properly clean yourself in a time of need. And someone who isn’t bashful to get into your business.

This man saw a friend in need and became a friend indeed. He is washing his statue friend’s rear so he can feel self confident and take on the day.


Space Has No Place

This man is wearing a shirt that says “Space Is The Place,” however, space does not seem like the place that he wants to exist in.

The man looks like he’s holding the entire world on his shoulders and that he takes his role very serious. The statue has an intense look about him, like he’s entering into battle with his friend.


Imitation As Flattery

Strike a pose, ladies. This statue has inspired these women to strut their stuff and pose for the camera. Good lucks!

As they sit over the beautiful vista, arms above their heads and wind in their hair, the camera person shoots the perfect moment in time. The women are eternalized just like the statue. 


You're In Trouble

For shame, this woman said. We aren’t sure exactly what the statues did, but it looks like it was enough to rub this woman the wrong way and earn them a proper scolding.

The statues look like they are holding in their emotions and taking the reprimanding very well. Hopefully, they can all grow from this.


Does This Statue Look Good On Me?

Does this statue look good on me?  Or is this statue actually me? One of life’s philosophical questions that one must themselves from time to time.


This man seems to have found his doppelganger in a statue. The only difference is that the statue is a few degrees bigger than him…


Life Imitating Art

These guys seem to have tapped into their artistic side once they stepped into the museum. How perfect is it that there are five people in this art piece and there are five of them?

We cannot forget to point out that their positioning is spot on with the statues. These guys even went the extra mile and took pieces from their outfit to help them better resemble the statue. Hats off to you gentlemen.


Say Cheese!

Statues like this one, that sit on a bench are just bright, blinking, neon signs, beckoning any passersby to stop and take pictures. They must see it all. Honestly, we have to wonder how many times a day they’re just sitting there minding their own business, when BAM, “say cheese” comes out of a complete stranger’s mouth.

The gentleman in this picture looks beyond thrilled to include this statue in his photo and you can almost hear him saying “CHEESEEEE”. Bonus points for the smiling guy because it also looks as if the statue is the one holding the phone.



You look at this picture and your first thought is what? 3, 2, 1, GO. Was it “Hulk SMASH”? because, honestly, that’s right where our minds went.

When attending any of the Marvel themed amusement parks you should definitely add posing with the statues to your to-do list. There are so many creative ways to capture the fun you were having that day, and then you will be left with a silly photo as a special memento.


Penalty Box

Hockey is not a sport for the weak. It’s one of very few sports that you get chants from fans egging you on to “fight, fight, fight”. Even though goalies tend to be left out of the excitement, it is clear this goalie had, had enough. He clearly felt it was his time to shine and wanted to get in on some of the action his team mates always get. 

After-all, a goalie’s job is to sit in a net for three periods being pelted with hard, plastic pucks. This guy probably has some pent up anger and took it out on the closest thing to him…this guy’s face.


And He's Safe!

This well known statue was commissioned by C & S Bank president, Mills Lane in memory of Tyrus Raymond Cobb (Ty Cobb). Ty Cobb was the first baseball player inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

The statue was first placed at the old Atlanta- Fulton County Stadium, in 1977. It made the move to Turner Field in 1997 where it still can be seen today. To this day it clearly still gets love from baseball fans.



Ladies, we don’t want to alarm you but we really think it would be wise to get away from those cattle. This silly scene is recreated hundreds of times a day in downtown Dallas, Texas. The piece of artwork is made up of forty-nine bronze steers and three trail riders created by artist Robert Summers. 

This sculpture was installed to commemorate the 19th century cattle drives that took place along the Shawnee Trail. The trail was the earliest and eastern-most route by which Texas longhorn cattle were taken to northern rail heads passing through Austin and Waco, Texas. Each steer is six feet high and all together the sculpture is the largest bronze monument of its kind in the world. That sure is a lot of bull.


I Would Like A Large Cone Please

You better believe we are going to continue to bring you some of the creative poses we’ve found with The Leaning Tower Of Pisa. Some of these are just too good to pass up. 


This picture is a prime example! Simple, but very cute. We love the creativity that went into this picture. It looks like it could be straight out of a travel magazine. Is The Leaning Tower Of Pisa one of Baskin Robbin’s 31 flavors?


Everyone's A Winner

The Miss America Pageant is in Atlantic City only once a year, but now visitors to the seaside resort- where the historic Miss America Pageant began- can now have their own crowning moment year-round! 


The bronze statue of Miss America is modeled loosely on former title holder Mallory Hagan but also  incorporates features from other past winners. The Boardwalk statue depicts Miss America holding out the crown for a new winner to wear. We love a statue that allows everyone to have their moment in the winner’s circle.


Take A Breather

Taking a second to catch your breath and stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is not only important, it is self care. This little lady has her priority’s right.

It looks like she may be “having a moment” and decided to take a second to herself. Well, not exactly to herself. It seems as if she found someone to take a breather with her. Seriously, how sweet is this moment?


A Family Photo

This statue appears to be of a couple sitting on a bench taking in the scenery. It comes off as very tranquil and the backdrop helps set the serene feel. Can anybody blame this little guy for waiting to partake in their peaceful little moment? 

To all the parents out there, the accuracy of this photo is spot on. When you have kids (especially toddlers) you are on parent patrol 24/7- peaceful moments included. This sweet moment definitely still hits us in the feels though.


My Heart

Where are our dog lovers at? We cannot hold back the tears when it comes to this tender moment of a little dog posing in front of the Hachiko monument in Shibuya, Japan. 

The statue is a tribute to the famously loyal Akita, whose story of undying affection for his owner is part of Japanese national lore. This little pooch clearly has a hero.


Scuse Me Sir

This image which seems to be captured at a park of some sort has us wondering who the perpetrator in the situation really is. Was the statue boy trying to get a little handsy? Or was this poor statue boy just out here living his best life when some random lady decided to back up into his personal space? 

We are going to go with the latter. But hey, it still makes for a silly photo and absolutely made us laugh.


Go Fish

This is one we have yet to come across thus far. Imagine this, the table is set, the mood is right, it’s game time! You sit down for a fun game of cards just in time to look up from your perfect hand and you are greeted with an eye full of skeletons.


Do you make the best of it or run away screaming? This guy decided to make the best of it and stuck around for what we are sure was a memorable game of cards. Serious question though. Do you think skeletons cheat?


Wait, What A We Looking At?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a, it’s a…wait, what actually is it? If you’re walking down the street and see a group of people with their hand up to their eyes looking in a particular direction it’s almost human nature to stop and do the same exact thing. Right? 

We are a curious breed out here and we just want all the answers. It has to be something really cool they’re looking at right? Imagine if it was something like a McDonald’s sign. Those golden arches will get anyone.


And A 5, 6, 7, 8!

There is nothing better than sporadically busting out some sweet dance choreography in the middle of a busy sidewalk. It’s made even more awesome when you find someone who starts to dance along with you! 

This statue is in luck. It looks as if this passerby couldn’t help but join in on the fun. Look at those sweet moves. These guys are killing it.


Kiss The Fonz!

One of the best things to do if you’re ever in Milwaukie, Wisconsin is to walk right along the riverfront. Across from the Rock Bottom Brewery stands the statue of a bronze Fonz (aka Fonzie) from the 1970s TV show Happy Days.

Source: GettingStamped

In typical Fonz fashion, the statue is sporting his usual outfit comprised of a leather bomber jacket, white t-shirt, slim-fitting jeans, and black combat boots. We have to mention that slicked-back hair, too! The Fonz gave two thumbs up while receiving a kiss from this visitor.


Riding Bareback In Central America

While this horse statue isn’t the biggest one, it was in the middle of nowhere in the vast beauty of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. The statue was found near a dirt road that went on for miles until a small, secluded beach appeared.


This fellow certainly looks grand and mighty while standing on top of the statue! In the background, you can even see a statue of Jesus.


The Polar Bear Capital Of The World

In northern Canada, there lies the small town of Churchill which is interestingly known as the Polar Bear Capital of the world. The town receives a massive influx of visitors each year to observe the movements of polar bears from their inland hibernation to the shore of the Churchill River. This incredible moment happens between October and November.

Source: The Boutique Adventure

Visitors even travel in big tundra buggies to witness these incredible animals in their natural habitat! Surely this lady looked happy to wrap her arms around one of the town’s many polar bear statues.


A Few Of These Are Not Like The Others

These visitors are chilling quite contently by this group of 65 statues located in the Canadian city of Montreal. Sculpted by Raymond Mason, these statues (called The Illuminated Crowd) sit just outside the main gates of McGill University.

Source: Barbara Wagner/ Facebook

There is a deeper meaning behind these statues, as they contain people of every age, race, facial expression, and condition. It also demonstrates humanity’s degradation and serves as a symbol of the fragility of the human condition.


Statue Posing Downunder

Outside a church in Fremantle, Australia, this statue looks as if it’s creating a painting from an invisible model on an empty stool. This man simply couldn’t resist filling in as the model for that day.

Source: Rhonda Albom/ Albom Adventures

Funnily enough, he looks as if he belongs there! The seagull in the background is next up.


Help That Man, Immediately

Bratislava, Slovakia is a quirky and interesting city filled with odd statues. Some of them are fun, while others are just plain strange!

Source: Jorge Bastos/ Couple RTW

This kind lady is helping a man (known as The Watcher) come out of the sewer. There are two reasons behind the statue’s name: one is that it represents the non-working man of the communist-era worker and is that he cheekily (and creepily) watches women as they walk by.


Just Having A Chat With My Best Pal

This statue of a bronze bull (affectionately named “Black Angus”) sits outside of a steakhouse in Tallinn, Estonia, which is located in the Baltics.

Source: Rohan Cahill-Fleury/ Travels of a Bookpacker

The tourist couldn’t help but have a little chat with his good pal whom he hadn’t seen in ages. We’re wondering if they talked about the weather or what they’re both having for dinner that night. Steak, anybody?


Bruce Lee Plus Two

Located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar is a beautiful and vibrant city with streets that still bear the visible war-torn scars of its past. This shiny gold statue of Bruce Lee, the legendary kung-fu figure, is standing tall in Zrinjski City Park.

Source: Gallivant Girl

Bruce Lee was chosen as a symbol to combat the ethnic divisions of an already divided city. It looks like these two ladies are aiding him in the fight!


Among The Trees

Contemplating the natural joy and peace of the curvature and form of outdoor sculptures is an experience to relish in. Located in Churt, England, the Sculpture Park is a remarkable woodland exhibition that spans 10 acres and also contains water gardens with over 800 modern and contemporary pieces.

Source: Gwendolyn DeSilva/ Memories Not Material Things

Even though the trek takes several hours, it’s worth it. There’s also a cozy pub next door that we’re positive this woman is heading toward after she’s done exploring!


Conversing With Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most influential and prolific silent comedic actors of his time. In Ring of Kerry, Ireland, there’s a quiet town called Waterville, which is where this statue of him exists. Chaplin would frequent the town as a vacation spot.

Source: Albom Adventures

The statue was built to honor his memory and travelers go specifically to the town to pose with Chap.