30+ Hilarious Times People Received Accidental Texts From A Random Person

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Oct 12, 2023

Accidents happen – it’s just a natural part of life. We’re humans, and we make mistakes. The worst of them, though, is accidentally texting somebody you don’t even know (or texting somebody you do know the wrong thing). 

The responses they send back are even better, which range from total confusion to playing along and everything in between. It’s hilarious to see how creative people get. So, here are 30+ times that people received comical accidental texts from random strangers. 

A Cruel Scam Or A Simple Mistake?

It’s not entirely clear if this particular text exchange is an honest mistake on the sender’s part or if it is part of an elaborate scheme. The lady who revealed that she’s pregnant may be scamming the other person by trying to get help for child support. 


Source: izissmile

While the person who received it may have nearly had a heart attack, luckily, the sender confirmed she had the wrong number. Ah, crisis averted! We’re glad the person was smart enough to not fall for it. 

Bad Parenting Shines Through

Most of the time, parenting is a hard thing to do. Yes, there are parenting books out there, but that doesn’t mean that makes the whole process any easier.


Source: Reddit

Well, it looks like the father’s daughter accidentally sent him a photo of her about to take a tequila shot. Her dad’s response is a bit sad!

Brotherly Love But Not From Actual Brothers

This is a really sweet text exchange from two people who are using the situation to create some laughs and to keep it light. It’s heartwarming that the person who sent the text loves their brother so much and wanted to send them a message about it. 


Source: susangriffino43/ Pinterest

We’d say that the best thing about this entire text chain is the response from the recipient. And, what’s even better, is that he wanted to know if the sender was a Reddit user…which, we suspect, was because he wanted to post the exchange. He probably knew it would go viral!

Ah, These Pesky Friends Don’t Stop

We have to give this person points for being this bold with their message, even if it was a dare. Admittedly, it’s a pretty clever pickup line. Thank goodness the receiver didn’t fall for it! 


Source: u_JSwag1030/ Reddit

Friends love to prank random people and send random texts. We’ve learned that. They love to see what kind of rise they can get out of people. The girl probably felt so embarrassed about sending that message although it was harmless and light enough. 

Oh, That Just Happened

No child wants to hear that their parents are getting a divorce, and it’s often pretty rough. Although this text didn’t appear accidental, some other news surfaced.

Source: Reddit

How would it feel if you found this out through text message? That’s a huge and devastating blow – and it’s also information that should have been disclosed in person. Oops!


Saved By Google Once Again

It’s unimaginable what our lives would be like if we didn’t have Google and we’re not sure how we lived without it before. Rarely do you receive a text from somebody asking for medical advice. Nevertheless, having it be from a doctor. 

Source: Imgur

Hannah rose to the challenge, even supplying the doctor with an answer. The doctor responded to her hours later, but they had also listened to her advice! Thank you, WebMD for saving somebody’s life.  


Is Cory Really In The House?

Most Disney kids probably remember the comedy show Cory In The House starring Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter. If you’ve seen the series, then this will make perfect sense. And, if you haven’t, then this won’t be as funny to you.

Source: Imgur

This text exchange is too great because both parties certainly had a good laugh. We’re wondering what will happen when the person connects with the real Corey at some point. Maybe they’ve also seen the show and would get the joke?  


A Selfie For A Selfie

There are times when people receive messages that only consist of photos and no words. It’s a tricky matter to figure out what to even reply to those types of messages. For this kind of interaction, the men only needed to send a selfie back to the women to signify they had the wrong number.

Source: Imgur

Their photo response was funny and surely the two ladies got a laugh out of it! We would have, certainly. On the plus side, both parties have a hilarious reminder of the incident. 


Not The Robin They Were Hoping For

Sometimes, people see it as a waste of time to engage with texts from a wrong number, while others indulge in the mistake. This particular person just couldn’t be bothered and their photo response is a testament to that. 

Source: oviedocatholic/ Pinterest

We have to admit – the response is received a hearty laugh from us, and maybe it did from the sender, too. Props to the recipient for editing an already existing Batman and Robin meme because they obviously didn’t have the time to just write back that they had the wrong number. 


There’s No Future For This Relationship

When people break up with someone over text, it’s a real blow and not the most mature way to handle the situation. In a perfect world, the right thing would be to ask the person to meet face to face and do it that way. 

Source: distractify

The person’s response on the other end was perfectly ironic and fitting given the message sent by the heartbreaker in question. Maybe, the sender will realize they shouldn’t end things over text message, but in person. Sometimes, sending a text to the wrong person has its benefits. 


A Standard Cat

It’s not uncommon for people to get straight to the point in a text message, with no prior information given. While it can be hilarious at times, mostly it’s plain irritating. Obviously, we would hope that the sender would have had some sort of existing conversation with the intended recipient before hitting send.

Source: fatimabernadd/ Pinterest

We can’t even imagine the person’s reaction when they get a photo with a message saying, “This is the standard cable.” The receiver’s response was unrelated to the original message, but it’s amusing that they responded anyways!


Playing Both Fields

You never know what the response from the other person will be after sending a text. So, when you’re met with hostility and shock from your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who has his phone, it’s bound to cause some problems.

Source: Twitter

Apparently, either Todd is playing both of his girlfriends or he still hasn’t told the other one he’s breaking up with her. Neither of them knew it until this very moment. Good one, Todd!


Kimber Is Pretty Lost

The message from both the sender and recipient is fairly comical and it can be established that Kimber doesn’t understand how a phone works. She called the wrong number and still proceeded to also text that same number.

Source: Imgur

We can try to explain what really happened here as best as we can, but we’ll get confused ourselves. This Kimber person is lost and clueless, considering the fact that she even signed her name at the end of her text response. 


A Not-So-Great Way To Start The Day

Sending texts to the wrong number happens all the time. Unfortunately, when sending an image that you only want one person to see to a different person entirely, it can be a reason to panic.

Source: Reddit

In this case, a girl sent a rather personal photo to whom she thought was Matt. We hope it actually wasn’t some creepy old guy.


Two Smarty Pants In One Text Exchange

There’s moments when you accidentally send a text to the wrong person and they reply back saying you’ve made a mistake. However, in this particular case the person obviously didn’t get the memo. The sender named Tajlea sent the same message twice, and, whether it was a mishap of the phone or her own doing, that’s annoying.

Source: awwmemes

She didn’t back off either! The recipient clearly does not have the number that Tajlea needs, so why keep badgering the person? At that point, Taljea is just running in circles. 


Determined Is An Understatement

The read receipts iMessage feature on the iPhone has been the source of problems for its users. Some people react differently – regardless, it’s a source of frustration when a person leaves you on read and they never respond back. 

Source: samanthawieder/ Pinterest

In this case, the sender didn’t give up. Persistence is key, but maybe this went a bit too far. We completely understand that the recipient didn’t want to respond considering the sender kept sending gibberish. Didn’t they get the message?! Apparently not.


Merry Christmas And Heartfelt Wishes

Every wrong number case is different: some end in tears, laughter, anger, or plain confusion. As far as we’ve witnessed, it’s fairly unlikely to come across text exchanges that are insulting or too inappropriate to share online. In some instances, both parties involved end up quite perplexed. 

Source: Imgur

With this one, a heartwarming connection was created between sender and receiver. The receiver got a message mistaking her for her mom and the response was wildly unexpected. Luckily, both of their days were made with such a wonderful Christmas exchange. It’s beyond true that good things come when we least expect them!


Well, That’s Awkward…

Our first thought is how cringey this text appears. If Brandon is as awkward as he is through texting, then we can only imagine how he is in person. Shannon pulled a prank on this poor guy. 

Source: Reddit

Brandon’s nervousness is visibly showing through how his texting comes across. If he keeps this up, then he will probably not get his dream girl. But, we have to give the guy some credit for making the attempt and sending that text, despite how embarrassing the entire thing seems. We feel bad for when Brandon actually sees Shannon in person and has to confront the situation (or ignore it entirely). 


The Worst Way To Find Out You’re Being Cheated On

Upon first glance, this text probably doesn’t look so bad. Upon further analyzation, you come to realize that there’s a serious problem here. This poor fellow received a breakup text from his girlfriend, only wait get another text a few minutes later saying that she had the wrong number.

Source: knowyourmeme

The guy probably felt relieved when he got the second text, although, there are more glaring questions he should be asking himself. In our humble opinion, it shouldn’t be long before he comes to the realization that his girlfriend hasn’t been faithful to him.


Ouch…This One Hurts

We’d be lying if we said we’ve never been in a position that we wished we weren’t in. The person who received the text had always dreamed of getting a message from a wrong number and obviously gave it much thought to when he actually would.

Source: Reddit

Sadly, this was not the wrong number text this person had been dreaming about for such a long time. Either this person was messing around, or his sister really did pass. We will never know their intentions. 


Grandma, You Weren't Supposed To See That

Once in a while, you accidentally send a text to the wrong person. But, when you send an inappropriate photo to your grandma, that would make anybody cringe.

Source: excusemygrandma/ TikTok

In this example, Kimberly messaged her grandma an accidental nude, and her grandma’s response was quite hilarious. It’s actually kind of sweet that she wanted to take her granddaughter shopping for new lingerie, though.


A Lovely Message To Randomly Receive

Despite us not knowing the exact circumstance that led to this very moment, we can confirm that this exchange is wonderfully uplifting and encouraging. Was this message planned? Was it sent on accident? Was this person bored and just wanted to say something nice to a random stranger?

Source: Imgur

We don’t have the right answers to these questions, but the receiver is very happy to have gotten the text. This instance gives us more faith in humanity and that if we performed more random acts of kindness, the world would truly be a much better place to live in. 


Ummm…Janet, Who?

The first thing we can’t help but wonder is what this Janet did that was so awful. Surely, it couldn’t have been that horrible to send her such a mean text. Whoever the person is that sent the text was truly upset about not receiving a pie recipe. 

Source: shareably

Going all Hansel and Gretel on Janet is a bit of a drastic move, though. Throwing her in the oven is something that only a truly mean-spirited person would do. Did she really deserve that?


A Pleasant Error That Ended Up Working Out Quite Well

Errors happen, especially when it comes to texting. This lady was simply trying to plan out a nice email for her and her friends to enjoy, but she texted the wrong number. And, this wrong number got a whole lot of instructions. 

Source: Parent Influence

It ended up working out, however. She accidentally texted Qdoba and found out that they cater. So, if her original plan hits the fan, then she can rely on them as a backup option. It’s truly a win-win for all involved!


I'm Dumping You

Autocorrect can be our worst enemy and our best friend. Sadly, Jason got an unprompted response from his girlfriend about wanting to break up.

Source: Imgur

There’s a big difference between “jumping” and “dumping.” Jenna took the slip up to address what she’s been feeling – and it got super awkward in that chat.


Are You Coming To Work Today?

Perhaps this person was just randomly on their computer in the bathroom, or they were planning on anticipating a moment like this one. For this lucky guy, it happened at an opportune moment with a wrong text.  

Source: Imgur

The way this person responded to the text was undoubtedly creative and quite genius! It’s a clever way to tell the sender that they will not be showing up for their shift at Bread Co today and that they will need to find another person to hire – one that actually shows up. 


A Very Fitting Response

The two men in the original photo thought they had sent the picture of themselves to their friend, but they clearly did not. However, the response that they received surely made them laugh. Amazingly, the two strangers who sent a reply photo recreated their pose in the best way possible. 

Source: Imgur

So, who did it better? Was the old man part of the plot or some stranger who was asked to participate? While we won’t ever know the correct answer, we surely appreciate the creativity of the person who received the text!


Call 911 Before It’s Too Late

This particular text warrants alarm and concern if anything, even if it’s a little funny. The most pressing question here is why Shelby didn’t call 911 first. Even if she were to make a call, the appropriate number would be 911 and not that of her neighbor, Kelli, who clearly wasn’t home.

Source: Twenty Two Words

Emergency services would have been the best people to take the necessary precautions to handle the situation, regardless of who sent the warning message. Luckily, the receiver replied back with some sage advice. 


Don’t Mess With This Mom

Based on this text exchange, it appears that the mom who sent the message is quite pushy and passive-aggressive when it comes to her kids. She clearly just wants her way all the time and the person who responded is not appreciating her rude attitude. 

Source: Imgur

We wouldn’t be surprised if this momma bear always does the grunt work in her family, which may warrant some of her snappiness. That being said, hopefully she found somebody to take Val to school and that Amanda’s intervention went well. 


Hugs And Kisses

The contents of this text is just filled with mama drama, which an entire series can be based on. We are dying to know what Brittney did to Caitlin that would make her mom send a threatning text message to what was supposed to be Brittney’s mom. Beware of getting banned frmo the cul-de-sac barbeque because it’s a big deal, apparently. 

Source: Imgur

We can only imagine that this is a ban of devastating proportions, as well as a blow to the reputation of Brittney’s mom within the neighborhood. The worst thing about this text, though, is the hugs and kisses sign-off from Helen. Creepy. 


Introduction To Tinder

As the world of dating apps goes (and for anyone who has just started using Tinder), it could be a bit strange and off-putting. The thing with Tinder is that you get matched with people who barely supply any information and it’s pretty much solely based on photos. Some go on the app and find love, while others just go on it to have fun.

Source: ebaumsworld

In this particular case, the date most likely didn’t go too swimmingly for Ashly and she made a beeline for the exit. However, the person she went out with clearly felt differently. 


Well, That Went Badly

Making a friend from an accidental experience can be joyous and exciting, and can manifest in any type of way when you least expect it. This particular situation could have gone much better, but it turned out to be pretty rough.

Source: shareably

While first seeing this text, it could be considered as a potential start to a new friendship. The receiver was as kind as to offer the stranger to sleep over at her house, plus free biscuits. Who turns down free biscuits? Ruya has some nerve!


Some Nice Banter To Indulge In

The takeaway from this whole conversation is that Jake seems like a fun person to be around. He was prepared with the right answer no matter what unexpected turn the conversation took. Brian, on the other hand, seems to not be consistent with his answers.

Source: Indulgy

Brian wants to know what kinds of pants Jake is wearing, and then he says his girlfriend cheated on him. Literally, Brian divulged information about his entire life story to Jake in only a few texts. Jake adapted to the situation fairly well with his humor and wit.


Fairytale Endings Do Exist

Everybody, at some point in their lives, wants a fairytale romance. In this instance, dreams do come true for these two strangers. The word “princess” was the spark that started it all between the prince who sent the text and the princess who graciously received it. 

Source: awwmemes

The female receiver of the text obviously didn’t mind being this stranger’s princess, even if for a little bit. It wasn’t meant to be in this life, but maybe they will have another chance in another one. After all, true love doesn’t die. 


Curiosity Killed The Kitchen Cat

Everybody is familiar with the famous saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” So, in this instance, the sender of this text said to not ask what the rest of their kitchen looked like, but the other person’s reply was very humorous. 

Source: JellySourBean/ Pinterest

It’s curious as to what the original conversation was about that prompted somebody to send a photo of their kitchen pantry. We think it must have been a rather strange conversation to begin with, and, furthermore, now we want to know what their kitchen really does look like.


Hang In There

People all react differently when it comes to rejecting strangers who ask for their number. Some are polite enough to just turn you down on the spot, while others try and avoid the awkwardness of saying “No” by giving you the wrong number altogether.

Source: gabbygrimm/ Pinterest

Unfortunately, this person got the short end of the stick. This person texted the wrong number and the other person who received it, went so far as to sympathize with the poor guy. Hang in there! 


Yeah, That’s A No

For some people, playing pranks comes naturally to them when they receive a random text from an unknown number. Others, however, don’t have the time to engage in such foolishness. Many would probably be curious as to who this Bart fella is, but this person didn’t care. Not even in the slightest. 

Source: imsymy.com

If getting right to the point was this person, we’re positive it comes in the form of this receiver. He’s blunt and clearly has zero time to waste. He also wants nothing to do with planning Bart’s birthday. Sorry, Bart!


Whose Phone Is This?

There are many ways you can inform somebody that they have the wrong number. One of the best ways is to respond with cute pictures of dogs! Of course, they wanted to know who is on the other end of the phone, and, it was another doggy.

Source: Imgur

Due to the fact that dogs can’t write (or text, for that matter), it’s understandable that they weren’t the ones who were responsible for these cheeky responses. We’re just trying to understand why the sender has an issue knowing the difference between a cat and a dog. 


Girl or Grill?

You can stare at this conversation for a long period of time and it still wouldn’t make sense. I guess starting it off with “Who’s this” could certainly tip somebody off. And, this is especially true if you don’t think that you are actually texting the wrong number. 

Source: shareably

Perhaps the sender is texting the wrong numbers in hopes of scoring with a pretty girl, which is weird because something called the internet exists. It’s hilarious that the receiver introduced himself as the famous barbeque grill named George Foreman. 


Call Your Mom

When you get a text from a random number asking you to call your mom, you will probably panic. At first, you could be concerned that she’s in danger or something horrible happened to her. So, you wouldn’t waste one more minute before calling your mom to make sure she’s alright. 

Source: Imgur

Upon first glance, it doesn’t appear that the receiver has a solid relationship with their mother. They seemed annoyed that they got into a 30-minute phone conversation, which they deemed unnecessary.  But, that person’s mom was probably thrilled to hear from them. Thank you, Andrea! 


Third Time’s The Charm

Texting the wrong number once is completely understandable. While typing it, you may have misheard or mistyped, or your phone might have been glitching. No matter the reason, we get it. What’s hard to wrap our heads around is having to text the same number a total of three times after being told repeatedly that it’s not the right one. 

Source: thechive.com

After the third time, the receiver had no choice but to give in and become unlikely friends with the sender. They both kicked off their annual friendship text by wishing each other Merry Christmas. 


When Mom Puts Her Foot Down

Moms can be greatly known for their stern negotiating prowess, specifically when it comes to their husbands and children. Many of us might have memories of our mother tactfully utilizing certain methods to get us to do that one chore we dreaded doing.

Source: Imgur

This should be a learning lesson, that no matter what mom asks, it’s best to not get her upset at all. Even if the text is accidental, mom’s negotiating powers are always in her back pocket. What happened when her kid showed up with no milk, turkey, or ham? 


The Accidental Text That Benefited Both Parties

This is one of those text exchanges that intrigues us because we want to know how it all played out in the end. Isn’t that a dream when some random person offers to give you cash? 

Source: thechive.com

Well, this may not really work out when the sender discovers he texted the wrong number. Heck – it was worth a try! The receiver sure is trying to milk the situation as he urges that the money needs to be brought to him that specific day. 


The Drunk-Texting Ex

We’ve all been there, so you shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it. We’ve all gotten a bit too tipsy and have resorted to texting our exes. While it probably gets shut down quite quickly, this person’s ex kept on texting them.

Source: atdanwhite/ Twitter

She meant to text her GrubHub driver and not her ex, but it’s pretty embarrassing. Furthermore, she proceeded to call him a “coward” and continued to text him some pretty mean things. Calm down, Ashleigh! Give Dan a break. 


Texting The Therapist You Ghosted

This accidental text is pretty funny! We’re not sure if we can ever say we’ve accidentally texted our therapist, though.  Nathan supposedly was trying to text a friend, presumably, and ended up texting his old therapist. 

Source: postcyborg/ Twitter

What’s sad is that the therapist wished they were having a party and also that this was the only time they heard from Nathan since he ghosted them. Luckily, they were sweet and understanding about it. Nathan, get your insurance back and go to therapy! Your therapist misses you. 


Sending A Funny Meme To A New Employee

We’ve all seen text exchanges go wrong, but sending a Spongebob meme without any context is definitely the best one so far. All we know is that the new employee who received this text was probably highly confused and wondered if they made the right choice by going with this company. 

Source: MelonSaurus/ Twitter

Apparently, this new employee is older and she may or may not even know about memes. If she does, though, hopefully, she got a big laugh out of it!


Jessica? Are You There?

This person thought they were texting whoever Jessica is, but they were certainly met with a surprise. We wonder what their expression must have been when they saw this person’s response back! 

Source: Reddit

He asked them if he “looks like a Jessica?” No, he doesn’t, but he actually kind of looks like somebody who would date a Jessica! The funny thing is how close the person’s face is to the camera when he took the photo – furrowed brow and all. 


I Just Want The Car

Sometimes when you reach out to a number it could be inquiring about a car and not completely accidental. At first, the conversation seems completely normal. Then, it totally turns.

Source: Reddit

The person was just confused and sent a very intimate text to the person who wanted their car. And, the best response, was the guy simply just stating he just wants the car – nothing more! Maybe they will reach a compromise at some point. We can’t help but wonder how that story ended. 


I’ll Take One Puppy, Please

We have to admit that when we see a photo of cute puppies that was sent to a wrong number, we hope that at least one of the puppies will find a forever home. Who knows – sometimes that situation could turn out positively for all involved. Plus, the pup will have a home.

Source: Reddit

The receiver’s response was too funny. It’s true, though, that nobody really needs seven dogs unless you can actually handle that big responsibility.  Also, they actually went out of their way to count that there were seven puppies! 


Follow The Yellow Brick Road

When somebody texts a wrong number asking to see some photos of themselves from last night, the responses are endless. The receiver got smart and responded with the funniest thing ever. 

Source: u_SoloIsGodly/ Reddit

The sender’s name was Dorothy, so the receiver had to reply back with a Wizard of Oz reference. The cherry on top of this entire interaction was the “Good times” message the receiver sent. Yes, good times, indeed! This person has some amazing comedic chops and made us laugh hard. 


Wow, A Good Person!

We’ve definitely seen those texts from random people who try and use money as a way to get responses. Sometimes people fall for it, or they’re not naive enough to get tangled up in that deceiving web.

Source: u_saint_claire/ Reddit

In this case, the sender was pesky and wouldn’t leave the receiver alone.  They kept messaging her every few days until she would respond! Luckily, she didn’t give in and let that person get what they wanted. They must have been really desperate if they texted her on Thanksgiving, too.


Talk About A Nice Save

We can all appreciate people who are honest, especially when it’s in response to a random person through texting. What is it with friends grabbing their friend’s phones and sending out-of-the-blue messages to people? This seems to be a trend.

Source: u_ bean-bog/ Reddit

The receiver of these texts bravely admitted her past with guys to this random person. We wonder if they kept talking or if she shut it down after that last message.


Yeah, I’m Smart…Sorta

This conversation that took place on Discord is quite funny. Apparently, the fact that the channel was in English kept slipping their mind. Or, they probably just wanted an excuse to flex how many languages they can speak!

Source: u_ csakif25_/ Reddit

Either way, we are impressed with their fluency and wish that we could speak more than one language. But, were they really forgetting or just acting like that to impress the other person? Guess we will never know the real truth.


A Text From Beyond The Grave

Remember those chain texts you’d get like this one that is intended to be sent to as many people as possible? You might or might not have given in and got on board. You probably thought it was a total scam.

Source: u_ Cam2008630_/ Reddit

The receiver of these texts clearly didn’t buy into any of it and that they were being sent a text from beyond the grave. Once again, here’s a case of a friend stealing their friend’s phone and being devious. They really love to shake things up!


Even Emojis Can’t Save You Now

What would your reaction be if you had received an accidental text like this one? Somebody confesses that they still love another person which is pretty awkward. Obviously, they thought that emojis would undo this embarrassment. 

Source: u_sxdfqce/ Reddit

Well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but emojis don’t solve all the problems of the world. And, they’re certainly not something you can hide behind all the time. When the person responded with two periods, you know that it was a weird exchange, especially when the person keeps sending emojis. Enough is enough! 


When The Apple Watch Sabotages The Chat

This text exchange started off quite hostile and unexpected. What would you do if somebody randomly texts you saying they have to “come at you”? The receiver even admitted that they’ve had weirdos coming at them.

Source: Reddit

So, this is a lesson that your Apple Watch has a mind of its own. It might even intend to fully sabotage your text message conversations. Yes, coincidences happen, but this one was a bit harsh. It all boiled down to a simple misunderstanding. 


Oops, I Didn’t Mean To Rub My Happiness In Your Face

Gosh, this one made us cringe! Imagine if you had received a text like this one, what would your initial reaction be? We’d probably feel pretty taken aback and a bit sad. Although it seems like she didn’t mean to send that text, we can’t help but wonder if there was the slightest hint of intention in doing so. 

Source: u_texiusmexius/ Reddit

At least, the receiver responded lightheartedly! Not everyone might have given such a graceful and humorous response and it just shows who is the bigger person in the situation. 


It’s Your Cousin, Not Your Friend This Time

We admire anybody who shoots their shot at their crush through text – it takes a lot of courage. The receiver was very kind in their response and honest (let’s face it, this could have gone much worse). 

Source: u_theawesomeaardvark/ Reddit

In a way, the receiver must have been relieved that she didn’t actually hurt Javary’s feelings. So, now we have cousins stealing phones and sending random texts, not just friends! Who is next? Your younger sibling? Hey, we have to take a guess. 


Coming On Strong And Then Collapsing Completely

We were right! A sibling did send this prank text and it’s actually pretty funny. The person came on strong and the receiver’s response felt like they were leading the sender on. 

Source: Reddit

The older sibling was probably horrified that their younger sister stole their phone and sent this message to their crush. Naturally, they had to backtrack a little bit and ended up admitting that they had feelings for that person. Yikes at their response which was probably less than desirable.


52 Unread Messages, Though

Here we have another example of a devious little sister stealing their sibling’s phone and sending out bold texts to their crush. They sure were stirring the pot! 

Source: u_Anderson1135/ Reddit

If you’ve learned anything by now, it’s to keep your phone on you while doing chores. You never know when a sneaky sister or brother will try and cause some trouble at your expense. Also, we must address the 52 unread messages this person has…that’s alarming. They should take care of that ASAP.


A Thoughtful Offspring

It’s true that sometimes the best friendships have unexpected beginnings. In this case, the person thought they were texting their mom, but it was the wrong number altogether. We’re wondering why they didn’t have their mom’s correct phone number in the first place.

Source: u_MnBeerFreak/ Reddit

It’s sweet that from now on every year on November 27, the sender will text this person “Happy Birthday.” And, it’s even sweeter that they remembered to follow through! Aww, we love stories like this one. Now, they’ve both made a new buddy. 


Checking In On Your Pal

This is quite a heartwarming (and hilarious) text message exchange. The sender wanted to check in on his friend to see if he was on a good path after getting out of jail, which is really kind. The whole thing ends on a funny and cringe-inducing note. 

Source: u Psychoninja127/ Reddit

The sender asked if the person was a female and if they wanted to talk on the phone sometime. We have to give that guy some points for trying. After all, he tried to make a positive out of the situation. 


This Text Exchange Brought Smiles

Making somebody smile when they aren’t expecting it is a pleasant surprise for both parties. It’s uncommon that you will ever cross paths with the wrong person you exchanged texts with, but perhaps one day the stars with align in your favor! When an accident produces smiles and laughs, it’s genuinely such a wonderful feeling.

Source: fostersikes/ Pinterest

We love a good SpongeBob SquarePants reference. The Patrick who received the text made a humorous meme to show his good nature in response to the whole mix-up! Patrick, you’re a star for how you handled the situation. 


Just A Confused Individual

We’re only human, right? People get confused and accidentally send something to the wrong number, even if they are convinced it’s the right one. This entire text exchange probably felt like a waste of time to the receiver, especially because they had to explain that the number they were texting was wrong twice.

Source: u_Elitetimeline7/ Reddit

Admittedly, this is pretty hysterical. We wonder if the sender still expected that person to show up to work on time even though it wasn’t even the right number in the first place! 


Here’s The Story Of A Guy Who Met A Girl At Ruby’s

This might be our favorite text exchange of all time! Of course, the receiver had to respond with Dwight from The Office in a red wig. Meredith? Is that you?! 

Source: u_RobertPhelpsArt/ Reddit

Ok, identity theft is no joke. But, we do hope that the sender got a laugh out of this whole thing. Take this as a lesson the next time you are at Ruby’s (and, hopefully, you are better with names than this guy). We admire this guy’s humor and handling of this situation!