Amid Battle For Custody Of His Son, MTV Star Bam Margera Checks Into Rehab After Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Nov 02, 2023

Bam Margera, the 43-year-old famous skateboarder, and former Jackass star, was placed on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold on June 5 by the Los Angeles Police Department.

UPDATE: As of June 7, Margera was released from the hold and has checked into one of Lamar Odom’s rehab facilities to begin detox. After Margera completes the detox, he will move to another rehab spot owned by Odom.

Margera’s struggles with addiction have been an ongoing issue, causing a significant rift between him and his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd. Boyd has forbidden Margera from seeing their five-year-old son, Phoenix, because of his battles with addiction.

The Video That Sparked The Concerns

Via TMZ, Margera posted a video on his social media, saying: “I’m going to smoke crack with the bums down at the f—king boardwalk until I’m dead unless you deliver me f—king Phoenix. Get to work Nikki, or anyone that wants to help. I want Phoenix.”

Margera also made comments about his family in the video. He blamed them for his alcoholism and neglecting to offer him their support for treatment. 


Source: Rock Feed/ YouTube

To possess full custody over Phoenix, Boyd recently filed legal documents and seeks $15k per month in child support. She reveals in the documents that Margera can visit Phoenix only if it’s supervised. Margera would also be required to complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Following their split in 2021, Boyd asked for sole custody of Phoenix. In February, Boyd legally separated from Margera, and he hasn’t had any contact with his son since March. 

Margera's Disappearance Worried His Brother

On Sunday, Jess Margera, Bam’s brother, shared a concerning post on Twitter about Bam’s unknown whereabouts. Jess explained how he tried to locate Bam by getting LAPD to ping his phone, which is a very time-consuming process.


Source: Rock Publicity/ Bam Margera/ Facebook

The cops were able to find Bam by using that tracking method. They located him at Trejo’s Tacos, a famed establishment owned by actor Danny Trejo. According to officers, his behavior and speech were “erratic.”

A History Of Arrests

The drama between Bam and Jess is nothing new. In April, at Jess’ house in Pennsylvania, he claimed that Bam had allegedly attacked him. As a result, Bam was arrested and wasn’t allowed to step foot on his brother’s property again.

Bam’s troubling history with the law has been continuous. Following the stint with Jess, two other incidents prompted more problems for the Viva La Bam star.


Source: BAM__MARGERA/ Instagram

Allegedly, Bam and a female friend were asked to leave a Hollywood hotel after reports of screaming and possible domestic violence coming from their room.

There were no visible signs of distress, physical injury, or harm. Law enforcement confirmed that Bam was probably on the phone with his ex-wife, Nikki, when a person overheard the yelling in his hotel room.

An Ensuing Custody Dispute

On March 29, hours after the incident, Bam had another outburst. While at a restaurant with Nikki and Phoenix, he was reported to have been visibly drunk and causing a scene. He was subsequently charged and arrested for misdemeanor public intoxication.


Source: bam__margera/ Instagram

The ensuing domino effect of events occurred only a month after Boyd filed that she be legally separated from Bam Margera and granted full custody over Phoenix. Boyd had to make “the hard choice” and “protect herself and their son,” according to the court documents.

Despite Margera claiming he was sober, he was noticeably intoxicated the past couple of times Nikki and Phoenix were with him.