Brilliant Ideas That Need To Be Implemented Everywhere

By: Lisa Lee | Last updated: Feb 28, 2022

Ingenuity is at an all-time high in the world today. Who would have thought 40, 30, or even 20 years ago that our cell phones would replace the need for a family camera, home computer, or video recorder?

No one suspected in this ever-changing society that Google would replace the need for encyclopedias and dictionaries. Creative minds everywhere are looking for ways to make life easier and solve many of the issues we face every day. Therefore, several brilliant ideas should be implemented everywhere.

Doggy Stalls

Doggy stalls are an excellent way to keep puppies safe from the cold during winter. Imagine if they were more readily available for those with furry friends.


Photo Credit: Reddit / Flixen01

While grocery shopping, simply lock up your furry companion into the dog stall, giving them warm shelter from the cold as you shop. No more rushing around the store while your pet is out in a cold vehicle, freezing. Instead, lock them in the stall, take your time, and grab the items you need without worrying about your pet.


Multicolored Shopping Baskets for Shopping Preference

Shopping with a red basket or a black basket is no longer a color preference with these baskets. Instead, these colors represent the customer’s shopping preference.


Photo Credit: Reddit / noideawhatsupp

Suppose the customer prefers to be left alone to shop without being irritated by a store associate. In that case, they can shop with the black basket. On the contrary, if the customer feels they will require assistance while shopping, they choose the red basket. This system enables the associates to help the customers who desire help.

Silent Cry for Help Posters

Suppose a patient finds themselves in the restroom of their doctor’s office and happens to be a victim of domestic violence, human trafficking, sex trafficking, slave labor, or abuse. In that case, this sign is a private SOS system.


Photo Credit: Reddit / theryanfight

The patient would simply pull off one of the tabs and hand it to their doctor or a staff member as their secret cry for help. This keeps the abuser from being alerted.

Grocery Store Map on the Cart Handle

What better place to map out a grocery store than to place a map of the handles of the shopping carts? It beats the paper map that could easily be dropped or lost.


Photo Credit: Reddit / capsii

With maps on the carts, customers will no longer walk around in frustration trying to find the dairy section or canned goods. Instead, the maps provide customers with a more significant and smoother shopping experience.

Evacuation Plans for Every Floor

When there’s smoke, there could be a fire emergency. It helps to know which direction to go when evacuating a building in the event of an emergency. This brilliant idea places an evacuation plan on every floor of the building.

Photo Credit: Reddit / cawclot

Smoke rises, so evacuees would need the evacuation plans low to the floor so that it can be seen, as they crawl even behind the thickest clouds of smoke.


Textured Rubik’s Cube for the blind

The textured Rubik’s cube for the blind has a different texture for each color. This allows the visually impaired to successfully complete the cube simply by using their sense of touch.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Notafakeinterpreter

This is a clever way to make the cube more accessible for all people. Everyone just wants to have fun, and this is a brilliant idea to make that happen.


Vacancy Lights for Bathroom Stalls

It can be a chore to walk through a busy bathroom, bending over to see if a restroom stall is available or not. With these vacancy lights, you would simply look up and be able to quickly see for yourself, saving time, effort, and embarrassment.

Photo Credit: Reddit / katewhiteshark

No more going through the awkwardness of knocking on stall doors. No more feeling rushed or having reasonable fear someone will try walking in on you while using the toilet. These vacancy lights are bright and cut down some of the stress public restrooms can bring.


Ceiling Fan Pull Cord Labels

No more confusing the light cord from the fan cord on your ceiling fan. This brilliant idea takes the guesswork out of controlling your fan.

Photo Credit: Reddit / hammurabi1337

With one control labeled fan and the other a light, these decals on the controls save time and add a cute touch to any fan.


The Hall Monitoring Floor

This brilliant idea was designed to help school faculty cut down on injuries in the hallways due to running.

Photo Credit: Reddit / roadtrip-ne

The floors in this school hallway are flat, but the illusion is enough to slow down and speed demons looking to break the rules and run through the halls. It could be assumed that the students would know the floor is flat and continue running the halls, but this hall monitoring floor actually works.


Expired Produce Bags with Recipes

This brilliant idea is to place over-ripened fruit (like bananas) in expired produce bags instead of throwing them away. The bags have creative recipes featured on them to make great use of the over-ripened produce.

Photo Credit: Reddit / WholesomeSwissChese

Using this bagging system enables stores to reduce waste, something grocery stores across America should implement to help prevent the millions of pounds of wasted produce they throw out consistently.


Bicycle Stand with Built-in Air Pump

This phenomenal idea was implemented in the Netherlands, where much of their travel is by bicycle. In fact, four out of ten people there use a bicycle as their only mode of transportation.

Photo Credit: Reddit / cremecitron

This service station for bikes serves as a place for travelers to secure their bicycles as they go to school or take care of business. It also allows them to make sure they have plenty of air pressure in their tires.


CVS Machine

Instead of running all over a store to get sinus medicine, a pill for a headache, or products for feminine hygiene – one could go to a CVS vending machine for their over-the-counter (OTC) or health and beauty aid needs.

Photo Credit: Reddit / CommandLionInterface

If you’re out on the town and begin experiencing heartburn or just need a piece of gum before an important meeting or first date, this machine saves you time.


Labels Explaining the Purpose of its Ingredients

Have you ever read the label on the back of a product you purchased and did not understand the reasoning or purpose behind all the product’s contents? This creative label explains the purpose of each ingredient.

Photo Credit: Reddit / silevram

Knowing the purpose for each ingredient can help us be more knowledgeable about the products we are putting on or in our bodies. It can also be helpful when trying to narrow down an allergic reaction. Who needs a chemical lab? This label breaks everything down for you.


Literature Dispenser

Waiting in life is inevitable, especially in airports. The airport in Philadelphia has a literature dispenser to help take your mind off things and have a little entertainment as you wait.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Rusty-Crowe

This machine prints short stories (like a long grocery receipt) that can be read while at the airport or on the plane. If you forgot to bring a book with you on a trip, you could always pick up a short story to satisfy your love for reading while you wait.


Parking Barriers

Have you ever walked over to your car, and as you were about to get into it, you noticed a scratch on the side of it from someone else’s car? That is where this clever idea is beneficial.

Photo Credit: Reddit / tomoblob

The parking barriers prevent someone from opening their vehicle door and scratching another, leaving a paint residue. These barriers would be helpful in any parking garage.


Braille on Top of Beverage Cans

Whether you have visual eyesight or not, you want to know precisely what you are putting in your body. Maybe there is one brand you prefer over another.

Photo Credit: Reddit / CallumsColumn

Rather than being trusted by someone to bring them the drink of their choice, the visually impaired can maintain their independence by using braille located on top of the can. Then, before opening the can, they know exactly what they’re drinking.


Crosswalk Sensors

Have you ever been waiting at a red stoplight? Suddenly the light turns green, but you’re still sitting there, waiting for an elderly or disabled person to finish crossing the road before you “take off.” These sensors allow more time for the elderly and disabled people to cross a busy intersection.

Photo Credit: Reddit / NickyNek

A crosswalk in Singapore has this built-in sensor for the elderly and disabled to indicate that they need additional time to cross the intersection. Thus, ensuring them a safe walk across dangerous roadways.


Multipurpose Pizza Box

Have you ever had a couple pieces of pizza leftover and went to put it in the refrigerator, but your pizza box simply consumes too much space? The multipurpose pizza box will fix that problem.

Photo Credit: Reddit / dark_forebodings_too

The bottom half of this pizza box folds into a smaller box, taking up less space in the fridge. No more dirtying up a Tupperware dish. If you are sending leftover pizza home with a friend, simply use the multipurpose pizza box for the remaining few slices instead of your personal Tupperware or aluminum foil.


Visual Pizza Menu

This pizza menu shows you exactly what each type of pizza looks like. It is said that we eat with our eyes first. So this fantastic idea lets you see exactly what you are going to get when you order.

Photo Credit: Reddit / polynilum

No more guessing how toppings are cut. An Italian restaurant in Prague in the Czech Republic has round-shaped menus to give their customers a 2D visual of the pizza, from crust to toppings.


The Multipurpose Walking Cane

What a brilliant idea! This multifunctional walking cane allows its users to “have a seat” by converting from a cane to a stool that can be sat on.

Photo Credit: Thyfan69

This multifaceted accessory is useful for anyone who has limited mobility or needs to take a moment to sit down and rest. This cane is even a terrific addition to have if the area is short on seating options as well.


Teaching Mirror

The teaching mirror is an excellent way for teachers to give demonstrations to their students so that they can follow and duplicate the processes they are being taught.

Photo Credit: Reddit / AlexsDoritos

Cooking classes, home economics classrooms, and chemistry labs are the perfect location for these mirrors. It gives a creative way for students to “reflect” on what they are being taught. For example, when cooking meals or baking delicious desserts, this mirror allows students to see step-by-step what their teacher does from the table.


The BashLight - Bat and Flashlight in One

This BashLight is a creative tool that serves more than one purpose. It is a baseball bat with a flashlight on the top of it.

Photo Credit: RickSanchezC137

This tool is helpful for someone who wakes up in the middle of the night and hears a suspicious noise. It gives the homeowner a means to shine their light into a dark corner to look around and if needed, a tool for self-defense. If down a dark alley at night, the BashLight can serve as a handy weapon in this instance as well. A great accessory to keep in your car or by your nightstand.


Car Wash Soap Gun

This amusing and creative idea combines the chore of washing the car with the fun of an arcade. This item thus creates a fun activity that kids cannot wait to participate in.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Micool41

At this car wash, your children can shoot the soap gun at your vehicle as it passes through the wash to be clean. For each of you, it combines entertainment with a sense of accomplishment. Something the entire family can enjoy.


Hand Washing/ Urinal Station

This clever idea combines a hand washing sink with a urinal. This saves time, allowing a person to use the urinal and wash their hands in the same location.

Photo Credit: Reddit / willbo_baggins_YW

The design of this station cuts down on water waste by using the water from hand washing to flush the urinal, cleaning it simultaneously. This style also saves space in more compact bathrooms.


Library Savings Receipts

These brilliant library receipts show how much money a person has saved by checking out library books instead of purchasing them.

Photo Credit: Reddit / pizzatiles

Many have never considered how much money libraries save them. The average person doesn’t have the space or the money to build an extensive book collection at home. The library allows for free checkout and gives customers free access to the internet. The Internet is another service a person pays for at-home that libraries offer for free.


Airless Bike Tires

Never be sidelined again while riding your bicycle with the Airless bike tire. This design, from China, allows a rider to avoid getting flats.

Photo Credit: Reddit / 9_ar7k

No more tire pumps and inner-tubes with these tires. Just enjoy the ride and worry less as you travel through the streets on air-less tires that won’t pop.


Alternating Button Pattern

Many women avoid wearing a button-up shirt. This is often due to having issues with the fit and feel of the front buttons. The alternating button pattern is a way to keep this from happening.

Photo Credit: Reddit / kalimoo

These brilliant alternating button patterns work to hold the shirt together, eliminating the gaps in between the buttons.


Public Mouthwash Dispenser

This brilliant idea for a mouthwash dispenser would be ideal for restaurants. After eating dinner, mouthwash helps to provide a clean mouth feeling.

Photo Credit: Reddit / kingkirby231

A mouthwash dispenser would help people avoid the awkwardness of “blowing away” their company or date after eating onions or substantial amounts of garlic. After eating, many bush their teeth, so a mouthwash station can keep your mouth fresh until you can get home to brush.


3D Waterproof Cast

This unique cast is a cast that is breathable and gives a person the liberty to take showers while still wearing the cast. It’s totally waterproof.

Photo Credit: Reddit / xventriloquist

Have you ever worn a cast and had an itch underneath it that you just couldn’t scratch? This 3D piece of medical ingenuity is perfectly designed so that a person can reach within it to scratch and find the relief they need as well.


Over the Sink Drain and Storage

This brilliant idea works perfectly in a kitchen with limited counter space to make the most of it. The over the sink drain and storage is a beautiful way to store your dishes until you move them to the cupboard if you move them at all.

Photo Credit: Reddit / vs424Reddit

With storage for cups, plates, knives, and dish soap, this storage rack has space to organize your kitchen and look stylish in the process.


Hexagon Graph Paper

Organic chemistry is made just a little bit simpler with this bright idea. This graph paper certainly takes the work out of drawing hundreds of hexagons in chemistry class.

Photo Credit: Reddit / woodruff42

This hexagon graph paper not only makes molecular drawings simpler but more exact, creating the best results.


Foot Toilet Flusher

How often have you used a public restroom but didn’t want to touch the handle to flush the toilet? The foot toilet flusher aids in the process.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Bradley C5922

Many flush public toilets with their feet to avoid touching the flusher with their hands. The foot flusher enables the toilet to be flushed without doing high kicks to do so. This foot lever was such an excellent idea. Amid a pandemic, it serves as a safe alternative to the way we have always flushed public restrooms.


Hotel Map

Have you ever gone out for a night out on the town in a location you were not familiar with, and it came time to go back to the hotel, you were lost? You needed a hotel map like this one.

Photo Credit: Reddit / why_im_single

Hotel maps are especially useful in a country where you are unable to speak the native language. For example, if using a taxi, the hotel map would be helpful to give to the driver to show them exactly where they need to drive in relation to the city.


Rotating Power Strip

Have you ever tried to plug multiple devices into a power strip and had to skip a port because one of the devices had a large plug? The rotating power strip will help alleviate that problem.

The sockets on this power bar rotate, enabling you to plug in multiple things from every direction. No more having a six-outlet power strip and only being able to hold four gadgets. Instead, the outlets can be turned as needed with the rotating power strip to make all your plugs fit, large or small.


Step by Step Tool Assortment

Have you ever attempted to put together a piece of furniture, and the instructions on where to use the tools, nuts, and bolts that come with it were confusing? The step-by-step tool assortment takes the guesswork out of product assembly.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Doctor_Nutsack

This step-by-step tool assortment kit is an ingenious idea. Instead of grouping all the tools in one bag, this kit keeps everything organized according to each step. Simply open the tools for the step you’re working on and you’ll be able to easily follow along with the assembly instructions.


Elevator Foot Controls

Have you ever been in an elevator and had your hands full? If so, the elevator foot control is a brilliant idea to which you can relate.

Photo Credit: Reddit / rastroboy

To operate the foot controls, all one must do is tap the up or down button with their foot to get the elevator moving in the direction they desire for it to go. Not only is this option great for those entering an elevator with their hands full, but these help you avoid germs as well.


Recycled Wear

When we think of recycling, the thought of recycled plastic becoming a t-shirt is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, this table display gives a customer visual diagram of the recycling process.

Photo Credit: Reddit / AutumnBegins

Transforming recycled plastic bottles into clothing is a terrific way to promote sustainability. This brilliant concept is inspired by the environmentally conscious and those looking to support the cause. This chart is enlightening and can be used to inspire others to recycle too.


Biodegradable Golf Balls

Have you ever wondered what happens to golf balls hit into a body of water? They become waterlogged. Their outer coating becomes ruined, and the ball is no longer usable. So, naturally, the golf balls are thrown away afterward. The biodegradable golf ball makes environmentally conscious use of those golf balls that are no longer useful.

Photo Credit: Reddit / gostoney

An oceanside miniature golf course uses these biodegradable golf balls. When you hit your ball into the 18th hole, it drops into the ocean and turns into fish food. Fun and resourceful.


Banana Peel Caution Sign

Have you ever walked into a business and seen a floor wet, shining, and glistening because it was just mopped? Then you see a wet floor sign warning you to be careful.

Photo Credit: Reddit / B0JANKINS

When you think of slipping on a floor, you cannot help but think of a banana peel. A caution sign shaped like a giant banana peel is an ingenious and fun way to tell those walking across a wet floor to “be careful.” Seeing this will certainly get your attention.


Vertical Parking Lines

Have you ever had to park and were unsure if you were in between the lines or not? We all have.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Vertical parking lines going up the wall make it easier to check and see if you are parked correctly in a parking spot. In addition, these lines reduce the chance of drivers double parking and taking up available spots. What a brilliant idea!


Visible Street Lights

We have all been sitting in the lineup of cars, perhaps the sun in our eyes, unable to see what the status of the streetlight is. This brilliant idea ensures that every car is able to see the upcoming directive from far away. Honestly, it’s a wonder this hasn’t been implemented before!

Source: sharebly

By using the pole, it makes the standard light much less needed, and maybe even pointless. Either way, we hope to begin seeing this implemented more and more!


Coffee Instructions

This is a smart idea for businesses as well as customers as everyone is on the same page about what is being ordered. Taking the guesswork out of what is being offered is always a win-win!

Source: Reddit

While the differences in drinks may seem subtle, people take their coffee very seriously and the amount of caffeine intake affects everyone differently.


Shower Temperatures

Taking the guesswork out of shower temperature seems so obvious! How many of us have gotten into a steaming hot shower or a waterfall of ice on accident? This handle allows you to see exactly what the temperature is so you can avoid scalding your skin or becoming more alert and chilled than you initially expected!

Source: Reddit

It would also probably be pretty entertaining for those of us who like to shower in hot water and get a feel for how hot we actually do shower!


Replace Tire Warnings

This is a great idea for people who are not knowledgeable about the way cars work and are unsure when it is time for a tire replacement. Although not everyone has the knowledge, it is incredibly important to get our tires changed when they have become worn down, as a lack of friction can lead to dangerous and avoidable accidents.

Source: Reddit

These tires will let the layperson know by having a “replace tire” appear once the tire has been worn down past the safe level.


Safe Exchange Area

Meeting with someone online can be nerve-racking, as we never know exactly who is showing up. Of course, we don’t meet strangers at our house, and of course meeting at a public location is the best option. This idea takes it a step further.

Source: Reddit

This sign is a safe and neutral place for both parties to meet. What makes it so safe? The sign is in front of a police station!


Keeping Drinks Cool

Talk about thinking of the customer! This bar went above and beyond to keep the delicious drinks they crafted for their customer nice and cool without the mess of being watered down. Drinks can be very expensive and there is nothing worse than having the ice dilute the flavor profile of your drink.

Source: Reddit

This bar installed a frost strip along the bar so customers can drink at their own pace and retain the flavors of their cocktail.


Medication Timer

This savvy pill bottle is perfect for those of us who come out of an important surgery or any general period of time where we have to keep track of our medicinal intake. While we can always use a timer, sometimes we just forget.

Source: Reddit

This pill bottle doesn’t require an alarm or a timer, all one must do is check the lid. It makes verifying when the pills were last accessed simple and streamlined by indicating when the bottle was last opened.


A Gym in the Laundry Mat

Taking the pull of laundry to get it washed and dried is time consuming. Maybe you bring a good book or run across the street to get lunch. But how much more brilliant is it stay busy and keep up with your health by working out while you wash!

Source: Reddit

This is smart for the business, as many more people will choose the laundry mat that offers such a luxurious way to spend time, as well as customers, who are trying to optimize their time as best they can with their busy schedules.


Incentive for Good Deeds

This concept hits it out of the park. While we all should be contributing to taking the trash out of the beach, this coffee shop offers wonderful incentive and reward for doing so. The café offers a free coffee for anyone who fills a bucket full of trash.

Source: Reddit

Not only does this idea motivate people to help better the world, it also allows anyone who volunteers access to a free cup of joe.