Celebs As Kids According to AI

By: Ronnie Tal | Last updated: Aug 23, 2023

Step into a world where AI works its magic, turning celebrities into the most adorable, AI child versions of themselves. 

AI’s kid version of celebrities are a delightful mix of Hollywood glam and a dash of unanimous cuteness. Some images will leave you with an amused smile or a laugh as to how it got this celebrity’s image so incredibly wrong. Either way you are sure to be entertained. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Starting out strong (pun intended), with one of Hollywood’s greatest action icons.


Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger / Pinterest / midjourney AI

If you ever wanted to imagine what the Terminator looked right after he was born, well look no further. Although you may want to consider disregarding that very adult hairline.


Angelina Jolie

This baby Angie looks like another product of a strict “momager.” The real Angelina would never sport this Farrah Fawcett-type haircut.


Source: Angelina Jolie / Pinterest / midjourney AI

And honestly, when you’re a philanthropist, actress, director, and a busy mother of six- who has the time?

Robin Williams

Who doesn’t miss Robin Williams? We certainly do.


Source: Robin Williams / Pinterest / midjourney AI

What we like so much about this image in particular, is that it actually captured some of the late comedian’s sparkle. You can really see that hint of laughter in his eyes. 

Sylvester Stallone

Another action sensation, the Italian Stallion as he probably looked like in his foal era.


Source: Sylvester Stallone / Pinterest / midjourney AI

But while the jacket certainly works for little baby Sylvester, those under-eye circles don’t. Seems like someone needs to be put on a napping schedule ASAP.

John Travolta

Is John Travolta one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest actors and performers? Yes. Does his AI child version look absolutely adorable? Also, yes. It almost looks like a picture of Danny Zuko before he became the greaser we all know and love.

John Travolta / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

It almost looks like a picture of Danny Zuko before he became the greaser we all know and love.


Marilyn Monroe

Just look at what AI conjured up for Marilyn. The old Hollywood icon looks like just as she did stepping. We imagine her winning a children’s beauty pageant.

Source: Marilyn Monroe / Pinterest / midjourney AI

Let’s all just focus on her smile, and not the piles of stage makeup a little too heavy for a toddler.



Some queens are just born this way, and the AI seems to think that Beyoncé is one of them.

source: Beyonce / C J D / Pinterest / midjourney AI

Queen B looks as regal and glamorous as ever, and you can even spot a similarity to her actual daughter Blue Ivy. Adorable!


Taylor Swift

This doe-eyes porcelain doll is supposed to be Taylor Swift, as the AI would have us believe.

source: Taylor Swift / Pinterest / nallely / midjourney AI

 Although there is a resemblance there, the lipstick and blush give more of a ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ vibe rather than a ‘Shake it Off’ one.


Eddie Murphy

This is where we descend slightly down the path to the uncanny valley.

Source: Eddie Murphy / Pinterest / midjourney AI

Baby Eddie Murphy is as sweet as can be but that mustache did come out of no where. Wouldn’t you agree? We are not so sure this AI got this assignment right. 


Ed Sheeran

Who would have thought that baby-face Ed Sheeran would look pretty much the same? We, we did.

Source: Ed Sheeran / Pinterest / midjourney AI

The chubby cheeks, messy red hair, seem very on brand for both then and now. Not to mention his guitar, which is probably larger than he is.


The Rock

This tiny 6-month-old spotting the forehead of a 40-year-old is indeed beloved movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Source: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Instagram / midjourney AI

To think that this is what he would have looked like before becoming a wrestler and demigod of the wind and sea. 


Samuel L. Jackson

This young gentleman means business, and honestly, when we’re talking about Samuel L. Jackson it’s even expected.

Source: Samuel L. Jackson / Pinterest / midjourney AI

We are still pretty confident about giving young Smauel the reigns of S.H.E.I.L.D. even if he’s still too young to ride a rollercoaster.


Denzel Washington

There are few who exude the confidence and tranquility of the legendary Denzel.

Source: Denzel Washington / Pinterest / midjourney AI

Amazingly, this AI image made it seem as though this toddler can run the world just as smoothly as old Denzel would. Young Denzel knows what’s up!


Keanu Reeves

Ah yes, the infamous bearded baby. It seems as though celebrities hold a very special set of genes that allows them to grow facial hair right after being potty trained, at least according to AI.

Source: Keanu Reeves / Pinterest / midjourney AI

Then again, baby John Wick here would still intimidate any mafia thug that comes his way.



Although she is definitely a pretty child, something about Riri was lost here.

Source: Rihanna / Facebook / hidreley / midjourney AI

We have no doubt that the Barbados star had that certain spunky spark to her even as a little girl, before she came into our lives in the early 2000s’.


Mark Zuckerberg

Could this cute and curly-haired boy be the most powerful man in the tech world? If we were to cross paths with him during lunch hour, we have no doubt that he would lend us his homework.

Source: Mark Zuckerberg / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

Who would have thought that this endearing Mark Zuckerberg would end up creating one of the platforms to revolutionize the social network? 


Barack Obama

The (former) leader of the free world ladies and gentlemen! Looks like the AI worked hard to keep young Mr. Obama’s smolder, and it was a wise move indeed.

Source: Barack Obama / POLITICO / hidreley / midjourney AI

This young man has student council president written all over him!  


Susan Sarandon

One of the best actresses to ever grace the silver screen, Susan Sarandon has that type of charisma that can burn right through the camera lens.

Source: Susan Sarandon / Pinterest / hidreley / midjoureny AI

However, this AI rendition of child Susan reminds us of the computer-generated baby on ‘Twilight’, which we’d like to forget.


Scarlett Johansson

On the flip side there is little Scarlett Johansson, instantly recognizable with her rounded cheeks and button nose!

Source: Scarlett Johansson / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

 It’s almost impossible to imagine this fresh-faced angel becoming the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous assassin. But as Black Widow taught us, looks can be deceiving.


Robert Downey Jr.

Another renowned Marvel man, famous for rising to stardom like a phoenix from the ashes.

Source: Robert Downey Jr. / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

However, we’d like to point out that young RDJ looks as if Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber got together and had a lovely baby boy.


Will Smith

Why does this AI rendition of young Will here makes us wish someone had made a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air prequel?

Source: Will Smith / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

Maybe we just miss the time before the Hollywood A-lister slapped people across the face. Yes, the good old days.


Celine Dion

While this is a very cute rendition of little Celine Dion, we would like to direct your attention to a tiny detail.

Source: Celine Dion / Instagram / hidreley / midjourney AI

For some reason the AI couldn’t wrap its digital head around the singer’s lovely hazel eyes, so it gave her heterochromia instead.


Antonio Banderas

More commonly known as Zoro, even Antonio Banderas had to go through puberty before putting on his famous mask.

Source: Antonio Banderas / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

Although the AI definitely let Banderas keep his swagger, since we don’t know a lot of 13-year-olds that look this sleek in a suit!


Reese Witherspoon

One of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, young Reese looks positively adorable in her AI version.

Source: Reese Witherspoon / Twitter / hidreley / midjourney AI

This legally blonde energy bomb also looks remarkably similar to her daughter Ava, just like in real life, where many people comment on how they look more like sisters!


Justin Bieber

Oh the Biebs, how time flew by. This image just sends us into a nostalgia frenzy, since it looks exactly like young Justin, minus his bangs and sweet smile.

Source: Justin Bieber / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

We honestly need to remind ourselves that he is a married man now!


Matt Damon

This young Matt Damon is a bit confusing. Who knew that child Mark looked so much like the iconic James Dean?!

Source: Matt Damon / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

Just put him in a leather jacket and you’ve got yourself a rebel without a cause. Honestly though, we like Matt just as he is.


Brad Pitt

We have no doubts that Brad Pitt was a cute baby, but this Brad looks like he came straight out of a GAP commercial.

Source: Brad Pitt / midjourney AI

 It’s also pretty amazing to see just how similar he is to his young twins Vivienne and Knox!


Rita Hayworth

The ultimate symbol of old Hollywood magic, young Rita looks gorgeous even as a child.

Source: Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

But did you know that Rita was, in fact, born with jet-black hair instead of her iconic red, and with a lower hairline which she was forced to remove? Poor Rita.


Luíza Brunet

The beautiful former model not only ages like fine wine, but apparently de-ages like one as well, or rather some fresh grape juice. 

Source: hidreley / midjourney AI / twitter

Her lovely AI rendition could absolutely become a child model, matching the occupation of real-life Luíza.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga always looked like an easy-going, approachable person, and for some reason, her AI young self looks even sweeter!

Source: Telegraph India / hidreley / midjourney AI

We can imagine an endearing young Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, playing the piano and dreaming of becoming a star.


Paris Hilton

The ultimate it-girl of the early 2000s’! Paris Hilton lived her Barbie dream life long before the 2023 movie came out.

Source: Paris Hilton / The US Sun / hidreley / midjourney AI

So it’s not surprising to see that the AI made young Paris looks like a cute, glamorous Barbie girl.


John Oliver

Someone please get this baby an owl, because it turns out that if you ask an AI for baby John Oliver, you get a proper Harry Potter.

Source: John Oliver / Twitter / midjourney AI

But while we’d love to see Harry host his own late-night show, John does a wonderful job even without magical assistance.


Jennifer Lopez

Sometimes the AI does a good job, and sometimes it straight out turns you into someone else. Like in the case of J-Lo here.

Source: Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

The iconic singer and actress might be of Puerto Rican descent, but for some reason, her child self seems to be Korean. go figure.


Rowan Atkinson

What did the UK’s favorite funnyman look like as a child? Apparently exactly the same! Okay, the stubbles and gray hairs are gone, but this sweet child is unmistakable!

Source: Rowan Atkinson / Pinterest / hidreley / midjourney AI

We’re half expecting him to be caught in some everyday wacky shenanigan at any moment!