Clever Ways To Use Cinder Blocks In Your Home Decor

Published: May 20, 2022

Some people love to shop for new desks, shelves, stairs, and more. Others like to build them. DIY solutions to everything from hand sanitizer to furniture have popped up on the internet over the past few years. Partly, that’s because people love the sense of satisfaction they get after building something themselves. As an added bonus, DIY projects tend to cost less.

Many people overlook cinder blocks because they assume they can only be used in big projects like laying the foundation of a house. However, that’s not true. Plenty of smaller projects can be planned and built with the help of cinder blocks. These projects can range from bedside tables and bars to shelves and stairs. Let’s look at some of the most clever ways to boost your home decor with a few cinder blocks!

A Simple Desk

Cinder blocks are designed to hold at least 1,700 pounds, so the relatively light loads put on desks (pencils, books, computers) are no problem. Alongside the practical matter of weight, it also gives your desk a nice rustic feel.


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The great thing about DIY cinder block desks is that you can create one for sitting or one for standing. It all depends on your preferences. After determining the ideal height, stack the blocks and lay a nice wooden top over them. 


Garden Beds

Gardens require a bit of separation from the rest of your lawn because overgrown grass and weeds can really do some damage. One of the best ways to create that separation is through raised garden beds. And, one DIY way of creating a raised bed is by using cinder blocks.


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All you need to do is make sure the holes are facing up and then line them up in a pattern that works best for your yard. After that, add soil in between and begin the planting. 

Easy Shelves

Shelves are an essential part of any interior design project. It’s certainly possible to splurge on a new shelf or find one in a secondhand store. However, building your own gives you a sense of satisfaction that you wouldn’t get otherwise. 


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Plus, with cinder blocks, it’s incredibly easy! All it requires is six cinder blocks and two planks of wood. Stack the blocks on top of each other and lay the wood in between. Now, arrange your books, plants, and instruments in any way you’d like!

Backyard Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are a welcomed addition to anyone’s backyard. They’re not only comfy and cozy on a cool winter day. They are also perfect for roasting marshmallows or kebabs at any time of year.



Building your own backyard fireplace is a great way to improve your construction skills while impressing your friends (or getting them to hang out more as you build the fireplace together). The beauty of cinder blocks is they allow you to customize the fireplace into any shape you’d like. Plus, adding a chimney is a breeze.

A Planter/Table Hybrid

Plants add a natural feel to your home or office. Unfortunately, many people opt out of decorating with plants because they can’t find the right planters to show off their succulents, annuals, and aloe vera. If that’s you, then cinder blocks are to the rescue.

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All you need to do is grab some cement to secure the cinder blocks in place (and to fill up the bottoms). Then, fill in the holes with soil and decorate with your favorite plants. Add a wooden top to make it a rustic table.


Custom Pool

A backyard pool is a dream for many. However, it’s quite an expensive dream – one that requires you to spend a few thousand dollars. Although that’s the common price, there are ways to build one for cheaper: namely, with cinder blocks.


A DIY cinder block pool can cut down your expenses by nearly half. That being said, it might require some help from friends. First, you want to lay down the cinder block foundation, then build up the walls and fill it in with enough water to take a much-deserved dive.


DIY Bed Frame

Renting a furnished apartment is nice because, well, there is already furniture. As anyone who has ever had to shop around for a couch, table, or bed frame knows, furniture can get pricey. One affordable option for a bed frame is to search second-hand stores.

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An even more affordable option, however, is to make your own bed frame from cinder blocks. After gathering all the blocks, spread them out on the floor, lay a wooden plank across, and put the mattress on top to create a platform bed.


A (Cinder) Block Party

As we’ve seen from above (and will see more of down below), cinder blocks can revolutionize your backyard by making fireplaces, garden beds, and planter walls simple. Now, you can add a bar to that list.

Any garden party for a few friends or a (cinder) block party for the whole neighborhood would be incomplete without one. The great thing about a cinder block bar is that it’s highly customizable, easy to decorate, and easy to build – plus friends and neighbors will think you’re an engineering genius. Cheers! 


Simple Stairs

Stairs are simple little inventions that nearly everyone uses every day. Although the idea of stairs is pretty basic, actually making stairs is far from it. Most stairs and staircases require carefully measuring wood or stone, cutting them at the perfect angle, and fitting it all into place.

Step By Step

If you’re a newbie to construction, it’s better to call in a stonemason or carpenter. However, cinder block stairs are for everyone! All you need is to lay four cinder blocks side-by-side and then fill in the hotels with gravel for each step.


Ambient Lighting

Anyone who has spent too long working beneath harsh fluorescent lights knows the importance of ambient lighting. Ambient lighting helps give a place a more relaxed feel – which is essential if you’re unwinding in the backyard after a hard day’s work.

The Horticult

Cinder blocks, as you can see above, can help you bring about that feeling. This lighting setup is perfect because it can change depending on the amount of space you have. Also, it’s simple to make. All you need to do is stack cinder blocks then decorate them with lit candles or other accessories for a cozy feel.