An Adopted Man Discovers Years Later That His Biological Father Is Actually His Co-Worker

By: Kate Row | Published: Dec 16, 2022

The story you’re about to read is wild, but it’s also rooted in 100% truth. Nathan Boos, a Wisconsin resident and truck driver, received the craziest news of his life. For two years, he knew and spent time with his estranged biological father, who also happened to be his co-worker.

Co-workers often become friends and it’s not an uncommon occurrence, and it’s even more likely when they share similar interests. So, how crazy would it be if you shared the same genes with your co-worker? And, how would you feel if your pal at work turned out to actually be your dad? Keep reading to find out how Nathan discovered the revelation that his co-worker was his estranged father.

His Adoption Was Never A Secret

Throughout his early life, Nathan had an inkling that his mother and father weren’t his true biological parents. He discovered that his adoptive parents were always aware of their identity, through osmosis, and that they resided in a city nearby. However, Nathan didn’t go any further asking questions about the topic.


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Born in Marshfield, Wisconsin, Nathan knew that he was adopted immediately after he was born. He didn’t feel like he needed to know who his biological parents were and just figured he wouldn’t ever get the opportunity to meet them. Considering it seemed rather unlikely, Nathan was probably right.

Nathan Pursued A Job As A Truck Driver

Knowing his biological mother’s name was about as much as Nathan wanted to find out. Hauling goods back and forth across highways, Nathan created a life for himself as a trucker 27 years later.


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Initially, Nathan planned to undergo a job in welding. The trucking life, however, and driving for hours on end, was more appealing to him. He signed up for the position one summer and the rest was history.

One Friend Request Changed Everything For Nathan

While Nathan’s adoptive mother was scrolling through Facebook one day, she saw an odd story on her news feed that had popped up. A friend request from Nathan’s biological dad had been accepted by Nathan. She set out to visit her son to break the silence about the whole situation.


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When Nathan’s adoptive mother showed up on his doorstep and revealed the truth to him, he was stunned. They searched through Nathan’s friend list on Facebook and she pointed out his biological father to him. Funnily enough, Nathan was a truck driver, as was his dad. It had to be more than a coincidence.

It All Began As A Typical Workplace Relationship

Perhaps this could all be chalked up to coincidence. Nathan’s mom couldn’t give him a straight answer when he asked her if his biological father was aware of his identity. He hadn’t given any hints that he knew anything. Plus, if you had met your estranged son at the same job, it would be really hard to not let your tongue slip.


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It’s unimaginable to hold onto a secret that’s so monumental as that. If Nathan’s biological father who is also his co-worker had known, wouldn’t he have messaged Nathan directly on Facebook? He hadn’t said anything to suggest that he was Nathan’s father, aside from some jokes here and there.

Nathan And His Biological Dad Found Out About Each Other

Nathan wasn’t the only one in this situation that was in the dark, so was his father. Bob Degaro was the name of Nathan’s biological dad. Miraculously, he and Nathan were both co-workers at the same trucking company, Rock Solid Transport, located in Chippewa Falls. Bob revealed that’s why he had added Nathan.

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Nathan and Bob really didn’t get to know each other that well, aside from the usual work conversations. It was only after the revelatory conversation about their situation that Nathan’s mom asked him to send a message to Bob. In that message, Nathan pondered if he had knowledge of his biological mother’s name.


Nathan Finally Got Answers

In his response, Bob told Nathan that his mom happened to be Bob’s ex-wife. Bob and Nathan came to the revelation that they were related, all after two years of working together and not knowing the truth. Fortunately, they made time to get together outside of work and discuss some necessary things.

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The Adoption Process

Back in the day, Bob confessed that he didn’t consider himself to be much of a father figure. When it came to making a decision, Bob revealed it wasn’t an easy one to make. Nathan was raised by his biological mother’s distant relatives, per her asking them to raise him as their own.

Eco Parenting

Completely unaware of who his third son was adopted by, Bob never would have guessed that it was his co-worker. Their work-based friendship is not something anyone would have suspected to be rooted much deeper, especially not in blood-related ties.


Their Similarities

While they might not have noticed it, Nathan and Bob have some distinct similarities. It’s obvious when you see them walking and chatting together. They share the same features and have a similar sense of humor between them.


It’s amazing that nobody put two and two together—although, due to the nature of their work, we can imagine that in-person meetings probably don’t take place all that often. We can’t help but wonder how the rest of the company reacted once they got wind.


Their Friendship

When you spend enough time around a group of people, they can become something of a family. This is true for most people, but in Nathan and Bob’s case, it’s literal. Despite their strange circumstances, the two have continued to be friends.


Bob explained that “it’s still a shock. Sometimes I’m not sure what to say or how to act.” Being that he didn’t have a father-son relationship with Nathan, it’s unsurprising that he struggles to see it that way. The same goes for Nathan.


Keep On Trucking

Bob described the strange experience of having known his son as a co-worker before knowing him as kin. We can’t imagine a stranger thing to happen. We’re only glad that it seems to have worked out for the two men and that they seem excited to grow their friendship.


There are probably challenges ahead, and with a little luck, good times as well. As for Nathan, he’s “taking it one day at a time, one mile at a time, as we say in the trucking business.” We wish this unlikely father and son duo all the best for the future.