Accidental Or Intentional: Some Of The Best Times People Performed Cool And Wacky Science Experiments

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Dec 30, 2022

Throughout human history, it’s a well-known fact that some of the most important discoveries happened by accident. Life-changing inventions and discoveries don’t happen all the time, though. If that were the case, a lot would be different these days!

Naturally, humans are curious creatures. Doing DIY experiments is just one of the many things we feel compelled to do in our spare time. You also can witness the incredible work that nature does, too. 

This Is What Happens When A Pumpkin Grows Inside A Plastic Mould

Pumpkins are pretty cool. And they’re even cooler as a science experiment! Halloween is the perfect time for being wacky and wild, so why can’t pumpkins have some fun, too?


Source: ThatNameIsKevin/ Reddit

That being said, is this accidental or intentional? Surely, the person who did this particular experiment just wanted something to share on social media. But also, we’re wondering how you accidentally grow a pumpkin inside a plastic mould. That would obviously require planning, so we need some answers here. Either way, this is pretty gnarly. 


A Cat Touches A Plasma Ball And Gets Magical Powers

We all know that cats are innately inquisitive animals. They can get themselves into a lot of trouble and act as if nothing happened. Also, they can be pretty strange. In this instance, a curious kitty wanted to know what the glowing light was inside that ball. What happened next?


Source: OddJug/ Reddit

It’s safe to say that this feline was trying to communicate with his home planet. He told his fellow felines that his human owners are a bit strange, but he’s torturing them plenty. We wouldn’t expect anything less!

Swinging A String Of Glow Sticks With Burning Steel Wool At The End And Then Snap A Long Exposure Photo

Wow, we had to take a long, hard look at this one! It’s simply incredible and unbelievable this is something a human did. As cool as it is, there’s no way it was accidental – this took some planning for sure. 


Source: Reddit

That guy is pretty much going to form his own universe at the rate he’s going. Can we join in on that party? In all seriousness, we found out that this kind of photography is called “light painting” and it is far from accidental. It’s just plain cool. 

Putting Horizontal Mirrors On A Desert Shack

This photo is an example of looks being deceiving! Who even thought of such an amazing thing to do? While it really looks like a mirage from a distance, it’s real. The results are actually quite stunning and awe-inspiring. 


Source: AdamE89/ Reddit

Aside from this mirror house producing an intriguing effect, we have a more pressing question. Can we go on a road trip to see that incredible place and how soon? We’d love to have an answer because it’s imperative we see it for ourselves! 

When Frogs Eat Fireflies This Is What They Look Like

This photo is a first-hand snapshot of how beautiful and amazing life can be! We simply can’t believe that somebody was there to capture that moment right in the nick of time. That cute little froggy must have swallowed a firefly and it lit up in his belly. 

Source: mtlgrems/ Reddit

Or…was the frog just plopped over a doorbell? We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but there’s a possibility that’s the case. You may not believe your eyes with this one (we’re not sure we do completely). 


Heating An Ordinary Marble Over A Flame, Then Dropping It Into Cold Water Immediately

The result of this experiment is truly stunning. Apparently, people used to do this a lot when they were kids in the 1950s and 1960s. It didn’t always work because the marble would shatter into pieces, but sometimes the results would be worth the try!

Source: unicornheabutt/ Reddit

For all you crafty people out there, this could be a cool way to make jewelry for your mom or grandma. However, it’s likely not the safest thing and it could go wrong, but it’s worth a try. Kids should only try this at home with parental supervision. 


The Beautiful Aftermath Of When Water Gets Very, Very Cold

It’s only the truth that nature is the best and most gifted artist. This particular image looks almost too perfect to be real! While most people who took one glance at the photo would think it’s manmade, they’re in for a big surprise. 

Source: angry_m0nkey/ Reddit

We would really love to have an explanation for how this occurred and who took the photo. The water looks like sculpted metal and nothing something natural. Answers, please! We can’t go on with our lives without knowing the details behind this gorgeous occurrence. 


This Polished Coconut Looks Like A Big Chocolate Egg

Ok, we thought this was a chocolate Kinder egg at first. And now we are craving something sweet to satisfy our crazy sweet tooth! People online saw many different things while looking at this polished coconut. A bowling ball, an Emu egg, a hefty eggplant…

Source: Rocotopus420/ Reddit

Whoever thought of doing this certainly had a lot of time on their hands – do they even have a job? We digress. This is a really cool experiment to try out and we’re glad somebody had the genius idea to do something so creative like this! They get points for trying. 


What Beach Sand Looks Like After Getting Struck By Lightning

As magnificent as this beach sand looks, it really resembles a giant sand worm in our minds (or truly any kind of sand monster). Have you ever wondered or even thought about sand getting struck by lightning? We certainly haven’t! It’s a stunning phenomenon that really does happen in parts of the world. 

Source: Criptufu/ Reddit

This is actually called fulgurite, in geological terms. Its definition is exactly what happened to it – when lightning strikes the sand! How did this person take the photo so quickly? They must have super quick photographic skills. 


Your House After 50 MPH Winds And Freezing Temperatures

This image is actually quite beautiful, in all of its icy glory. We would not want to be the owner of that home, though. How would they leave? How could they enter? Both seem impossible! And notice how the house on the right is completely unscathed from the ice.

Source: viciann/ Reddit

As gorgeous as this icy miracle is, it also seems like a total nightmare. All we can say is…welcome to Lake Eerie where eerie things definitely happen. That ice house says it all. 


When The Mist Around A Waterfall Freezes

Is this Narnia?! Here’s just another unreal and stunning example of nature doing her best work. This image would also make a really amazing wallpaper for your computer and phone! While your first thought might be “I want to go there,” you may want to think again considering it’s unfathomable how freezing it is!

Source: joshmea/ Reddit

Quite possibly, this sight is one of the most beautiful and magical things we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Another win for Mother Nature. 


Wood That’s Burnt With High Voltage

What does this image look like to you? We think it resembles a bonsai tree or a Japanese ink painting. Even a river branching out that’s been etched into the wood! It isn’t just a wild occurrence – it has an actual name. It’s called a Lichtenberg figure, and it doesn’t only happen when wood is burned at high voltage. When people get struck by lightning, the same result follows.

Source: N3ptune3/ Reddit

And it’s dangerous. Lichtenberg burning or fractal burning is very dangerous and people have died from it. Yes, it looks really cool but it’s not something that should be attempted. 


Half A Cabbage That’s Left In The Fridge For Too Long Ends Up Like This

How did this person just not notice what was growing in their refrigerator? This cabbage looks like a tree and, while it is very cool, it’s impossible to just simply not pay attention to it! Maybe the person just wanted to let it grow so they had an excuse to post it online. You never know these days.

Source: H0B0Byter99/ Reddit

Or, maybe they had a second fridge? Either way, that puppy needs to be put into the ground, ASAP! It is begging to grow and live a happy, healthy life. 


Diffusion Force Barriers Are The Result Of Putting M&Ms In A Dish Of Water

We’re wondering why this person wasted three perfectly good M&Ms on this experiment. Ok, it is really cool looking, we admit. Also, how did the barriers get so straight? Teachers should take note of this experiment because kids will go crazy over it. Calling all science lovers!

Source: bananaboat95/ Reddit

Would the result look the same way after eating them? Probably not but it’s fun to think about how it could look. Hey, may the force be with you!


What Chalk Paint Looks On A Hot Day Like After Driving Over It

This looks like something that could be hung up in a modern art museum. While it’s unfortunate that somebody drove over a kid’s chalk masterpiece, the result is quite magnificent. We can’t help but feel happy as soon as we saw the colors. 

Source: Krallorddark/ Reddit

Whether this wildly fantastic work of art was made on purpose or on accident, it would certainly make a lovely jigsaw puzzle. We guarantee that people would pay extra money for these tires…you don’t ever see this!


Lightning Strikes Again…This Time On A Golf Course

If you ever go golfing, be warned! Lightning could strike a flag on the golf course and you do not want to be anywhere near that sight. All we can say is: Thor was not happy with the results of the golf game!

Source: mtlgrems/ Reddit

The same pattern can appear on somebody’s skin after they get struck by lightning, and it closely resembles a tattoo. We just really hope that guy in the photo wasn’t just standing there as it happened. 


Wind Turbines Get Engulfed In Fog

Truly, this is a pretty sight and is what happens when fog surrounds these wind turbines. Imagine witnessing this from above – it probably seems like you are experiencing some kind of hazy dream.

Source: Vmoney1337/ Reddit

How does this happen exactly? Well, here’s a little science lesson for you, in case you were curious. The air above the fog is very saturated, and it only takes a small physical disturbance (such as turbulence caused by turbine blades) for it to condense into water droplets. 


An Abandoned Boat On A River In Frankfurt, Germany

What a magical sight! We can imagine little fairies and elves dancing on top of this boat and making themselves at home on top of it. It looks like a beautiful painting, although the plants almost look too perfectly placed. 

Source: BanAllPineapples/ Reddit

Apparently, this was an intentional science project by the name of “Natur Ship MS Heimliche Liebe.” So, we can actually visit this beautiful and mystical boat? Sign us up! We need to witness this unbelievable sight for ourselves and take plenty of photos. 


When Pipes Underneath A Basketball Court Burst

Now this is without a doubt a skateboarder’s dream! The second we saw this photo we couldn’t help but laugh. It’s just so silly and weird looking! And, it’s funny to imagine what would happen if anybody actually attempted to play a game of basketball on this uneven court – it wouldn’t be easy.

Source: longjohnsilvaa/ Reddit

Needless to say, if a basketball game took place on this court, we would watch and be extremely amused. There are so many possibilities for this crazy basketball court, although it’s quite sad that the pipes underneath it burst. 


Mesh Patio Furniture In An Ice Storm

Did your jaw drop as soon as you saw this image? Ours did. It looks exactly like a flawless  crystal ceiling or an ice monster breaking in! Sadly, this person’s patio furniture is totally done for, and can never be used again – they will need to invest in new furniture. 

Source: GnomishProtozoa/ Reddit

We can’t even conceive of what the actual piece of furniture looked like because the ice completely covers every inch of it! Again, nature is just doing its thing and creating a beautiful result for all of us to marvel at. 


This Person Left Their Coffee Cup Sideways For Awhile And This Is What Happened

Upon first glance, the picture that formed in this mug reminds us of a forest or a painting of a forest that Bob Ross did! Ah, there are so many happy little trees and also a lake and some hills. There are many ways a person can view it!

Source: madmadders/ Reddit

The nature scene created here by accident is lovely and one thing is very clear. Coffee leavings are like tea leaves: you can read your future this way! That person clearly was meant to go on some sort of adventure or retreat in the mountains. 


Food In Antarctica At -94°f/-70°c

Well, so much for breakfast! This person clearly won’t be eating whatever that is. We think they’re eggs that sadly froze over, as did the pan they were cooked in. It’s unbelievable that this actually happened for somebody to snap a picture of, and that the timing must have been perfect. 


Some might say this is Photoshopped, but this poor human being won’t be able to enjoy their breakfast. Let’s just hope that it won’t happen again!


This Person Left A Bowl Of Beet Juice On Their Counter And The Top Layer Rippled

Just don’t say “Beetlejuice” three times in a row! We couldn’t have been the only ones who squirmed and felt a little nauseous when looking at this. Certainly, we would not eat or drink this, but the result is pretty cool. Also, why would anybody just randomly leave beet juice unattended? We have questions…

Source: ThePhantomDullbooth/ Reddit

Oddly enough, even though this grosses us out, we feel the strange desire to touch it. Anybody else feels similarly or are we the only ones? 


When A Bike Is Left Outside For Too Long This Is What Happens

We’d be fooling ourselves if we didn’t think this bike seat looked exactly like something from the show Is It Cake? What about the entire bike being cake? It very much resembles a beautifully green valley or a little forest growing in your bike seat and a stream flowing through itt! How marvelous. 

Source: tetonblamer/ Reddit

Ok, but this is certainly the perfect place to grow a mini garden. Is it mold, though? How did this happen? Again, we just have too many questions that need to be answered. 


What A Highlighter Looks Like After It’s Put Into A Microwave

We’re not entirely sure who would even come up with the idea to do this, but why not?! Surely, this experiment was likely something a person decided to try out on a whim (or maybe it was a child?) 

Source: Dylan7225/ Reddit

What weird stuff do you see? We’re thinking it could be the slime from Ghostbusters or a cool pink cloud – the possibilities are endless! Nevertheless, the person who thought of this won the award for Most Random Experiment Ever. 


Water Freezes On A Spinning Wheel

It looks like a sea urchin or a really spiky flower. What do you think?! The person that the car belongs to is really unlucky because they won’t be able to get home. Have you ever seen something so incredible? 

Source: NeoVeci/ Reddit

For the places that experience extreme cold, the cars there are never really protected from the unpredictability of ice. We also can’t help but think that this frozen car wheel resembles some sort of virus (and a really neat art piece).


When You Fall Asleep In The Bath This Is The Result

Gosh, this sight of extra wrinkly skin immediately makes us shiver. Is there some sort of phobia for this? If so, we definitely have it. How many months was that person in the tub and how long did they fall asleep?

Source: Reddit

This should maybe serve as a warning sign, folks! While being in a nice, warm bath is really relaxing, just don’t fall asleep for too long because you could drown. It’s better to be cautious and, also, you won’t have to stare at your pruny skin. 


A Spring Roll Was Left On Someone’s Desk For 4 Days And The Bean Sprouts Actually Sprouted

First of all: who would ever leave this on their desk for days and not think to throw it away? As cool as this is, it’s a bit gross! It makes sense as to why bean sprouts are called what they are – this is the result.

Source: indorock/ Reddit

Furthermore, why didn’t this person eat the spring roll before it started sprouting? We couldn’t help but think about the cleaning crew who discovered this work of art! Life always finds a way. 


When You Don’t Pick A Head Of Lettuce…It Grows

This is a sight that probably most people don’t get to witness! Imagine if somebody didn’t find this head of lettuce and it just kept on growing until it reached the clouds. It’s a bit like the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, except this version is called Jack and the Cabbage Stalk. 

Source: TresidentPrump/ Reddit

Luckily, there’s enough lettuce for salads and sandwiches to last a very long time. The person who discovered this really hit the jackpot (or cabbage pot, in this case).